Chapter 013 – He knows his position

Austin never thought that he would get such an evaluation of himself from others, so he glanced at Ruan Tang in surprise.

       There were many people in the world who said that he was perverse, violent, bloody and cruel… But nobody had said he was pitiful…

Seeing his surprised eyes, Ruan Tang thought he was wondering why he felt sorry for Duke Austin.
But he didn’t want to explain it to anyone.
He just whispered, “Since you are afraid of the Duke, don’t talk nonsense in the future.
From now on… When the Duke comes, you can hide away a little.
It’s enough to serve by my side.”

Austin froze on the spot.

“If the butler asks, you can just say it was my idea.” Ruan Tang continued.

With such a rash mouth, he was afraid he’d fall into the hands of that bluebeard duke and die an unnatural death.

Austin finally understood that Ruan Tang was actually caring for him, caring for a tiny little servant that could be found everywhere in the ducal mansion.
Suddenly, he gently raised the corner of his lips and cooperated, “Okay, thank you, Madam…”

       Ruan Tang didn’t say anything more, just quietly swiped on his personal terminal.

       Austin quietly looked at the pot of black tea on the table that Ruan Tang hadn’t touched much, and silently took the black tea and retreated, replacing it with a pot of coffee for Ruan Tang.

He remembered that Ruan Tang had said that he preferred coffee.


In the evening, as soon as Ruan Tang took a bath and was ready to rest, Duke Austin, who had just been here in the morning, came again…

       He pushed the wheelchair over and, without wasting any time, touched Ruan Tang’s body and sniffed at Ruan Tang’s pheromone fragrance like a drug.
After knowing that the madman didn’t have that kind of intention, but simply to see his beloved collections, Ruan Tang relaxed a lot and let him smell without saying a word…

Their current position together, seemingly intimate, ambiguous, was very similar to foreplay, but in reality, Ruan Tang felt like a poor, helpless kitten being rubbed and pressed flat, frantically smothered…

And Duke Austin, who was crazy about smelling him, feeling his cold mask on the back of his neck and sniffed intoxicatedly, and his hands were still rubbing around on his body indiscriminately…

Ruan Tang felt that he was a bit like a silly dog.

When Duke Austin finished inspecting his possessions, and looking at his collection, he immediately pushed his wheelchair and left without a moment’s hesitation, not even condescending to speak a word to Ruan Tang, the keeper of said thing.

Ruan Tang realized that he and his newlywed husband were getting along very tepid; indifferent and unfamiliar…

But the Empress and Ruan Ming apparently thought otherwise.
After knowing from some unknown source that Austin was greatly interested in Ruan Tang, the Empress and Ruan Ming called Ruan Tang one after another…

“I knew you were a smart kid, the pheromone match between you was so good, Austin would definitely love you.
Look, you don’t live together yet, but he already visits you morning and night… He has never been this close to any Omega before.
” The Empress’s tone was unmistakably gentle, “You must take the opportunity and have a child soon…”

Ruan Tang didn’t know how to tell the queen; He didn’t know Duke Austin at all, “But, I…”

“But what?” The Empress interrupted him, with a patient, soft voice, “Child I know you are afraid of Austin and don’t want to live with him for life, but I didn’t ask you to live with him for life.
I just hope you have a child with him.
As long as you have a child, our goal is achieved, and you can be free.
Do you understand?”

“But I don’t think Duke Austin understands that, he simply sees me as a collector’s item to appreciate the smell of my skin and pheromones…”

The Empress immediately said in a warm voice, “It doesn’t matter whether he understands it or not, as long as he is willing to be close to you… You can guide him, let him understand.
As long as it’s done, you understand? Child.”

The empress’s tone was very gentle, but Ruan Tang heard the command in it and said nothing.

“…… Yes, Your Majesty, I understand.” Thus, Ruan Tang could only respond in a low and submissive voice.

It was impossible for him to refuse the Empress’s orders.

In fact, Ruan Tang quite understands his identity.
He was said to be Austin’s Duchess, but actually, after the Ruan family and the Empress’s family reached an agreement, he was selected to be sent to Duke Austin as a child-bearing tool with acceptable family background, pure blood and high pheromone match.

His husband was said to be powerful, but in reality he’s just a hard-to-please lunatic… He may not even know what to like or dislike, of emotions or lack of feelings…

If one wants to move him, using pheromones to make him listen to his words and love him, like in TV shows, was more difficult than ascending to heaven.

The Duke was insane.

If he really attracted his attention, it was uncertain how he would be played to death?

This was also the reason why his good father was so relieved to marry him to Duke Austin who didn’t have any good feelings about him; this marriage, such a husband, even if Omega had the ability, was useless.
It doesn’t matter whether he has a mind or not, as long as he can have a baby…

The real power was always in the hands of the Empress and Ruan Ming, this was the exchange of interests between them.

As for Ruan Tang himself, although the Ruan family and the Empress were still protecting him on the surface, but in fact, if Duke Austin really killed him, the Ruan family and the Empress would not do anything about it, and may even help Duke Austin destroy the body and say that he died of illness.

Even if he offended Duke Austin and was removed, he would be the only one who died.
With the Empress around, it would be impossible to implicate the Ruan family.

What kind of unrealistic idol drama scenario was the Duke Austin falling in love with him, becoming favored by Austin, gaining power over him, and Duke Austin helping him retaliate against his scum father…

If a crazy man like Duke Austin was put in, the possibility was zero.

He was still alive, and the Empress’s forces were willing to protect him from danger, all because he was a member of the Ruan family

As for what the Empress said to him about giving birth to a child to share the empire’s wealth together with him, it was more empty talk; Ruan Tang did not believe a word.
If the Empress’’s grandson really took the throne in the future, the only one who could get a piece of the pie was the Ruan family who held the authority to contribute to the Empress’s family.
It couldn’t be Ruan’s child-bearing tool whomst life and death  they didn’t even care about…

Ruan Tang knew his position too well.

Who cares if a tool was dead or alive, happy or angry? The Empress said it in a nice way, but she was just drawing a big pie for him, so that he, the tool, would work harder for her and bring the value to the fullest.

Only a fool would believe her.

Ruan Tang was not a fool, so from the beginning he didn’t want to work hard in the direction that the Empress and Ruan family wanted, but he couldn’t help obeying the Empress’s orders.

Because he was just a tool.
If he disobeys the Empress now, as current newlyweds, the Empress would not do anything to him.
However, after a long time, the Empress will try her best to make him “die of illness” and change to a more handy tool…

And his husband, Duke Austin, would not do anything about it.
He might even be glad that he would finally be able to peel off his skin and cut off his gland.

In front is a wolf and behind is a tiger, this was Ruan Tang’s current situation.

Thinking about everything the Empress said, Ruan Tang felt a headache.
But he has always been a person who did not like to force himself and put himself in a depressed mood.

So, he decided to get some sleep first.

All night till dawn.

Ruan Tang was awakened early the next morning by Duke Austin, who came over to inhale his glands and touch his skin.

 After being inhaled and touched nervously1, he watched as Austin withdrew his hand without a word and pushed his wheelchair to go as he did last night.

  ”…… Wait a minute, my lord.” Ruan Tang instantly caught Austin’s hand.

Whether it worked or not, he had to show the Empress his efforts.

Austin seemed to not expect Ruan Tang to have such boldness; he grabbed him and immediately looked at Ruan Tang coldly.

Through the mask, his gaze gave the impression that he was being stared at by a viper with a spitting tongue, making one’s hair stand upright and feel creeped out.

His voice was hoarse, “What’s the matter?”


TL Notes:

[1]Nervously – Just to clarify, its Ruan Tang feeling nervous, Austin‘s got no problems shamelessly sniffing him XD


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