“Bang”, the ball of light exploded, and the big black cat was revealed.

“Have you given birth? A male cat or a female cat?” The fluffy subordinates and elder brother were all excited.

“Go away!” the black cat growled, “Damn it! I’m not pregnant!”

Mingyou pressed the black cat to the ground and checked him carefully: “Why hasn’t the appearance changed? Dahei don’t move, let me see.”

The red panda, the purple horse and the blue seal began to analyze the cat’s body data.
According to the data, the energy body and response of the black cat were much stronger than before.
But there did not seem to be any morphological changes.

“Mingyou, look at His Highness’s shoulder blades,” said the blue seal.

Before the blue seal spoke, Mingyou was already checking Dahei’s back.
Previously, the most painful part was the two shoulder blades.
If his shape changed, it was likely to start from there.

The fur of an energy body was also an energy-based “solid”.
When the black cat absorbed a lot of energy, the shaved hair on his back grew out, covering up the previous bald patch.

Mingyou poked at the black cat’s fur for a long time, and finally teased out two bald spots.
He touched the bald part.
How come two sarcomas appeared in these bald places?

When Mingyou touched the “sarcoma” on the black cat’s back, he twisted his body uncomfortably and almost shoved Mingyou off his back: “Don’t touch it, it’s itchy.”

As soon as the black cat finished speaking, the “sarcoma” on his back spread out with a pop, turning into a pair of small wings.

Small… small wings? Bare little wings?

Mingyou was stunned for a moment, and then asked Xiaotian to take a screenshot, and showed the little wings to the black cat: “Dahei, you have wings!”

The black cat stared at the holographic projection photo for a long time, and said, “Are you sure these are the wings I grew, not the roasted wings you gave me?”

What’s the matter with this fluff without fleshy wings?! That burnt yellow color, like it burned in the oven? ! Mingyou are cheating on me, aren’t you?!

Mingyu was speechless for a while.
He hadn’t complained yet, the black cat vomited all the words himself.
Was this really spitting out their own noise, so that others had nothing to spit out?

Seeing that the black cat was in good health, the treatment room door opened, and His Majesty the golden lion rushed up first: “Have wings grown? Let me see.”

Mingyou pulled the fur back and took out the black cat’s two small grilled wings.

The black cat growled: “I said it itches!”

Mingyou didn’t seem to hear, not only did he not let go, but he pinched the little wings.
The small meat and wings clearly look special (crossed out), fragrant (crossed out) and delicate, like plucked bird wings.

“It’s really small.” His Majesty the Golden Lion said.

The other big fluffy heads came up and commented.

“It’s very small.”

“It’s too small.”

“What’s the use of these chicken wings? Can it fly?”

“Biologically, certainly not.
But His Highness should be able to fly.”

“That’s right, when His Highness uses special powers, he can fly.
What’s the use of these wings?”


“Where does this meat wing look good?”

“Grow up a little bit longer and grow feathers, I guess you can look a little better?”

The fluffy people talked a lot.
The black cat squeezed around and looked in the mirror with the holographic projection of the light brain.

“What the hell is this!” The black cat turned his head, trying to look at his wings.

A cat’s flexibility was very strong, and he could really turn his head 90 degrees and see a pair of small fleshy wings pinched by Mingyou.

“These wings don’t actually look like bird wings.” Mingyou observed for a while and said, “It’s a bit like bat wings.”

Mingyou opened the little wings of the black cat, and the skeleton was covered with a layer of membrane, which was indeed more like bat wings.

“When the wings grow out, Dahei’s back looks like a glider.” Mingyou pinched the black cat’s small fleshy wings again.

The black cat turned to Mingyou and roared wildly: “I told you to stop pinching! It’s uncomfortable!”

Mingyou smiled embarrassedly and let go of the black cat’s wings.

As soon as Mingyou’s hand was released, His Majesty the Lion turned into a human, and started pinching the wings: “It feels good.”

The other fluffies looked at the little wings in the Emperor’s hands, and their claws were about to move.
The small meat wings looked really good to touch, and their claws were itchy.

“Your Majesty, let me check His Highness first.” The red panda rubbed his paws and looked at His Majesty Aldrich with expectant eyes.

“Yes, yes, check first.”

“Let’s check His Highness first, and then you can touch it slowly.” The purple horse and the blue seal also said.

His Majesty Emperor Aldrich smiled and let go of his younger brother’s wings and gave up the position to the three researchers.

The three researchers used their claws and hoofs to poke the little meaty wings of His Highness the black cat.

“Great, I don’t know what the wings will look like when they grow up.”

“Your Highness, is this balding? There is no fur between the two shoulder blades with wings.”

“It doesn’t matter, His Royal Highness’s hair is long, and other hairs can cover the patch.”

The black cat was so angry that he wanted to beat up the three subordinates.
He didn’t have balding! No! It’s just that his wings haven’t grown up yet!

“His Highness’s wings are too small, is that the reason for the birth?” His Majesty Aldrich was a little worried.

“That’s not the reason.
It’s like a tooth, it needs to grow a little bit.” Mingyou asked the system a long time ago.

Wings were just an external manifestation of the change of the energy body.
In fact, the symbolic meaning was bigger than the practical value.

Of course, this was not to say that the wings had no use value.
After the wings grew, there would be one more attack part that Dahei could use.
His wings could also act as energy receivers, which were more sensitive to energy than other spirit beasts.

In game terms, when the black cat spreads his wings, his dodge and hit chance would be greatly improved.
Other functions also needed to be developed by the black cat.

“It’s very useful to grow slowly.” Mingyou comforted.

He and Dahei originally thought that after the change in shape, Dahei would become particularly handsome, but in the end… he hoped Dahei wouldn’t be too depressed.

Dahei… He couldn’t help but feel depressed.
Although he knew that these little meaty wings would definitely come in handy in the future, it was just like the embarrassing period of a child changing teeth.
When the little meaty wing was fully grown, this time was too difficult.

In order to study whether his body transformation was a milestone for spirit beasts, Arthur gritted his teeth and agreed, and asked the researchers from the institute under Mingyou’s name to study him.

So, his poor little fleshy wings were pinched all over by a group of researchers.
Arthur was so irritable that he even ignored the coquettish little leopard.

The little leopard burst into tears: “Mother Dahei doesn’t want me anymore.”

“Mother Dahei is not feeling well, please bear with it first.” Mingyou comforted.

Mother Dahei was not feeling well? The little leopard thought for a while, but unexpectedly ran out of the house by himself to find a gift to make Dahei happy.

But even if the little leopard wanted to sneak away, there were so many spirit beasts with keen senses at home, and the super AI Xiaotian, he obviously couldn’t sneak away by himself.

But for the child’s growth, these adults secretly followed behind the little leopard to see what he would do.

Mingyou came to a rare live broadcast, and this live broadcast was “The Adventures of Little Milk Leopard”.

The audience in the live broadcast room originally came to taste the food and learn new spirit beast moves, but when they entered the live broadcast room, what they saw was a sneaky little leopard.

“Hey, who is this little snow leopard?”

“Why did you forget your noble Highness Diandian.
What happened to His Highness Diandian? Run away from home?”

“The new audience is asking for a summary of the previous situation, who is His Royal Highness…”

“His Royal Highness, is His Majesty’s only son, His Highness Hans the Snow Leopard, the only adult pure special spirit beast that has survived in the entire Star Alliance.
Although he looks like a little leopard now, it is only because he is in treatment, and was forced to become a child.”

“Continuing with the previous summary, Diandian seems to regard His Royal Highness the black cat as a mother, and has been calling His Royal Highness mother Dahei hahahaha.”

“Tsk tsk, I wonder if little Hans will burrow into the ground in shame when he wakes up.”

“Eight or nine times out of ten, he won’t.
His Royal Highness is a fanatical follower of the prince.”

“Come here, the anchor began to explain, it turned out that His Royal Highness was not feeling well.
Diandian slipped out of the house to find a gift for His Highness.
Wipe your tears, he is really a filial good boy.”

“It stands to reason that Diandian’s behavior should be very moving.
Why do I want to laugh so much?”

The audience laughed and laughed in the live broadcast room, and no one discussed how His Highness was feeling unwell.

His Royal Highness had been eating twice for three days, either sneezing or (crossed out) gaining weight (crossed out) too fluffy.
His Royal Highness was feeling unwell, which was probably something that would be the envy of all the spirit beasts of the Star Alliance.

Mingyou connected the holographic empathy to the little snow leopard, and the audience followed the little leopard, sneaking around to explore, just like when they were back when he was young and made trouble with adults behind his back.

The little snow leopard had been at home because of his frail body.
It was either a plush carpet or the fur of a black cat under his feet.
His paws were on solid ground, and it felt very novel.

The little snow leopard’s little paws made a hole in the ground, then he lowered his head and took a bite of the soil.
He started and spit, and the audience who ate a mouthful of dirt followed suit.

It turned out that one can’t eat anything.
The little snow leopard, which had never foraged on his own, drooped his ears.
He also thought that if this comfortable thing on the ground was delicious, he would dig it out and bring it to the big black mother.

The little snow leopard shook his head vigorously, slamming his ears.
Don’t be discouraged! He finally escaped from home, be sure to find a good gift to bring to mother!

Otherwise, he will be beaten when he goes back.
The little snow leopard tucked his tail.
It was only now that he thought of being beaten, and he was a little scared.

The audience couldn’t help but tuck their tails up, and then pulled it out from between their legs in depression.
How could they be infected by the emotions of this little leopard.
They didn’t run away, so they wouldn’t be beaten.

After the little snow leopard cheered up, he continued his exploration.
He found a leaf, took a bite, blah blah blah.
He picked up a beautiful stone, took a bite, blah blah blah.
He saw a glowing insect…

The audience silently turned off the holographic empathy.
Stupid leopard! You are the energy body! Can’t he use his sharp intuition to determine what to eat? Don’t put anything in your mouth!

Alas, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of the Star Alliance was so mentally challenged, what can they do?

“What should I do? It is estimated that this prince will be crowned as a treasure.”

“Congratulations to the big cat family, this competition for the throne is estimated to be the least intense one.”

“I want to take a bite when I see a little bit.
I think of my son.
Although my son is not a spirit beast, he wants to put everything in his mouth when he catches it, sad.”

“Children are like this.
Otherwise, why would there be children in the hospital who were sent to the hospital for eating strange things every day?”

“Is His Royal Highness the black cat watching the live broadcast? I wonder what he thinks in his heart?”

“Shouldn’t I ask your Majesty what you think?”

“Your Majesty probably thinks that this child is no longer saved, so leave.”

While the audience was complaining, the little snow leopard seemed to have finally found a way to identify food.
He looked up at the moon, and then made a milky “meow”, like a little kitten.

When the little snow leopard “meowed” for the first time, the black dotted markings on his body began to glow.

The little snow leopard meowed a few more times, and the light of the dotted stripes on his body was like a searchlight, making him look like a small ball of light.

At this time, some light appeared in the surrounding bushes.
Those lights swelled, as if breathing, responding to the little snow leopard’s response.
The little snow leopard jumped and ran to the bright spot, digging hard with both claws.

The dust was flying, and the little snow leopard sneezed while digging in the ground.
When the hole was dug enough to bury his whole body, he finally found a shining stone.

The stone exuded a soft light, making the little snow leopard drool with greed.
Did this look delicious? It could be given to mother Dahei! The little snow leopard held the stone in his mouth with satisfaction and ran back with four small claws.

The audience was shocked.
Did this the little snow leopard really dig up a treasure, or was this a surprise buried in advance by the anchor? But even if this was a surprise buried by the anchor in advance, the little snow leopard consciously used the power to find food, could other spirit beasts use it? If they could, wouldn’t they be much more efficient at finding food?

Mingyou stood at the door to greet the disgraced little snow leopard.
When the little snow leopard saw Mingyou, his cheerful pace immediately slowed down.

He drooped his ears, tucked his long fluffy tail, carefully paced to Mingyou’s side, rubbed his trousers, and rubbed his leg with mud.

“Go back and write a review.” Mingyou said solemnly, “Go take a shower first, and then think about it.”

The other plushies hiding in the shadows behind Mingyou were very speechless.
Wasn’t that Mingyou’s way of teaching him often?

The snow leopard wanted to call for a response, but with a stone in his mouth, he rubbed his head against Mingyou’s trouser legs again, indicating that he knew he was wrong.

Arthur, who had been closed for a long time, walked out of the door slowly and squeezed Mingyou: “Show me, what good things did you find.” 

The little snow leopard immediately ran to Arthur to offer the treasure, and put the saliva-stained stone in front of him.

Arthur looked at the small stone full of saliva with disgust.
This thing was glowing before? What was this?

The little snow leopard scratched the stone with his paws.
Why doesn’t it glow? You shine, shine soon.
It doesn’t glow, it doesn’t look fragrant and it doesn’t taste good.

Little Snow Leopard was very anxious: “Ow, ooh, meow!” That wasn’t the case just now! Could it be that my saliva ate all the delicious places in the stone? The little snow leopard drooped and squatted like a little rabbit, looking extremely depressed.

“Mingyou, look at what this is.” The black cat commanded.

Mingyou wrapped the stone with a handkerchief: “It’s a stone that accidentally absorbed the power of the moon, which is energy crystallization.
This thing is buried deep in the soil, and we didn’t find anything good at our door.
Buried greenstones didn’t come in handy.”


It turned out that the anchor really buried something, but what this little leopard dug up was not what the anchor buried.
Were special-type spirit beasts really so magical?

“Single attribute spirit beasts are indeed very sensitive to the energy fluctuations of their specific attributes, but I have never seen this trick.” Mingyou said, “He can absorb the power of the moon directly released by it, and his own power resonates, and if this move is to fight in space, it is estimated that he can directly absorb the power of the surrounding planets, and the combat effectiveness is hard to say, but the endurance must be very strong.”

Mingyou looked at the little milk leopard with great pride: “Space is probably the place where special spirit beasts can exert their power the most.”

Spirit beasts with other attributes could also borrow energy from their corresponding attributes, but animals and plants in space were lacking, and almost all the energy from the sun was absorbed by the planets, unless they could sublimate their energy bodies and directly borrow from the stars.
Otherwise it would be difficult to sustain combat in space.

As long as there were other planets around the battlefield, even if it is just an asteroid belt, the special system spirit beasts could get enough power.

Arthur lowered his head, picked up the little snow leopard covered in dust with disgust on his face, and took the little leopard to take a bath.

Mingyou still wanted to continue, but seeing the impatient expression of his black cat, he silently swallowed the words of popular science.

The black cat was still irritable, and now he was still following his wishes.
Otherwise, what if the black cat really refused to accompany him to the Maple Leaf Star?

Mingyou thought about it and didn’t close the live broadcast room.
He went to the laboratory and continued to analyze the stone live.

Now his live broadcast room was the most intuitive window for ordinary spirit beast viewers to get in touch with new spirit beast science.
Mingyou hoped to spread something to them.

Inexplicably becoming the spokesperson of the new spirit animal science of the Star Alliance, Mingyou believed that he had to take a certain responsibility.
Full of energy, stay up all night to do the experiment today!

“Don’t even think about it.” Dacheng’s claws pushed Mingyou away, “We will do the analysis.
Your sleep time must be guaranteed.
Do you want His Highness to be more irritable than now?”

Thinking of the black cat who was irritable because of bald patches, Mingyou was immediately persuaded: “I will rest on time.
But please let me participate in the preliminary experiments.”

He was curious about this moonstone.
According to the system analysis, in addition to being used as food, this moon stone also had the effect of subtly changing the physique of spirit beasts.

That was to say, the high-purity energy crystal could make the energy body of a spirit beast undergo the same qualitative change as Dahei.

This knowledge point was a new kind added by the system after Dahei grew small wings.
Mingyu was really curious.
He had so many partner spirit beasts, and he didn’t know what they would look like after “evolution” occurred.

Dahei grew small wings, would the other spirit beasts also grow wings? Or more legs, more heads, more tails?

His partner spirit beasts shivered.
It was okay to have wings, even small roasted wings like His Highness, but how many other organs did they need? It’s also horrible.

Mingyou had not announced to the public about the change in body shape.
He wanted to wait until the general principles of evolution were researched before making the matter public.

At that time, Dahei’s wings should have grown up and could be used as an advertisement.
Right now… Dahei would never let his little meaty wings appear in public.
Was he shameless?

Although he was shameless most of the time, he could only be shameless when his face was be exchanged for profit.
This humiliation would not bring him any benefits.

The audience in the live broadcast room began to watch serious popular science.
But this live broadcast room was originally a group of the strongest power users.
Since they were marked with the “strongest” name, of course, they would not only fight.

Most of these power users who had made outstanding contributions in various industries were technicians or half technicians themselves.
Even if it was not related to technology, their knowledge was enough to allow them to understand Mingyou and his three researcher spirits.

Many spirit beasts began to let light brain take notes.
The new spirit beast science also indicated the emergence of new opportunities in new industries.
This group of people must always pay attention to the trend of the times, so that they and their families could continue to accumulate wealth.

Mingyou’s live broadcast room was first-hand news.
Based on this information and knowledge, they could make plans for the next step.

There was delicious food when they followed the anchor, and this delicious food was not just food for spirit animals.

After the black cat gave Diandian a bath, he taught him a lesson for half an hour.
He roared until his small claws were pressed against his ears, and his head lay on the ground, like a small dead cat, before he put to the wall and think.

The little snow leopard dragged his listless tail, squatted in the corner, and pressed his small fluffy forehead against the wall.
It looked like Mingyou who had been thinking about the wall, and the black cat was even more angry.
Stupid Mingyou, he couldn’t take the lead and taught his eldest nephew badly.

Arthur arrogantly went to the research room in the small building to arrest someone, Mingyou, who was wearing a white coat, seemed to have a tail and was stomped by Arthur, and immediately jumped up and said: “I, I, I After recording this set of data, will immediately go to wash and sleep!”

Arthur squatted beside Mingyou, staring at Mingyou with a pair of eyes the size of copper bells.
You continue to experiment, and I’ll be watching! Mingyu’s hands were shaking.

“Go wash and sleep.” The blue seal urged, “Then you just need to wait for the reaction to complete, you don’t have to stay here.”

Mingyou very much hoped that his three research partners and the black cat would say that he must sit next to him in this experiment, let the black cat leave him, and let him stay up all night today.

But obviously, his efforts caused the wink to be ignored by the three research partner spirit beasts.
In terms of adjusting Mingyou’s work and rest, his partner spirit beasts all stood on a unified front.

His Highness the black cat could shed hair due to irregular work and rest, but as long as Mingyou had dark circles under his eyes, they were like facing a formidable enemy.

The excessive worry of the partner spirit beasts became Mingyou’s sweet trouble.
Alas, if he didn’t stay up too late when he’s young, he won’t be able to stay up in the future.

After washing, Mingyou hugged his big black cat on the pillow and complained.
Arthur didn’t even bother to give him a look.

Mingyou said angrily: “Don’t do this to me.
Dahei, if you are too stingy, you will lose hair! Hair loss! Do you hear it! Hair loss!”

The black cat raked his ears.
Hair loss? He was full of energy now, except that the hair on the pair of small wings had not grown all together, how could it be possible to lose hair? You idiot, don’t try to scare him with hair loss!

Tonight, the black cat and Mingyou were rarely angry and slept back to back.
But after sleeping until midnight, the black cat hugged Mingyou again, forming a ball as a pillow and quilt.
Don’t ask, the body is out of control after falling asleep.

Early the next morning, Mingyou first glanced at the live broadcast room controlled by Xiaotian last night.

The live broadcast room was still filming, and the audience saw the full-scale experiment for the first time.
Some said they couldn’t stand it, some were going to watch it in turn, and some said they hoped that the recording and broadcasting function would be available.

More research scholars discussed it on the barrage, and they seemed to want to find a similar energy crystal for experiments.

This was the first complete live broadcast of an experiment led by the new spirit beast science in the No.
1 live broadcast room.
The various experimental reactions and data made the researchers’ eyes shine, and they couldn’t wait to rush into the laboratory in the live broadcast room immediately and participate.

Old Neil and the others had already rushed over, and now there were many more people in the live broadcast room.
They cut a few samples of the moonstone to perform different kinds of experiments.

The live broadcast room of No.
1 Nursing Home was divided into several windows, and viewers could go to the experimental group they were interested in to watch.

Such a hard-core live broadcast made ordinary S-level ability users very uncomfortable.

The Star Alliance spirit beasts were everywhere, and the S-level ability person was not as good as the domesticated pet.
A lot of their energy was spent on strengthening abilities, and they haven’t had time to expand their knowledge in other industries.

Now that they see the almost almighty appearance of the spirit beasts, they were very curious, how could this group of people have time to do these things.

“Because supernatural powers are not difficult.”

“Yes, you can also take care of other things when you practice powers.”

“Power practice takes up all the time? How is that possible?”

“Learn at the same time as you practice, don’t the anchors say that you should integrate supernatural powers into your life? Can’t I use supernatural powers to turn the book?”

The S-rank abilities were silent.
It’s easy for you to say, but we can’t do it! We can’t make use powers like hands, let us use them flexibly! Do you think powers are as simple as breathing?!

Spirit Beasts: Isn’t the power just breathing?

The S-rank supernatural person died.
Well, they felt the truth again in this live broadcast room, and the weak did not deserve to participate in the discussion.

Mingyou laughed and leaned back and forth: “Why do the S-level power users say that they are so pitiful? S-level power users are not the most precious talents on each planet, are many power users the lifelong goal? Dahei, Say it!”

Mingyou exclaimed and woke up Arthur, who was staring wildly and washing his face with his claws.

“What’s wrong?” Arthur raised his hind legs and scratched his ears with his paws.

With such a kick, fur flew into the sky, and scattered from the sky like a goddess scattered flowers.

Arthur: “…” I’m dazzled?

He raised his other leg, kicked the other side of his face, and flung fur into the sky again, raining down.

Arthur: “…Ooooooooooooooooo!”

A roar sounded and woke up all the plush.
Even the three researcher spirit beasts who had just fallen asleep rolled off the bed and stumbled towards the master bedroom.

What happened? What did Mingyou do to make His Highness angry? After they rushed into the master bedroom, they sneezed wildly.

How come there were black fine hairs floating everywhere in the air? The air quality was too bad.

They looked at the big bed in the center of the room.
They were worried that Mingyou was kneeling on the bed, holding the big head of the black cat in his arms.
The expression on his face was very strange.
Almost twitching.

His Royal Highness the Prince, who was just roaring, was like a wronged domestic cat, with his head arched in Mingyou’s arms, his two front claws tightly hugging Mingyou’s waist, and the tail behind him swayed.

And this fluttering hair flew out from the tail of His Royal Highness Tiger, who became a grievance cat.
So much… hair… ah…

“Mingyou, what’s the matter, Your Highness?” Dabai asked while sneezing.

Mingyou bit his tongue and made his voice sound a little sad: “As you can see, Dahei is shedding his hair.”

“Shed, shed hair?!” The fluffy people were very puzzled.

They are energy bodies, what kind of fur should they change? Wasn’t molting a special treatment that only living organisms have?

“I guess that Dahei’s energy body has changed, so the hair has to be replaced.
It’s like a grown cat that needs to lose its milk teeth.” Mingyou said, “The specifics will be known after checking.”

In fact, without checking, he, the spirit beast master, had already detected it with the power of his heart.
Just check it out, it’s better for other people’s hearts.
The fluffy ones looked at each other.
And this thing?

Could it be that their current state was similar to that of childhood, with the hair on their body? His Royal Highness’s body began to grow, just like an ordinary animal replacing its soft fur and finally putting on the fur of an adult beast?

“Yes, that’s about it.
In fact, humans are similar.” Mingyou touched the head of the black cat, and then touched the hair on his hand, “Humans also need to lose baby teeth and change their teeth.”

“Now Dahei has started to change, and maybe he will change his teeth in the future.” Mingyou first gave Dahei a preventive shot.
Otherwise, when Dahei starts to lose his teeth in the future, he would have to toss for a while.

Arthur sobbed.
He wanted to become a little cat and could not get out of Mingyou’s arms, but now his body energy was too turbulent, so he couldn’t get smaller.

“Calm down, you can turn smaller when your emotions are stable.” Mingyou said, “This is just a normal state of molting, not a previous physical change, and it won’t affect your control over your body.
You can even become a human.

“I won’t!” The black cat shivered, and the bed was covered in fur.

What if after becoming a human, he finds that he is still losing his hair? Although it was said that the spirit beast energy body would not affect the living body, but what if!

He was definitely not going to be human until he was done changing his hair!

“It’s fine, it doesn’t change.” Mingyou scratched the black cat’s long scarf.
Alas, this time Dahei has become a hair loss monster.

In his previous life, he heard from the patients who kept cats at home that they were shedding monsters, especially when they shed their coats in spring and autumn, they could hardly be seen in the house.

Mingyou’s partners were all spirit beasts.
Spirit beasts don’t shed much hair, and the hair loss will disappear on its own.
Mingyou had never experienced the horror of shedding monsters at home.

He didn’t know if the tricks to deal with ordinary shedding could be used to deal with spirit beasts that were moulting.

After listening to Mingyou’s popular science, his other fluffy partners stared blankly at the black fur fluttering in the room.
These hairs… were all His Highness’s?

It was funny, but they couldn’t laugh at all.
Trembling, trembling, they trembled like they had Parkinson’s.

As long as they were still Mingyou’s partner, their evolution would be a matter of time.
And this would only come sooner rather than later.

In other words, the way the black cat was shedding hair now was their future.
This future was estimated to appear within a year.

Even the green kangaroo, who didn’t care much about her appearance, couldn’t help but look down at her fur.

God, what would it look like when she changed her hair? She was already middle-aged, and all her abilities would go downhill.
This kind of treatment, can’t it be given to young people?

Mingyu sighed inwardly.
This is troublesome, Dahei, who is shedding hair, are you still willing to accompany me to the Maple Leaf Star? Or… I’ll go by myself?”

“I’ll go, it’s a big deal to wear a cloak.” Arthur buried his head in Mingyou’s arms and said in a muffled voice.

“Thank you.” Mingyou rubbed the big black cat, then looked at himself and sighed, “It doesn’t matter, I can do it myself.
You don’t have to go if you are worried.”

“When I lose my milk teeth, I will grow hair at the same time, but I won’t be really bald.
Even if I am really bald, I will turn into a kitten to hide in your arms and not see anyone.” Arthur said that this was not negotiable.

Xianluo has been looking forward to Mingyou going to his hometown, and Mingyou rarely wanted to take the opportunity to help Xianluo and Xianwei reconcile, and take the initiative to participate in many entertainment activities with strangers.
For such an important matter, even if his hair was completely gone, he had to go with him.
Wasn’t it just hair? Get used to it falling.

The black cat looked at Mingyou helping him comb his hair, and the fur that was combed off was piled high on the side, even bigger than him, and his expression was very bleak.

“I’ve lost so much hair, why is there so much hair on my body?” The black cat murmured, looking at himself still fluffy in the mirror.

His spirit beast subordinates were silent.
That’s right, why was there so much hair that has been combed, His Highness was still shedding hair, but he was not bald.

“The same is true of living organisms.
You go to search for videos of cats and dogs combing their hair.
Their owners also comb a lot of hair, but cats and dogs are still fluffy.
This may be because the combed hair is very thick.
It’s fluffy, so it covers a lot of space.” Mingyou said, “Don’t worry about it now? You won’t be bald no matter how much falls off.”

The black cat looked east and west in the mirror, and then turned to Mingyou with a bleak expression, with his face facing Mingyou.

He raised his claws and pointed at his two eyelids, where there was no hair at all: “Is this called baldness?”

Mingyou: “…” Ordinary cats could easily become bald on their eyelids, so why was Dahei like this?

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