Chapter 67

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“Dahong’s trick is named Huoshu Yinhua Evernight.” When Mingyou named the trick, he forgot about the characteristics of the name.

The fire tree and silver flowers were not at night, which was the scene of fireworks in a poem.
Scenes like this were most beautiful at night.
But it didn’t matter, Dahong’s skill came with night special effects.

When the audience in the live broadcast room was about to take notes, they saw that the broadcast room suddenly darkened.
Turned off the lights? Wait, how did they turn off the lights in the wild, was their sun a controllable nuclear fusion reactor?

The audience was wondering, the light in the live broadcast room was even darker, as if it had entered night.
At this time, a spotlight suddenly appeared in the night sky, and the light was floating like a silver firefly.
When they flew into the sky, they formed a starry curtain.

The audience in the holographic live broadcast room looked up at the sky blankly.
Judging from the speed at which the points of light float, these stars are very close to them.
But intuition is telling them that this is the real star, the light of another planet hundreds of thousands of light-years away.
It took a long journey to reach them and catch their eyes.

The little red fox raised his head and screamed, red circles appeared one after another on the ground.
Red trees grew out of the circles.
These trees were like coral clumps from the bottom of the sea, and every branch was shining with the luster of a ruby, re-illuminating the night.

The stars twinkled in the sky, and the trees bloomed with beautiful silver flowers.
The flowers slowly turned like windmills, and some petals fell, turning into red and silver interlaced dots in the air.

The little red fox jumped off Mingyou’s head.
When he stepped into the void, it was like stepping on transparent water.
Every time he landed on the ground, red ripples would sway around his claws.
When the ripples spread, they would bring out silver arcs, like a circle of fireworks.
When the little red fox danced in the air, the stars in the sky and the flowers on the red coral tree gently swayed together, and there were more petals in the space.

The audience is immersed in the fantasy created by the little red fox.
They looked around, trying to find the holographic projection machine.
Not a holographic projection? Was this really made with powers? An ability could make such a delicate thing? Couldn’t their supernatural powers only emit light waves?

Even if they could do supernatural compression exercises, it only changed from a larger light wave to a smaller light wave.
What the anchor said before, condensing abilities into swords or even needles, was this what His Highness and the ten heroes had already done?

They hurriedly “ran” to the fiery tree and looked carefully.

The texture and shape of the fire tree were actually different from each other, and they were simply crafted to the extreme.
Did Major General Xianluo condense this environment for ten seconds? How exactly was this done?

But what was the use of being so pretty? If it was to exercise the control of supernatural powers alone… Before they could finish speaking, they saw the heroic beasts in the live broadcast room running out like crazy.

The black cat roared while running: “Dahong! Can you say hello first!”

The little fox continued to dance in the air: “Mingyou has already said the name of the trick.”

“He just introduced the name of your trick!” The black cat roared, accidentally awakening the little leopard in his pocket.
The leopard began to howl.

“It’s fine, don’t make trouble, it’s okay.” The black cat had to shake his head vigorously while running away.
In order to keep his balance, he had to twist his butt.

Mingyou ran behind the black cat, frantically filming the cute running posture of shaking his head and twisting his body.
In terms of cuteness, Dahei was always number one!

“It’s about to start.” Although the red fox did have the idea of ​​​​scaring everyone, he never thought of hurting others.
After everyone ran out of the range of the move, the red fox asked Xiaotian to release the small aircraft.

These small aircrafts were of different sizes, their flight paths were extremely irregular, and their shields were super durable.
They were the most annoying training machines for ability users.
But after these small aircraft flew into the range of the tree, the speed of the petals suddenly accelerated and “stuck” to the top of the small aircraft.

With a “bang”, the aircraft first ignited flames, and then a silver ball of light swallowed the flames, and it turned into ashes, leaving no ashes.
At the same time, dozens of small aircrafts were all covered by the petals, and they exploded into balls of light, like spherical fireworks at night, one by one very beautiful.

The audience was silent.
Wasn’t this… this, this move amazingly powerful? If one move of energy could blow up this enhanced version of the small aircraft to ashes, what if several waves were sent out at the same time?

What about shock waves? Where was the wave? Why didn’t they see it? Major General Xianluo was still dancing! Don’t tell me that this destructive weapon was an automatic attack.
It was too powerful, wasn’t it?

“It’s not over yet.” The little fox flew to the center, and a little paw patted the void.
At the moment his claws moved, cracks appeared in the night and the fire tree as if glass was broken, “I’ll show you the real fire tree silver flower.”

The fire tree and the star curtain shattered, as if drawn together by black holes, forming a vortex of red and silver dots, like galaxies in the universe.

Another “bang” sounded, the black hole exploded, the galaxies scattered, and a fiery red tree full of silver flowers appeared in the air.
The giant tree broke through the night, and in a flash, the audience in the live broadcast room was almost blinded.

When they regained their sight, they found themselves back in the light of the day… and the woods? Wait, why did they suddenly turn the camera?

Xiaotian silently controlled the camera, allowing the audience in the live broadcast room to see from a third perspective, and marked their original position.
Look, it’s that hill, the hill that had been flattened and the ground was churned up.

“You don’t have to worry about the environment.
That place was originally where I was going to blow up and expand the nursing home.” Mingyou explained, “I am going to build more training facilities.”

The audience was frantically filming.
No need! This was not the explanation they wanted to hear! What was that trick? Why could it be precisely guided automatically and blow up a mountain with a bang? Was this power too great?

“It’s not bad for us ordinary S-level power users to use their power to break a stone.
How strong are your spirit beasts?”

“Ordinary psychic beasts can blow up a not-so-hard mountain with a single blow with full force, but it just blows up.
This is melted! And you see, the top is melted, but the trees outside the boundary didn’t burn up, and there was no shock wave, as if all the attacks were blocked by a powerful energy shield, is this possible?”

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“This is the power of precise ability control? Not only is it powerful, but also has automatic guidance, and even the damage range can be precisely controlled? I love love, and now ability users don’t have to worry about battle damage when they fight (was this the problem?!) .”

“I thought it was just fancy, just good-looking, just ornamental… I’m convinced, so how do you learn this?”

“I think the tricks that can be put directly in the live broadcast room can be learned without worrying about it (waving your hand).”

“It’s terrifying, it’s terrifying.
Major General Xianluo is still healing, right? The wounds on his face are still bad.
He can use such a powerful move now, will it be okay when his wounds are fully healed?”

“First of all, the number upstairs is gone, and I wish you a happy reincarnation.
Then continuing the discussion.
The anchor asked Major General Xianluo to turn back into a little fox, saying that the power is less powerful.
In other words, Major General Xianluo is now fully exerting the power of the Fire Tree Silver Flower techniqe.
It is estimated that it can blow up several hills.
I don’t know what powerful moves the other major generals will use.”

“Please add a modifier in front of ‘major general’.
Thank you for the powerful moves of the ten major generals who have just been promoted.
The other major generals are not worthy of it (looked at his rank of major general and shoved it into the mouth of a garbage robot).”

“Humble, I want a Spirit Beast Master more and more.
I want to raise a Spirit Beast Master.
I will definitely treat my Spirit Beast Master well, cook him food every day, and help him warm his bed.
I beg the country to send me a little spirit beast master.”

“Dream, you’re just dreaming.
Now a spirit beast master is a scarce resource, and there is only one in the entire Star Allince.
The remaining spirit beast masters have to be raised by ourselves.
But it’s quite delicious to cultivate, I think I can let my lover try it, our bond is definitely deep enough.”

“Show affection and get beat up!”

“You have already seen the power of the move.
This move combines the fire and moon attribute, control it with mind power, and also involve space abilities.
If you have four types of abilities, you can try it now, it’s not difficult.
Learn, you should be able to try it once.” Mingyou took out the projection blackboard and began to explain the move.

Why was it impossible to teach secret techniques in the live broadcast room? No, no, no, their live broadcast room is different, let’s learn directly.

The people in this live broadcast room had all gone through the political review, and even if they were not affiliated with the army, they were also power users with roots.
It didn’t matter if they spread it out, as long as they used it on the battlefield, it would spread sooner or later.

With the update of spiritual beasts, the combat power of the entire Star Alliance would be increased.
Instead of hiding it secretly, it was better to take advantage of the paranoia of other forces, or even disbelief, and quickly let their own people learn.
This was the same as weapon research and development.
This was a race process where one caught up with another.
Don’t expect others not to run or chase, they could only ensure that they were always in the first place.

Advanced things could be pulled out for a walk, and when they finally analyzed their things, they already had more advanced things.
Finally, it was by virtue of training and research and development capabilities.
The Star Alliance regulars were confident that they would not lose.

The red fox looked fancy, but after decomposing it, the energy reactions were the simplest.
If there was no fire, moon, space and mind power, other energies could be used instead.

Mingyou also provided several simplified versions, which did not need to be driven by thought power, the spirit beast could take it to rush forward.
Area of effect attacks would definitely increase the power of the spirit beast army.

Mingyou had always adhered to a tactic called, the best defense is the best offense.
As long as he brought his own attack field and all enemies were blasted away, he would not lose health.

“Have you all learned?” Mingyou asked after explaining.

At that time, after he helped Dahong create this trick, the other plushies, except for Dazi and Dacheng who had not yet joined the team, quickly created their own “fields” based on this principle.
Among them, Dahei played with flowers.
Except for the aesthetics, it was not as ornamental, and it was no worse than the little red fox who started the trick.

The live broadcast rooms were all top-notch power users, and everyone could definitely learn it quickly.
Mingyou watched the live broadcast expectantly.
The audience in the live broadcast room was staring blankly at Mingyou.

“The weak, pitiful and helpless ordinary S-level power user said that this kind of thing cannot be done by humans, and I will wait until I become a spirit beast.
What about the spirit beast bosses? How come no one said anything for a long time? Is this theory possible?”




“Don’t imitate my words.
I usually dislike myself as a two-meter-old gray mouse, so why do you all learn my name now?”

“Boss, boss, come out and talk, can you do it? Have you learned it?”

“Theoretically it could be done.
But in practice… squeak.”

“My head told me, no problem.
But every energy fluctuation in my energy body tells me to give up, give up, you can’t.”

“As a research scholar, let me analyze it.
First, second, last, in short… I can’t do it.”

“Where is the analysis?!”

“If you can precisely control each type of energy, then make these energies vibrate at the same frequency, and then use powerful mental force to catalyze them, you can indeed make them stick together, and react as you want.
Spirit beasts are energy bodies.
In theory possible, after a lot of practice, we should probably be able to.”

“Don’t deceive yourself anymore.
The anchors have put this trick in the live broadcast room.
Is this to let you guys say maybe it’s possible? This must be a hard task.
Look, this year’s evaluation is still half a year short, and the year-end exam will definitely have it.
This move (waves).”

“The anchor asked: It’s very simple, have you learned it? Can’t you learn it? No, no, no, no, aren’t you the top power users in the entire interstellar space? Can’t even learn this?”

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“It’s all made public in the live broadcast room.
It is estimated that the Star Alliance has no plans to keep it secret.
At least other forces will know soon.
We just have a time difference.
I mean, I also think that there will definitely be an exam in the mid-year competition this year.”

“So what kind of live broadcast is this! Is this a teaching live broadcast? The kind that can take exams?!”

“Hello, welcome to the No.
1 classroom live broadcast room, although this live broadcast room does not sign in or call names, but the content described in this live broadcast room is required to be tested, please take notes and keep in touch privately.
Compare your heart.”

“Suddenly I want to close the live broadcast room, what should I do?”

Mingyou opened his watery almond eyes, and waited for a long time for feedback, only to wait until everyone said that the live broadcast room would be closed.
Mingyou’s eyes changed from O_O to -_-.
He turned his head and asked the black cat who finally coaxed his eldest nephew to sleep again: “Can they really take the exam?”

The black cat stared at the eldest nephew who finally fell asleep, and used his ability to respond without raising his head: “I didn’t plan to do so, but their proposal is very good, I will change the test content.
Submit the proposal.”

The expressions of the audience in the live broadcast room were blank.
Your Highness, was he serious?

“Yes, I’m serious.
You are right, take the test and get a feel for everyone’s current strength.
It will help the welfare reform of spirit beasts next year.” The black cat sighed, “Now the spirit beast study is updated.
The welfare of spirit beasts will of course change a lot.
Whether they are in the military or not, they can exchange points and materials through official missions.”

“The biggest prize, of course, is to ask stupid… Ask Mingyou to make a move.
Although there is no limit to the number of times you can ask Mingyou to make a move, of course, the required points will increase.
So please cherish the opportunity to meet Mingyou.

“In addition to exchanging contribution points for opportunities, Mingyou will occasionally carry out public welfare activities to help injured spirit beasts, or go to the hospital to visit seriously ill spirit beasts.”

“Our Star Alliance has such a Spirit Beast Master, and all future Spirit Beast Master teams need to be taught by Mingyou.
That is to say, if something happens to Mingyou now, the entire Star Alliance’s spiritual beasts will immediately collapse.
It is too easy for the enemy to bring down a person.
The easiest way is to kill him, which is moral kidnapping.”

“For example, there are more than 100 million spirit beasts in the Star Alliance.
Since Mingyou is a spirit beast master, it’s his duty to have a daily physical examination for this 100 million spirit beast? Can’t do it? What kind of spirit beast master is he?”

“For example, the power users and spirit beasts of the Star Alliance have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of incurable diseases every day.
They have to be treated by spirit beast masters, right? Are you not free? Are you not desperate to help?”

“Because he is the only one, he puts the lives and future of the All-Star Alliance spirit beasts on him.
The enemies don’t need to do anything, Mingyou himself will collapse.”

“Is this kind of thing easy to stop? It’s not easy to stop it.
Because every seriously ill and injured spirit beast has relatives and friends, and there are people who want them to live.
When people are extremely sad, they are irrational.”

“So, take Mingyou as the top doctor in the entire Star Alliance.
Everyone follows business rules.
If you want Mingyou to take action, you can exchange it for contribution points.
And before letting Mingyou take action, you must sign a waiver agreement.
If Mingyou can’t cure it, don’t make trouble.”

“Even the best doctor can’t cure all diseases.
If you can accept it, come here.
If you can’t accept it, treat Mingyou as nonexistent.”

“I will never allow anyone to hurt Mingyou.
Whether it is physical or mental, I will not allow it.” The black cat gently pawed the cloth under his neck with one paw, with a lazy expression, like a harmless domestic cat, “Come at me if you have any complaints.
Mingyou is a young man.
He doesn’t understand anything, and he can’t make any decisions by himself.”

“His Royal Highness, you are too greedy to take on these responsibilities alone.” The red fox stepped on the void and ran over, crouching on top of Mingyou’s head overlooking the scenery.

Recently, His Royal Highness Arthur cared for a leopard kit, and he couldn’t become a little cat.
The little red fox could finally occupy this position for a long time.

Mingyou scratched his head, and the little fox gently swept Mingyou’s hair with his tail, much gentler than the black cat with a strong sense of territory: “Is it so serious?”


“Mingyou, you don’t know how sinister people are.”

“Listen to Your Highness, dear, we will solve it.”

“I know that you are very kind, and you can’t watch the suffering of spirit beasts.
So it’s better not to let you see it.”

“Be obedient.”

“The rules have been set, you follow the rules.”

“Don’t worry, Mingyou, no one can hurt you.”


The partner spirit beasts expressed their opinions one after another, and the audience in the live broadcast room…the audience in the live broadcast room did not listen to their touching declaration of protecting Mingyou. 

When His Royal Highness Arthur said that the contribution value could be exchanged for the chance to see Mingyou, this group of people had switched windows one after another and went to the Star Alliance quest website to check whether the regulations came out.

After an investigation, they found that this rule was really set  by His Royal Highness and the ten heroes, and the time was just before the live broadcast.
His Royal Highness and the ten heroes made it clear that this live broadcast was to announce this matter.

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“Let me see, wow! The merit calculation starts from fighting the Zerg? Hehehe, I have a lot of contribution points to earn!”

“Contribution points converted from the merits of the sacrificed martyrs can be inherited by their immediate family.
However, an official will send someone to investigate the relationship between the immediate family and the martyr.
That is to say, if they have conflicts with official credit records, they cannot steal martyrs’ blood.
Officials would instead use these points for related charitable research.”

“This is good.
But with AI, the workload will be a bit heavy.
Some require manual evaluation.
Only one-tenth of the martyrs’ merits on the page are completed.”

“One-tenth is not bad.
According to the time when the anchor appeared, it took less than a month to complete one-tenth.”

“The meritorious deeds in the fight against the Zerg war are currently the largest contributor of points.
Then there are various scattered tasks, such as extermination of star thieves, extermination of wild beasts, extermination of remaining Zerg races, etc.
Is there no option for krypton gold?”

Submit material specimens with energy fluctuations.
If they are rated as having a high usable value, the giver will be credited with contribution points.
The officials will also regularly release scarce materials, which can be exchanged for points.”

“Wow, I saw a quest with super high points! Donate bodies! Mr.
Mingyou has developed a new drug, which can solidify energy after drinking, and will not die.
And this drug can also be used as a nutrient solution to replenish energy.
The taste is super good, and there is a video evaluation of His Royal Highness and the ten heroes.”

“His Royal Highness also has it.
The Duran family has also uploaded trial videos one after another.
However, it is said that because it is so delicious, all the teacups in the meeting were replaced with this kind of nutrient solution.
Isn’t this too extravagant?”

“Nutrition liquid can be ordered directly?! Although the contract for donating the body needs to be bound, can it be delivered on the same day? Place the order first.
Believe in Your Highness.”

“As long as you donate the body, you can get points? Place an order and place an order.
Believe in your highness, believe in the little spirit beast master.”

“That…is it really delicious? I also want to take a sip.
It’s not just to donate the body, I signed the agreement.
I’m just curious about the taste, if it tastes good enough, I can mobilize my friends to donate together (foodies are so humble).”

“It is said that this is a fruit wine brewed from a variety of spirit beast fruits.
At present, the spirit beast fruit is only in stock brought by Mr.
Mingyou from the spirit beast master planet ‘Earth’.
This fruit is not the same as the localized spirit beast fruit.
The former can drink the fruit wine brewed from the extinct ‘Earth’ fruit, and the latter can only drink the ordinary localized spirit beast fruit wine.”

“Extinct?! Limited edition out of print?! Is it really good for Your Majesty to drink this noble fruit wine as a simple drink?!”

“According to the announcement issued by His Majesty’s secretariat, His Majesty said to take it for a long time, set an example, and check that this fruit wine has no side effects (waving hand).”

“Although I respect Your Majesty, I don’t believe it, thank you, I really don’t believe it, absolutely don’t believe it! Don’t say anything, just place the order!”

“My old man has gone mad.
He asked the whole family to sign it, and then he drank it by himself.
We made it clear that when the wine arrived, he had to take it on the spot, not to resell it, and to go to the test.
He really couldn’t do it alone.
Drink the whole family’s wine (painful party).
After it can be localized, give the old man more bars.”

“Even if you give the old man a lot of stock, it is not an out-of-print spirit beast fruit wine brewed with extinct spirit beast fruit (funny).
And the first version of the fruit wine must have been brewed by Mr.
Mingyou himself.
Others don’t have this technology.
The latter wine is probably brewed by AI using robots.”

“(艹臹艹)! That’s right! The Star Alliance doesn’t have this technology yet, and the fruit of spirit beasts is very precious, so the little spirit beast master must handle the whole process by himself, and he also needs to help with the power of his heart! This is not only an out-of-print fruit wine.
Maybe it’s still an out-of-print tonic! Sign it, get it early.”

“It’s all your fault, what are you robbing? The first edition of 10,000 fruit wines are all gone, now we have to wait.”

“It doesn’t matter if you wait.
This kind of medicinal wine must be watched by Mr.
Mingyou himself, and it is estimated that it will not be sold.
There are only limited channels to obtain it.
I heard that there will be more spirit beast fruits after the weakened version of medicinal wine, and it may be disclosed.
At that time, the spirit beasts only need to sign a donation contract directly.
Only during the promotion period will there be benefits.”

“Sign up first, if there are benefits, I won’t be used as a spirit beast.
Hehehe, I grabbed the front page of the treasured fruit wine, hahahahahaha, my Tibetan fox is indeed the invincible lucky one!”

“Riyo, why did you come out again, classmate Tibetan fox? Is your luck too good?”

“Hee hee hee, I’m super lucky, a lucky fox, I don’t accept it? I don’t accept it and hold back!”

“Isn’t the lucky one your roommate? Fine, you are indeed enough to be able to bind such a roommate.
The King signed it, and I signed it too.
If the body is not donated, it will be left in the ground to rot.
Instead of turning into a living body and turning into ashes, or the energy body banging and nothing, it is better to make a contribution.
If there is reincarnation, this kind of merit will definitely allow me to reincarnate, right?”

“After serving His Highness, he actually came up with such a way to advocate body donation.
Who would resist now? There are so many benefits!”

“Contribution points alone are enough.
Signing the donation of the body and doing some random tasks will give you enough opportunities to let Mr.
Mingyou take action.
You can even give this opportunity to others, but only for immediate family members, and it has to go through a very complicated process, so buying and selling is impossible.”

“It seems impossible to use excuses such as benefactors.
Although this is a bit dehumanizing, being strict is indeed better for Mr.
Mingyou and the future of the Star Alliance.
In the future, Mr.
Mingyou will also carry out public welfare rescue activities.
The meritorious spirit beasts here should not have to worry.”

“It’s to prevent people from holding down the little spirit beast masters with morality.
The entire Star Alliance only has a single seedling.
They were destroyed by them, and our whole spirit beasts were finished again.
My spirit beast compressed food has arrived, and now I finally experience it once.
Feeling full.
I don’t want to go back to being half-starved.”

“Yes, yes, I’m full every day now and I’m thinking about how I survived when I used to be so hungry every day.
We really experienced what it’s like to be a refugee in advance.”

“Isn’t that a good thing (funny), we at the top of the Star Alliance have empathy for the poor and know what it’s like to be hungry for a long time.”

“Okay, alleviate the poor, and strive to feed everyone in the Star Alliance.”

“Set a small goal first and take back the autonomous star area, otherwise we’ll be driven out.
They drag down our poverty alleviation progress.”

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Arthur’s plan was very successful.
Although body donation was a good thing, many people shied away from it.
So he happened to use Mingyou to tempt them with high benefits.

The news of extinct fruit wine was naturally brought out by Arthur.
Comrade Tibetan Fox was a very good support.
But he didn’t lie, these “medicines” were indeed brewed by Mingyou with the spirit animal fruit in his light brain.
Otherwise, how could his big orange cat brother carry a few buckets back?

The only lie was that this thing was certainly not limited edition.
Now the fruit for brewing wine was picked from the spirit beast fruit farms planted on the No.
1 Sanatorium planet.
When Dalu and Xiaolu were practicing their supernatural abilities, they spawned many spirit beast fruit trees.
Now the two of them were Mingyou’s royal gardeners.

“Most of the people who want to persecute you are selfish people.
They don’t want their body to fall into your hands after they die.” Arthur said, “The high cost also makes it impossible for them to incite other spirit beasts to persecute you.
First, set the rules up, and then it will be easy to do things.”

“Most of the people in the live broadcast room are fighters who support the Star Alliance.
We have high prestige in their minds and can lead them to act according to our rules.
As long as someone starts following, it will be difficult for someone else to break the rules.

Arthur taught Mingyou these more esoteric ways of life.
Although Mingyou felt dizzy, he still carefully wrote down what Arthur said.
Even if he didn’t adapt, he had to learn to grow up.
In this way, he could protect his partners.
No matter how powerful his partner spirit beast was, Mingyou wanted to protect them.

He was naive before because he didn’t have the chance to grow up in either his past or present life.
Now he finally had a chance to grow up, and Mingyou cherished this opportunity very much.

“Do you understand?” Arthur asked.

Mingyou said obediently, “I understand a little.”

Arthur said patiently, “What do you understand? Tell me about it.”

Mingyou said: “The allure of limited editions is invincible!”

Arthur: “…Okay, very good.”

Mingyou saw Dahei’s speechlessness, and immediately added: “Also, they don’t cherish what they are given for free, so we should raise the price so that limited resources can be allocated reasonably.
Although the allocation may be unfair, the resources allocated each time can get the maximum benefit.
For the rest, use public welfare to make up for it.”

“Distribution and redistribution, that’s state economics at its simplest.
I understand.”

Arthur’s cat face was shocked stupid.
Mingyou actually understood? !

“Mingyou, amazing.” The polar bear patted Mingyou on the shoulder.
He couldn’t pat his head because Mingyou had a little red fox nestled there.

“Hey, the junior high school political and economic textbooks in my previous life were middle school level.” Mingyou said proudly.

“What did they teach in your textbooks?” The fluffy people were curious.

The world of Mingyou in the previous life was still a primitive planet, right? What important knowledge could this teach?

Mingyou recited the knowledge from some political textbooks that he had memorized in high school, such as historical materialism, interpretation of state machinery, and socialist economics.

All the fluffies were silent.
Should they say that even if human beings had entered the interstellar age, the most basic things had not changed? Although there were more resources to allocate, the results about sociology were still similar to what Mingyou said.

Mingyou proudly stood akimbo.
Although he was not in good health and had never been out of the house, in terms of key political information, a person like him who had been recuperating for a long time and had nothing to do except play with his mobile phone would not lose!

In the past, when he was at his best, he opened thirty sites at the same time and debated with different people.
Recuperating in a nursing home for a long time was just so boring!

“Yes, yes, you are really awesome.” Arthur nodded, and the blue seal clapped along.

Mingyu stayed akimbo.
He would proudly take the compliment!

“Okay, since you have a foundation, it’s time to cultivate your knowledge of social economics and philosophy while doing scientific research.
If you don’t need any certificates, you should enrich your worldview and learn about the Star Alliance.
Be more aware, don’t look like a bum who has never seen the universe.” Arthur said with a smile.

Mingyou put down his hands and scratched the little red fox on his head: “I will work hard.” No big deal, just stay up all night.
As long as Dahei didn’t find out, it doesn’t count as staying up late.

“I didn’t let you learn it right away, don’t try to stay up late.” Arthur saw Mingyou’s plan at a glance and warned, “I haven’t settled the account with you about the pig cat.
You want me to add the old and new accounts together.
Does it count?”

Mingyu was stunned.
Huh?! Dahei has not forgotten about the pig cat matter!! God, what should he do? !

“I gave you a few days to think of an excuse, have you thought it through? I’m about to accept it.” Arthur showed a very simple and honest tiger-like smile.

Mingyou: “…I, I, I, give me some more time.”

“Give you two more days.” Arthur said, “Clean up, we are going to visit an old senior at the Sanatorium, and you can do a medical examination for that old senior by the way.”

“Okay.” Mingyou didn’t ask the old senior’s message.
Since Dahei was the one who made an exception for him to see them, they must be very important.

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