They really didn’t know how His Highness endured it.
Could this be true love?

“This story is so warm.” The red fox rubbed his head against Mingyou’s arm, “I’m very similar to the little fox in that story.”

His furry colleagues vomited.
“Where is it alike?”

“Little fox is so gentle and cute, Dahong, are you a little self-aware?”

“Xianluo, you have been a little bully since you were a child.
You are the only one who bullies others.
When did others dare to bully you?”

“You immortals have something to say, a lot to say.”

The big red fox stared in anger.
Mingyou hurriedly hugged the red fox’s muzzle, afraid that the red fox would directly spray these sneering partners with sparks.

“You are different from the monsters in the story, you are unique.” Mingyou reassured, “I saw Dahei and thought him similar to Nyanko-sensei and Natsume is very similar to me.
However, unlike Natsume who has a guardian, and new family and friends, I have only you.”

“You still have a lot.” Even though he knew that Mingyou was begging for forgiveness, Arthur sold miserably.
He put his paw on Mingyou’s head, holding his breath, “This time you pass the test.
You record that story, and I’ll change it into an animation and sell it for money.
Congratulations, you have more charitable foundations.
A bit of tension.”

Mingyu couldn’t help laughing.
Dahei was really thinking about making money.
Was he really short of money? To promote a new thing, it may be really expensive.
But his money was never deducted, and now he’s a little rich guy.
Maybe he should buy them more things.
Mingyu thought.

Give his partners pocket money, they were embarrassed to accept it.
But if he bought something directly, it should be fine, right? Just in the name of wanting to do big renovation for the home.

The pig cat thing was finally revealed, and Mingyou only increased the work of writing the outline of the animation screenwriters.

When Mingyou was biting the pen in the research room and trying to think about the plot, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be punished.
The workload of this animation screenwriter was much larger than that of writing a review.
He was caught in a black routine.

Dahei, what a cunning big cat.
Mingyou sighed and continued to write the plot while pulling out his hair.
He thought that by the time he had finished writing these plots, his hair might have been cut in half.

Mingyu looked in the mirror.
It’s okay, he had thick hair, and he wouldn’t be bald even if he lost half of it.

Arthur was angry for a few days and sent out the black history of the gray wolf.

He specially edited the black history of the wolf, what to steal, what to bite and what to touch porcelain, and he was not included in this video.

Yan Yi’s face was ashen, he didn’t want to go home for the time being.
This face was really embarrassing.

When a new video was released, viewers quickly crowded the bandwidth of the video site, almost overwhelming the site.
After they watched the video, it was another series of “hahahaha”.

What kind of spiritual beast popular science video is this, why don’t they change the name to “History of His Highness and His Ten Heroes’ Subordinates”?

“Come on, first of all, I want to introduce to you, the big wolf is the legendary lone wolf, Major General Yan Yi, hahahaha.”

“Adjutant iceberg is just taciturn and only venomous towards His Highness himself.
The Lone Wolf, Major General Yan Yi, is a person who doesn’t talk much, has a cruel aura, and is very serious, even to the point of being a little old-fashioned.”

“Because of the ghostly appearance of the Yan family, Major General Yan Yi can’t be ruthless.
I didn’t expect Major General Yan Yi to be so rude inside.
It’s ridiculous.”

“Lone Wolf” Yan Yi was widely known among the people before the war against the Zerg.
Yan Yi once did the great feat of destroying an entire star thief group alone.
At that time, he was seriously injured, he still chased the enemy, and refused support.
That ruthlessness had been turned by the media many times.

Anyone who mentioned Yan Yi said he was an old-fashioned, serious, inexplicably bloodthirsty, arrogant and aloof problem character.

When seeing the trailer, when Yan Yi, the big wolf, appeared, the audience thought they would see an arrogant and cool dog.

Mingyou opened cold wolf’s heart and turned him into a warm man and a big golden retriever? This kind of development seemed to be very good, eh.

When they clicked on the video, they were directly show the scene of the kitchen.
Look at the mess on the ground, was this a wolf?

The audience stared at the crazily writhing wolf’s bottom in the narrow window, and fell silent.

What was this? Was it their Highness Lone Wolf, the idol of all the second-year junior girls? Can they stop being so disillusioned!

Their big black cat, His Royal Highness and Mr.
Ming, took the boss’s strength to rescue the big bad wolf, and the big bad wolf’s tail was like a dog seeing a bone.

Was this a wolf? Was this really a wolf? Did wolves wag their tails?

Then, Mingyou stretched out his hand, was bitten, and the big wolf was tied up like a pig to be slaughtered.
Miserable, just one word, miserable.

“Don’t do this to the Lone Wolf, hahahaha, what’s the matter with this binding method? Mr.
Mingyou, are you a natural black? Are you a natural black?”

“Suddenly I saw Dabai regaining his senses.
This is a fast pace, and it is indeed edited.
I thought I could see the cute big bear for a while.”

“I looked at the time marked on the video, Dabai woke up within a few days.
I was dizzy.
So Mr.
Mingyou just took care of Dabai, and he woke up? So easy?”

“It’s just easy, hard work and enhanced nutrition can make a spirit beast recover quickly, hehe.”

“How can you bite Mr.
Mingyou, who has no food to eat (then he was bitten, screaming!).”

“This mouthful, Mr.
Mingyou’s hand doesn’t even have a mark.
This physique is too exaggerated.
Does Mr.
Mingyou really have no supernatural powers?”

“It is said that the physique of the spirit beast master will be strengthened by the gifts of the spirit beasts he partnered with, and Mr.
Mingyou has been blessed by spirit beasts of an entire planet, so he is particularly strong.
But Mr.
Mingyou is not very good at using it, it is like a deep treasure child.”

“His Royal Highness and the ten heroes will definitely teach Mr.
Mingyou how to use it.
We don’t need to worry about that.
I’m just thinking, how can Mr.
Mingyou teach this biting well.
God, I can already think of being hacked.
The tragic encounter of His Royal Highness Cat and Major General White Bear taking turns in doubles.”

Arthur saw that the effect of this black history was very good, he immediately struck while the iron was hot, and released a new black history video the next day.

This time, it was the ghost video edited by Arthur himself.
In the video, Mingyou was bitten first, and then Mingyou’s “Ow” was filmed from various angles.
With the music and drum beats, Mingyou was like a groundhog, no less than ten times.

Then, Mingyou patiently taught the wolf, “Don’t bite, it hurts to bite.” After that, Mingyou took out a pair of exaggerated false teeth and bit down on the wolf’s claws.

This time, it was the turn of the big wolf to say  “Ow” from all angles.

The audience burst out laughing.
The key was! The creator of this video was actually “You are not bald His Royal Highness Arthur”.
Hahahaha Your Highness, the nickname exceeds the character limit! This video site only has your nickname that exceeds the character limit! Your Highness, can you stop being so funny!

“His Royal Highness, what’s wrong with you, even if you don’t like everyone’s pink love belly, you can’t persecute Lone Wolf and Mr.
Mingyou like this, hahahaha.”

Mingyou’s groundhog call and the wolf are so cute, and they even sang a piece of music.”

“This accompaniment has already become popular all over the Internet.
It’s really the official killing of my colleagues.
The official ghosts and animals are off the stage, or the ones edited by His Royal Highness the big black cat.
Who else can surpass this?”

“I’ve taken it, completely taken it.
Are all spirit beasts so funny, or is it only our black cat that is so funny? This completely frees me.”

“It is said that spirit beasts are easy to let go of themselves, so it is possible that all spirit beasts are very funny.
It is recommended to pay attention to the current Internet celebrity Tibetan fox and walk into the real life of spirit beasts.”

“I also paid attention to that Tibetan fox and laughed to death.
‘Today my roommate wanted to kill me too’, since you know, be kind to your roommate!”

“Tibetan Fox’s roommate is an alpaca, and both of them are big emojis.
Why is the gap so big? The roommate looks like a normal person.
Even if he becomes an alpaca, he is not as stable as a spiritual beast.
The fox is completely crazy.
I heard that the character of the Tibetan fox was not like this?”

“That’s really not the case.
Because Tibetan Fox is an active duty officer, it is difficult to reveal his name.
But I can say with great certainty that the Tibetan Fox is famous even among spirit beasts.
The appearance of the fox is unusually flat.
It is said that this is to let the ego go free, and completely let go of reason, face, and psychological burden.”

“Can spirit beasts do this?”

“Don’t talk about Tibetan foxes, it’s crooked! Go and watch it! The second episode of the ghost animal video has been released! His Royal Highness the black cat has been killed hahahaha, who made you laugh at his pink belly, and now he wants to prove that his subordinates have more black history than him hahaha.”

The new ghost animal video showed the gray wolf sprinting and touching porcelain in various ways, and Mingyou lifted the big wolf and threw it behind him.

Look at the big wolf, yes, policeman, that’s him.
I was walking well, but he suddenly stopped in front of me and said that I stepped on his tail and asked me to pay him a small cookie! He touched porcelain! Lord Lone Wolf, they didn’t expect him to be such a big bad wolf.

And Mingyou, who directly lifted the big wolf above his head and moved with ease, even made the audience scream and scare their eyes out.

Although they have been popularized for a long time, this little spirit beast master who looked very weak was actually not weak at all.
But being weak waa one thing, and being powerful was another.

“It is said that the weight of a spirit beast is similar to that of a real organism of the same size, or even a little heavier.
Is it true?”

“It’s true, Major General Lone Wolf, weighs at least two hundred pounds.”

“Although I can’t lift 200 pounds clean, but to easily lift a 200 pound dog over his head and throw it gently, this strength, 200 pounds is really not the limit, right?”

“Of course.
You can try Mr.
Mingyou’s move to see how much you can lift.
I’ll smoke a cigarette to calm down.”

“Although ghosts are funny, why can’t I laugh? Mr.
Mingyou is invincible.”

“I’m thinking, with Mr.
Mingyou’s strength, can he fight spirit beasts with bare hands.”

“Spiritual beasts can use abilities, shouldn’t they?”

“It is said that the power of the partner spirit beast is invalid against the spirit beast master, which is equivalent to teammate’s dominance.
That is to say, if you only fight melee, Mr.
Mingyou may really be able to beat his partner spirit beasts.”

“I’ll spoil it first.
I’ve beaten it, and the partner spirit beast has no power to fight back.
I predict that this follow-up will also be made into a ghost video.”

“People in the know gave a like upstairs.
Yes, that live broadcast is really suitable for making a ghost.”

“Aooooooo, a person in the know was found upstairs, is it a spirit beast boss!”

“No, I’m just an ordinary person who will be despised by people on the internal live broadcast network to the point that even they don’t dare to open the s-level ability user (squatting in the corner and shutting himself).”

“…Ordinary S-level ability user, what kind of new way of pretending is this?”

“It’s really not pretending, it’s autism.
This is probably the feeling of being surrounded by a group of professors for a group of college students who think they are good.”

“Understood, light a candle for the ordinary S-level power user upstairs.”

“Does it feel better now?” Mingyou held back his laughter while helping Arthur change his dressing.

This time, it was Dahui’s turn to squat in the corner like a rabbit.
Unexpectedly, a wolf’s body could actually pull off the rabbit squat, Dahui was too strong.

“Huh.” Arthur showed a refreshing expression.
He was about to make some “but that’s the case” remarks.
Before he could say it, it turned into a scream, “Ouch! My tail!”

Arthur turned his head back and stared fiercely behind him.
The little leopard woke up at some point, jumped behind him, hugged his tail, and kicked hard with his hind legs while chewing.

“Stop, stop.” Mingyou tied the bandage with the new bunny ear bow and hurriedly went to stop the little baby leopard.

The little leopard hugged Arthur’s tail tightly, but he didn’t let go of his claws or his mouth.

Mingyou didn’t dare to forcefully pull away the little leopard, so he could only look at the black cat with help-seeking eyes.

Dahei, your nephew, you do it yourself.
His Royal Highness Arthur was furious.
What’s the use of him, a spirit beast master!

“Hans, put my tail down!” Arthur vigorously flicked his tail.

With a flick of his tail, the little leopard was even happier.
The little leopard’s throat made a grunting sound, and as the tail swayed in the air, Arthur’s tail hurt even more.

Arthur was so angry that he wanted to flatten the little leopard holding his tail, but when he took out his claws, his tail swayed to the other side, out of reach.

Arthur’s expression was blank for a moment.
Wait, what happened to his tail? Who controlled his tail? Arthur’s head turned to the other side and continued to flutter.
The tail slipped away from his paws again, and stood up arrogantly, swaying in the air.

Arthur: “…” This damn tail! Could it please listen a little! Get down! I pounce! I’m fluttering!

Tail: Hey, come and catch me, I shake, I shake.

Mingyou washed his hands in the basin brought by a robot, and said to the spirit beasts around him: “I’ve heard before that cats always feel that their tails are not part of their bodies, and they often fight with their own tails.
It turns out that spirit beasts are also like that?”

The polar bear who was childhood friends with Arthur sighed: “It’s not usually like this.
At least they have a strong control over every part of the body when fighting.
You have exercised His Highness’s tail, you should know this.”

“Yes, spirit beasts can precisely control the movements of every part of the body, so why does this happen?” Mingyou wondered.

He looked at the black cat that jumped up and down frantically chasing his tail, facing the enemy of life and death, and sighed.

“It’s not just cats, most of the spirit beasts with long tails are similar.” Dahong reminded, “Have you forgotten about Dahui? Even after Dahui regained his senses, he will occasionally play with his tail.”

The gray wolf who was squatting in the corner was so angry that he rushed over and gave the polar bear a paw: “If you say His Highness, just say His Highness, why do you mention me?”

The polar bear calmly caught the big wolf’s claws with his bear paws: “I’m just making an analogy.”

“I won’t.” The red fox said, controlling his big fluffy tail like a burning flame to sway gently, as if dancing, “I can control my tail.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Arthur shook his tail too much, and the little leopard was flung, just smashing into the red fox’s beautiful fiery tail.
The little leopard turned around in the fur, hugged the new tail, and bit.

“Ouch!!!” The small baby teeth of a spirit beast could break the defense, and the red fox immediately screamed and started waving his tail.

Mingyou sighed deeply: “Obviously, it is really difficult for spirit beasts to control their tails when they are panicking.
This is a good topic, Dacheng, should we study it?”

The Dacheng who was biting his tail o_o? Mingyou, are you calling me?

Mingyou: “…” I want him to have no tail.

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