Chapter 019 – Banquet (Part One)

Ruan Tang gradually grasped and mastered the rules of getting along with Austin after carefully spending time together.
In fact, he actually felt that Austin was a lunatic that wasn’t so hard to get along with as others’ had imagined.

At least, he treats his nominal partner quite well.

Meanwhile, Ruan Tang woke up to an invitation to an Empire Star banquet.

In the extravagant1 aristocratic circles of the Empire Star, nobles with nothing better to do hold banquets all the time for the upper-class aristocrats that love to eat, drink, and play to pass the time.

Ruan Xi was a popular person at this kind of banquet.
On such an occasion, he had many supporters and made many die-hard admirers.

In fact, Ruan Tang personally doesn’t really like this type of party.
It was better for him to stay at home and read than participate in this kind of social event, so he has turned down countless of these kinds of invitations this month.

But refusing this kind of thing, once or twice is fine, but if you refuse too much, people would gossip.

It was fine when he was not married before but now that he is married, he represents the face of the royal family and the Duchy of Austin.

He hasn’t appeared in public for a long time and as his husband is the Empire’s infamous Bluebeard Duke, he would certainly provoke people’s imagination and attract a lot of rumors…The Empress’ side would also be displeased.

So, Ruan Tang thought about it and agreed to the party.

And at the appointed time, he arrived at the place the banquet was held in the exclusive Ducal House of Austin’s hover car.

“Long time no see, Ruan Tang.
No, no, I should call you Duchess now.” As soon as Ruan Tang entered the door, the host of the party, Countess Wenger, came forward with several other noble wives and greeted him,”You’re a very busy man.
This is the first time you have come out for an event since you got married, it really makes me honored by your gracious presence2 in my humble abode.”

He looked warm and hearty, familiar with everyone, but in reality he was calculative opportunist3.

In the past, when Ruan Tang was not favored by Ruan Ming, he never acknowledged Ruan Tang.
Now that Ruan Tang’s nominal status has become the Duchess of Austin, he’s able to change effortlessly and overtly get acquainted with Ruan Tang.

Ruan Tang was also familiar with the rules in this circle.
When others gave him a small smile, he also gave others a small smile, “I just got married, and it is difficult to manage a lot of affairs.
I hope you can bear with me.”

“After all, newlyweds, ought to, yes…we all understand.” Several noble wives nodded in agreement on the surface, regardless of what was in their hearts.

 This is one of the advantages of Ruan Tang’s marriage to Austin.
No matter what these people think of him, they will not be able to disrespect him openly because of Austin and the royal family.

The banquet went on for a very long time.

After exchanging pleasantries with everyone who should be greeted, Ruan Tang found a place to sit down and be alone, away from all the wanton glamor4.

Although he was the Duchess of Austin, everyone knew that he was a mere breeding tool, so there was little attention paid to him and he was left in peace.

It wasn’t until another bright and lively figure appeared at the banquet that many people turned their attention to Ruan Tang.

“It’s Xiao Xi.
It’s been a long time.
You look really good today.”

“Researcher Ruan has really been missing for a while.

“Isn’t this Ruan Shaoye? I wonder when I can drink your and Shen Gongzi’s wedding wine…”

It was Ruan Xi.

In comparison to the Duchess, Ruan Tang, who was not well liked by his father, married to the Duke of Austin as a breeding tool, and whose husband was a madman who obviously doesn’t think much of him, Duchess Ruan Tang who has lived through today but has no tomorrow; Ruan Xi, as Marshal Ruan Ming’s favorite son, Shen Mozhi’s beloved fiancé, and an Omega who has harvested the adoration of a large number of outstanding Alpha.

Ruan Xi was a star-studded celebrity at such a party.

Whether they knew him really well or not, they were willing to go up to him and get close to him for the sake of his future prospects.

And likewise a number of people who couldn’t squeeze forward threw either direct or subtle probing glances at Ruan Tang…

Although the identities and status of these two brothers were worlds apart, it was a fact that Ruan Tang had to pay two marriage contracts because of Ruan Xi, even if Ruan Tang reaped what he sowed.

And every time Ruan Tang and Ruan Xi meet, there would be a good show to watch.

Now Ruan Tang is a Duchess, even if only in name, his status has greatly improved compared to before.

Now that the two are appearing at the same occasion, how can one not expect to see a good show?

However, in the face of their expectations, Ruan Tang disappointed them.
He only swept a glance towards the noise where the crowd was boisterous, and then he indifferently averted his gaze.

He never looked at his brother, who was loved by all, again.

It was as if they didn’t know each other at all, to the point where it made the teeth of those who sat and watched the show itch with hatred.

  And although Ruan Tang did not cast a glance in Ruan Xi’s direction, Ruan Xi was secretly watching Ruan Tang while socializing with others…

Ever since Ruan Tang got married, he had been waiting for the good news that Ruan Tang was skinned alive by Austin and accidentally died by having his glands dug out so that he could smoothly and completely succeed Ruan Tang as the main character of the world and gain the power of the whole world.

However, it backfired.
It’s been a while since Ruan Tang got married, but nothing has happened, and no news has come out at all.

Rather, he couldn’t get in touch with the protagonist, Ruan Tang, for a long time, and couldn’t slap Ruan Tang in the face, so the halo and energy he had stolen from him was less and less…

He was not the real protagonist of the world.
Only by purchasing system props with stolen energy can he maintain his heartthrob attribute and lure more people to fall in love with him.

Seeing that his energy was decreasing, Ruan Xi couldn’t care to explore how Ruan Tang hadn’t died.
As soon as he heard that Ruan Tang appeared at the banquet, he immediately rushed over, intending to slap Ruan Tang in the face, arouse his anger and others’ contempt and hostility, and get a wave of energy first.

“Brother, I have something to tell you, come with me, okay?” Ruan Xi pitifully walked up to Ruan Tang in front of everyone and nervously opened his mouth; putting on a good act of a full-blown white lotus.

He said with an air of intimacy, and wanted to pull Ruan Tang’s hand.

Before he could even touch him, Ruan Tang had already shook off Ruan Xi’s hand and said in a chilling voice, ”I don’t think we have anything to talk about.”

He didn’t know what Ruan Xi was up to, but every time he met him in a public place like this, they end up making a big scene for people to laugh at.

Ruan Xi wants to be a laughing stock for other’s amusement, but Ruan Tang doesn’t want to.

Besides, he didn’t think that there was anything left to say between him and Ruan Xi.

“Brother, I know I’m wrong, it’s all because of me that you and Zhou-ge had a misunderstanding and got into this mess.
If, it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have married Duke Austin, it’s all my …my fault, don’t hate me, don’t blame me, okay?” Ruan Xi saw that he was going to leave, but he didn’t give him the chance to escape; He grabbed Ruan Tang’s hand, and burst into tears, as if what happened to Ruan Tang happened to him.

He cried bitterly but his voice was not low, “I don’t expect you to forgive you, but looking at you like this, in such a mess with Zhou-ge, it’s really difficult for me…”

  Because of his not-so-subtle voice, more eyes fell on them in the banquet hall where many people were already quietly peering at them.

Sure enough, as soon as he met Ruan Xi, he had to give people a show again.

“You think too much, I’ve had a good life with Duke since I got married, I don’t have time to hate you, nor do I have time to blame you.” Faced with such a scene, Ruan Tang did not know what kind of expression he should make.
He just felt that his state of mind was like a pool of stagnant water, and even the slightest ripple could not make any waves.

Ruan Xi, however, seems to have some kind of performative personality, the more people watching, the more he clings to Ruan Tang, crying even louder, “Brother, looking at you like this, I would rather you hate me and blame me.
I know you must be having a hard time, I feel really sad ah…”

Looking at his grand white lotus act, Ruan Tang finally couldn’t stand it anymore.
He ruthlessly flung Ruan Xi away at once, turned, and left.

Really can’t bear this disgrace

Ruan Xi was gently thrown by him and immediately fell heavily to the ground, “Ah~” He screamed out miserably.

“What is the meaning of this Ruan Tang? Don’t be shameless here!” Today Shen Mo Zhi and Zhou Yao were both absent; Seeing Ruan Xi fall to the ground, exactly as in the past, another one of Ruan Xi’s suitors, the youngest son of Duke Feidia, immediately stepped forward in anger, helped Ruan Xi up and acted as his protector.

He looked at the tear-stained Ruan Xi with heartache and glared angrily at Ruan Tang, “I’ll give you one last chance, you apologize to Xi Xi immediately or else I’ll kick your ass!”

“No, Owen, don’t do this.
My brother didn’t mean to do it.
He was just too upset…” Ruan Xi heard the words and kind-heartedly wanted to protect Ruan Tang at once.

Owen immediately felt more distressed for Ruan Xi, “Xi Xi, you are too kind, you’re completely blinded by Ruan Tang, a vicious person…”

When Ruan Tang looked at them like this, he only felt as if he had seen some major drama; It was absurd and ridiculous.

    “How can I be so shameless! I won’t apologize today, I want to see what Feidia-shaoye can do to me?” Ruan Tang didn’t know why every Alpha would turn out like this when they met Ruan Xi, he just looked at this prodigal wastrel5 indifferently and sneered.

He hadn’t bothered to argue with them in the past, and in fact he didn’t really think Owen Feidia could do anything to him. 

He had done nothing wrong, so why should he apologize?

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TL Notes:

[1] extravagant aristocratic circle – actually 纸醉金迷 [zhǐ zuì jīn mí] lead a voluptuous life; given to sensual pleasures; indulge in a wanton life; live an extravagant life, I was debating between luxurious, wanton, and extravagant but I liked extravagant better

[2] gracious presence – uses 蓬荜生辉 which translates to: “My humble house is honored by your presence [with your visit].; We shall be greatly honored by your gracious presence” he was sucking up so I hope i showed that.

[3] calculative opportunist – Actually an idiom 个看菜下碟的人精 “someone who watches dishes” aka someone who treats people different due to their status

[4] wanton glamor – same as [1], just wanted to accentuate it more this time

[5] prodigal wastrel – 纨绔子弟 a good for nothing young man from a wealthy family; fops, dandy, playboy, etc

The TL has something to say:

I have no excuses TvT, I did finish the chapter on time but it was a big hurdle just to post it somehow…….Please forgive me!! I’ll definitely, for sure, 100%, have the next part up soon….Speaking of which, I did not cut this chapter up, its originally in 3 parts so don’t raise your pitchforks at me QAQ! Back to the story; that’s right! My Tang Tang didn’t do anything wrong!!! All you maggots need to stop squirming for attention! Austin come support Tang Tang! If you have any questions, want to point out any mistakes, or simply want to say something then go ahead and leave a comment!

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