By dinner time, Xianluo the fox was still in a daze.
Jeweled fox scratching board, jeweled fox scratching board… That’s all he had in his mind.

    “Dahong, do you want to accompany me to dinner, or eat spirit beast food?” Mingyou looked at the table full of Maple Leaf Star’s local cuisine, his eyes gleamed, and he kept gulping.
This color, this fragrance, must be very delicious!

    Xianluo actually wanted to accompany Mingyou to dinner, but he was really not in the mood right now, and he may be in a daze at the dinner table.
So in order to maintain his image, he silently jumped off Mingyou’s head, opened a bag of various hand-carved energy crystal candies that he had specially prepared for him, and stuffed the treat into his mouth. 

    Mingyou was a secret visitor, and the ruler of Maple Leaf Star did not come to disturb Mingyou.
As a prince, Arthur ate and chatted with the consul to discuss work, and only Xianwei accompanied Mingyou to dinner.

    Xianwei felt that he had a heavy responsibility and was a little uncomfortable.

    He originally wanted to count on his younger brother to liven up the atmosphere, but his younger brother was like a child who didn’t grow up in front of Mingyou.
When the guests were eating, Xianluo actually held the candy and chewed on the side, which was really rude.

    But looking at Mingyou’s doting face, he kept taking out all kinds of spiritual beast food from the storage space, which were delicious at first glance, and piled them up beside his younger brother.
His younger brother seemed to be eating on a food pile.
Xianwei silently swallowed the words that reminded his brother to be polite.

    Dalu and Xiaolu also jumped on the food pile, and together with the little red fox, they grabbed their favorite foods and enjoyed it beautifully.
Leo was quite reliable.
He accompanied Mingyou to eat in the shape of a human, and introduced Mingyou to what was delicious.

    Mingyou was not very fond of sweet food, but if the sweetness was mixed with sour and spicy, he was totally fine.
Maple Leaf Star’s meals were just sour and spicy, which might have something to do with their fire-like environment.

    Mingyou blushed and kept asking Xianwei about the recipes and ingredients of these dishes, and asked Xiaotian to help record the recipes.

    Although some dishes were exclusive recipes and private kitchen dishes, there was no need to hide such little secrets from Mingyou.
Xianwei had already made preparations and told Mingyou how to make these dishes one by one.

    Xianwei breathed a sigh of relief.
He was not a person who was very good at communicating with people.
This time he received Mingyou, he thought that the leader was his younger brother, so he would just watch from the side.
Who knew that his younger brother was suddenly self-willed and completely useless.
Fortunately, Mingyou was very kind and talkative, not at all like the rumors, which made it a lot easier.

    “Dahong, Dahong, I’ll collect alternative ingredients when I go back, and make you a table of spirit beast meals in the flavor of Maple Leaf Star.” Mingyou pondered the recipe in his mind while eating, “I have now come up with a recipe that uses existing materials to make spirit beast food.
The recipe for the sweet and spicy beast sauce, I will prepare it for you tonight.”

    Xianluo recovered and nodded lightly.
Forget it, the fox climbing frame had already been ordered, but the dark market did not have a return policy, so he would use it.
Coming soon… um… coming soon.

    Speaking of which, His Highness didn’t have a special cat climbing frame like a gem, right? So was he alone? Although Mingyou definitely didn’t find a gem material suitable for making cat climbing frame for His Highness, but now he was the only one!

    The little fox raised his chest and swelled! He shook the energy crystal slag from his fur, jumped on Mingyou’s shoulder, and finally remembered that he needed to take good care of Mingyou as the host.

    In addition to the raw materials, the so-called special noble dishes eaten by the rich people in the Star Alliance, the most expensive things about these dishes were the stories behind them.
Maple Star’s meals were no exception.

    Of course, the little fox knew that Mingyou, like him, was a very pragmatic person.
He didn’t make meals with good stories but not so good taste.
In addition to the good stories, these meals also tasted quite good.

    Xianwei’s nervousness finally eased a lot.
After his brother had eaten and drank enough, he finally remembered that there was a distinguished guest who needed to be entertained, so he didn’t have to rack his brains about how to talk to Mr.

    But how on earth did Mr.
Mingyou spoil his brother?! Even when Xianluo was a child, he was not so willful!

    Xianwei didn’t know the taste of food, and finally got to the end of the meal, he gestured to Xianluo with his eyes, and asked the little fox to suggest to take Mingyou around.
Xianluo was conditioned to lie on Mingyou’s lap and asked him to rub his stomach.

    Hm, just because he was so shocked by the gem fox scratching the board, he kept stuffing food into his mouth, and the little fox accidentally swallowed it.
In order not to keep sneezing for a while, let Mingyou rub.

    After the meal, it was time to give his own plush massage, Mingyou was very happy and started to play with foxes.

    After finishing the fox, he started to massage the two deer.
Even Kerry, who always felt that he should save face, would obediently lie down and let Mingyou rub.
The massage after meals was so comfortable every day, and Kerry could save face at this time.

    “Brother Monkey, do you want me to give you a massage?” Mingyou still wanted to help the monkey.

    Leo shook his head: “No need today.” These guys really let themselves go.

    Maybe they didn’t treat Xianluo’s brother as an outsider? Xianwei’s life and energy fluctuations were so similar to Xianluo’s that even Mingyou relaxed.

    “Would you like to try the new variety of spirit beast food I made?” When Mingyou was serving his own plushies, he didn’t forget that there was a human-shaped plush exuding pitiful mood swings in front of him, and he hurriedly invited.

    Xianwei was very embarrassed.
Was it really okay to transform into a spirit beast in front of his guests?

    “Just in time to check my brother’s body.” Xianluo turned on his stomach, while enjoying Mingyou’s massage, he lazily “instructed”.

    “Okay, I will definitely check Dahong’s brother.” Mingyou still looked doted on, and Xianwei’s teeth were sour.

    Brother, could he stop being so arrogant? He was very embarrassed to be his brother.

    But Xianluo raised a “request”, and Mingyou agreed.
If Xianwei refused, it would be impolite.
So Xianwei turned into a big red fox with an embarrassed look on his face.

    The resting tea room was very spacious, and it was no problem to let the two big foxes dance around.
The big fox, which was very similar to Xianluo, shrank his two front claws into a huge red hairball, and his amber eyes were full of nervousness.

    “It’s so beautiful.” Mingyou’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw the new fox.

    He patted the little fox on his head, and Xianluo turned over and obediently walked to the side to lie down, not to disturb Mingyou checking Xianwei.

    Mingyou took out a bunch of parts from the system backpack, and in the surprised eyes of the big fox, he assembled a bunch of instruments.

    Xianluo explained for Mingyou: “Mingyou is studying mechanics.
He wants to build machines that can be used by spirit beasts.
So for practice, the machines he often uses are directly disassembled into parts and reassembled when they are needed.
But Mingyou also brought a complete machine.
When one needs emergency treatment, they can immediately take it out and use it.”

Xianluo complained, “It’s all His Highness’s fault.
Telling Mingyou about the adventures of His Majesty and the Queen in trouble.
The queen used garbage to piece together mechas and lead them to escape.
Now Mingyou has to compare with the queen, saying that even if he falls to a garbage star with us in the future, he can also rely on picking up garbage and assembling various machines to help us heal.”

    The fox Xianwei was full of admiration.
He obviously also knew the legend of the queen and admired her very much.
For him, a big fox who was stupid in every way except dancing, a fighting hero had always been the person he admired the most.

    “Dahong said that the incentive for him to learn to become a hero was the story you told him when he was a child.” Mingyou checked the body of the fox while “inducing” Xianwei to relax with a voice with the power of his heart.

    The big fox was lying on his front paws, fascinated by his eyes, and a memory that had been forgotten by him appeared in his mind unconsciously.

    Although he and Xianluo were twins, because of Xianluo’s special ability, his body was weaker than him when he was a child, so he had always acted as a protector.

    He accompanied his weak younger brother and told his younger brother stories of fighting heroes to encourage him.
At that time, did he ever think that he would break up with his younger brother because he was too good?

    Xianwei fell asleep unconsciously.
And when he fell asleep, tears dripped from the corners of his eyes unconsciously, soaking the fur at the corners.

    With the stimulation of Mingyou’s power, the emotional fluctuations of the fox rippled in circles.
Xianluo shook his hair and turned into a big fox.
He lay down in front of his brother, stuck out his tongue, and carefully licked the tears from the corner of his brother’s eyes.

    The joy of the twin spirit beasts may not be in common, but when they were so close, their sorrows are common.
Xianwei’s regret and pain were injected into Xianluo’s heart, making him feel very depressed.

    “Mingyou, I did something wrong.” Xianluo said, “There are some things that I can do better.”

    While helping Xianwei to remove some minor problems with the energy body with the power of his heart and the healing equipment, Mingyou whispered softly: “Big Brother Xianwei must think so too.”

    “It’s the fault of both of us.” Xianluo’s head rubbed lightly against his brother’s side.

    Mingyou said decisively: “No, it’s both of you who are right, it’s the fault of the bad guys who sow discord in front of you.
Have you figured out how to get revenge on them? It’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.
Now you’re all grown up and have the ability to retaliate.”

    “…No need, it’s been so long.” Leo touched his forehead.
Why was Mingyou still thinking about this?

    “I don’t have to take the initiative to take revenge on purpose, but if it’s an effort, can’t you just respond to them?” Mingyou’s heart was almost as big as his family’s Dahei, “For example, when Dahong comes back, there must be a lot of people rushing to find him for dinner.
Is it possible to refuse the invitations of those who used to sow discord?”

    “Also, we will definitely have business cooperation with Maple Leaf Star in the future, so as to crowd out the families of those villains, It should be considered a small effort.” Mingyou was raised by the black cat and became more and more capable of bullying others.

    According to his Dahei, he has power.
Wouldn’t it be a waste of his power to not use it to bully others?

    “It can be considered.” The fox Xianluo was in a relaxed mood after being encouraged by Mingyou, and began to seriously consider the feasibility of this matter.

    “Since it’s not you and Brother Xianwei’s fault, why should the two of you suffer for the injuries you’ve suffered? If you can, let those who hurt you suffer.” Mingyou raised his fist and pointed at Xianluo.
“I fully support you! By the way, I will help you raise the Dahei’s paw and support you together.”

    Prince Arthur, who was playing Tai Chi with the dignitaries of Maple Leaf Star not far away, almost sneezed directly into an official’s face.

    He finally managed to endure it, searched with his newly developed power of the heart, and suddenly became furious.
What nonsense was he talking about! Why could he hold his cat’s paw to make decisions for him! And he was liger paw! He am a liger! Not a cat!

    “By the way, Xianluo once told me that when he was a child, someone often provoked his relationship with his brother in front of him.
Do you know who did such a bad thing?” Arthur took the Maple Leaf Star Archon’s shoulders, and approached the consul’s ear with a friendly tone.

    The consul of Maple Leaf Star was Arthur’s senior at the Central Military Academy of the Star Alliance.
He once teamed up with him, so he was still familiar with Arthur.
Because of his former comrade-in-arms, he was too lazy to be polite when he saw Arthur being so rude.

    “I know, they are relatives of the Xian family.” Maple Leaf Star Archon said, “This incident was so ugly back then that it became a joke at the top of Maple Leaf Star.”

    Ordinary people were so provocative, they have been beaten by the parents of the brothers.
But the parents didn’t know what brain-disabled educator’s work they had read, and what kind of competition and frustration education they wanted to do, they just let the two brothers “compete”.
It was not until Xianluo ran away from home that they reflected a little and dealt with the people around them who were chewing their tongues, but it was too late.

    Although Xianluo and Xianwei had reconciled now, their feelings for their parents and Xianjia were very weak.
The Xian family couldn’t eat Xianluo’s “bonus” after becoming a hero, and they were in a hurry now.

    “It turned out to be the Xian family and the others.
The education in this family is very problematic.” Arthur said, “I hope they don’t make Xianluo unhappy again.
Mingyou is a doting spirit beast master and has no social common sense.
If he knew who made Xianluo unhappy, he probably wouldn’t be like a normal person… You know, he only needs to scold a few words in the live broadcast, and the Xian family will be finished.”

    “Relatives, Xianluo would be so disrespectful?” The Archon of Maple Leaf Star asked curiously.

    “Can we call relatives when we are close to each other?” Arthur sighed, “The most they can do is ask Xianluo’s parents, but at this time, do Xianluo’s parents dare to bargain with him? When Xianluo joined the army, they said to draw Xianluo out of the family tree.”

    “They didn’t do it, the Xian family and other elders protected Xianluo.” The Maple Leaf Star Archon said, “I know, I will let them not disturb you.
Otherwise Mr.
Mingyou is really angry, and Maple Leaf Star is in trouble.”

    “There are so many people in the Xian family who are close to each other, just pick up some obedient ones and let them do things, or it will be done.” Arthur said, “Anyway, not everyone from the Xian family can benefit from the Xian family.
Okay, let’s not talk about this, about the establishment of a branch in Maple Leaf Star…”

    Arthur solved the matter of helping Xianluo vent his anger in a few words during the chat, and then moved on to business.

    Maple Leaf Star was very rare.
It was built on an entire fire attribute energy crystal, and its resources related to spiritual beasts were very rich.
This time, Arthur settled down on the branch by the way.

    While talking about business, he put the incident that had helped Xianluo out in the group.
Mingyou of course gave him a thumbs up, Xianluo the fox felt very complicated.

    Mingyou just said to help the black cat raise his claws, and His Royal Highness did it immediately.
The speed of the two of them being in harmony was too fast.

    Alright alright, he knew the two were more telepathic than him and his brother.
One day, he could too.
Xianluo the fox silently encouraged himself.

    Even if he knew that his position in Mingyou’s heart would never be as high as His Highness, but one must have a dream, what if one day His Highness lost all his hair during the molting period and didn’t grow back? That naked highness would definitely fall out of favor in front of Mingyou.

    When Xianluo thought about the shedding black cat, his mood immediately improved.
He smiled and asked, “Is your Highness’s hair okay?”

    “I lose a lot of hair every day, but Da Hei is still fluffy, and I can’t see the hair loss at all, only the eyelids and brow bones are completely gone.
I’m bald.” Mingyou said sadly, “I don’t know if it’s the cat spirit beasts, or all spirit beasts are like this.
When you change your hair in the future, will you be like this on your face?”

    The red fox immediately felt bad..
Oh yeah, I’m sure I’ll molt in the future too.

    “I don’t care.” Leo said, “The monkey has less hair on his face.”

    Xiaolu touched her face with her hoof.
Kerry looked indifferent.
As long as he had muscles, it doesn’t matter if he was completely bald.

    “Big Brother Xianwei is in good health.” Mingyou looked at the data and said after checking, “Big Brother Xianwei is a pure fire-type spirit beast, and the environment here is very suitable for him.
However, his energy body is a little loose, isn’t it very good? Less training?”

    “Maple Leaf originally only had female spirit beasts, and we are very rare male spirit beasts.
Because traditionally, men should not be involved in such rude things as fighting, so although we have training, we rarely live and die.
Fight in the middle.” Xianluo said worriedly, “Is there any problem?”

    “Even if it’s a natural beast, if you don’t exercise your abilities for a long time, after the abilities degenerate, you may become weaker.” Mingyou’s fingers lightly combed the fur behind the fox’s ears.

    His ears were not the same as Dahong.
There was a long white hair on the back of the ear that was easy to touch, as if there were two white fluff balls behind the ears.

    “After getting weaker, he may maintain the spirit beast form for a shorter and shorter period of time, and in the spirit beast state, he becomes weaker and weaker, and the rest is nothing.” Mingyou explained, “The spirit beast is another kind of life, as long as you do not encounter a serious injury and cause the ability to completely disappear, you will not degenerate to the point where you cannot become a spirit beast.”

    “For many people with abilities, there may be some hope that they can degenerate to the point where they can’t become a spirit beast.
“Xianluo’s claws moved his eldest brother’s big ears.

    Why didn’t he find out before that the big brother’s ears were different from his? He also wanted plush balls behind the ears.

    Mingyu didn’t answer.
He could only think that he will do his best in the future so that the spirit beast would not regret becoming a spirit beast.

    “How should eldest brother train and fight?” Xianluo asked, “As a spirit beast, eldest brother actually performs some missions with Maple Leaf Star’s army, so there will be no problem in combat effectiveness.”

    Spirit beasts were all scarce resources, Even if Maple Leaf Star had a tradition that men should not go to the battlefield, but others were not as strong as Xianwei, and encounter some difficulties, they still had to let Xianwei go.

    “You leave the coordination skills to him.
When you’re not fighting, let him use his abilities more.
If he can arrange his abilities while dancing, maybe he’ll be happy too?” Mingyou suggested, “I remember you saying Brother Xianwei likes dancing very much.”

I’m already teaching.” Xianluo said, “This time the Maple Leaf Festival, my brother and I are going to use the combination technique.”

    “Really?” Mingyou was looking forward to it.
If the combination technique was used, the lethality should be very strong, right? Was there any problem on site?

    It would be great if a star thief without eyes appeared at this time.
The two big red foxes danced and killed the enemy with their combination skills.
The dance must be extremely gorgeous.

    When Xianwei woke up, he heard Mingyou discussing with Xianluo what to do if he encountered an enemy while dancing.

    He shivered.
What horrible things were they talking about? Was it a bit too cruel to use dance to kill each other or something?

    “Is it cruel?” Mingyou wondered.

    “Of course it’s not cruel.” Xianluo rolled his eyes, “Brother, you lack exercise, don’t be lazy, exercise more, or be careful to suffer from spiritual beast paralysis in advance.”

    “I will take on more tasks.” Xianwei now was like Xianluo, he didn’t want to be controlled by the Xian family at all, and he diddidn’t want to be bound by the tradition of Maple Leaf Star.

    He had this strength, why couldn’t he live the life he wanted to live? He could travel in space without a machine, why did he have to step on the ground?

    If he could dance in space, he must be very happy.
He no longer wanted to suppress himself for the cheers of others.
Xianluo could do it, so could he.

    Seeing Xianluo’s wanton appearance, Xianwei’s heart also burst into flames of desire.
Sure enough, between brothers, it was impossible not to compare.
Xianwei thought.

    “Big brother, come and stay with us for a while.” Mingyou invited, “Dahong said, he wants to practice skills with big brother.
You two against one, you will definitely be able to beat Dahei.”

    “His Royal Highness is getting stronger and stronger now.” Xianluo complained, “We eat the same thing, why is his strength so outrageous? Isn’t neutral power users the most useless attribute?”

    “Probably because the power depends on their brains, and most power users rarely use their brains to calculate?” Mingyou said, “Every power that Dahei uses, he and Xiaotian have calculated the energy in detail.
Unlike you, you can use it however you want.”

    Xiaotian came out akimbo.
That’s right! If His Royal Highness left him, his strength would immediately drop by more than one grade! So although His Highness kept threatening to donate him, he was not afraid at all!

    “Maybe, I should be equipped with an artificial AI?” Xianluo rolled his eyes, “Who can afford it.”

    “I will work hard to help each of you save an artificial AI.” After knowing the cost of Xiaotian, Mingyou had a raging fire of fighting spirit to make money.

    It didn’t matter if the price was outrageous, he had the motivation to make money if he had a goal.

    Moreover, maybe one day, he would be able to rub AI with his hands? The elves could merge with machines to become artificial intelligence, so maybe one day he can make his own spirit beasts and machines merge, without buying AI, and become AI himself.
As long as it was equipped with a computer, the spirit beasts could complete the calculation by themselves.

    “Sounds interesting.” Leo said.

    Other fluffies shook their heads one after another, including Xianwei couldn’t help shaking their heads.
No, no, no, it’s terrifying to merge with a machine or something.

    “I want to merge with His Highness!” Xiaotian projected a thumbs-up expression, “I think we can.”

    Mingyou and Xiaotian’s projected hands clapped in the air: “Let’s work together.” Let’s evolve! Mechanical Dahei cat beast!

    The fox Xianwei stiffly turned his head, and telepathically asked the Xianluo: Is your spirit beast master a little scary?

    Xianluo licked his paws: It doesn’t matter, anyway, if he has new ideas, he will only persecute His Highness.

    The big fox Xianwei became even stiffer.
Was this… a good thing? Should he envy His Highness, or should he sympathize with His Highness?

    After Mingyou and Xiaotian made an agreement (crossed out) to persecute (crossed out) to make the black cat stronger, they continued to nag at Xianwei, saying that there were a lot of matters that needed attention.

    From recipes to daily exercise, to the best way to find someone close to help massage, if unable, please place an order for our company’s new massager.
Mingyou listed a lot of lists, and Xianwei glanced at it and felt that his purse was a little deflated.

    He really should cheer up, do more tasks, and make more money, otherwise he won’t be able to support himself.
What was the opinion of others? Could it be exchanged for money and contribution value to buy food and drink for him to play?

    If he didn’t work hard to take on the task, he couldn’t even look at his illness, so he couldn’t let his younger brother support him?

    The younger brother said that all his savings were invested in His Royal Highness’s property, and now the younger brother was also entirely supported by Mingyou.
He wanted to shamelessly let his younger brother support him, and his younger brother didn’t have the money to support him.
So difficult, so poor, so frustrating.

    There was a world of difference between a fox raised by someone and a fox not raised by anyone.
The younger brother could lie down and let Mr.
Mingyou feed him and give him a massage.
The toys used are all made of the most precious gems in the entire Star Alliance, not even artificially polished.
A gem that looked like a climbing frame.

    And he could only make ends meet by constantly working and working.
He really wanted to be picked up by a spirit beast master.
A very hardworking immortal reed rarely has a lazy thought of giving up on himself.
Tired of struggling.

    The little fox Xianluo accidentally came into contact with his brother’s thoughts, and was so embarrassed that he had nothing to add.

    Did he show off too much and hit big brother too badly? But he couldn’t do anything about it.
Who knew that His Highness would pick up a little spirit beast master, and even bring their subordinates to the light?

    Forget it, in the future, he will be a little less dark, and slander His Highness.
He had the good life he had now, thanks to His Highness.

    If he wanted to change someone, even if he met Mingyou, he will not give him complete trust.

    When Arthur ended a tiring day of work and finally returned to Mingyou, he found that the fox subordinate had actually changed back to the polite state he used to be.

    He rubbed his eyes: “Xianluo was dropped by Xianwei?”

    Xianluo the little fox: “…”

    He smashed a fireball at him, Arthur waved his hand and scattered the fire: “It doesn’t seem like it’s a fake.
You finally figured it out, are you willing to respect my boss?”

    Xianluo smashed Arthur with another fireball, then ran to Xianwei in anger, and continued to practice dancing.
Although he wanted to accompany Mingyou all the time, the dance for Mingyou must not be screwed up.

    “He ate the wrong thing?” Arthur rubbed his temples, “Why is the weather uncertain?”

    “Isn’t Dahong always like this?” Mingyou worried, “Tired? Dahei, turn back into a big cat, I’ll help massage.”

    “No, I don’t want hair loss.” Arthur refused decisively.

    “But if you don’t change back to a big cat every day and let me brush your hair, the moulting period will be longer.” Mingyou persuaded.

    Arthur sighed, and his grievance turned back into a black cat.
As soon as he turned back into a big black cat, black fluff began to float in the air.

    Leo went to work next door with Dalu and Xiaolu.
They were going to take over from Arthur, who had been busy all day, and continue to deal with the follow-up matters of building a factory in Maple Leaf Star.
This room full of fur was too distracting.

    “Hey, there’s a lot of hair today.” Mingyou took off a lot of hair again, and put it into a special box.
“I can make a big doll.”

    “No.” Arthur saw Mingyou take his fur and make a felt doll, and was so angry that there was nothing he could do.

    Mingyou didn’t listen to his protests.
Not only did he not listen, he also reported his progress every day.

    “The eyelids are still bald.” Mingyou touched Arthur’s bald eyelids, “and it’s getting balder.
It used to be just the top of the eyes, but now the bald parts are almost extending to the base of the ears.”

    Arthur pushed Mingyou upside down with a paw.
You see enough, why say it!

    “Hey, don’t be angry.” Mingyou rushed up and rubbed his face against Arthur’s scarf.
Even if he rubbed his face, his expression was so happy, “It will grow back in the future.”

    “I don’t want to grow anymore now.
It’s over.” Arthur said seriously, “I’m thinking now, when will they enter the moulting period.”

    Mingyou was dumbfounded.
To make everyone suffer? Dahei really had a very small heart.
After Mingyou gave Arthur a massage, he felt much less tired.

    In the evening, after he shed his hair, he rarely kept the appearance of a big black cat, and was hugged by Mingyou and slept all night.

    When he woke up the next morning, he saw Mingyou happily collecting cat hair all over the bed, saying, “This is enough for a little toy,” and gave Mingyou a paw again in anger.
Did Mingyou want to brush his hair and make a felt doll for the whole family?

    “Don’t go too far.” Arthur turned back into a human and said with a tired expression.

    “I’m so tired, why don’t you go to work today.” Mingyou selectively ignored Arthur’s complaints.

    Although Arthur complained all the time, not only did he not stop him from making the felt doll, but he also gave him advice.
He knew that his Dahei was fine.

    “You can’t go if you don’t go.” Arthur rubbed Mingyou’s hair, “You and Leo are going for a walk in the city today.
If you’re afraid of strangers, just sit in the car and don’t get out.
It’s rare to come to Maple Leaf Star once, don’t take a good stroll around the city?”

    “Okay, I’ll buy you a gift.” Mingyou nodded, “I’ll give you more food, if you’re tired, I’ll turn into a little black cat in the bathroom to eat more.”

    Arthur complained: “Who would eat in the bathroom…”

    Mingyou pointed to his nose: “When I was sick in my previous life, I often stole food that I shouldn’t eat in the bathroom.”

    Arthur: “…very good, very powerful.” This guy was also a bear child in his previous life.
He was sick, and he still stole food that he couldn’t eat? Even go to the bathroom to steal food? Really satisfied.

    He thought of Mingyou staying up late, thinking that Mingyou’s disobedience to discipline really hadn’t changed at all in his past and present life.

    Really bald.
Arthur felt even worse when he thought that his tiger head seemed to be really bald.
Hmm, he must point out more favors to Maple Leaf Star today.

    After Arthur left, Mingyou’s smile suddenly collapsed.
“Does Dahei look too tired?” Mingyou frowned, “It’s just negotiating, will you be so tired?”

    “I wouldn’t, but His Highness has done other things.” Leo said, “He was negotiating, and constantly use his abilities to detect the energy reaction near you.”

    Leo said this, feeling very helpless.
Even if they were there, His Highness was still not at all relieved.
Even if His Royal Highness may be the true strongest power user of the Star Alliance now, rather than the strongest of the younger generation, it was still too tiring to cover Mingyou with supernatural powers at such a distance.

    “I didn’t find it.” Mingyou scratched his hair.
He was very used to the fluctuations of Dahei’s powers, but he ignored it, “Maple Leaf is very dangerous?”

    “The Maple Leaf Festival is a well-known festival in the entire Star Alliance, not only the Star Alliance, but also others.
Tourists come here, so there are a lot of people.” Leo said, “His Royal Highness didn’t tell you, because he was afraid that you would not come.”

    Mingyou muttered a few bad words about the black cat: “Okay, let him be tired, let’s go shopping.
I have done so much.
If I don’t go again, won’t I fail his hard work.”

    Leo laughed: “You won’t let him withdraw his ability?”

    “Will he listen if I say it?” Mingyou complained, “I can isolate Dahei’s energy, but wouldn’t that make him more worried.”

    Leo laughed even harder.
He knew it would be like this.
But now tell Mingyou about this, and let Mingyou nagging His Highness for a while was not bad.
His Highness didn’t “trust” his ability, and it still hurt him very much.

    Dalu and Xiaolu nodded.
That’s why they discussed and shared the responsibility of leaking secrets, and they must report to Mingyou.
Are they not strong enough? His Highness was too much.

    Mingyou smiled and rubbed the two puffed up deer a few times.
Yes, when Dahei comes back, let’s nag him together.

    Leo rented a car and took Mingyou around Maple Leaf City.
The architectural style of Maple Leaf City was very similar to the Ming and Qing dynasty wooden architectural styles in Mingyou’s previous world, which made him a little homesick.

    Seeing the familiar buildings, Mingyou was much less afraid of strangers.
After he asked Xiaotian to check the strategy, he asked Leo to find a relatively hidden high-level auction house, and wanted to see the Maple Leaf Star Specialty Auction, so that he could buy gifts for Dahei.

    As soon as he came to the outside of the venue, he saw a large marmot at the entrance of the venue.

    The groundhog held up a sign: “Please take care of me, I will warm the bed.”

    Mingyou: “…Is the life of a spirit beast so difficult these days?” Aren’t the spirit beast the strongest? Why did one hold a sign “begging” in front of the senior club?!

    Mingyou was wondering, but Leo pulled Mingyou behind him and made a fighting posture with an expression like facing an enemy.

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