In the palace, a big golden lion was pouring food into his mouth.
Crunching, chewing twice and licking his mouth, the lion looked very comfortable.

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“Your Majesty, Lieutenant General Duran has been waiting for a long time.” The secretary also served as a housekeeper.

His Majesty hiccupped and threw an empty food can into the garbage disposal robot’s mouth: “Got it.” After that, His Majesty the Lion changed back into a human, and walked to the conference room with a lazy expression.

He opened the door of the conference room, but he didn’t see his serious lieutenant general, only a black bear.

The black bear had a white crescent pattern on his chest.
When he was sitting on the ground with the cookie tin in his hand, the crescent became a deep V, and at the bottom of the deep V, there was a cookie tin.

The big black bear did not expect His Majesty the Emperor to enter the door silently.
His bear head looked towards His Majesty.
The two on top of his head seemed to be directly glued to the head, and moved like false ears.
Showing a naive expression.

His Majesty Aldrich: “…” Even if he was tired of waiting, don’t show his true shape and eat.
He was hungry again.

“Just you?” asked Emperor Aldrich.
The black bear nodded, and his headband ornament ears flapped up and down twice.

“Don’t tell me sooner.” After saying that, Emperor Aldrich told his secretary to close the door and turned himself into a golden lion.
He lay down in front of the black bear, took out a jar of cookies, and said, “What?”

Lieutenant General Bear shook the biscuits off his body and said, “In the live broadcast room yesterday, His Highness Hans looked good.”

“Just call him Hans.
He has no official position.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said, “Yes, he is in good shape, Arthur said, after a few decades, he might be able to beat me up.
This old father.”

Lieutenant General Black Bear was silent.
His Majesty the Great Golden Lion gave an earth-shattering burp, straightened his limbs, and continued to eat while lying on his side: “Whatever you want to say, say it directly, and be polite in front of me.
Anyway, you are still my brother-in-law.”

Lieutenant General Black Bear: “…Your Majesty, even without technicalities, I am your brother-in-law.” Your queen was my dear eldest sister! Thanks!

“Oh.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said, “Looking at you being so awkward, I thought you were an adopted child.”

Lieutenant General Black Bear: “…” Could he give off a little bit of the mature, steady and good speech in front of His Highness Arthur?

“I have a distant relative who gave birth to a natural S-rank special ability user before.
He was not as lucky as His Highness Hans.
He was known to be a special-type ability user from birth, and he was forced to suppress himself.
The family knew that they couldn’t live until they became a spirit beast.” Lieutenant General gave the summary of the previous situation.

His Majesty the Lion nodded: “I know about this.”

The poor child soon weakened and died.
Later, the medical profession classified natural beasts of the special department as a “genetic disease” of “congenital insufficiency”—if they could not survive, they could only be regarded as terminal illnesses.
Hans was lucky because his queen’s abilities were poor, so Hans was not a natural spirit beast.
Before turning into a spirit beast, there was time to help him suppress the realm.

Born spirit beasts were not a good thing.
The stronger the abilities at birth, the higher the future achievements.
Especially when there was no special food for spirit beasts before, natural spirit beasts would be accompanied by many illnesses and disasters in childhood.

That was to say, a full-line spirit beast like Arthur, who was not picky about food, could be raised… black and fat.
Speaking of which, that kid was raised even fatter by his little spirit beast master.
How dared he call him Big Brother Orange Cat? A black cat was bigger than a lion, shouldn’t he reflect on himself?

At least he just burped, not enough to sneeze.
His Majesty the Golden Lion sneered at his own younger brother, and said, “Go on.
What are you doing?”

Lieutenant General Bear took out a small biscuit, took a bite and said, “I’m hungry, let’s talk about it after eating.”

His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…” Wasn’t it a very urgent matter? Why didn’t he act in a hurry?

“That family was not diagnosed later, there was a genetic problem, and there was a high probability of having children with special abilities.
Did the doctor recommend them to be sterilized?” Lieutenant General Black Bear chewed biscuits in his mouth and gossiped, “But those two were sacrificed on the battlefield, and both of them were single seedlings, and their parents hoped to use the eggs and sperm left by the two to raise a grandson.”

His Majesty the Golden Lion: “…In these years, there are still people who have the idea of ​​continuing the incense?”

“It’s not the continuation of the bloodline, it’s the support of the soul.” Lieutenant General Black Bear said, “They can’t get out of their sadness, maybe it would be better to have a little grandson.
But they worry that the little grandson will be born a special kind of spirit beast and can’t be raised.
So they just thought about it before.
But they watched the live broadcast, and if the little spirit beast master can support them, they want to use all the family property as a reward, and ask the little spirit beast master to help raise the children.”

Everyone knows that the little Spirit Beast Master had already been encircled by the two royal brothers, and if they wanted to ask the Spirit Beast Master for help, they had to get His Majesty’s approval.

After His Majesty’s approval, they had to obtain the second approval of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur, and the two seals were indispensable.

His Majesty the Golden Lion hesitated: “Although Hans is in good condition, I don’t know if he can keep a baby alive.
What if he dies?”

Lieutenant General Bear said: “I think so too.
If Mingyou becomes the life-saving straw for that family, and the straw breaks, they will completely collapse.
Such great pressure should not be placed on Mingyou.”

“But they promised a condition that I can’t refuse.” The Lieutenant General sighed, “Those four elders are willing to donate their remains as research materials for the Spirit Beast Research Institute.”

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If a spirit beast died in human form, their body would be that of an ordinary person; if they died in spirit beast form, it would directly disappear as a spot of energy.
On the battlefield, the black box bound to the light brain was their only identification.

Therefore, in order to study the remains of a spirit beast, it was necessary to make the spirit beast take an energy-solidifying medicine while it was alive.
This result was like suicide.
Even if only the last breath was left, people’s survival instinct was still there, and they always think that they could go on.
Who would drink that kind of medicine if they had nothing to do?

Moreover, as an energy body, the spiritual power had a severe impact on the body.
In order to study the secrets of the energy body, there was a brutal star thief who poured medicine in a captive spirit beast.
Even if the spirit beast was in a coma, the body would automatically counterattack, and in the end, “bang”, nothing will be left.

There were too few spirit beast volunteers who were willing to donate their remains.
The spirit beast academic community had always insisted that the slow development of spirit beast science was due insufficient experimental materials.
Although this sounded cruel, the fact was that it was really difficult to do research without materials.

Mingyou used the power of his heart to detect the internal situation of a spirit beast, and it was non-invasive.
His Majesty the Great Golden Lion hoped that there will be more capable people in the future.

But even if there were talents like Mingyou, the remains of spirit beasts were also important research materials.
These four people were also special power users, which were very important to the development of the Star Alliance Spiritual Beasts.

Four old people, their children sacrificed their lives for the country on the battlefield, they once made great military exploits, and now they had given all their family property plus body donation, they asked the little spirit beast master to raise a child, and as long as the child passed the dangerous period, it was enough.
Such conditions were really difficult to refuse.
It’s really all about giving.

“They gave all their property to Mingyou, what will the grandson eat?” His Majesty the Golden Lion had a headache.

This condition was difficult for him to refuse, but he could not kidnap Mingyou with his own values.

“It’s family property, not contacts.
If their grandson is born a special beasts and grows up by Mingyou’s side, relying on their contacts, it’s easy to start from scratch.” After the black bear finished eating a tin of biscuits, he took out a big greenstone lollipop and licked it.

A silly bear licked a big round lollipop, and His Majesty the Lion immediately asked his light brain to take a screenshot and send it to his own younger brother.
Making expression packs was the unanimous hobby of the two brothers.

Arthur looked very idle, and immediately replied in seconds, with a photo of a red panda kneeling on the ground.

Bow down to the big guy.jpg.
U-turn to the big guy.jpg.

His Majesty the Golden Lion almost burst out laughing.
Who had this little panda with a ruthless mouth offended? This expression of doubting life was really too good to watch, savoring.

“You’re right.” After chatting privately with Arthur, His Majesty the Lion pretended to hesitate for a while, and said, “But with Mingyou’s kindness, not only will he be saved, but he may not even receive a cent.”

Lieutenant General Black Bear nodded while licking the lollipop, his fake ears flapping: “I think so too.
But I have to accept it.
If I don’t accept it, many people will come to suck Mingyou’s blood.”

“I will discuss with Mingyou, the price must be paid, it doesn’t have to be so high, but it must be enough to make people who want to suck blood feel pain.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said, “Mingyou improved that potion for spirit beast consumption.
It will not affect your health, and will leave wreckage after death, which will not dissipate automatically.
In extreme situations on the battlefield, if you need to explode your body, you can detonate it yourself while you are alive.”

“Arthur and his subordinates have already drunk it, and I’m going to drink it too.
Hans will also drink it.
Mingyou’s price for raising cubs can be set, and they don’t have to give all their family property to all kinds of rare spirits.
Just give Mingyou material to study.”

“But the guardian of the client must sign an agreement to donate their body and drink that medicine.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said.

“I don’t worry about the medicine produced by Mingyou.
I will mobilize the people in my family to drink it.” Lieutenant General Black Bear was helpless.

His silly younger brother drank it, what couldn’t his older brother drink? It’s just that his bear younger brother had never made a decision since he was cheated by the treacherous black cat raised by His Majesty.
But thinking that even the eldest sister can’t control the silly white bear, he was too lazy to control him.

“The two of us trust him, but many people won’t.
Many people don’t believe in scientific data before they die.
And even if they do, not everyone is happy to be used as experimental material after they die.
Buying a luxurious cemetery for future generations on a planet is the pursuit of many people.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said, “With such restrictions, those who want to take advantage of it must weigh the cost.”

Lieutenant General Black Bear nodded with a lollipop.
Those who wanted to suck the blood of others must be selfish.
They wouldn’t give themselves.

When Arthur received news from his brother, his mouth crooked.
This time it wasn’t a laugh, it was depressing.
Who else could be the born special spirit beast of the Bear family? It was a giant panda that weakened and died.

If there was another one, eight or nine times out of ten, it would be a panda.
Maybe the natural special spirit beasts were all black and white? Then next time a zebra showed up, he would be no exception.

Arthur remembered that Mingyou used his fur as a handkerchief for the panda, and cried for a long time.
He knew that if the bear family sent a panda cub, his status in Mingyou’s heart would drop rapidly.
Now with the little leopard, his status was already a little dangerous.

However, he would not block Mingyou from supporting him because he was unhappy.
To put it cruelly, if there really was a natural special-type spirit beast, they would be excellent experimental material.
Handing them over to Mingyou meant accumulating a lot of experience and data for Mingyou, which would have a huge impact on the future development of the Star Alliance’s special power users.

When the Star Alliance’s special-type ability users could show their power, if even ordinary-type ability users mastered special-type moves, or sublimated ordinary-type moves, as Mingyou said, they would not be afraid of another Zerg invasion.
Just in time for revenge.
Sure enough, when Arthur told Mingyou about this, he directly said that the conditions were set, and he only needed to have panda cubs to raise.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not a panda.” Mingyou added hypocritically.
Arthur snorted.

“Are you still fighting?” Arthur, who was particularly speechless, but was reluctant to beat Mingyou, began to bully the little panda who was kneeling on the ground.

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This little panda was not stupid.
After he received Mingyou’s gauntlet, he also knew to ask about Mingyou’s strength – his comrades didn’t want to hide their gloating expressions, and he was not mentally retarded, of course he knew there was a trick somewhere.

Then, he heard the bad news that Mingyou was basically immune to spirit beast attacks and his strength was unscientific.

First of all, he couldn’t beat Mingyou.
Then, Mingyou punched him and sent him flying.
How to fight this? Was he running away forever? Maybe in terms of speed, maybe he still has a little bit of confidence? The little panda was depressed.
These guys, why didn’t they tell him before.

Dazi patted the little panda’s head and said, “It’s because you agreed so readily, that you never thought about collecting information in advance.
You have the problem of underestimating the enemy.
You don’t know how many times you almost died on the battlefield.”

The little panda bit his tail in anger.
Hadn’t he always been cautious on the battlefield? Didn’t this relax after knowing that Mingyou couldn’t be an enemy? Little Panda tried to cheat, but Mingyou was unexpectedly tough at this time, and he couldn’t refute it at all.

“No, we have to compare.” Mingyou said, “If you don’t surrender, the atmosphere at home will not be harmonious in the future.”

Little Panda: “…” I’m wrong, could he admit it? If he wanted to beat him up, wasn’t it a little bad to beat him up in front of everyone in the live broadcast room?

“Dahei said yes, then there should be no problem.” Mingyou always uses Dahei as an external brain when he is not sure.
The black cat said that this thing could be done, then Mingyou will obediently go all the way.

The little panda looked eagerly at his Highness Arthur.
His Royal Highness was shaking the cloth bag under his neck with his two paws.
Recently, the baby leopard was teething, and when the baby teeth came out, his mouth was very itchy.
Although he was stuffed with energy crystals for grinding his teeth, he still looked like he couldn’t sleep well.

His Royal Highness Arthur, a qualified nurse, sacrificed his sleep time.
When the little leopard woke up, his claws pushed the cloth bag in front of his neck and swayed it like a cradle.
Coaxed the baby leopard to sleep.

Others tried to help Arthur with the child, but when the little leopard was not feeling well, he only recognized Arthur’s presence.
Just like a little kitten clinging to his mother, even Mingyou couldn’t do it well.
No way, only Arthur could take care of his eldest nephew.

The little panda opened his round eyes and looked at Arthur who was coaxing the child for a long time.
Arthur didn’t even give him a look, he kept coaxing the child, and even hummed a lullaby in his mouth.

The little panda slumped.
His Highness just wanted to see him make a fool of himself! He looked at his other comrades again, and they all cast the same schadenfreude smile as yesterday at him.

He looked back at Dazi, a good and bad friend who was frozen with him.
Dazi combed his mane with his hoofs and said, “Obviously, you offended the heads of this family, and everyone is going to teach you a lesson.”

The little panda was so angry that his cheeks were bulging.
He thought Mingyou was a caretaker, but who knew that these bastard comrades really regarded Mingyou as the head of the family.
Don’t they want face?

“Come on! Who’s afraid of who!” The little panda stood up, waving its two front claws, extremely fierce.

“Okay.” Mingyou stood in a super fierce stance.

The system arranged many fighting and skill (escape) exercises for him.
In terms of speed, he would never lose.
As long as he caught up with the red panda, grabs him by the tail, and threw the red panda out, he should be able to win, right? Moreover, he also had a magic weapon.

“Dahei, come, add a buff to me.” Mingyou walked up to Arthur who was coaxing the child.

Did they think that only spirit beast masters could add buffs to spirit beasts? The feedback was obviously mutual.
Mingyou’s power was infinite, and in the system’s explanation, it was the “feedback” given by the spirit beasts.
In other words, his abilities were actually given to him by spirit beasts.
The stronger the partner spirit beast and the deeper the bond, the stronger his vitality and spiritual power would be, and this strengthening would subtly change his body.

Speaking of which, the power of the powerful spirit beast masters in “Elf World” was not inferior to that of spirit beasts.
There was a saying that human beings were actually a kind of spirit beast.

This kind of speculation was true in the Star Alliance.
Spirit beasts were human beings.
They were spirit beasts whose supernatural abilities reached the limit and could become energy bodies.
Although Mingyou had no powers himself, it was scientifically reasonable to be strengthened by other powers.

His “Super Spirit Beast Master” physique, according to the system, came from the bond between him and the spirit beasts in his previous life.
It was a gift from the elves to the newborn.
Therefore, it was difficult to quantify the degree to which he was strengthened by the spirit beasts.
When there was a new Spirit Beast Master, through testing, he would know what was the specific mutual addition between the two.

Now he had figured out some methods.
For example, spirit beasts could add buffs to him to further improve his abilities.
But at present, only Dahei with his bond value could buff him, and the spirit beasts behind him have to accumulate more trust.

In this regard, the red fox was particularly puzzled.
He thought that his affection for Mingyou was definitely no worse than that of His Royal Highness the black cat, why was his bond value not enough.
Others didn’t want to expose the sad truth to the red fox – the bond was mutual.
This only showed that Mingyou’s reliance on the black cat was far higher than the others.

After all, a favorite concubine was a favorite concubine, how could it compare to the emotional bonus of the King with the Queen?

The little panda saw that His Highness Arthur gave Mingyou a bunch of halos, and even lit up his whole body, and his whole body was in bad shape.

“This is cheating!” Little Panda frowned.

“Isn’t it normal to fill up on buffs before a fight? You can also ask someone else to add it to you.” Mingyou looked at the panel quantified by the system for him, and was very satisfied with a bunch of buffs such as speed, attack power, defense power, etc.
With his head full of buffs, he really felt very secure.

The little panda looked around at his comrades.
Excuse me, how to add this buff? He had never heard of other people’s abilities being attached to him! Weren’t powers mutually exclusive?

“This is the training content that I will promote next for spirit beasts.” Mingyou said as he turned on the live broadcast.
The audience in the live broadcast room had been waiting with their notebooks for a long time.
“The so-called buff is actually covering others with their powers, so that others can use their properties.”

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“The most important point is energy synchronization.
Dacheng, you and your comrades fighting side by side will definitely achieve this condition easily.
You will practice more in the future.”

The little panda drooped his ears, he thought, this time there was no escape.
Okay, he could learn it later, but now he doesn’t have a buff, right? Alas, Mingyou was indeed worthy of his own study in the research of spiritual beasts.

What he was very dissatisfied with before was that he had been studying for so long and had put in so much effort, but he was succeeded by a little kid.
This made him very uncomfortable as a genius researcher.
He had always believed that this should be his own treatment.
And his research on spiritual beasts was indeed moving in this direction.

This was because he had worked so hard to finally find the treasure map, and he was ready to dig the treasure.
Suddenly, a person jumped out and said that the treasure has already been dug up and it was not the treasure that you have worked so hard to find, but something directly “inherited”.
This kind of psychological gap made the red panda, a guy with a bad personality and a temper, of course very unhappy.
Perhaps, if that person did get beaten up, it would be cool.

The little panda with drooping ears stood up again, raised his two front claws and gestured vigorously: “Even if you are strengthened, but compared to combat experience, I will not lose!”

“I know, so I’m not as skilled.” After Mingyou finished speaking, he bull-rushed towards the red panda! What skill was needed, he just needed to make himself hit hard! As long as he was strong enough and fast enough, he could knock him down!

“Your trick is too simple.” The red panda used his claws to easily block Mingyou’s forward direction, and set up several obstacles on the road.

He originally wanted to set up a stone barrier, but he was afraid that Mingyou would be fooled, and his Royal Highness would ask him to settle the account.
If the energy attack was ineffective, then a solid obstacle from energy should be able to stop him!

Mingyou did not know when a shield appeared.
He directly ignored the branches, knocked a hole in the bushes, and hit the two small claws that the red panda stretched out.

The red panda’s small claws did block Mingyou’s attack route, but the situation did not develop as he imagined.
He was going to grab Mingyou’s shoulder and give Mingyou a back throw.
Or directly grab Mingyou’s arm and give Mingyou a catcher.
This can make Mingyou instantly lose the ability to move.

But when his two small claws touched Mingyou, he felt a huge force, not to mention grasping Mingyou, he felt that his wrist was directly fractured.
He just watched Mingyou collide with his eyes, and then his two-meter-long body flew in a beautiful parabola.

Was this power really something that humans could possess? He could stop small warships physically, was he more reckless than small warships? Before he could understand, Mingyou grabbed his tail.
Why was Mingyou standing at his position? He hadn’t landed yet, and he had already run over? How could he be so fast?

The little panda looked blank and was hugged by the tail.
Mingyou flung him, and the little panda “popped”.
Mingyou shook him, and the little panda went “papapapa”.

Mingyou hugged the little panda’s big fluffy tail and swung it up and down, left and right.
The sound of the red panda hitting the ground was like a drum beat, full of rhythm, and the white bear, who was very disconnected whenever he touched the music field, clapped to the beat.

One two three four, two two three four, three two three four, and again.

The live room was as quiet as a chicken.
After a long while, some ordinary S-level ability users posted on the forum, asking the spirit beast bosses if this kind of combat power was too unscientific.
Huo Ritian looked like an ordinary little monster, easily abused by the hero anchor.

“As a member of the Mr.
Mingyou Institute (very honored), I can explain the principle to everyone.
First of all, we must remember one thing, that spirit beasts are human beings, and human beings are spirit beasts.

When you remember this, you will know that the ability of a spirit beast master is actually an ability that the Star Alliance has not yet studied.
This kind of ability should be the ability to manipulate emotions.
The power of emotion, also known as the power of harmony, may not be very powerful on its own, but it can react with other powers.

Specifically, this reaction is what Mr.
Mingyou calls bonds.
The deeper the bond between him and the spirit beast, the more he can increase the power of the spirit beast, the deeper the feedback from the spirit beast to him.
And Mr.
Mingyou’s spiritual power is very strong.
Now he has signed a contract with His Royal Highness and the ten heroes, and he has a very deep bond with his partner spirit beast (excluding the last two heroes), so the feedback gets to a horrific level.

In addition, Mr.
Mingyou revealed that the spirit beasts in his hometown gave him a powerful blessing.
This blessing is equivalent to adding the power of a spirit beast star to Mr.
Maybe this energy will disappear one day, but Mr.
Mingyou is now protected by powerful energy, the ability is almost ineffective for him.

The physical quality of the spirit beast is actually based on the energy explosion of the energy body.
His energy body can stop a space battleship, but it can’t stop Mr.
Mingyou who is immune to supernatural powers, which is very understandable.

When other spirit beast masters appear in the future, they will also receive such gifts from their partner spirit beasts.
Even if they don’t have superpowers, they can fight side by side with their partner spirit beasts and won’t be a drag.
But to reach the level of Mr.
Mingyou, it should be impossible.

After listening to the explanation of the big guy who was certified as a “Mingyou Researcher”, the silent audience finally began to discuss again.

“Fortunately, not every spirit beast master is as strong as the anchor.
What a gift from a planet, how charming it must be.”

“It’s impossible for a leader.
That’s whole-hearted trust.
If His Royal Highness Arthur is a spirit beast master, it is possible to surpass the anchor, right?”

“On the battlefield, His Royal Highness Arthur is entrusted by all of us, and it is estimated that it is possible.
But since I don’t know how to do it, maybe the little anchor doesn’t know it.
It’s like people are in a limited state, and they don’t know how to respond.
It’s as if the potential exploded.”

“Poor Huo Ritian, he looks really hurt.”

“For the energy body, it probably doesn’t hurt, it’s just embarrassing.”

“Thanks to classmate Huo Ritian for his sacrifice.
It is estimated that no one will provoke the anchor now.”

“Hey, I’m still waiting for the anchor to be bullied by cannon fodder, and then go straight to the plot of a slap the face.
Now that the anchor is beating Huo Ritian on the live broadcast, it is estimated that no cannon fodder will be delivered to his door.”

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“Not necessarily.
Maybe they think that the live broadcast room is for performances.
We still have to look forward to it, waiting for someone to come to the door and be abused by the anchor.”

“Yes, not all power users can watch our live broadcast.
Especially those in the Chaos Sector and the Autonomous Sector, even if they hear, they may not believe it.
I’ll wait for them to find the anchor.
Hey hey hey.”

“To bypass His Royal Highness and the ten heroes, to find fault with the anchor, how powerful is this, have the Zerg re-invaded?”

“Now if the Zerg invade, it may not be as difficult as before, right?”

“Are you satisfied?” Mingyou asked the red panda blanket, who was slumped on the ground, holding the tail.

Little Panda said nothing.
He was muted.

“Speak quickly, if you don’t speak, Mingyou will turn him into a windmill.” The bad friend Dazi was very happy to see it, and even began to applaud.

“I give.” Seeing that his tail was being held again, the little panda hurriedly said, “I, Huo Ritian, would like to call you the strongest.”

Mingyou let go of the little panda’s tail, squatted down and checked the little panda’s body.
A few hairs had been lost, and the body was a little dark blue, but the rest was fine.
The red panda was so sad, not in pain, but probably ashamed.

He really can’t break the defense of the spirit beast master.
It seems that against certain people in the future, it is more realistic for him to escape.

“Good boy, follow me, you’ll eat deliciously in the future, and there are martial arts secrets to help you become stronger.” Mingyou touched the drooping ears of the red panda, and said, “Go to the research institute first tonight.
Report and follow me to work tomorrow.
There is too much work in the research institute, Dalan and I are completely overwhelmed.”

Dazi swayed around in front of the red panda, and let the light brain project his identity certificate of “Researcher of Mingyou Research Institute”.
Hey, he was already ahead of him.
Please call him a senior in the future.
The red panda began to doubt life.

Why? Why was he the only one so miserable? Even that horse lived better than him? Didn’t he want to gradually increase his relationship with Mingyou like a normal person? Mingyou was just a stranger to him now.
Wasn’t it normal for him to be a little repelled?

As soon as you met, you gave your trust away, and now it’s a problem to pamper Mingyou, right? Wronged.
very aggrieved.

“Don’t be angry, let’s get along well in the future.” Mingyou stretched out his hand, “I’m not a regular researcher, and I’m still studying with the seniors of the institute.
Teacher Dacheng, please teach me and Dalan.
It’s up to you.”

“Understood, I will give you everything I know.” After Mingyou called out the teacher, the little panda finally felt at ease.

He got up from the ground angrily and put his claws in Mingyou’s hands: “I’m a genius researcher, it’s absolutely no problem to learn from me!”

Dazi said, “He’s right on this point.
At least academically, he’s only slightly worse than Gu Hai.
Gu Hai is…” After Dazi finished speaking, he quickly shut up.
He looked at the blue seal.
Oops, accidentally…

“That’s right, Gu Hai is better than him.” The blue seal didn’t think there was anything wrong with what Dazi said, “I will strive to be better than you in the future.”

“Come on.
I’ll let you know that being a researcher is the most talented job.” Little Panda hummed.
He looked at Mingyou seriously and said, “Re-introduction, I’m Huo Hao, a genius researcher, the number one technician under His Highness’s command, and the AI ​​you call Xiaotian was created by me.”

Xiaotian is busy projecting: “Father (づ ̄3 ̄)づ.”

Little Panda: “…but his current character is his own evolution, which has nothing to do with me.”

“It’s amazing!” Mingyou said with bright eyes, “Is your mechanics particularly amazing, Dacheng? Teach me! Teach me!”

In order to reproduce the Spirit Beast Daoji in the Star Alliance system, he was now having a headache with mechanics, and he didn’t understand a lot of content.
Most of the teachers in the institute were Energetics and Spiritual Beasts, and they were not very proficient in machinery.

Although Dahei said that he could help him find other teachers, Mingyou believed that his efficiency would be higher if he could learn directly from his own spirit beast.
With such a lovely teacher as Little Panda, as long as he learned well, his tail would move, and his efficiency was absolutely high!

“Mechanics is my forte,” the little panda said proudly.

“Okay okay, congratulations to Dacheng for joining the team.” Arthur saw that his man was holding the little panda’s claws.
Mingyou, the shameless scum, had already started pinching the panda’s paw pads, and hurriedly hit Mingyou, “Don’t you want to show the audience a combination of supernatural abilities?”

“Yes, yes.
Just… Dahong, you come.
Your aesthetics are the best.” Mingyou said, “You can demonstrate it when it becomes smaller.
The power of the ability is too powerful.
I am afraid that this place will be demolished.”

The red fox nodded, turned into a little fox, jumped on top of Mingyou’s head, and glared at the little panda.

The little panda pouted.
Why was he so hostile to me? Didn’t he just squeeze my paw pad twice? He was cute, blame him? Why does he blame me for being too cute? Humph, weaklings.

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