During this time, the Star Alliance worked hard to find many “ingredients” with energy fluctuations, all of which were sent to Mingyou for appraisal.

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Some “ingredients” were very rare.
After Mingyou’s identification, it would take a lot of time to plant them widely.
But the identified ingredients were all left in the nursing home, so Mingyou and his plushs could eat it by themselves.

“Thinking about it like this, we are quite extravagant?” Mingyou said amazing words in front of the audience in the live broadcast room, blocking the words of those who wanted to criticize them.

“Hahahaha, is this called luxury? Isn’t this His Highness and the others experimenting with themselves, and promoting it only after it’s delicious and easy to use?”

“Yeah, if no one tries, who would dare to look for food on the side of the road.”

“Seeing how the little anchor swelled up in an instant, I laughed to death.
He is actually standing akimbo.”

“Didn’t His Highness Dahei look at him with disgust?”

“What the hell is His Highness Dahei? You just changed the title of His Highness Arthur?”

“Isn’t His Highness Dahei very down-to-earth? You see, His Royal Highness has not given us a title.
It’s okay to call His Royal Highness Dahei in the live broadcast room, as long as you don’t call him that in-person.”

“What are you talking about, you always like crooked things.
Hurry up and discuss today’s dishes! This is too rich! Swallow!”

The dishes to be made today were indeed very rich.
People took food as their heaven, and in a world with seven emotions and six desires, as long as there were no faults, after the development of economy and technology, food culture would not be too bad.

Star Alliance’s delicacies were all-encompassing.
Although Mingyou had never eaten in restaurants, he was satisfied with the school cafeteria.
Frying, steaming, cooking and frying were still the same cooking methods that everyone used, but the ingredients were different, and the combined taste was very different.

However, the recipes of dishes made by Mingyou now may be regarded as “never seen” or “lost” in the Star Alliance, and they were paired with fresh ingredients that no one had ever eaten before.
Enough to make your index finger twitch.

Emerald broth cabbage used the method of making boiled cabbage, and the selected “cabbage” was the tender bud of a plant with strong wood energy.
The cabbage was continuously poured into Mingyou’s soup made with various energy crystal powders and the bones of wild beasts.
While the astringency of the plant was removed, the wood-type energy waves were also like the pulp that had been peeled off the hard shell, and finally exposed.
There was an alluring fragrance.

The tomato used in tomato braised fish was actually a red berry picked from a tree.
The red berries had a very tart taste and were mildly poisonous to the average person.
But for spirit beasts, this sour berry only needed to be made into jam at a high temperature, and then the jam was cooled.
After that, keep it in a cold environment and add ice-type energy crystal powder to turn the energy into an edible product.
And the substances inside reacted, and when the spirit beast ate it, the sour taste turned into sweet and sour, which was very appetizing.

Tofu stuffed with multicolored grains was made from a kind of bean that could be ground into pulp, which is filled with energy crystals of different properties.
That kind of tofu itself only had the energy of earth, and it tasted like earth, which was extremely unpalatable.
But when it was combined with multicolored grains, and Mingyou used the power of his heart to reconcile its energy, the original earthy taste became a mellow, cocoa-like taste.
Combined with the energy crystals, it was a kind of energy that made the spirit beasts insatiable.
Rich desserts…

Mingyou introduced the dishes one by one, and there was a whimpering sound of “Ouch” in the live broadcast room.
Could he please stop introducing the food in such detail? They haven’t even seen the finished product, they’ve only heard the ingredients, and their mouths were watering!

“Of course I have to introduce the details.
I have introduced the ingredients and cooking methods, so you can make them at home.” Mingyou explained, “In the future, these ingredients will definitely be popular.
But the cooking methods of ingredients still needs to be explored, so I will introduce a few recipes in the broadcast, so everyone can follow my menu until they find the way they like to eat.”

“Furthermore, this time, the requirements for handling ingredients are quite high, which is just right for everyone to practice their abilities while cooking.”

Mingyou also introduced tofu soup, which could not be avoided when it came to knife work.
This time, it was a soup made from sea beans, shredded vegetables and wild animal meat that could be eaten by other spirit beasts.

In order to soften these energies and allow other spirit beasts to absorb them, the ingredients must be cut very finely, and each thread must be of the same thickness – this was not visual consistency, but strict precision.
This was simply impossible for ordinary chefs.
However, the spirit beasts were very sensitive to energy fluctuations, and the precision of the control moves could in principle be comparable to AI.

However, this required a high degree of concentration to achieve this level.
Repeated training could increase the time of concentration, as well as the time to activate the “concentration” skill.

Mingyou used game terms that everyone could understand: “That is, after the proficiency is improved, the skill activation time is shortened, and the extension time is longer.”

The spirit beast audience in the live broadcast room swallowed their saliva and asked lightbrain to write it down quickly.
There was yet another workout cheat to get.

“At the same time, the ingredients processed by spirit beasts will add their own energy fluctuations.
After mixing the ingredients, the energy of the ingredients will be better absorbed.” 

Mingyou continued, “Also, the energy waves generated by emotions can also be absorbed.
The beast absorbs it.
Eating your own meals, along with the sense of accomplishment, after testing, will add bonuses to the dishes.”

“Similarly, eating meals made by people who have a good relationship with you will naturally increase your emotional energy waves.
The more emotions the other party pours into this dish, the more energy you will eat.”

“If the other party is perfunctory, or even hides malice, you can still eat it.” Mingyou sighed, “The spirit beast is so convenient, you don’t have to worry about seeing the wrong person at all.
Just let the other party cook a meal for you.
I want to be a spirit beast.”

After Mingyou finished speaking, the black cat sent a private message to Mingyou: “Turn into a little spirit beast alpaca?”

Mingyou: “…”

Mingyou’s reluctance to turn into an alpaca appeared.
It was a bit silly, but it was actually quite cute.
If he turned into an alpaca, he could save wool to knit things for his partners.

A spirit animal alpaca must have magical effects.
His eldest brother didn’t answer him before he left, whether to give him wool or not.
Maybe he had to wait until his big brother was sure that he would change his hair before answering.
After all, it would not look good if he went bald.

Mingyou continued to introduce the dishes, the effort required to cook each dish, as well as the targeted training that the spirit beasts could do.
The audience in the live broadcast room sighed at the sky-the spirit beasts had their stomachs turned up, so they could only mourn.

“Look, look, what is a spirit beast master? Tactical retreat! Advanced training facilities? Incomprehensible training methods? No, not all of them, just integrate abilities into daily life.”

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“This kind of cultivation method is really awesome.
At present, it is generally believed that power is a fighting trick, and it is particularly noble and glamorous.
Who would have thought of integrating power into life?”

“It’s just that the energy of the spirit beasts is not enough.
It seems that no ordinary power user has ever done this @all ordinary S-level power users.”

“Thank you, I replied, I can’t do it, it’s too tiring.
But I can try it later, it’s fun.”

“When we play holographic online games, don’t we also use skills for mining, chopping trees, catching fish, etc.
when we are not fighting? I use this to brush skill proficiency.
It’s boring to only fight wooden people.”

“The premise is that you can naturally return energy.
If you have to take blue medicine, who can practice?”

“That’s why I have to practice cooking (laughs).
While practicing my abilities, I inject more energy into the food, killing two birds with one stone.”

“Since these things have been found by the anchor, they must be on the table soon, right?”

“It won’t show up soon.
Even if it’s grass, it will take a month to grow.
Maybe I can eat it next month.”

“Ordinary vegetables may be available in a small amount next month, for fruits, etc., it is estimated that it will be a year later.
I heard that the Star Alliance is now gathering wood attribute abilities on a large scale.
Is this a ripening plant to get more seeds?”

“The anchor must also study how to farm? For wood-type spirit beasts, the best way to train their abilities is to farm, right?”

“Take a screenshot of the upstairs, maybe you are a prophet.”

Mingyou saw this highly praised comment.
He nodded in his heart, yes, Dalu and Xiaolu were in good condition, and they would soon open a test field.

Dahei said that the entire planet could be farmed.
Farming had machines, AI, and supernatural abilities.
One not only felt the fun of farming, but it was not too tiring.

Mingyou had planned with Xiaotian, which land needed to be planted.
The soil and water must be maintained, the ecology must be maintained, and the land must be planted.
After farming, a fence had to be built to prevent wild beasts from stealing food.

By the way, they could also set traps to hunt.
Although the energy of fresh wild beasts was similar to that of frozen wild beasts, the taste was very different.

If wild beasts could be raised, would they be able to remove the stinky smell in the meat and make the fibers thinner? Even if they fed a lot of high-energy things to the wild beasts, maybe the meat of the wild beast could become the same as energy-rich plants or even energy crystals?

When people were full, they wanted to eat well.
When eating well could become popular, appetite drove people to do more.
Although energy crystals were good, eating too much would make them tired.
Although wild beast meat had little energy, for spirit beasts who liked meat, what would they say?

What else could he do, except cultivate high-energy meat.
This could be used as a luxury item to directly swindle the money of those big families of spirit beasts in the Star Alliance.
The so-called luxury, wasn’t it just looking for trouble?

Mingyou had come up with a luxury strategy for his company.
This kind of “luxury” that could be industrially produced by machinery was better to make money than if he had to do it by himself and make things for unfamiliar spirit beasts.

Mingyou seasoned the food while sharing his ideas in the group – this group was Mingyou’s “love each other family” group.
In addition, there was a group of the spirit beasts without Mingyou.
As for whether there were other small circles of spirit beasts in private, he didn’t know.

Dahei: “It’s feasible, I’ll let people study the plan now.
Maybe all the research and development costs of spirit beast food can be recovered by selling this.”

Dabai: “Mingyou, record your recipes.
In the future, we can build a high-end restaurant and hire spirit beasts and spirit beast masters to cook.”

Everyone else: “So extravagant? Spirit beast masters are enough.
Will spirit beasts go to restaurants to work?”

Dabai: “In peacetime, there are many spirit beasts who don’t like to fight.
It’s not shameful to make money.”

Dahei: “What do you think, Mingyou? Spirit beasts are also ordinary people.
They have high-paying and high-welfare jobs, and they will all break their heads.”

Dahui: “Xiaoyou, didn’t you raise wild chickens with very mottled energy ore? You can cook one in this live broadcast and advertise in advance.”

Except for Dacheng and Dazi, other spirit beasts were all offering suggestions.
Dacheng and Dazi adhered to the rule of newcomers diving first, and they didn’t say a word in the group, but they frantically swiped the screen in their own group.

Dacheng: “Your Royal Highness, are they really going to leave the army or even the government and go directly to business? I thought that His Highness would go all out and unify the military directly.”

Dazi: “Unify the military, and then inherit the throne? You want His Highness to die.”

Dacheng: “Okay, okay.
This is indeed in line with His Royal Highness’s style.
It’s just that I didn’t expect that other people would be willing to follow His Highness to do business.
Especially Adeline and Leo, didn’t they both take root in the army and settle down?”

Dazi: “Obviously, they think that the side of His Royal Highness and Mingyou is their home.”

Dacheng: “Speaking of which, Mingyou is also alone.
It might be good for them to form a family with Mingyou.
You think it’s impossible for Leo to catch Mingyou?”

Dazi: “Leo doesn’t mean that to Mingyou, so he treats Mingyou as his younger brother.
Do you want to be killed by His Highness when you say this?”

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Dacheng: “Isn’t this a group with just the two of us? I’ll just gossip.
It’s fun to watch His Highness get jealous, don’t you want to take a look?”

Dazi took a screenshot, sent it to the group.
The crowd was in an uproar.

Dacheng: “??!!!” Leon, you traitor!!”

Leo the monkey sent a string of ellipses.
He found that his temper was really good now, so he didn’t get angry, but made a ” yellow monkey scratching his head” expression to express his helplessness.

Dahuang: “Huo Hao, you will die from your own mouth one day.”

Dahei laughed and posted an emoji.
A good little panda, how come he has a long mouth.jpg.
Then tear up this mouth.jpg.
Mingyou’s face was flushed, and he almost sprinkled the wrong seasoning.

“Don’t pay attention to him.
He is a traditional soldier, and he likes lip-synching the most.” The black cat said, “Concentrate on the live broadcast, and there are hundreds of millions of viewers watching.”

Mingyu’s face turned even redder.
He was suddenly so frightened that he couldn’t even speak.
The black cat sighed, raised his paws and moved Mingyou’s black hair, turned and walked towards the shivering little panda.

“Huo Hao, since you are so energetic, from tomorrow onwards, you can practice supernatural powers with me.” Even if the black cat had a pocket with a little snow leopard hanging around his neck, when he was serious, he was still full of majesty.
Uh, he was a big tiger.

“Okay.” The little panda bowed his head in frustration.
He wanted to slap himself a few times now.
A cute little panda, why couldn’t he control his mouth? In short, it was all the fault of the whistleblower.

Dazi chose dishes with an expressionless face.
Wasn’t it cost-effective to achieve the goal of integrating into the group as soon as possible by betraying teammates? Ever since he met this little panda with a mouth, he had to play both good and bad friends.
Today was no exception.

Friendship value +1.

Being interrupted by the red panda, Mingyou, who had been eloquent, couldn’t continue, so he just kept his head down and cooked.
The audience in the live room didn’t mind.
The smell of them was enough to make do with it.
They didn’t mind even more when they thought that they might still be able to share the taste of the food.

It was the ordinary S-rank ability users who felt very aggrieved.
Listen, these foods were not eaten by humans at all.

What energy crystals were used as condiments, what plants grown from extreme environments were used as side dishes, what were the wild animal meat fed with energy ore and many top-quality herbs as the bottom of the pot, and finally, emotional energy was used to cook, if supplemented by powers… Was this still normal food?

“Exchanging energy for heavenly materials and earthly treasures has the feel of cultivating immortals.”

“Okay, I understand, spirit beasts and humans are not the same species at all.
We are considered to be disciples, and they have already become immortals.”

“We are magicians or fighters, and they have condensed their divinity and turned into gods.
They have that smell, and the scent is very strong.”

“Maybe it’s pretty much the same.
Immortals or gods in traditional novels, isn’t the so-called fairy body a kind of energy body? It’s just that their energy is very high-end.”

“So the spirit beasts who had been hungry before, is it because we raise spirit beasts as ordinary beasts? Take a look at the anchor’s spirit beasts, what kind of immortal stone, grass, fruit, and this is the treatment that the spirit beasts should have (a mouthful of blood).”

“I thought it was a bit of a mouthful, but I can understand it if I replace the energy with the spirit of the fairy.
It turns out that it is so _(:з”∠)_.

“Please open common sense, the concubines have already said that they are tired.
Can’t we experience the feeling of immortals in advance? Maybe we can break through common sense?”

“Yes, yes, isn’t it all written like this in the novels? Experience the feeling of immortals in advance.
Even if the realm retreats, the bottleneck will not be there.
When I was a human, I couldn’t eat energy ores, so I can empathize with the spirit beasts in the live broadcast room.
Can’t you take a bite of a dessert made with high-purity energy minerals?”

“QAQ spirit beasts are really difficult to raise.
They actually have to gnaw on energy crystals.
How expensive is this?”

“You can also grow plants on an energy mine.
These plants can absorb the energy of the rocks, and can also directly absorb the energy of the sun and the moon.
The energy crystals will definitely only be used as a supplement during high-intensity battles.”

“But, little anchor, the small snacks eaten by the spirit beasts are energy crystals!”

“The energy crystals his family eats are ones with no energy value.
But now the price of greenstone on the black market has gone up.
I bought a few, and the taste was a bit weird, but it’s much better than just eating wild animal meat.
Let’s wait for the official spirit beast food to arrive.”

“Let’s worship the spirit beast boss upstairs first.
Thank you boss for coming to our ordinary weak, pitiful and helpless S-level ability user section to answer questions.
One more question, is spirit beast food expensive? I’m afraid I can’t afford it.”

“It’s a bit expensive now, but it’s also much cheaper than the tax on the primitive planet’s pure natural retro organic food.
They’re all S-rank power users.
It’s definitely no problem to work a few more jobs and have a full stomach.
If you want to eat better, you will have to spend more money.
Not to mention how much it will cost to raise spirit beast masters in the future, now His Royal Highness’s company has also launched a luxury spirit beast food package, from the anchor’s hand-made convenience food to specially cultivated food.
Vegetables, fruits and wild animal meat with excellent taste are readily available.
The price…hehe.”

“If you can become a spirit beast, it is estimated that there are more ways to get money.
If you really don’t like fighting and killing, then go to His Highness’s company (recruitment advertisement).
When making luxury food and props, you need a lot of spirit beasts.
The salary is high, the benefits are good, and there is a large package of medical examinations in the research institute established by the anchor.

“I’m crazy! Where did this thing come from! Why didn’t I see it!”

“Hey, inside information, there is someone on me.
But today’s live broadcast should talk about recruitment.
I don’t count as a leak a few hours in advance.”

“Slip away, I’m going to sort out my qualifications.
I don’t know if I can get an interview and ask the anchor to sign.”

“There is a high probability that there will be no external recruitment.
These estimates are to solve the employment and welfare problems of some spiritual beasts that need to be recuperated after the war.
Although the Star Alliance is willing to raise them, the people who can become spiritual beasts are all elites and geniuses.
They don’t do mixed eating and drinking, and they don’t want to.”

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“The spirit beasts in a certain sanatorium raised their claws silently.
According to internal information, His Highness intends to transform several sanatoriums into a commercial chain model, which can not only transform the sanatorium into a more suitable environment for spirit beasts to live in, but also allow the spirit beasts to make some money.

“It’s not just about making money and improving the environment, didn’t you listen to the anchor? The process of working with supernatural powers is also a process of rehabilitation.
Maybe some energy is exhausted, and it will definitely degenerate in the future.
It can no longer become a spirit beast, or even lose superpowers.
People can be rescued.”

As long as there is still breath, the anchor can save the spirit beasts.
You see that His Royal Highness Hans has been hungry for decades, malnourished to the point that his brain is not good, can’t he still turn into a little milk cat and start over? As long as you live, anything is possible.”

“Dive silently, and the post was occupied by the spirit beast boss again.
Don’t dare to be angry or speak out.
Don’t we S-level power users have human rights? The moderator never pays attention to our complaints!”

“Yes, I have complained many times that this post is crooked and asked to delete it, but no one pays any attention to it.
After I came to this forum, I learned that weak chickens have no human rights, nor beast rights.
Don’t talk about it, it’s uncomfortable, go and practice your abilities.”

Mingyou put the food with all the colors and flavors into a pot and a plate, and the force of the banquet was suddenly reduced.
Sure enough, the banquet was not set, and the force was reduced by more than half.
But for this group of spirit beasts, the delicate arrangement was too troublesome.

“It’s so fragrant.” Although he was addicted to his gossip and was betrayed by his bad friends, Comrade Dacheng, the red panda was estimated to be dead tomorrow.
Life philosophy, showing a coveted expression at a table of dishes.

Mingyou looked at the greedy little panda, embarrassed and a little bit of anger was cut off.
Alas, what’s he doing with a little panda? Look at this orange-red fur, look at those round ears and round eyes, look at this beautiful face pattern, look at this plush tail that feels very good, don’t get angry, don’t get angry, As long as Dacheng doesn’t turn into a human, he won’t be angry with Dacheng.

“Today is a banquet for you and Da Zi, you can eat whatever you want.
Remember to tell me how you feel, so that I can prepare a special recipe for you.” Mingyou said.

Seeing Mingyou’s gentle appearance, Dacheng was stunned.
He thought that Mingyou would be angry for his private gossip and mouth.
Now Mingyou was still so gentle to him, this guy was too soft.
This was the legendary Holy Father, right? To put it uglier, it was a meat bun with a thin skin and a big filling? Could such a character really survive in the world? Wouldn’t he be trapped to death by the terrible social reality?

It’s not worth it to retaliate with virtue.
Dacheng picked up his head and drank a bowl of soup.
It tasted so good.
He had never eaten something so delicious.

According to the new spiritual beasts textbook compiled by Mingyou, that he recently studied overnight, food that was blended with human energy, such as emotional power or supernatural power, would be more suitable for the taste of the energy body of spiritual beasts.
Even if the energy of food was not as strong as energy crystals sometimes, the perception of spirit beasts was completely different.

From this bowl of soup, he drank Mingyou’s full trust and love for them.
Affection? Friendship? And stubborn dependence? This kind of humble feeling was really fascinating.
In other words, drinking this kind of soup and eating this kind of delicious meal every day, did his colleagues really have no intention of ​​competing with His Royal Highness?

His Highness was just a black cat.
How common were cats, how could he be so bright? What’s more, His Highness’s coat had no advantages other than dirt resistance.
Tsk tsk, he was still the best, Huo Ritian… hiccup…

“Please another bowl!” The little panda stretched out two paws to hold the bowl, and his eyes were full of pure innocence.
In short, it was a cute character.

Mingyou: “…” He shrank behind the black cat.

Little panda: “???” Wait, he was so cute, why did he back off?

“Fool, the filthy emotions on your body are almost overflowing.
Mingyou is a spirit beast master who has mastered the power of the heart and is very sensitive to malice.” The black cat tried to crawl out of his pocket, placed the little snow leopard on the dining table and said with contempt, “You must be thinking, a little spirit beast master who can make delicious food, you can completely overturn a common cat.
Grab him.”

“Is my guess right, classmate Huo Ritian?” The black cat sneered, “See you at the training ground tomorrow.”

Little panda: “…Your Highness, are you the roundworm in my stomach?”

Dahei: “If I wasn’t, how could you, a wicked villain, be under my command?”

The little panda thought about it carefully and thought it made sense.
So he stretched out his claws again: “Please Mingyou give me another bowl.”

Mingyou didn’t hide this time.
He took the bowl from the red panda’s paw and said, “Dahei, I’ll train with Dacheng tomorrow.”

The other fluffy people watching the play looked at Mingyou curiously.
What did Mingyou want to do? Whenever Mingyou takes the initiative to do something, something very interesting will definitely happen.
How could Huo Hao’s filthy blackness compare to Mingyou’s natural blackness?

“Yes.” The black cat said, “What do you want to do?”

Dacheng silently looked at the black cat.
Your Highness, didn’t you first ask what Mingyou wanted to do, and then see if he agreed? And Mingyou was an ordinary person, even if he had the “power of the heart” that could increase the power of spirit beasts, but in terms of battle, he couldn’t compare with their battle-hardened spirit beasts.

He, a little panda, only needs one paw to push the young man to the ground and can’t get up.

“There are elves… spirit beasts, because of their bad personalities, there is no way to become partners with them in a peaceful way.
At this time, we have to fight to solve it.” Mingyou put the little one who had been unable to climb on the table and was screaming in anger.
Mingyou picked a little food from the table, ground it into a paste, and fed it to the little snow leopard.

The audience’s sympathy was received by Dazi, who was struggling.
Now they only focus on eating, and they don’t see the dark tide on the table at all.

His Royal Highness Arthur found out in conscience that when he finally started to eat, he opened up the sympathy sense to the general audience.
Now the ordinary S-rank ability users also showed a dull expression, as if he hadn’t eaten in several lifetimes, his eyes were straight.

The impact of this pure energy simply made people’s souls fly.
This was the taste that could really reach the soul, and it is a delicious food that can literally eat happiness.
Have you seen that exaggerated food animation? The kind that would burst clothes and cause hallucinations? The food they ate now felt like this.

They ate the branches and leaves of the grass and trees that stretched out towards the sun, the fish rushing forward bravely in the sea, and the vigor of all things trying to grow.

This energy infused their bodies as if they were soaking in a bathtub with their favorite scented essential oils.
The temperature of the water in the bathtub was just right, and the scent of essential oils swept away all the exhaustion from their bodies, making them unable to help but want to run down the road for two days at the risk of being chased by the police.

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Was this how spirit beasts should feel when they eat the food they should really eat? Good, good stimulation (eyes straight).
The painting style of the energy body of the spirit beast was really completely different from their ordinary S-level ability users! Whose superpowers could eat special effects when they eat?!

Look, they’re glowing while eating! They shined! Was this the light that was said to absorb energy, or even saturate it? Was this the positive feedback of the spirit beasts to the food carefully cooked by the spirit beast master?

It turned out that delicious food really not only shined by itself, but also made the people who ate it shine? Love, love, so where did they get such delicious food?

“First of all, you must first break through the bottleneck and become a spirit beast.” humble.jpg.

You see, how unfriendly this world was to weak people? Not only have their rights on the forum been completely ignored, they had to think of honorifics for a long time when they speak on the barrage, so as not to offend people, they can’t even taste the good things made by the anchor.

“For the sake of this bite, I have to break through the bottleneck.
I must not stop at the S-level ability user, only the spirit beast can open up a new world for me!”

“I cried, this is the life I should have after the calamity? I am now training at a high intensity every day and performing tasks with the highest mortality rate.
Is it possible to break through the bottleneck in the short term?”

“I decided to save money first.
After I become a spirit beast, I will eat extravagant high-quality spirit beast food every day.
People live, don’t they just eat this one bite!”

“I’m here in the Chaos Sector.
I have to go out to clean up a Star Thief Group!”

“Please form a team.
Non-military free S-level ability users, have ample time, and have private armed spaceships.”

“The military can save announcements, and our ordinary S-level ability users can only rely on themselves.”

“It is estimated that the large-scale hunter group can also get a lot of good things.
Alas, now that the spirit beast masters have appeared, and if we don’t join the big organization, the days of our S-level ability users will be sad.”

“But at least I can get through.
It’s really sad when the anchor doesn’t show up.
At least now I don’t have to worry about breaking through the bottleneck and starving to death.”

“I don’t know if there will be a large number of star thieves who will surrender.
What’s the use of them grabbing so much money, can they get food? Hehe.”

“Maybe they will come to snatch our little anchor.”

“Good guy, grab the anchor from His Royal Highness and the Ten Heroes? I admire them, they dare to grab it, I will definitely send a wreath.”

“The old audience of the spirit beasts said that I also look forward to them coming to snatch the anchor.
You don’t know the power of the anchor (literally).”

New audience members didn’t know Mingyou’s power, and neither did the red panda.
He thought that Mingyou just wanted to show him that even if he wasn’t a power user, he had the ability to protect himself.
Okay, just play with the kid.
For the sake of such a delicious meal.

The little panda stretched out his claws at Mingyou, with a super cute expression: “I won’t be merciful tomorrow.”

“Neither would I.” Mingyou said, “By the way, the battle of the spirit beast master is not to fight by himself, but to bring a partner spirit beast to the field.
Who do you want to fight?”

Little Panda: “???”

All fluffies: “Pfft.”

Little Panda: “…I can’t beat one of them right now.”

Mingyou smiled: “I’m joking.
I know you can’t beat anyone now.
Tomorrow I won’t fight with you with a spirit beast.
But the battle of a spirit beast master is to be one with spirit beasts.
Tomorrow I will fight with you.
I’ll show you how to fight with them.”

He thought about it and asked, “Dahei, can the content I show tomorrow be broadcast live?”

The black cat fed the kitten with a look of helplessness.
The little cat shook his head happily while eating, and then rubbed his face, and rubbed the food on the fur under the black cat’s neck: “Yes.
Sooner or later, he will be promoted, so it should be displayed in advance.”

This was the same as displaying advanced weapons in a military parade.
Everyone just watched the excitement, and the specific secrets could not be seen by watching the live broadcast.
First of all, the audience did not have a spirit beast master.

“Okay.” Mingyou said to the audience, “Today I talked about coordination, and tomorrow I will work with my partners to show you a few ways to use coordination.”

“Super pretty! Super gorgeous! You can look forward to it from now on!” Mingyou’s partner spirit beasts, except Dazi and Dacheng, looked at each other, all gloating in their eyes.

Oh huh, tomorrow Mingyou was going to live beating the red panda in front of hundreds of millions of viewers.
Was this a distortion of human nature, or… He forgot the second half of the sentence.
In short, Huo Ritian probably wouldn’t dare to bully Mingyou again in the future.

And after Mingyou exposed his combat power, those who wanted to do something to Mingyou would also weigh it.

First of all, only spirit beasts had the slightest possibility to break through the defense of the planet where the No.
1 sanatorium was located; then, when the spirit beasts met Mingyou, although it was not a free gift, Mingyou persisted with his bare hands.
Come and fight, absolutely no problem.

Besides, how could Mingyou be weak? Didn’t they get smaller to squat in Mingyou’s pocket on his shoulders and be his bodyguard? The fluffy ones continued to bury their heads in their meals.
Thinking of Huo Ritian’s miserable appearance tomorrow, the food in their mouths tasted a lot better.

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