Royal Highness the black cat most of the time, and he was more like the “big head” to other spirit beasts.
This made them a little frustrated.

“You can understand it yourself.” Anthony didn’t intend to speak ill of the child.
He knew the importance of Mingyou.
And the feeling that Mingyou gave him was really good.
He was stabbed with needles, and he unconsciously felt “this was a good kid”, this kid was amazing.

“What do you want to say to me by staying here?” Anthony asked.

Arthur didn’t beat around the bush: “Uncle, after you recover, please visit your old acquaintances and tell them that your recovery is good.”

Anthony sneered: “I see.
Those old guys will definitely be very jealous.
If they want to let Mingyou treat them, they have to use that contribution point in exchange?”

“Their contribution points are enough to exchange for rehabilitation treatment.” Arthur said.

But that was not his main purpose.
Soon, all kinds of rehabilitation equipment, health care medicines, and food preparations that Mingyou had prepared would be put on the shelves of the mall he had built.
These were the bulk of their money and fame.

After Mingyou’s live broadcast last time, food sales had skyrocketed, especially his “blind food box”, which had the most amazing sales.

The “Food Blind Box” was a packaged delivery of several kinds of food.
The packaged price was slightly lower than the retail price, but the flavors and types inside were random, and the person who bought it was likely to buy food that tasted strange.

He originally thought that no one would be fooled by this “blind food box”, but he did not expect that everyone’s enthusiasm was unprecedentedly high.
Now it had become a trend to open the “blind box spirit beast food” live broadcast on the Internet, and the taste of all kinds of strange spirit beast food had also swept the whole live broadcast industry.

Although this group of spirit beasts were not short of money at all, they could earn a little pocket money and gain some praise through the live broadcast, as if those guys were having a good time.

More importantly, the live broadcast of this kind of spirit beast was on the public live broadcast network that he had just started, facing the common people of the Star Alliance.
The masses had a good acceptance of this type of live broadcast of spirit beasts, and the popularity of this type of video was much higher than that of serious spirit beast science and demonstration of spirit beast combat effectiveness.

Because of these strange tasting videos and the exaggerated expressions of the spirit beasts, the ordinary people of the Star Alliance were much less afraid of them.
Young people’s fear of them was rapidly approaching zero, and there were even many fan groups of spirit beasts.

Even though many people tried to brainwash the public by beating around the bush, spirit beasts were very dangerous, they could not control themselves, and spirit beasts were different from humans.
But the common people prefered the short videos online created by Arthur to the serious science popularized by their group of experts in the mainstream media.

Look at the most popular silly Tibetan fox anchor on the live broadcast network, who was beaten up by his alpaca roommate again today.
Tibetan foxes and alpacas were dangerous? Did they mean the danger of breaking their stomachs from laughter?

“Did my roommate beat me today?” This series of videos made even Arthur laugh out loud.
He recommended the video to Mingyou and all his subordinates, and all of them became loyal viewers of the Tibetan Fox anchor.

After Tan Chenxi learned about this, he just gave up the idea of ​​letting the Tibetan Fox delete the videos.
Now that he has practiced the ability to hide from the camera, he was called “the magical alpaca roommate ghost” by the audience, and he seemed to be more popular than before.

Tan Chenxi wondered if anyone on the Sky Blue Star watched the live broadcast.
If so, the picture must be very beautiful.

The effect of the live broadcast was so good, and it had also led to the employment of a bunch of other spirit beasts.
Arthur would naturally make good use of this model.

In the next trip, Mingyou would broadcast live in this sanatorium, let other spirit beasts try his rehabilitation equipment, try his health and conditioning food, and then recommend it to other viewers in the live broadcast room.

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He didn’t know what the strongest power users of the Star Alliance who had released themselves after they became spirit beasts, what else could they do.

Arthur was very curious.
After the group of spirit beasts uploaded their own videos and became human, would they think it was black history and would be so ashamed that they wanted to delete all these videos? Or was it that everyone had smashed the jar, and the shame had been lost, so it didn’t matter?

Mingyou wanted to get up for a meal at night, but he slept until the next day and woke up hungry.
When he woke up, he saw the fluffy head of the black cat, and the discomfort of seeing an unfamiliar ceiling disappeared immediately.
He hugged the black cat’s head and kissed it fiercely: “Good morning, Dahei.”

“Go brush your teeth.” The big cat said in disgust, jumped out of bed and turned back into a human.

After Mingyou washed up with Arthur, he asked, “Where is the kitchen? I’ll make breakfast for you.”

“Don’t need to be so troublesome, let’s go to the cafeteria to eat and try their craftsmanship.” After Arthur finished speaking, he changed back to a black cat, and let Mingyou ride, ready to take him to the cafeteria.

“Why are you so active today?” Mingyou was very curious, but his actions were faster than his voice.
Before he could finish speaking, he had already run over and mounted the black cat, and lay on the back of the cat’s head.

The big white tiger, who was slowly dragging his newly recovered consciousness out the door, despised him.
Look, this young man looked like a pervert when he pet big cats.

“They’ve already gone to the cafeteria to eat, don’t you want to hurry up? Sit tight.” Arthur’s muscles exerted strength and rushed out like a predator.

Wait, my Dahei was originally a big liger.
Mingyou grabbed the black cat’s fur, and even without the saddle and reins, he could ride steadily.
Arthur passed over many pedestrians and spirit beasts along the way, and they all paid attention to this big black tiger.

“We have black tigers in our sanatorium?”

“Are you stupid? This is His Royal Highness Prince Arthur! The only one in the entire Star Alliance!”

“Impossible! Who can use His Royal Highness as a mount! This must be just an ordinary black tiger, not a spirit beast.”

“Are you brain dead? How can there be a black tiger in the biological world, and this long mane is obviously a liger.”

“You don’t need to say anything about biological common sense.
You can’t tell the difference between spirit beasts and ordinary creatures.
Are you still a spirit beast?”

“No, I don’t believe I don’t believe, how can Prince Arthur be a mount!”

“Why not, obviously, the baby-faced young man riding Prince Arthur, Marshal of the Star Alliance…hehehe, rushing to the cafeteria!”

“Damn it! Don’t accelerate suddenly! Ahhhh, the anchor, here I am! I’m going to grab the seat next to the anchor!”

“What? That’s the anchor? Mr.
Mingyou? No wonder you can use His Highness as a mount.
I’m not angry… Don’t run! Stop for me!”

“Take your time, I believe it is absolutely impossible for us to eat with the little spirit beast master.
I don’t believe that only His Royal Highness came with the little spirit beast master.”

“So, all the ten heroes are here?”

“At least half of them came.
How could they rest assured that His Highness would bring Mr.
Mingyou alone.”

“Isn’t it more imperative to rush? If you can’t see the anchor, you can still see the ten heroes.”

“So what if you see it? You can’t talk to them.
How dare you talk to them.”

“Can you run so fast when you’re pouring cold water on me? Stop! Don’t run! What are you doing in front of me!”

The spirit beasts in the sanatorium had been eating well recently, they were in good spirits, and their sanity was relatively clear.
Now running, each one has the spirit on the battlefield.
Then they collided in front of the dining hall.

Mingyou was in the dining area of ​​the staff on the second floor of the canteen, leaning on the glass wall and looking at the scene of the large-scale serial car accident of the fluffy people downstairs, his mouth turned into an “o” shape.

“Dahei, I really want to jump!” A large group of fluffy beasts fell to the ground, like a fluffy sea, he wanted to jump in!

“And then get trampled into a stupid patty?” The black cat slapped Mingyou on the head, “Aren’t you hungry? Eat quickly, don’t get distracted while eating.”

Mingyou obediently went back to the table to eat, looked downstairs while eating, and prepared meals for the fluffy people at the scene of the accident.
Really very unsympathetic.

“It’s so lively.” The old dean laughed very happily, “I’ve never seen them so lively before.”

The white tiger disliked his face.
A bunch of idiots.
He also saw a few old acquaintances.
All of them were high and powerful, could they stop being ugly in front of his juniors?

“It’s cute.” Mingyou bravely refuted the elder’s mistake.

White Tiger: “Just be happy, I hope you will always be happy.”

Mingyou: “Thank you!” What an amiable elder.

The white tiger’s face collapsed all of a sudden, and the old dean almost laughed.
Mingyou, a silly and sweet child who didn’t  understand the ramifications, was the natural enemy of his Annie.

Mingyou happily finished eating a table of delicious food, and hummed on the back of the black cat.

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The black cat made Mingyou lie on the back of the red fox and rubbed his stomach with his paws: “Did I treat you badly? As for eating so much?”

“Uncle Zong’s craftsmanship is very good.
Uncle Zong, can you teach me how to cook? I want to cook such a delicious meal for my partners.” Mingyou said lazily, massaging the cat’s paws.

The old dean looked at Mingyou enviously, then glared at his lover.
Look at this young couple, how good their atmosphere is! You are never as gentle to me as Dahei is to Mingyou! See how other spirit beasts treat their partners!

The white tiger buried his head in his claws, pretending not to see his lover’s condemning eyes.
Anyway, this was his character, they have been married for so many years, what was he tossing about, hum hum hum.

“Of course, I’ll pass on the recipes of these dishes to you now.” The old dean glared at him again.
After eating and drinking, he lay down on the carpet beside the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, as a lazy cat basking in the sun.
The big white tiger kindly said, “These dishes are very simple.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zong.” Mingyou stood up, and said to the big cat, “Dahei, I can’t stand it anymore.
Let’s go down for a walk?”

“You want to be buried by a bunch of fluffy?” Arthur said displeased.

Mingyou’s eyes lit up with a “swoosh”: “Will they really bury me in fluffies?”

His partner spirit beasts covered their eyes with their claws one after another, unable to look directly at the appearance of Mingyou, a spirit beast suffering from hunger and thirst.

Shame, too shameful, was it because they couldn’t satisfy Mingyou, the little sea king?

“What are you doing down here? Keep them from eating?” Arthur slapped Mingyou with a stern tail.
“Stay here, wait until the meal time is over, and do a live broadcast with your rehabilitation equipment.”

“Live broadcast?” Mingyou remembered the task that Dahei had arranged for him, “Yes, yes, find some volunteers to do the live broadcast.
Will there be volunteers willing to try my new instruments?”

“They will break their heads.” Arthur complained, “I have already taken over the management of the sanatorium from Uncle Zong, and now I am streaming the lottery on big screens in several cafeterias, drawing 100 lucky spirit beasts, accepting one-on-one physical examination and rehabilitation.”

Mingyou gave Arthur a thumbs up.
Dahei was amazing, and all of a sudden, the volunteers who tried out the new instrument became the lucky ones who won the grand prize.

Mingyou rubbed Arthur’s  ears: “Dahei, after the test, let’s leave the instruments here.”

“Of course.” Arthur said, “Other nursing homes can also apply for instruments from us, and the Star Alliance will pay for the instruments needed by public nursing homes.”

Government purchase orders were enough for them to eat for a long time.
Because in the past, the purchase orders of the Spirit Beast Sanatorium were all learned by the old Spirit Beast… No, let’s call it Pseudo Spirit Beast.
In the past, the purchase list of spiritual beast sanitariums was controlled by the group of pseudo-spiritual beasts.
Although he had the right to directly change the purchase contents, letting those spiritual beast sanitariums apply for it themselves would be much better than his forced implementation.

Now all spirit beasts must follow Mingyou’s live broadcast.
They saw good things in the live broadcast room and knew that these good things would be publicly sold to the spirit beast sanatoriums.
If there was no sanatorium at home, just wait for these spirit beasts to move their nests.

Could a spirit beast sanatorium without spirit beasts continue to operate? Humph.

The spirit beasts downstairs were noisy, and the food in their mouths was no longer fragrant.

There were nearly 1,000 spirit beasts recuperating in this sanatorium, and the chance of drawing a hundred lucky beasts is one tenth.

One tenth, ten people one wins, doesn’t that mean that they must be drawn?! Hurry up and draw the lottery, with their invincible luck, this lottery draw would definitely win!

“Go away, don’t take away my luck.”

“Where can I wash my hands and wash my face? I want to wash my hands and wash my face!”

“Lucky thing, is it still too late for my family to send my lucky thing?”

“The lucky thing is not always carried in the space backpack.
It seems that you will definitely lose this time.
Hahahahaha! I won!”

Downstairs, some spirit beasts clasped their claws together in prayer, some spirit beasts laughed madly, and some spirit beasts chased their tails frantically to ease their anxiety… A lottery draw really made this group of people upstairs I’ve seen enough spirit beasts.

The old dean continued to laugh until he could not stand upright, while the white tiger continued to curl his lips.

In this nursing home, his lover was the director, and the beasts in the nursing home were basically his acquaintances, and some of them were his old subordinates.
For example, the shrewd and capable old secretary who was chasing after his tail.

He had never seen him so lively before.
The old chief, the white tiger, felt very sad.
How did his old subordinates become so funny?

He opened his eyes and looked at Mingyou and his black cat nephew who were taking crazy pictures and taking screenshots.

Could it be that this little spirit beast master had some strange buff that made spirit beasts unreliable? Should he stay away from Mingyou, lest he also contract this strange disease?

“It’s so cute.” Mingyou no longer knew which spirit beast to look at.
Every single spirit beast downstairs was so cute that it made him dizzy.
After seeing this one, he couldn’t bear the other one, “If you want any special promotion, as long as these videos are edited out, the common people of the Star Alliance will become fans of spirit beasts.!”

“They probably wouldn’t want their ugliness… Oh, their cuteness is seen by strangers.” Arthur watched with satisfaction as his stock of emojis increased a lot.
In order to avoid touching other people’s portrait rights, he asked Xiaotian to turn these animations into two-dimensional watercolor painting effects, and all the original spirit beasts turned into cute layouts with big heads.

“What a pity.” Mingyou sighed.

“What a pity? They don’t want to, many young spirit beasts are willing.” Arthur said, “Although our live broadcast room cannot be opened to the public, it involves many confidential issues.
But we can edit short videos and make programs for the public.
We are not afraid of losing face.”

His fluffy subordinates would like to say, no, Your Highness, they were afraid.

But… Forget it, the boss’s order was absolute.
In order to make the conspiracy of the old school and some careerists who were trying to incite the opposition between the spirit beasts and ordinary people go bankrupt, it was nothing for them to sacrifice a little dignity.

This was the responsibility of being the strongest power warriors to defend their homeland.

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