The sanatorium was located on the same-named convalescent planet.
Except Arthur used pocket money to build the No.
1 sanatorium in his brother’s name, and used a particularly unpleasant name, other sanatoriums in the Star Alliance had tacky but auspicious names.
Kang Shun Nursing Home was one of them.

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Kangshun Sanatorium was a home for spirit beasts directly managed by the Star Alliance government, and the people recuperating in it were all former senior members of the Star Alliance.

“You can become a spirit beast, so your status won’t be too low,” Yan Yi explained.

Mingyou stared at the human-shaped Yan Yi in a daze.

Yan Yi waved his hand: “What’s wrong?”

Mingyou silently moved behind the polar bear and blocked his sight with the two-meter bear: “I’m sorry, I can’t accept your human form yet.
Please give me some time.”

The polar bear turned around and touched Mingyou’s curly hair, and then said in a condemning tone: “I know you want to surprise Mingyou, but can you at least tell me in advance? Look, it really scared Xiaoyou.”

Yan Yi slandered in his mind.
Say it in advance, where was the surprise?

He turned into a wolf with a bang, and looked at Mingyou who was hiding behind the big bear with dissatisfaction with a cold and arrogant expression.

Mingyou walked out from behind the big white bear embarrassingly, and touched Yan Yi’s wolf head: “I’m sorry, Dahui, I will try my best to adapt.
I will be able to adapt soon.”

“Fine.” The wolf said, “Dabai has also returned to his human form.”

The polar bear said, dissatisfied: “I wanted to tell Mingyou about this kind of thing!”

Dahui: You make me unhappy, I will naturally make you unhappy in return.

“Dahuang and Daqing will change soon too?” Mingyou smiled and then asked.

The yellow monkey and the indigo kangaroo accidentally ate something that could replenish energy, so their body recovered faster.
The blue seal should have recovered faster, but because of his heartbreak, the speed of his body’s recovery was affected.

However, after an inspection, Mingyou thought that Dalan might have been able to transform back into a human form, but he himself was not happy.
According to Dahei, Dalan’s family had been trying to contact him, and the seal may just be too lazy to change into a human form to deal with family affairs, and wanted to be lazy for a while.

After the fluffy people become humanoid, they would all go home, right? But they would definitely come back, Mingyou believed so.
He would never despair because of parting again, because he was accompanied by a black cat.

Speaking of big black cats…

“Where’s Dahei?” Mingyou wondered.
Dahei said to go first, why was he not on the spaceship?

“What he meant was to leave first.
First, take a spaceship and go to Kangshun Sanatorium for a tour.
His Highness is more sensitive to energy now, so he will go in advance.” The polar bear said, “His Royal Highness will be at Kangshun Sanatorium.
Waiting for us at the airport.”

“So troublesome?” Mingyou wondered, “Is Kangshun Star in a mess?”

“It’s not messy.
But His Highness has always been cautious.” The gray wolf walked up to Mingyou, and put his head on the young man’s chest, “Don’t worry, you can see His Highness when you get off the spaceship.”

“With you here, I won’t worry.” Mingyou hugged the wolf’s head.
Dahui could transform into a human form, surely he would travel frequently in the future, right? Now he had to hurry up and move harder.
Although the little wolf was very cute, the colder adult form was also very cute.

An iceberg type being gentle was also a cute point that makes the two-dimensional people unable to extricate themselves!

The big wolf was obediently moved by Mingyou.
After visiting Kangshun Sanatorium, he did have to leave Mingyou for a few days.
Having become accustomed to living by Mingyou’s side, he was a little reluctant to leave when he was used to this big family that Mingyou claimed to be the head of.

Fortunately, His Highness said, as long as they wanted, this family would always exist, and everyone could live together forever.
There was even a house built on the planet.  Even if everyone started a family and business in the future, they would be neighbors, eating, reading, entertainment, and the Internet.
If they wanted to become a spirit beast, they could also live in their own room in the sanatorium building.
His Highness’s words meant that after turning into a human form, no need to move away. 

“Is Dabai also going on a business trip?” After learning that Dahui was going to leave temporarily, Mingyou was reluctant for a moment and ran to touch the polar bear’s ears.

The big white bear lay on the ground and asked Mingyou to move: “Maybe I have to go home, but it is not a business trip.
I will be back in a day or two.
There is nothing to do at my house.
My job is to be His Highness’s guard.
I have been inseparable with His Highness before, but now I can always be with you.”

Mingyou kissed the polar bear’s ears.
In this way, when Dahei went out, there were people who accompanied him.

“Mingyou, I can always accompany you!” The little red fox climbed onto Mingyou’s shoulders along his trousers, and jumped on his head, “I’m not going home.”

“I know, you haven’t been home for several years.” Mingyou said indulgently, “So after you change back into human form, please make sure to go home at least once.”

The little red fox said dissatisfied: “Why? Why are you driving me home? Mingyou doesn’t want me to stay?”

“My room here is reserved for you at any time.
The villa you can live in after you become a humanoid has also been repaired.” Mingyou said, “But you still have to go home and report your safety.
I won’t say whether you should reconcile with your family, but at least let them see that your life is good.
In addition, if you know any spirit beasts that need my help, bring them to me.”

Mingyou and Dahei discussed it.
Since Dahong resonated with Xianwei who was far away from Maple Leaf Star when he was dancing, it meant that at that moment, the two of them were connected.

The two of them were connected in spirit, so any previous knots should be untied, right? It was said that Dahong had no heart for Xianwei at first, this incident may show that Xianwei wanted to open up.

Mingyou never had any relatives in his past life or this life.
Even if he met his big brother now, with his current status, it was impossible for the two to get along like normal siblings.
So Mingyou hoped that if Dahong and his twin brother really had unraveled the knot between each other and let go of their grudges, then it would be okay.

What a wonderful thing it was to have a loved one who had the same soul wavelength.
He doesn’t understand.
So he desperately hoped that those around him could experience this kind of joy and happiness.

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Since Dahei supports him, his ideas should not cause trouble for Dahong.
Mingyou boldly persuaded.
“Maple Leaf Star is said to be very beautiful, and the annual Maple Leaf Festival is said to be very lively?” Mingyou said, “Dahong can make arrangements at home.
The planet’s Maple Leaf Festival happens to be during my winter vacation.
I want to go to your hometown and play.”

“Since you have said so, then I will go home in advance to help you make arrangements, and then go home with you.” The little red fox wrapped his tail around his body, it must be that His Highness said something unnecessary, and let Mingyou worry about him.

His Royal Highness sometimes really cared about them too much, like an old mother.
No wonder the little snow leopard called Dahei, mom.
His Royal Highness had the same maternal temperament as Adeline.

His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, who was waiting for Mingyou at the airport, sneezed.

The old dean smiled and said, “Have you eaten enough?”

Arthur said helplessly: “I’m a human now, and I won’t sneeze even if I eat too much.
Uncle Zong, stop laughing at me.
Has my sneezing become a popular Internet meme?”

The old dean nodded: “Indeed, your expression pack is still out.
You shouldn’t take screenshots in the live broadcast room.
Did you release it yourself?”

I don’t want the public to be led astray by the old-fashioned spirit beast academia and think spirit beasts are weapons of war.” Arthur readily admitted, “Spirit beasts, like people, have joys and sorrows, and some are unreliable.
Be more grounded, and the public will accept it more.”

The old dean sighed: “Your thinking is still so flexible and… extreme.
After Ani finds out, he will definitely reprimand you again.”

Arthur laughed: “Uncle Zong, if Uncle Anthony hears this from you, you will be reprimanded first.
Uncle has said it many times, don’t call him Ani, it sounds like a woman’s name.”

“Equality between men and women, what’s wrong with women?” The old dean said confidently, “He can jump up and hit me in the head if he has the ability.
He’s too old to jump.”

After the spirit beasts got old, their physical condition was generally worse than that of ordinary superhumans.
Only when Old Neil had a fateful meeting, could he run faster than a young man with a cane at the age of 400.

But even Old Neil, his body was only okay in human form.
When he turned into a spirit beast, he was basically paralyzed.
Spirit beast paralysis was a kind of geriatric disease.
Spirit beasts would suffer from this geriatric disease when they were close to three hundred years old.
If they were injured at a young age, they would get sick earlier.

But now with Mingyou, the symptoms of this spirit beast’s geriatric disease should be greatly alleviated.
Now, Arthur was going to let his uncle be a test subject, and let Mingyou try it out.
Anthony Brick, because Arthur was a man, his uncle was already very old, and he just turned three hundred years old last year.

Because Anthony had been guarding the Chaos Sector for a long time, he had many old wounds on his body.
When he was more than 270 years old, he was paralyzed as a spirit beast.
Whenever he was forced to become a spirit beast, he would come to this sanatorium to live in.

The big cat family had never known how to write the words “dignified and selfless”.
If there were good things, they would naturally focus on their own family first.
Therefore, after Mingyou made the local version of the spirit beast food of the Star Alliance, he took the lead in eating cookies and greenstone candies like the Emperor of the Star Alliance.

After supplementing nutrition for a period of time, Anthony suddenly found that he could feel his body one day.
Although he still couldn’t move, he finally regained consciousness, and it was no longer like before, as if his soul was sealed in stone.

After Arthur knew about this, he immediately decided to let his dear uncle become Mingyou’s experimental volunteer.

Mingyou gave a group of old scientists “therapy” when he was in school, and when the group of old scientists regained their mobility for a short time, Arthur thought about how to find a group of volunteers so that Mingyou could take the lead in fixing the paralysis of spirit beasts.
The distribution of social wealth was in the hands of the older people, more than the younger ones – otherwise they would live for hundreds of years in vain?

Since the spirit beasts were the top power users of the Star Alliance, they were obviously the ones with the most power and wealth.
Even if most of them had taken a back seat, or were simply out of work at home.
But their right to speak could not be underestimated.

Mingyou could relieve their old age diseases and gain great prestige among this group of people.
If the elder spirit beasts were counting on Mingyou to continuously develop health care medicines and give them a healthy and happy old age, Mingyou would find it hard to encounter enemies in the Star Alliance.

The elders had more right to speak than the younger generation.
As long as most of the elder spirit beasts stood up and supported Mingyou, even if the people in the academic world were screaming, the ordinary people of the Star Alliance would definitely believe that this group had made great contributions to the old-timers of the Star Alliance.

However, the fact that the Bear family let Arthur raise a child gave him a new idea.
Most of the spirit beast families were the old and young.
In addition to treating senile diseases, Mingyou could also treat congenital deficiencies.
As long as they grasped the old spirit beasts and the underage spirit beasts, who else dared to force Mingyou?

When the bear family really gave birth to a special natural beast child, Arthur began to implement the plan of the guardianship.
Raising a special-type natural beast was more persuasive than raising other spirit beasts.
If the Bear family did not give birth to a special natural spirit beast, he would go to other families.

Now, let Mingyou go to see him, the uncle who thought his health has improved.
Since his uncle felt that his health had improved, Mingyou would give him a massage and guide his energy, and the possibility of recovery should be very high, right? Arthur paid attention to it for a long time before he found such a case of his body getting better on his own.

In the first case, if it could be directly successful, he would be able to carry out publicity propaganda.
Anthony shouted that this bad-hearted nephew just wanted to give him to the little spirit beast master as experimental material, and was nagged by the old dean for an hour.

In the old dean’s opinion, Arthur clearly cared about his elders.
When he heard that his elders might recover, he immediately brought Mingyou who was busy.
This kind of filial piety was earth-shattering, and Anthony did not doubt his filial piety.

Arthur showed a sad and aggrieved expression: “It’s okay, I’m used to it.
Uncle Anthony has always been very strict with me.”

The old dean felt even more distressed.
So Anthony’s dinner had strange spices added.
Although edible and full of energy, the taste was extremely strange, and it was a special recipe specially made for his least favorite flavor.

Only the old dean who knew Anthony the best could do this.
Anthony was so angry that he wanted to flick his tail.
When he was healthy and able to move, he would have to turn his tail into a propeller!

This wicked little black cat really acted like that.
But didn’t his family know what their family’s character was? Sir, had his energy sensory radar failed? He didn’t feel that although this bastard little black cat had a grievance on his face, he was actually smiling in his heart.
Was he still provoking him?! Really pissed off!

Old Prince Anthony the Tiger was extremely wronged.
He thought, when the little black bastard’s favorite spirit beast master arrived, he would definitely not give this little spirit beast master a good face.
The elderly should be willful, and the elderly cat should be willful!

Arthur knew what his uncle was thinking, but he wasn’t worried at all.
Mingyou brought his own spirit beasts close to the aura, and Anthony was not the kind of person who could really anger others.

“Ahhh.” Arthur sneezed a few more times, and finally saw the airport signal light on.
A new ship was about to land.

“Several guys on the spaceship are talking bad about me.” Arthur rubbed his nose, displeased.

The old dean was curious: “Can you feel this too? Is it really a cold?”

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Arthur sneezed several times in a row, and said: “We are both Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts, and our energy fields are very close to each other.
As long as we are within a certain range, we can sense each other.
When I sneezed just now, they should have It’s on the near-Earth channel.”

These guys, while he was away, did they speak ill of him to Mingyou? Arthur was dissatisfied.
When the aircraft landed, Arthur was worried about Mingyou’s social fear, so he took the lead in the aircraft to find him.

Mingyou was holding on to the polar bear, trying to use the bear as a shield, and slowly moved off the spaceship.
After seeing Arthur, Mingyou breathed a sigh of relief.
He took the initiative to grab Arthur’s hand and wiped his sweat: “Okay, my buff has increased.
Come on crowd, I’m not afraid!”

Arthur looked at his hand held by Mingyou, and didn’t know what to do.
Although Mingyou’s dependence on him gradually derived from his human form, this was a good thing.
But did Mingyou know that this was a bit ambiguous?

Arthur gradually cleared his heart.
But Mingyou was young and his mental age was even younger, so he didn’t plan to nitpick, he just wanted to slowly figure it out and wait for Mingyou to grow up slowly.
But Mingyou was too bold sometimes.

“Let’s go.” Mingyou urged, “What’s wrong with you, Arthur? Your feet went numb while you were waiting for me? Don’t you know how to sit and wait for me?”

Did he say he was standing there waiting for him? Why did Mingyou just make up his own mind and start criticizing him in a self-righteous way? Can Mingyou change his stupid brain?

“Go out, people outside are in a hurry, right?” Mingyou pulled Arthur and rushed out.

Arthur: “…Slow down, no hurry.”

Mingyou said: “That’s your uncle, why would I not be in a hurry? How is Uncle Anthony’s health now? Can you still feel the existence of your body?”

“For the specifics, ask yourself.” Arthur looked around his subordinates, “I just felt that you were talking bad about me, I’ll deal with you later.”

Yan Yi and Herman turned back into human beings, separating Arthur and Mingyou from behind.

Yan Yi: “I didn’t.”

Herman: “It’s not me.”

Dacheng: “I won’t tell you, it was Dahong who spoke ill of you.”

All the plush: “???”

The little red fox sitting on top of Mingyou’s head: “…” Little panda, he was dead!

Arthur glanced at the little red fox above Mingyou’s head: “Get down.”

Little red fox QaQ.
With a drooping tail and ears, he jumped to the ground and turned back into a big red fox, silently following the fluffy army, looking extremely depressed.

“Dahong didn’t speak ill of you, I promise.” Mingyou said quickly.

“He spoke in his heart,” said Arthur.

Mingyou criticized: “I can’t even think about it in my heart? No! I can’t condone you like this! Dahong, come up! I am the parent of this family!”

What was fascism? As Arthur was thinking, the big fox had turned into a little fox, and proudly jumped back on top of Mingyou’s head.

Arthur: “…” Was he not good at speaking now?

“Go away, stingy black cat.” Mingyou urged, “Don’t do this next time.”

He was being slandered, and he told him not to do this next time? Stupid Mingyou, didn’t he think he was a bit high in the level of swaying?

Arthur was about to have a seizure, but when he saw the old dean coming towards him, he quickly adjusted the mocking expression on his face to that of Prince Arthur’s gentle, noble, reserved expression.

Mingyou yelled, “Arthur, your face-changing skills are really high,”

Arthur pinched Mingyou’s face with the other hand that was not held by Mingyou: “Shut up.”

Mingyou covered his cheeks with one hand and shut his mouth.
Understood, he understood.
Outside, save face for His Royal Highness of the Star Alliance.

But His Royal Highness, he once called his brother an orange cat in public, and he didn’t give the big orange cat of the Star Alliance… ah no, His Majesty the Golden Lion any face.
Hmm, double standard.

Mingyou used telepathy to slander so that Arthur could hear it.
Arthur made a note in his little notebook.
Very good, the double standard was like him, and it was natural to calculate the old and the new accounts together.

He didn’t know how Mingyou’s “pig cat” excuse was made up :).

Ming, Mr.
Ming, I have long admired you.” The old dean’s expression was very excited.
He wanted to shake hands with him, but was worried that Mingyou hated contact with humans.

Mingyou held Arthur’s hand tightly with one hand, and stretched out the other hand to hold the old dean’s hand: “Old dean, it’s been a long wait.
That… sorry, I’m a little afraid of people, so I have to hold onto Arthur or other partners.
This is the only way to have normal conversations with outsiders, and the etiquette is not thoughtful, I am really sorry.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.
As long as you hold the hand of your partner spirit beast, can you resume normal conversation? Mr.
Ming, your symptoms are getting better very quickly.” The old dean knew that when Mingyou went to the Star Alliance Military Academy more than a month ago, his social fears were still serious.
Now Mingyou could talk to people normally, and the progress was very obvious.

“Thank you, my partner spirit beasts have been helping me, and I can get better so quickly.
Please call me Xiaoyou.
I can’t be called a gentleman.” Mingyou akimbo in his heart.

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He thought that Mingyou would stutter when he spoke, but he didn’t expect that as long as he grabbed Dahei’s claws, he would be able to talk to other people like he was talking to people in the research institute!

It was amazing! Mingyou used spirit beast dialogue to open up.

His partner spirit beasts learned to applaud the blue seal through spiritual dialogue.
That’s right, that’s right, Mingyou, he was really amazing, keep working hard, and try not to grab His Highness the black cat’s paw next time, and he could also speak fluently with strangers.

Arthur looked down at his hands.
Paw? Forget it, he was too lazy to pay attention to these people.

After a good start, Mingyou’s chat with the old dean went smoothly.
The old dean knew that Mingyou was afraid of strangers, so this time he deliberately asked everyone else to leave, not to watch.
Now he was the only one to greet Mingyou.

Therefore, other employees could only crowd in the monitoring room to pay their respects to Mingyou.

“Wow, Mingyou is so small and cute.” The female employee held her face, “If only I could watch the live broadcast.
My qualifications are not enough.”

“His Royal Highness is very fond of Mr.
Ming, I eat this CP!” Another female employee said.

Other male employees: “…” Was her focus a bit crooked?

“However, His Royal Highness and Mr.
Ming do seem to be a good match.
Even if they are together in the future, it will be fine.” A male employee observed carefully for a while and agreed with the female colleague’s words.

Other male employees: “…” Seemed like that? Men understood men, and His Royal Highness looked at Mr.
Ming with an overly indulgent and affectionate look.
Wouldn’t it be like this with spirit beasts?

They turned their attention to the two young major generals behind Arthur and Mingyou.
Oh, the two of them looked at Mingyou, and they also looked very pampering and affectionate.
Now they didn’t know what their relationship is.

The male and female employees gossip silently in their hearts, but dared not speak out.
They heard that the perception of spirit beasts was very keen, even if they hid in the monitoring room, they were likely to be…

At this time, they noticed that His Royal Highness Prince Arthur and the two major generals looked up at the camera.
Oops, found out?!

“Are they in the monitoring room? Let everyone hide for me and work hard for everyone.” Mingyou also looked up at the camera, and waved at the camera embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, I’ve worked hard for you.
I brought you gifts, although they can’t make up for my apology, but this candy is really delicious, and can be eaten by both spirit beasts and humans.
I brought a lot, and everyone can have one.”

Candy?! The kind that spirit beasts could eat?!


“So generous!”

“As expected of a spirit beast master.”

“Can you take it out and sell it?”

“It can be sold, but this candy will be on sale soon, and it won’t sell for a cheap price.
Moreover, there is always a short-sighted feeling when it is sold now.”

“I’m going to take it home and share it with my parents.
Hey, this is something that money can’t buy.
It’s a candy gift from Mr.

“Yes, it’s better to eat this kind of limited edition.
Anyway, there is no shortage of money.”

“I’m going to distribute it to the spirit beasts at home.”

“I’ll take it and give it to the spirit beast classmates.”

Nursing home employees whispered that no one wanted to sell the candy they were about to get.
Those who worked in directly-supported nursing homes had good family conditions and had no shortage of money.
Compared with this little money, they wanted to share this good thing with family and friends.

“Mingyou has spent money.” The old dean sighed, “Don’t be so polite.”

“It’s a pity that no one can share the candy.
Although there is a snack food appraiser in the factory, and my co-workers say it tastes good, I still want to know other people’s opinions.” Mingyou politely said.

Mingyu was proud.
This was all through the convenience brought by the holographic game in the past life.
The keyboard warriors of the new era, as long as the surrounding scenes were regarded as holographic games, their mouths would definitely be slippery.

This is all thanks to holographic technology.
Moreover, there were so many big figures in the Star Alliance in the family, and the people in the research institute were also a group of very powerful people.
Everyone handed their paws to their paws for more than a month, how could he learn a little bit.
Although his coping skills were very young now, he could still cheat.

Arthur: [Yes, I can say next… ]

Herman: [At this time, you just need to smile.】

Yan Yi: [His implication is…, you can deal with it like this…]

Dahong; [The work he said was made by xx, and the central idea is… ]

Dalu: [About the place he said, I understand, you tell me…]

Xiaolu: [That kind of muscle training method is wrong, you told him…]

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Da Huang: [I know very well the star thieves he once annihilated, their style…]

Daqing: [I know that person.
Come, let me say something, you say something, say it slowly, just say it was something I introduced before…]

Dalan: [Gu Hai is not of this character, please explain it to me…]

Dazii: [He is talking about the theorem of xx basic science, and the specific explanation is…]

Dacheng: [He knows nothing, help me fight him! I tell you……】

Mingyou’s spiritual power was fully activated, and his partner’s words came over, and they worked together to help him deal with communication with strangers.
Because it was open to the public, everyone could hear it, and everyone would not speak in a rush, making Mingyou inaudible.

Because the strength of the spirit beasts of the Mingyou family has increased, and the use of their own abilities was more subtle, coupled with the special position of the spirit beast master’s power, this was a private group that no one else could decipher.

Even if there were other spirit beasts, at most they would find that there was a special energy field between them.
They wouldn’t know what this energy field was for.
The old dean was not a spirit beast, he couldn’t even feel the energy field.

He now sighed with emotion that Mingyou was indeed an orphan who had been highly regarded by the Spirit Beast Master Planet and carried the hopes of all Spirit Beast Masters.
Mingyou’s conversation, this breadth of knowledge, was stronger than the children of most of the big families of the Star Alliance that he had seen, and it could not be cultivated without investing a lot of resources.

Speaking of which, Mingyou was actually the prince of a small planet, right? Although his homeland was destroyed, the knowledge left behind and the teachings he had received would not perish with the disappearance of his homeland and people.

The old dean remembered Mingyou’s tragic life experience, and felt very distressed for Mingyou, and his affection for Mingyou became deeper and deeper.

In the midst of sadness and despair, he also left strong scars on his heart because of this painful past, but Mingyou was still so optimistic and willing to work hard to restore communication with the outside world.
This kind of strong appearance really made him feel pity.

After the old dean’s affection for Mingyou deepened, he spoke with less politeness and etiquette, and began to talk about more personal things.

“Uncle Anthony is a white tiger? He must be very beautiful.” Mingyou, who didn’t know what kind of spirit beast Anthony was, lit up, and grabbed Arthur’s hand even harder.
Tiger! Big white tiger! Was the color opposite to Dahei! Who was more powerful, the white tiger or the black liger?

Arthur frowned.
Hehe, he also thought about this question before, so he provoked his uncle many times.
And this bastard uncle not only beat him, but also told him every day that he was not a tiger at all.
How is a liger a tiger? And he’s not like an ordinary liger either.
Ligers didn’t have such pointed and cat-like ears.

Uncle asked him to change his name to Black Cat, saying he was like a big-faced cat with long fur.
So he hated this uncle very much.
As a result, now, his Mingyou really kept calling him Dahei.
Really depressing.

But Mingyou also called his brother a golden cat, and later followed him in secretly being called the big orange cat.
In Mingyou’s eyes, big cats were big cats, and his uncle was also a big white cat.
Thinking of this, Arthur was no longer depressed.

“Wow, so Uncle White Cat is Uncle Zong’s partner?” Mingyou’s eyes were full of stars.
Big white cat, want to pet!

“Yes, he and I are partners.
It’s just that I was not a spiritual beast cultivator before, we were partners on the battlefield.” The old dean said with a smile, “I changed careers halfway through.
But I think I can be a spiritual beast cultivator.
I am very talented, and I am ready to continue to study in the future.
Never stop learning even in old age.”

“Uncle Zong can definitely do it! The most important thing for a spirit beast cultivator is the bond with the spirit beast, and love for the spirit beast.
Whether you are partners or lovers, there is no shortage of bonds between you!” Mingyou cheered on the old dean, “I have now figured out a way for spirit beast masters to cultivate the power of the heart.
In principle, as long as the spirit power is strong enough, I can try to resonate with the spirit beasts that I fully trust.”

“Really? Can I join the test? Although I am old, my mental power is not limited by my body.” The old dean was curious, “Will the spirit beast masters only choose young people?”

They will definitely be selected first from the spirit beast’s family.” Mingyou scratched the little fox on his head, “But Dahei said not to promote it like this, but to promote it directly to the people, and don’t say that the family and lover of spirit beasts are the most suitable for spirit beasts.
I told you quietly because Uncle Zong and Uncle Big White Cat have a very good relationship.”

After they entered the spiritual beast recuperation area, the monitoring had been blocked.
So Mingyou could now speak with confidence.
As long as Dahei and the others didn’t stop him, Mingyou would just say anything.
This was also an important exercise in getting Mingyou back to normal communication.

“Yes, I won’t say anything.” The old dean winked at Mingyou, “I will keep it a secret.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zong.” Mingyou said hurriedly.

The old dean smiled and said: “You are in Arthur’s household registration book now.
Speaking of which, I can be regarded as your uncle.
Helping the younger generation is what it should be.”

“It’s good to have elders to take care of, right, Arthur.” Mingyou was very skilled as a junior.
He was in a nursing home, surrounded by rich grandparents and grandparents, he was everyone’s good grandson.

“Okay.” Arthur looked at his big white tiger uncle who was eavesdropping in the room, and smiled like a spring breeze.
“Here, the big white cat is already waiting for us.
Come say hello to the big white cat.”

Big white cat?! Anthony’s ears suddenly froze.

“Laobai! Can your ears move?!” The old dean opened his eyes, and tears flowed uncontrollably.
He lunged at the white tiger lying in the den at a speed that was not in line with his age, hugged the tiger’s head and shouted, “One more time! Am I hallucinating?! Quick, move them again!”

The white tiger’s ears twitched.
The small ears of tigers could flip like ordinary cats, and they couldn’t see where the ears are at all, turning into a patterned seal’s head.

Anthony: Laobai? ! You used to call me Annie, but now you have changed my name to Laobai? Sir, was he finished yet? Was it because he couldn’t move now and just did it? Could he wait until he gets better, and a paw will kill him!

Nonsense! What cat’s paw, he had a tiger’s paw! Tiger paws! When Anthony was angry, the tip of his tail started to move.
Once, twice.
The tip of the white tiger’s tail was cramped, and it kept shaking when pulled back.

“Laobai, come, let me introduce you, this is our new nephew Mingyou.
Come, Mingyou, squeeze Dabai’s meat pad.” The old dean took a tissue from Mingyou, wiped his tears, and stuffed the mess into the garbage robots that could be seen everywhere, “The white tiger paw pads are very comfortable, they’re pink.”

“Wow! Pink meat pad.” The old dean asked him to squeeze, he immediately started to squeeze, and even let go of Arthur’s hand, and both hands squeezed the paw pads wholeheartedly.
Meatballs, pink pawpads!

Anthony:  …He tried his best, with a “pop”, his tail slammed into the old dean and Mingyou.
Double kill!

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