All Consuming Beast System

In Sheep\'s Clothing

A small island, isolated from the outside world through magic and treacherous ocean depths, was picturesque. Its beaches were of soft white sand, and the plants and vegetation had been left to grow as thick as they could, and though looking wild, the plants were beautiful, both in colour and aroma. In the center of the island was a mountain so tall that its peaks were hidden among the clouds.

As strong sea winds rushed over the island a terrible sound emanated from the mountain, as if metal bashed on metal.


The ground began to tremble as a low growl pierced the air. The shadow of the mountain seemed to stretch further towards the sky, however as the mountainous figure continued to shift and wriggle, the shape of a wolf was revealed, as black as the void and as tall as a jetliner.

The winter chill of the ocean never gets warmer, no matter how many centuries pass. Not that the idea of swimming elsewhere is that appealing either, the idea of being attacked by sea monsters or caught in Rans net a far worse experience than the chill of an ocean breeze. *sigh* Not that I can leave this damned island even if I wanted to with these chain bindings on me. Bound and isolated because some old bats decided I was going to eat Odin, the ruler of Asgard. To be fair they
e probably right in that guess, but still, I was innocent of any crimes, apart from being the child of Loki. The Trickster.

This wolf, a child of Loki was deemed a threat to Odin, however, in his overflowing compassion, he could not kill the beast but instead captured it. What a load of crap, that bastard has had me bound to this **ing rock for thousands of years, and if I ever get the chance Ill rip that old coot to pieces. Compassionate my ass. He didn even flinch when I tore off Tyrs hand, leaving the god of justice crippled forever. Regardless Im stuck here, fantasising in my own head until Ragnarok presumably, or if some idiot frees me.


”Hello there. ” A figure radiating so much light from its body that no details could be seen commented.

”Umm, who are you and how the heck did you get here, cause Ive never seen you before? ”

”Oh, dear me. My apologies, I am Solarim, the light of my world. ”

And I thought I had a big ego, I chided.

”While to you that may seem arrogant, my sister and I govern both light and darkness for our world. ” His eyebrows raised as if challenging me to mentally insult him again, but I knew better, not while Im still bound, or until I had learnt of his strength. ”While I probably shouldn tell you this, most of the important beings in this realm are being transported to ours, to begin again, in a world with more faith than yours has had in centuries. ” Wiggling his eyebrows tauntingly, he said, ”Weve got a bet going, to be honest. Whether youll succeed or fail at forming religions aga.. ”

”Is Odin going? ” I interrupted.

*sigh* ”I wish you wouldn do that but yes, the Asgardian king is going.

”Well, then what are you waiting for, send me over, while hes weak Ill crush him beneath my paws. ”

”Uh Uh Uh, that won do, all transmigrators will begin at a relatively equal level, but don worry, none of you will get a headstart. Be a good dog and entertain us. ”

And with that, everything went dark.

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