Chapter 007- Duke Austin

 The location of Duke Austin’s residence was chosen by him.
It was located in the most desolate place of the entire prosperous Empire, covering a large area of over 2000 acres.

       However, it did not give people the impression of a luxurious and extravagant nobleman’s mansion, and instead gave off an eerie and penetrating aura with the lingering smell of decay that made people afraid.

       In the dark of night, not a single street light was lit in the territory of the residence.

       As the hover car drove at full speed, faster and further away, the shadows of trees kept passing by Ruan Tang’s eyes.
Ruan Tang felt as if he was on a train to hell.

       The Empress’s personal maid knocked on the closed, dark door.

       The moment the door opened, a cold, damp air wafted in, making it seems more like a graveyard inhabited by evil spirits and vampires rather than the residence of living people

       “Hello, Miss Anna.” The grey haired butler, the only person with sound limbs in this rumored mansion, immediately greeted the Empress’s personal confidant the moment he saw them.

       “Hello, Butler Andre.” Anna smiled at the butler and introduced him, “This is the Duke’s newly married Duchess, I am sending the Madam here on behalf of Her Majesty the Empress.”

        The butler immediately gave another respectful salute to Ruan Tang, “Hello, Your Excellency,  My esteemed Duchess.
I’ll be at your service from now on, if you need anything, do not hesitate to tell me.”

       As soon as the conversation ended, a robotic servant with a broken right hand stepped forward and carried the luggage for Ruan Tang…

       Duke Austin himself was disabled and therefore could not stand to see complete people in his mansion; except for the elderly butler, even the robots were handicapped.

       This kind of personal preference was odd and perverse.

       Ruan Tang quietly surveyed the strange mansion and softly responded, “Yes.”


       At this moment, the owner of the residence, known as the Bluebeard Duke, Austin, was happily sitting in his wheelchair, watching the three-dimensional projection as if he was personally there at the scene of various bloody and violent videos of the restoration of cruel ancient criminal punishments.

       “My Lord, it is your wedding night.
The Madam has arrived, you’d better hurry down…” And beside him, his personal servant Aaron, who was without an arm, saw that he was in a good mood and he tentatively urged Austin to go.

       With his whole body slouched, as if nothing else in the world could pique his interest in the slightest, Austin asked, “What are we going down for?”

       He was fond of only blood and violence.

       Only when he relished in blood and violence could he feel alive.

       And for creatures like Omegas, he had no interest in and even wanted to stay away from them.

       This time, although reluctantly forced to marry by the Empress, he didn’t actually want to even look at the man he nominally called his mate ……

       After being repeatedly warned by the Empress that he couldn’t use that Omega as a toy or frighten him, Austin was even less interested in that Omega.

       He was even too lazy to attend his own wedding banquet.

       As far as he was concerned now, he had made the biggest concession he could by agreeing to that Omega living in his mansion and sharing a room with him.

       And trying to get him to go down to see him and mark him …… was just delusional.

        “…… This, Madam is the number one beauty of the Emperor Star.
Don’t you want to go down and take a look for yourself?” Aaron was dumbfounded by his question and could only try to arouse Austin’s interest in Ruan Tong.

       Austin, however, was not in the mood, “What’s there to see?”

       In his eyes, all of the world’s Omegas were no different.
Don’t they all have two eyes and a nose?

        “This…What should the Madame do if you don’t go down? Where does he sleep?” Aaron couldn’t squeeze out the words, thinking there was no way he could influence this psycho’s thinking.

       Austin didn’t even want to think about it, ”What’s the point of asking, you go down there now and just tell Andre to find a place for him to sleep.
Get on with it”

       He treats his partner like a dog.

       Aaron was speechless, “……”

       When Austin saw that he was not obeying, he frowned deeply, glared at him coldly, and ordered, “Still not going?”

       Aaron was taken aback; afraid of provoking the demon, he immediately went downstairs to carry out the difficult task, “…Yes, yes.”

        After Aaron left, only Austin was left in the huge study, Austin watched the video intensely with such delight and was about to raise his hand for another video.

       It’s so boring, he watched this video so many times and it was actually boring him.

       He didn’t like it.

       He was about to change the video, but for some reason his hand slipped and switched to one of the residence’s surveillance screens.

       The monitor automatically focuses on the location of the living people in the residence, and at that moment, the butler Andre and Anna were taking Ruan Tang upstairs with them.

        Austtin was about to cut the surveillance video, but the moment he casually looked up at the projection-controlled light brain, his whole body froze.

       Unexpectedly, his gaze fell upon the strange Omega’s face.

       Just one glance made his body tremble, even his pupils constricted in an instant.

       The Omega’s skin was still visible through the projection, delicate and smooth, like fine satin; his short black hair was as dark and glossy as ink.

       His whole appearance was exquisite, as if he had stepped out of a painting, but he gave off a sense of bone-chilling coldness.

       Clear and cold, as if carved out of ice; it should have made people feel cold but Austin felt his scalp numb and his whole body become excited

     He hadn’t been this excited in a long time, and it had been awhile since even the bloodiest and most violent videos couldn’t make him happy.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, with just one glance at that Omega, he felt as if his whole body was electrified, and he was extremely excited…


        Meanwhile, Ruan Tang was being led around by Butler Andre, familiarizing himself with the residence.
Butler Andre and Anna were talking to him about Austin’s likes and dislikes and teaching Ruan Tang how to attract Austin’s attention and win his affection…

        Although Ruan Tang’s purpose in marrying Austin was to have a child for the Empress, the matter could not come to pass without Austin’s cooperation.

       Because of Austin’s lack of cooperation, the Empress was worried about not having grandchildren.

       It wasn’t like the Empress hadn’t thought about it before; injecting a releasing agent into someone to send an Omega into rut and shutting them in a room with Austin and directly getting it done, not caring about what Austin thought.

       But this method, long before Ruan Tang, the Empress had already experimented with several Omegas——

       Letting them enter Austin’s room during the heat period and lock Austin in with them, trying to force Austin into rut to mark them.

       But the end result was——

       Although Austin was a madman, his mental strength was so strong that no one could force him to do what he did not want

        Locking him up with Omega in the rutting stage, not only was he not controlled by the physiological desires to mark them but also ruthlessly exerted mental pressure on those rutting Omega.

       It straight up drove several Omega insane.

       His reputation as the BlueBeard Duke was thus earned.

        The Empress had no choice but to finally realize that she could not force this son to do anything without his own willingness to do so.

      Therefore she could only take a roundabout route; letting Austin get married, finding him a good Omega that matched him in terms of family background and compatibility, hoping that by letting Austin and the Omega get along, he’ll develop some feelings and then naturally mark him and have a grandchild for her.

       And Ruan Tang was the one the Empress chose out of thousands——

       The perfect candidate to be Austin’s Duchess.

       “The Duke’s hobbies are rather peculiar, preferring something rather bloody and violent and extremely cruel.
I know this is difficult for you, but in order for you to be able to resonate with him and make him feel good about you….
I think you can still act as if you like these and are interested in them/it, and cultivate a common interest with His Excellency…” Anna babbled in his ear, “I sent you some beginner’s videos in your mailbox, you can take a look at them more first and get used to them …” 

       Ruan Tang replied in a very educated manner, “Good, good.”

       But in fact, he didn’t listen to a word she said.
Her words went in one ear and out the other.

       He was far less ambitious than what others imagined, and without endangering his own life, as long as he could keep himself, his mother and siblings safe and sound, and others didn’t provoke him, he didn’t even want to actively attack others.

       The Empress and his good father were probably doomed to be disappointed.
In fact, the moment he married into Duke Austin’s household, Ruan Tang already decided that as long as Duke Austin did not take the initiative to come to him or happen to run into him if his inhibitors failed during his rut period…

       Otherwise, not only did he not want to approach the Duke, he even wanted to stay away from him.

       Just as the butler and Anna were carefully advicing Ruan Tang on how to attract Austin

       “Madam, Sir Butler, Lady Anna…” However, Aaron came downstairs feeling embarrassed, frowning, and bowed to them.

       The butler looked at him strangely, “Aaron, aren’t you serving the Duke? Why are you down here?”

       “The Duke asked me to come down and inform you that it’s late, so that you can arrange a place for the Madam early.” Aaron looked at Ruan Tang sympathetically, embarrassed as to how to convey Austin’s message in a roundabout way that would not break Ruan Tong’s heart.

       It’s so pathetic.

       Such a beautiful Omega, yet their family’s Duke didn’t have any compassion for the fairer sex and left him alone in an empty room.

       “And the Duke?” Anna immediately frowned and questioned Aaron.

       Aaron sighed long and hard, wondering how to convey that the Duke was not coming down and leaving the Madame, his wife, to sleep on his own without making Ruan Tang sad, “The Duke, he…”

       Just then, the special elevator door on that floor for Austin’s convenience, suddenly opened.

       A tall man dressed in black and wearing a mask was pushed out of the elevator in a wheelchair by a robot behind him, his voice was low and slightly hoarse as he began and said, “It’s been a long time, Miss Anna.”

       “Your Highness…”

       “My Lord…” The Butler, Anna, and Aaron saluted him in unison

       Austin was the eldest son of the Empress, and even if he lost his position as Prince, he was still the First Prince of the Empire, but after he became a duke, he no longer allowed others to address him as Prince, only by his title.

       Only the people around the Empress would still address him as Your Highness.

       Through the mask, he only briefly glanced at Anna and the others before unhesitantly turning his arrogant and indifferent gaze straight towards Ruan Tang.

       Although he wore a mask and nobody could see his face, his entire body gave off a decadent and shadowy appearance.

       Being stared at by him unabashedly made Ruan Tang feel like he was being watched by a venomous snake.

       “Your Highness, allow me to introduce you, this is…” Anna looked at the strange atmosphere and was about to introduce Ruan Tang to Austin.

       However, Austin didn’t even give her a chance to speak and interrupted her, and continued to stare directly at Ruan Tang, “Are you Ruan Tang?”

       Before going downstairs, he checked the name of his current spouse in his spouse column.

       “Yes, My Lord.” Ruan Tang instantly guessed that the man sitting in the wheelchair was his nominal husband whom he had never met before, Duke Austin.

       Faced with Austin’s prying eyes, Ruan Tang remained calm and relaxed.

       He knew that psychopaths look at people differently than normal people.
He had spent a lot of time with his own mother and sister…

       Ruan Tang didn’t feel at all creeped out by his gaze that normal people would find frightening.

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