When they got home, Gao Xiulan placed the certificate that Su Qinghe received on their wall.

“Look at how good our Qingmiao’er is to you all.
She was supposed to talk about her honor but mentioned her family’s support instead and did not talk about her deeds.
Now, our people at home think that our Qingmiao’er just eats rice at home.
How wronged she is.
If you brothers and daughters-in-law still have a conscience, you must remember your sister’s affection and NOT bully her when I’m gone.”

As soon as Gao Xiulan finished speaking, Su Aiguo burst into tears, “Mom, mom, don’t say that.
Don’t leave.
We will be nice to younger sister.
Don’t leave ah.

Su Aihua and Su Aidang, behind him, also shed some tears.
Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also wiped their tears away.
Their younger sister is really good now that they think about it.
Wasn’t she still young before? She was only a few years younger than Da Ya.
They were too stingy to be called sister-in-law.
Their sister was much better than them ah.

Su Aihua choked, “If Guihua, Dabao, and San Ya mistreat younger sister in the future, I’ll beat them to death!”

Ding Guihua paused in wiping her tears.

Dabao and San Ya shrank to their mother’s arms.

Su Aidang said quickly, “If someone mistreats younger sister, I won’t marry in the future.
I’ll keep my younger sister for the rest of my life.
If I have food, I’ll give it to younger sister to eat.”

Su Qinghe cried, feeling touched and helpless.
Brothers, ah.
Our mother was acting.
Do you really have to cry so miserably, ah?

After hearing that, Gao Xiulan said, “It’s good that you know.
Anyway, I would see with my eyes whether you guys have a conscience or not.”

The three brothers felt their conscience again, “Yes!”

The children learned from their fathers and said, “Grandma, us too!”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua watched their husbands and children, not knowing where to put their embarrassed hands.
I’m not used to this, ah.

Su Qinghe said, “Mom, I know that elder brothers and sisters-in-law will treat me well.
Don’t worry.
It’s already a bit late; it’s time to go to work.” It’s too dramatic; I can’t handle it.

Gao Xiulan then remembered that they had to go to work.
She hurriedly waved her hands, “Leave, leave, leave.
Everyone, go to work.
Your younger sister said if you don’t work, you won’t be able to attract big mice.”

Everyone immediately wiped their tears away and turned around to get their tools to start working.

Now that everyone had food at home, they were all energized.

When they got to the field, everyone could be seen smiling.
After experiencing despair, everyone’s expectations for life are getting smaller and smaller.
They did not need to be satisfied and only wanted something to eat every day.

Thanks to the old Su family, they could eat their ancestors’ life-saving food.
The people looked at the Su family enthusiastically.

Even when facing Su Aidang, they didn’t look as scared as they used to be.
Su Aidang was very good.
He had a little bad temper, but the critical point here is that he dared to go inside and check the cellar.
He took the lead when no one dared to make a sound.

How wonderful.
He’s just like the backbone.

At the field, Tian Xiaomei watched Su Aidang for a long time.
She was itching to come close to the apple of her eye.

The old Su family had a good reputation now.
The Su family’s daughter, Su Qinghe, is considered a selfless hero, and the whole family is honorable.
The family also received more food this time.
What a good family, ah.

Su Aidang was also very brave.
How manly.
In the future, he must definitely love his wife a lot ah…

Tian Xiaomei got lost in her wild and fanciful thoughts.
Su Aidang held her excitedly in his arms after a long period of the two of them dating.
She could also see his heroic appearance standing before her to protect her from other people.

After Ding Guihua finished weeding, she raised her head to wipe her sweat.
Then, she noticed that Tian Xiaomei was looking at her brother-in-law.
Immediately, her eyebrows rose.

She came up to her sister-in-law, Lin Shuhong.
Nudging her with her butt, “Sister-in-law, look.”

Lin Shuhong was working.
When she heard this, she looked up and could not see anything.
“What am I supposed to be looking at?”

“Look, do you think Tian Xiaomei is interested in Third Brother-in-law?”

Lin Shuhong was immediately injected with chicken blood.
She glanced at Tian Xiaomei.
Yo, it seems to be true.

This was a big deal.
Who was Tian Xiaomei, ah? That was the old Tian family’s only daughter! Just like their Younger Sister-in-law, she was also favored in the family.
Of course, the degree of favorability was not comparable to the younger sister at home.
However, she had two brothers, and she was still young.

She was turning 18 this year, and she’s growing well.
The old Tian family has a high vision for her.
They wanted to choose someone who lived in town so that she would not suffer in the future.

If she really liked their brother-in-law and they got married in the future, she and Guihua must not be suppressed in the future.

The two sisters-in-law looked at each other, both with calculations in their minds.
They were going to think about it after getting off work.
They would let their mother-in-law know so that Tian Xiaomei could not come inside their doors.
It’s okay to take care of their younger sister.
However, to take care of Tian Xiaomei, too?

Gao Xiulan did not know that her third son was being targeted.
Anyway, she did not care about her son’s marriage at all.
The best possible outcome was that he would not get married and continue raising his younger sister.
Anyway, they had two grandsons in the family.
They did not have to worry about passing down the family name.
The old Su family can afford it.

Her mind was focused on her daughter.
Her daughter was so glorious, so excellent.
In a few days, she would be turning sixteen.
It was time for her to look for a husband.
So, when she returned home, she picked up a basket and knocked on Su Qinghe’s door.

Su Qinghe was discussing with the system how to prepare the second dish.
She opened the door when she heard a knock.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Qingmiao’er, Mom is going to your grandma’s house.
Why don’t you come with mom.”

Su Qinghe said in surprise, “Wasn’t that supposed to be in a few days?”

“What’s wrong? Let’s go now.
If we go too late, what if your grandmother’s things get taken? Besides, I’m going to bring you to show your grandmother how good-looking our Qingmiao’er is and ask your uncle to find you a good husband.”

Su Qinghe was immediately embarrassed.

She was still a few days away from being sixteenth, a national seedling.
They didn’t have to hurry so much.

“Mom, isn’t it too early?”

“What early? You aren’t going to get married right away.
We can take our time and choose.
See a few more and choose the best one!” Gao Xiulan was very confident in her daughter.

Su Qinghe felt that her mother thought she was the emperor’s daughter.
To choose the best among many.

“Mom, can we not go?”

“No, I can’t listen to you on this one.
You are too young to understand.
It’s important to let your grandmother see you; let her have you in her heart.
Don’t think lowly of yourself, Qingmiao’er.
Go on, wear your new clothes.”

Da Ya and Er Ya were still cleaning tables and chairs outside when they went out.
In fact, their house was actually clean, but Gao Xiulan couldn’t stand the children being idle.
They had to work.

The three-year-old San Ya was sucking her thumb by the door.
When she saw that her aunt and grandmother were about to leave, she immediately ran towards them, “Where are you going, Aunt?”

Gao Xiulan said sternly, “What are you doing, little girl? You don’t have to care about your aunt and me.
Go to work.
Go… sweep the floor!”

San Ya hurried to hide behind Su Qinghe, who was kind-hearted.

Su Qinghe said, “We’re going to my grandmother’s house.
You, Da Ya, and the others are watching the house.”

“Auntie, auntie, I wanna go too!” San Ya’s eyes lit up immediately.
Grandma always brought back sugar after going there.
Auntie’s grandma must have endless candy.”

“Go! What do you mean go, little girl?” Gao Xiulan raised her hand as if she was about to hit someone.

Su Qinghe hurriedly blocked San Ya, “San Ya, wait at home.
Aunt will bring home some food for you.”

San Ya sucked her fingers, “Auntie, I will be filial to you!”

Su Qinghe smiled.
It was useless to hear a three-year-old say this, but it still sounded good.

San Ya watched eagerly as the two left.

Gao Xiulan walked with a basket on her back and said unhappily, “Qingmiao’er, you are too kind-hearted.
Sooner or later, that little girl will get married.
She can’t do anything but eat rice.”

“Mom, girls are also filial.
Both male and female children are the same.” Su Qinghe advised.

Gao Xiulan spat, “Bah! Filial.
Your grandma has given birth to a lot of daughters.
None of them are filial, and all of them act like debt collectors.
Which one doesn’t come by to catch the autumn wind from her?”

Su Qinghe: “…” Mom, must you really say that bluntly?

“Mom, I’m also a girl, and I am filial.”

“How could you be the same? You are my daughter.
You’re different and cannot be compared.
You have three brothers, so you are destined to be blessed.” Gao Xiulan said seriously.

Su Qinghe really couldn’t understand how her mother could make such crooked reasoning sound righteous.
She found out that her mother was very stubborn and that reasoning with her did not work.
She could only let her change her actions in the future.
At least she could make people think that she was a good person through her actions.

When the two arrived at the Gaojia Village, they were actually hearing people quarrel.
The argument seemed to be one-sided.
Su Qinghe thought that this sounded familiar.
As if it was in her memory.
This seemed to be the owner’s grandmother, Madam Gao.

“You dead girl! You came to this old lady to collect debts after this old lady gave birth to you? During barren years, you always come here to ask your brother for food.
Do you want to starve your brother to death? You’re already a married daughter.
Why are you so shameless?”

Su Qinghe finally knew where her mother got her scolding from…

Before the two entered the house, Gao Xiulan looked at her daughter proudly, “Did you see that? Fortunately, we came here, or else the things would be taken away.”

After saying this, she pushed the door open.

“Mom, I’m back to see you.
Your granddaughter is also here!”

Once she got inside the yard, Gao Xiulan shouted this at the top of her voice.

The cursing in the house immediately stopped, and an old lady ran out of the house, “Aiya! Xiulan is here.
Our obedient grandchild is also here.
You’ll get sunburnt in this scorching sun.
Come, sister-in-law, hurry up and use cold water to make two bowls of brown sugar water.”

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