Although Anthony exhausted all his strength, he finally commanded his tail, so that it targeted the little boy who didn’t know how to respect his elders.
But his long-standing paralysis made him use his tail to slap people, he thought it was “ruthless”.
For the old dean and Mingyou, they were just swept away by the fluffy tail.

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“He is welcoming you to pinch his paw padl.” The old dean explained to Mingyou, “He is so happy that his tail can move, that’s great.”

As a spirit beast master, Mingyou of course knew that this white tiger was definitely not kicking people with his tail out of happiness.
But the pink cushion in his hand was so comfortable to squeeze.

He’ll pinch it again, and then he’ll do it… Mingyou, relying on the support of the old director, took the embarrassment that he didn’t find the big white tiger, and continued to squeeze paws with the old director.

The white tiger rolled his eyes in anger, then closed his eyes, his ears turned into a horizontal line, and he was too lazy to pay attention to the two.

“Laobai’s pink paw pads are the best.” The old dean saw his lover’s struggle to give up.
Although the corners of his eyes were still a little red, the corners of his mouth were already raised.

This scene reminded him of the past.
As an older person, reminiscing about the past was inevitable.
But he always tried to avoid recalling the past as much as possible, remembering the time when the white tiger was still majestic.

Anthony could feel his emotions.
If he recalled the appearance of his lover in the past, the old dean was worried that Anthony, a stingy guy, would be jealous of his past self, and then he would say “You loved me when I was young, now I am old.
Now, you dislike me, don’t you?” arguing with him about this stupid question.

The hero was late, and the heart was sensitive.
Anthony spoiled him when he was young, now it is time for him to spoil Anthony.
But it’s good to go back to the old way of getting along every now and then.
For example, when he jumped up and squeezed the paw pads, the white tiger looked like he wanted to kill him, but couldn’t get his mouth shut.
It was the source of his daily happiness in the past.

“Yeah, my Dahei’s paw pads are black.” Mingyou sighed, “The pink meat balls are so cute.”

Arthur stood aside with his arms crossed, sneering in his heart.
Stupid Mingyou, what’s his dissatisfaction with his black paw pad?! Could he change his bad habits of loving one another?!

“The cat’s physical paw pads secrete a hormone that makes people relax.
The paws of the big cat will also emit energy fluctuations that will relax the body and mind.
Whenever you are upset When the time comes, sticking a paw pad to your face is more effective than any medicine.” As the old dean said, he picked up the big white tiger’s paw and put it on his wrinkled old face.

Mingyou followed suit, he also held up another paw pad of the white tiger, put it on his face, and said intoxicatedly: “Yes, although Dahei’s paw pads  are black, it makes people feel cured.
It’s the same as Dabai in terms of aspects.
But Dabai’s pink paw pads look prettier.”

Arthur: So what’s your problem with my black paw pads?!

Herman: Mingyou, do you remember my name is Dabai??

“Cough.” Arthur coughed dryly.

Mingyu started a cold war.

Arthur used telepathy: [It seems that you not only want to explain to me what a pig cat is, but also explain to me the difference between a black and a pink paw pad.

Mingyou was petrified, the white tiger’s pink paw cushion slipped from his stilled hands.

Herman: [Mingyou, when you see a white spirit beast do you call them all Dabai? 】

The petrified Mingyou was weathered.
Oops! Even Dabai, who had a good temper, was angry, and he was overexcited.

But this was the white tiger.
white! Big tiger! If it was his previous life, if he met a big white tiger in the wild, he would have been so frightened that he would cry and go limp on the spot.
Where was the chance to pet a tiger?

Although he said that big cats were big cats, even if he was lent 10,000 points of courage, he wouldn’t dare to face this fierce group of big cats.

Therefore, in this life, he could pet a big white tiger.
This big tiger was still his elder (Mingyou, who had entered Arthur’s household registration book, was shameless).
After the elder’s health recovers, he may be banned on the grounds of “respecting the elder”.
Touching ears, pinching claws and playing with the tail, if he didn’t touch enough now, wouldn’t that be a loss of billions?

Mingyou was “crying bitterly” in the “group” of his partner spirit beast’s spiritual messaging, and he almost didn’t make a fool of himself.

Arthur smiled slightly: “Okay, this time the account is not up to you, you pinch first, and pinch enough.
Anyway, you will accept our questioning afterwards, you might as well pinch more.
Don’t you want to touch your ears and play with your tail? Hurry up.”

Herman and Arthur, who acted as set boards, and the other fluffy ones all looked at His Royal Highness Prince Arthur with indescribably complicated eyes.
It was more important to let his uncle shrivel up than to be jealous, wasn’t it?

Arthur thought in his heart, who let this uncle often cause psychological shadows when he was a child.
When he and Dabai ran away from home, it was because this uncle joked, saying that his brother was a big golden lion and he was a black house cat, he must have been adopted.

At that time, his brother and sister-in-law were busy with work, and he became a left-behind child, and was feeling awkward.
He was deceived by this uncle.
So he ran away from home with Dabai, was beaten as result.

Since then, he had made up his mind to take revenge in the future.
The unscrupulous adults who thought that children didn’t understand anything, and could just talk nonsense in front of children, make them appear strange and then laugh, had to think that they will grow old one day in the future.
At that time, the tides would turn.

He was not small, so it is not too much to ask his uncle to donate his paw pads, his ears, and tail for his stupid Mingyou.

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Herman also remembered running away from home with Arthur as a child.
The little white bear in his heart silently applauded.
As long as the old prince could be deflated, it didn’t matter if he changed from “the only Dabai” to “Dabai the bear” in Mingyou’s heart.

Yan Yi didn’t know why Arthur and Herman were a united front.
He and the other plushies silently agreed after complaining a few words “Your circle is really messed up” in the small private group without these two and Mingyou.

Anyway, it wasn’t him who was despised, and it wasn’t him who was given his name to others.
The relevant parties were not in a hurry, why would he be in a hurry?

After Arthur and Herman agreed, Mingyou immediately dipped his head into the big white tiger’s fur, and then continued to squeeze the tiger’s big pink paw pad.

Anthony saw this scene with empty eyes, knowing that this little spirit beast master had definitely reached an exchange of opinions with these disrespectful little guys.
Lao Zong couldn’t see it, but he noticed the special energy field in this group of people, which was definitely used to pass messages.

This was also a new application method of the power that the little spirit beast master came up with? Not a one-on-one spiritual conversation, but a direct group chat with a public channel? If other spirit beasts could learn this trick, it would be much easier to cooperate when the spirit beast army fought.

“Uncle Zong, can I help check Uncle Anthony now?” Although Herman agreed with Mingyou to continue pinching the white tiger’s paw pad, Mingyou changed his tune very wisely and stopped calling the tiger Uncle Bai.

“Show Annie.” The old dean found Anthony’s dissatisfaction and changed his tune.
Look, he didn’t like Dabai very much, and if he called Annie again, he accepted it.
His big white cat was so coaxing.

Mingyou began to mix public welfare and private affairs, petting the tiger’s fur while examining the body.
Anthony was about to slap Mingyou with his tail again.

“What are you struggling with?” The old dean grabbed the tail of his big white cat, “Mingyou is checking your body, don’t make trouble.”

Anthony shouted vigorously: “Why is he pinching my ears, scratching my chin and trying to move my stomach! This guy definitely has bad intentions!”

The expression on Mingyou’s very deceptive baby face was pure and innocent, and there was a little daze in the innocence, which made the old dean very distressed.

Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts swiped an exclamation mark in the “Spiritual Communication Public Group”.

Arthur was shocked: “Who did he learn this acting from?!”

His subordinates all locked their mental power into His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, as if they were lining up for +1 messages.

Arthur: “…not me, definitely not me.”

His subordinates: “Hehe.” Those who were close to ink were black, and those who are close to the big black cat also turned black.
What was there to guess about?

Arthur once again gave birth to the idea of firing his subordinates.
If it weren’t for the fact that this group of subordinates had strong work ability and enthusiasm, and could let him be lazy, he would have resigned from this group of people long ago.

“How long do you want to avoid the doctor? In the eyes of the doctor, you are a piece of meat with fur! Can you stop feeling good about yourself! And Mingyou has a big cat as cute as Arthur, who has dark fur and muscles.
What is there to touch on a shriveled old cat with protruding bones?!” The old dean roared while holding the ears of the big white tiger.

Anthony hurriedly said: “Don’t pinch, don’t bend, you still screw it 180 degrees! My ear is about to fall off! My consciousness is restored, is it convenient for you to pull your own ear? I know, I know! I said don’t pinch it.
It’s gone!”

The old dean put down the white tiger’s ears of the big white tiger, and his ferocious expression returned to that of a kind old grandfather.
He smiled and said, “Mingyou, it’s okay, you continue, don’t get used to him.”

Mingyou was sluggish: “…Okay, good.” Uncle Anthony looked very imposing and willful, but it turned out to be the legendary raking ears.
Big cats could put their ears on their foreheads?

Mingyou continued to move the big white tiger while sharing the newly released jokes with his partners.

Arthur’s expression was cold and he couldn’t smile.
His subordinates were very supportive, telling Mingyou that the joke was well made, and was really funny (what was really funny was that it foreshadowed His Highness’s future).

Mingyou smiled and said: “Although there are symptoms of long-term malnutrition and multiple unhealed wounds on the body, the self-healing ability is too strong.
As long as you replenish enough energy, you can restore your vitality.”

“Actually, I have been doing experiments with Mr.
Maybe the energy body is restricted by the biological body, but the restriction may not be as strong as imagined.
In the past, the energy body was subject to the biological system.
The reason was because the energy body could not replenish energy by itself, and must be fed back by the organism.”

“But if the energy body absorbed enough energy and could be self-sufficient, the connection between the two bodies was just the soul.” Mingyou skillfully took out various diagnosis and treatment tools and assembled a special operating table.
Mingyou picked up the tiger and put him on the operating table, “However, the energy body also has a lifespan.
As the age increases, the density of the energy body will gradually decrease, and the specific manifestation is that the strength will weaken.”

Anthony was full of question marks.
This little guy was really strong.
But carrying him like this, wasn’t a little too rude to an old man?

When Anthony was overturned by Mingyou, his stomach was up, and his limbs were fixed on the table, the question mark on his head turned into an exclamation mark.

The white tiger’s face was terrified: “Ow, what do you want to do! What do you want to do!”

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“Do a simple treatment.” Mingyou asked Xiaotian to control the light.

“We have a special treatment room here.” The old director was very puzzled when he saw Mingyou suddenly set up the operating table.

“It’s just a simple treatment, no special equipment is needed.” Mingyou touched his long bangs, took out a hair clip from his system backpack, and clipped the hair to the top of his head, forming a small tuft, “Just here is fine.”

The old dean looked at the equipment Mingyou took out and felt very strange.
He cast a condemning glance at Arthur, who was watching the play with arms folded.
What kind of difficult environment was he in? How could Mingyou be like a doctor in the field, and he could set up a treatment table anytime and anywhere, and enter the treatment state.

Even though Arthur had become a human being, he was now sensitive to human emotions.
He understood the words of the old dean’s condemnation and replied, “Mingyou has such high demands on himself that he has persecutory paranoia.
He always wants to stuff his backpack with everything that can be used.
One day the world will come to an end.
He can also carry us to survive.”

Arthur used to wonder how Mingyou’s character was developed.
But when he learned how big his “spatial backpack” was, Arthur got some ideas.
If he had a space backpack that could hold a planet’s worth of supplies, he would also stock up on everything he could think of.

Was it bad to be a hoarding cat? Tired of being unable to get what he wanted anytime, anywhere? Even during the end of the world, wouldn’t he feel very secure that he could still rely on reserves to support the people he cared about?

Mingyou told him that his backpack could still be upgraded.
Arthur decided that when Mingyou’s backpack was upgraded to the point where even a spaceship could fit, he would stuff a fleet in Mingyou’s backpack.

He was already running the procedures for creating a new fleet.
Although it would take a long time to rebuild the special spaceship, as long as he thought, in the future, Mingyou would be able to take out a space fleet from his backpack anytime, anywhere.
He and each of the ten subordinates could control an armed spaceship to wash the ground with artillery fire, and he didn’t care about troublesome procedures.

What was a field hospital? His and Mingyou’s goal was to carry an entire fleet with them.
A special operations team whose rank was all major generals, just thinking about it made the cat’s blood boil.
Fry the old man!

“I see.” The old dean didn’t know what to think, and his expression became sad for a moment, looking at Mingyou’s expression full of pity.

Herman said in the “public group”: “The chief may think that this is the aftermath of the destruction of Mingyou’s home planet.”

Others applauded him.
That’s right, the elder must have thought so.
The life experience that His Highness and His Majesty made up for Mingyou was really great, and he could explain away any outrageous behavior.

Mingyou mentally grumbled to himself.
When playing holographic games, many players had the same addiction as him.
In a peaceful game that drops nothing even if player-killed, could he not be a hoarding hamster, could he be worthy of the unlimited backpack privileges his two uncles gave him?

Now the system backpack could also be expanded with knowledge value, and the points used was still very cheap.
Of course he could.
If there was an emergency one day, such as the comeback of the Zerg, he could immediately follow his partners to the battlefield without having to mobilize supplies.

Mingyou had received more than a month of Star Alliance common sense education, and the authority level that the Star Alliance had assigned to him was already the highest level.
He already knew the details of the war against the Zerg.

The spirit beasts in his family fought bloody battles on the front line, and a group of old stubborn stubborn men wanted to rely on the war to gain power and interests.
This group of immortals should go to military court! All should be tied directly to prison or executed immediately!

Mingyou watched when Arthur led his assault team to attack the Academy of Science and grabbed materials.
He was so angry that veins popped from his clenched fists, his teeth creaked and his eyes were bloodshot.

According to Dahei, he was also sued in a military court for this.
After changing back into human form, the only time that Dahei was on a business trip for more than a week was to participate in the trial defense.
Although Dahei was naturally acquitted in the end, Mingyou had the urge to grab a boulder and smash the Council of Elders gate.

Let front-line soldiers come back and “snatch” the supplies they should have gotten? Still dared to complain? How dare they?! Mingyou’s heartache for his own spirit beasts, and the anger of those scumbags who said they were being insulting, pierced his heart like a thorn.

Since then, Mingyou had changed from passively hoarding to actively hoarding crazily.
He didn’t understand the power struggle, he would only use his golden fingers to ensure that his own spirit beasts would never suffer this kind of insult again.

“Gather more things, and if Dahei and the others are stuck with supplies in the future, I can take good care of them.” Mingyou said angrily, “It has nothing to do with my home planet, I just can’t stand my own spirit beasts being bullied.” Mingyou said while playing with the acupuncture tools.

“It turns out to be like this.” The old dean recalled what happened a few years ago, and his brows wrinkled, “We can’t do anything about them now, but they are the grasshoppers of the autumn queen, and they will settle accounts slowly.”

The means they used at the beginning were very “smart”.
If they said that they are illegal, they would get an “explanation”.

Was it wrong to check materials to be sent to the front line several times? They didn’t get it together, so was it wrong to delay for a few days? Was it wrong to slow shipping because the route was too dangerous? What about delaying fighter planes, this battlefield was changing rapidly, and they had worked very hard.

The spirit beasts suddenly came to grab things, which disrupted our entire logistical arrangement.
If it wasn’t for his final contribution, they’d have to send Arthur to prison this time! But they couldn’t get a handle, they couldn’t convict this matter, but they could find other interfaces.

As long as Arthur was not dead, the power he held could slowly push this group of people away from the center of power.
At that time, they would be pulled down one by one, and the new and old accounts would be calculated together.

Power struggles were like fighting in a quagmire.
Every movement was very slow, and if one was not careful, they would fall into the mud and step into the abyss.
But they were on the edge of the quagmire, and that group had reached the center of the quagmire by themselves.

Although the old dean looked down on this group of people, he knew that this group of people already knew that they were going to die.
After Mingyou appeared and overturned the original foundation of spiritual beast research, this group of people didn’t even have the strength to fight back.
But Mingyou had this heart, had this consciousness, he was very pleased.

Even if this situation was unlikely to happen again in the future, it was good that Mingyou was prepared.
The kids were happy.

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Mingyou said: “Yes, that’s it.
So I’m fully prepared.
Don’t move.
If you move, it will be very troublesome to find a needle in a haystack.” Mingyou said, and pulled out a forearm-long silver needle from the box.

Listening to their chat, the controllable tail of Anthony the White Tiger, who had forgotten to struggle, exploded.
He wanted to struggle frantically, but found that he could not move at all because of paralysis.

“Ow, what are you doing! Why are you looking for a needle in a haystack?!” Anthony tried to block Mingyou with his tail, but it was obviously too embarrassing.

Although I call it a silver needle, it is actually a special metal with good energy conductivity refined from a variety of energy minerals.
The power of my heart passes through the silver needle, which can pierce your energy body and inject heart power into your blocked energy nodes, opening up your energy circuits and improving flow.”

“Don’t worry, Dahuang has tried it, and the effect is very good.” Mingyou looked at the yellow monkey.

The monkey’s expression was blank: “Yes, the effect is very good.
By the way, add that looking for a needle in a haystack is a joke created by Mingyou himself, and the sea refers to the mind.”

Anthony’s anger sank into his dantian, and the whole tiger was about to explode: “Old Zong save me!!!” Murder!!!

“Acupuncture? I hear that some planets have this kind of special medical treatment.” The old dean worried, “Mingyou, I don’t doubt your technique, but this needle doesn’t need to be sterilized?”

“No, an energy body is different from a biological body, and there will be no bacterial infection.
I will wrap the silver needle with energy to deceive the energy body.
This silver needle is a part of it.” Mingyou said, “It doesn’t hurt at all.
Dahuang can testify.
It’s just that the visuals are a bit scary for people who are delicate.
That’s why I assembled the operating table and held Uncle Anthony in place.”

“The treatment can make Uncle Anthony’s body regain consciousness for a short time.
I’m afraid that he will move immediately after he can control his body.
Although the silver needle is very strong, it is unlikely to break.
Finding a needle in a haystack is really just a joke I told.” Mingyou comforted, “But the visual effect of the needle stirring in your mind is probably not much better than finding a needle in a haystack.
So, Uncle Anthony, don’t mess around.”

The injury would not hurt, but seeing how excited the big white tiger was, it was estimated that, like Dahuang, who was also a dizzy spirit beast.
If he saw the needle churning on his head, he’d definitely be scared out of his mind.

Alas, look at the other plushies in the family, they were calm and composed when they were being given acupuncture, they were chatting and laughing, and they could even play games.
Acupuncture patients were really troublesome.

The yellow monkey heard Mingyou’s disgusting voice.
He wanted to slap the newly recognized brother with both fists.
They didn’t get needles in their heads! He was absolutely not afraid of getting needles in his arms, legs, back, or even stomach.
But he was screwing his head! Could this be the same?

“If you’re really scared, why don’t you close your eyes?” Mingyou kindly suggested.

He didn’t know if the old spirit beast would have other diseases, such as heart disease or something.
The energy body should not have as many problems as the living body, right?

“Hypocritical, you were able to maintain the form of a spirit beast for a whole year if your leg was broken by an explosion, and let your legs grow back.
Why are you afraid of even a small needle now?” The old dean understood what Mingyou said.
Was this something like an energy probe? What’s so scary about this? After Annie got old, did he become less courageous?

Anthony had no hope of asking for help, his little nephew couldn’t hide the schadenfreude on his face, and his silly sweet lover was easily brainwashed by the hateful little guy, so he gave up struggling.

Whatever he wanted.
He only had a handful of old bones left, and he could do whatever he wanted.
Anthony tried to sell miserable to earn the sympathy of the small spirit beast master who seemed to talk well.

“Okay, thank you Uncle Anthony.” The little spirit beast master who seemed to be very talkative was mentally retarded.
He didn’t understand that he was selling miserably at all, and even smiled at him.

Mingyou, who smiled cleverly, raised the silver needle and plunged it firmly into Anthony’s tiger head.
The needle pierced the energy body silently, and half of it entered in an instant.
From the visual effect, Mingyou’s silver needle seemed to pierce the head of this poor white tiger directly.

The old dean almost screamed.
However, he found that he was enveloped by an energy field, his limbs were heavy, and he was unable to make any movements, not even to make a sound.

Arthur looked at the old dean, raised his index finger on his right hand and put it to his mouth: “Shh, don’t disturb Mingyou’s treatment.”

The old dean complained in his heart.
He finally knew why the yellow monkey suddenly left the room.
Was this a psychological shadow? With such a big needle, just pierced halfway through a head like this, who wouldn’t be afraid to look at it? Acupuncture was not like that!

Of course, the old dean trusted Mingyou very much – he believed in Mingyou who was brought by Arthur.
Arthur said there was no problem, then Mingyou would definitely be able to solve it.

But the visuals were really creepy.
Mingyou should give a high-energy warning to drive out family members like him.
This was just like a doctor performing an operation.
Although disembowelment was a normal part of surgery, ordinary people would definitely be afraid when they saw it!

“Because in Mingyou’s heart, this is really not a terrible thing.
He let you stay because he wanted you to learn and help uncle with acupuncture in the future.” Arthur used his mental power to directly talk to the old dean, ” If you can control your behavior and voice, I will cancel the psychic field, and you can study a little closer.”

The old dean gritted his teeth.
When he was young, he was also a soldier who fought in and out of the battlefield with Annie! How could he be afraid of this little battle! Mingyou had taught him unique skills by hand, and even if he couldn’t learn it, he had to devote all his energy to learning!

Arthur smiled silently and removed the psychic field from the old dean.
The old dean took a few deep breaths and approached the operating table.

Acupuncture was indeed a very relaxing thing for Mingyou, whose mental strength had now doubled compared to before.
So he used the silver needle to guide the energy field in the white tiger’s head, while distractedly eavesdropping on Arthur and the old dean talking.

When Arthur tore off the energy field shrouded in the old dean, he showed a relaxed smile and began to explain the process of acupuncture to the old dean.
While he was explaining, Xiaotian kept scanning Anthony’s body data and recorded every subtle energy change.

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Xiaotian secretly sent a message to Arthur: “This experimental material is really awesome (^3^)-☆.”

Arthur smiled.
Of course, it took him a long time to pick Anthony, wasn’t he great? It seems that Mingyou’s research would soon have new progress.
When Mingyou used the needle, Anthony the big white tiger was not so afraid.
Because he couldn’t see it.

He only knew that Mingyou was piercing the needle, but where he was piercing and how deep it was, he couldn’t see it from his perspective.
Originally, as a spirit beast, he should know every move around him without “seeing” it.
But who made him paralyzed now? He has long lost his keen sense of the surrounding environment and has become “blind and deaf”.

Before he was very miserable, now he is very relieved.
Fortunately, he couldn’t feel it, otherwise, with his keenness when he was young, he would definitely scare himself to death.

The young man looked pure and well-behaved, but holding the silver needle as long as his forearm, he stabbed the beast’s head without any hesitation.
This contrast made this young man give off a different feel.

Anthony had taken a break because of Arthur’s anger at Mingyou.
He dared not offended a person who would put a needle in his head with the kindest and purest smile.
How mentally retarded and unthinkable would he be if he let this person continue to treat him?

Cowardly, this big white tiger could bend and stretch, and when his body was healed, he could go find… and settle the account with Arthur.
Anthony thought that the danger of his little nephew was much lower than that of this little spirit beast master.

Mingyou was relieved to see Anthony quiet down.
Although Anthony’s nervousness had no effect on his treatment, he still didn’t want the spirit beast to suffer too much while being treated.
And this pain didn’t exist at all, it was completely made up by their brains, which made Mingyou very helpless.

“Did you feel a very comfortable heat flow in your brain?” Mingyou asked softly, “My energy is helping you restore the flow of the energy in your brain.”

“Uncle Zong, come, hold the silver needle with your fingers.
I will guide your mental power to perceive the energy status in Uncle Anthony’s mind.” Mingyou said to the old dean, “Don’t worry, it’s very safe.”

The old dean hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth and listened to Mingyou’s instructions, his fingers pinching the needle body of the silver needle: “Arthur, help me control my body, don’t let my fingers tremble.”

“It’s okay to tremble, uncle can’t feel it.” Although he said that, Arthur still helped a little, lest his two uncles have a psychological shadow and delay Mingyou’s promotion of elderly care packages.

“Do you feel it?” Mingyou covered the old dean’s body with the power of his heart.

When he knew that spirit beasts were top power users, he tried to resonate with ordinary power users with the power of his heart.

He found that the effect of the power of the heart on the biological body was much worse than on the energy body, but the effect was still there.
Especially when the other party completely trusted him and opened his heart.

The old dean trusted him, but did not open his heart to him completely.
However, it was only to guide the other party to perceive energy fluctuations, and there was no need for such an intimate bond.

Others couldn’t see it, but he could see the matching energy field when the old dean and the white tiger were together.
This bond was the prototype of the power of the heart.
Perhaps the old dean’s body and abilities were already weak, so this will not affect the growth of the old dean’s spiritual power.

As long as there was a soul, as long as there was emotion, the power of the heart could be generated.
Mental power and physical power only affected the use of the power of the heart.

In other words, if the old dean just wanted to communicate with the tiger, and wanted to use the power of his heart to understand his situation even if he did not use the power of his heart to assist in the battle, he would not consume mental and physical strength.

In peacetime, this was enough for spiritual beast cultivators.
To assist in battle, that was the matter of soul trainers.
After Gu Hai, Mingyou met another person who had a prototype of the power of the heart.
It was inevitable that he would meet Li Xinxi, and he wanted to help him grow up immediately.
This person was even a relative of his own Dahei, so that was even better.

“So this is it.” The old dean said shocked, “It turns out that the paralysis of the spirit beast is such a manifestation in the energy body.”

When the energy is insufficient, the energy body will automatically go dormant.
If they master the technology that can condense spirit beasts, they can shrink their energy body and resume normal operations.
However, with the current thinness of their energy body, after shrinking, it may be too small.” Mingyou said, “Maybe only the size of your thumb?”

“Isn’t that very good?” The old dean released his fingers after Mingyou’s permission.
He looked at his lover with malicious eyes, “I can hold him in the palm of my hand.”

Anthony white tiger’s ears moved uncontrollably.
Wait, your expression doesn’t seem to want to hold me in the palm of your hand, but to squeeze me to death!

“I can prepare a shrunken bed and amusement park for him, just like the fairy tale I saw when I was a child.
It doesn’t cost much money, it’s really easy to raise.” The old dean sighed, “You don’t know.
How destructive he was when he was young.”

“I know that my partner broke furniture every day.
He occasionally suffered from animal instincts.
His teeth and claws were itchy.” Mingyou let the needle stay in the big tiger’s head, took out another needle, and continued to pierce.

Yan Yi looked away.
It was not him, not a wolf who liked to grind his claws and teeth on furniture, walls, and floors.

“So it’s great if he gets smaller.
I can give him new furniture every day, and I don’t have to worry about the family anymore.
I’m poor.” The old dean sighed, “It’s hard to raise spirit beasts.”

“Yes, there are too many places to spend money.
I must work hard to make money, so that every spirit beast in my family can unleash their nature.” Mingyou took out the third needle, the fourth needle, and the fifth needle, and continued treatment.

The old dean’s eyelids jumped.
In just a few words, his big white cat’s head was covered with silver needles, like a hedgehog.
Did he really want to learn this? Even if he learned, could he control his lover and let his lover be obediently stabbed?

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