Chapter 011- I am your husband

Ruan Tang bandaged the wound on Seth’s face with gauze.
When he went downstairs, he met the butler, who actually gave Seth a surprised look.

       It seemed like he was astonished that Seth’s face was covered with gauze.

       “Lord Andre…the wound on my face was bandaged by the madam,” The youth took an extra glance at the butler, as if he was frightened and hurriedly defended himself, “I have served the madam well this morning, if you don’t believe me, ask the madam…I didn’t break the rules of the house without permission.”

       Seeing him frightened like this, Ruan Tang immediately said to the butler warmly, “Yes, the wound on his face was really unsightly.
I was the one who told him to bandage it up… If the Duke asks, please let him come to me.
Don’t blame him.”

       He didn’t know what the rules of this residence were like, nor did he know if his legendary bloodthirsty and perverse husband would only be happy to see his servants dripping with blood and mutilated bodies.

       What’s more, he didn’t know if it was his order to let the youth walk around with such a face.

       But looking at the youth like this, Ruan Tang really couldn’t bear it, so he opened his mouth to help him.

       Ruan Tang thought that he could at least be regarded as another master of the Duke’s residence, and that crazy duke could not touch him…What’s so wrong about it, he was willing to to stand up for these unfortunate people.

       When the butler heard Ruan Tang say this, he promptly collected the expression on his face, gave Seth a profound look and said, “Since that’s the case…You should serve the madam well.”

       The young man nodded his head yes, and obediently took Ruan Tang on a tour of Duke Austin’s entire mansion at once.

       The Duke’s mansion covered a large area, and the decorations were very luxurious and vintage.
There was no place that wasn’t exquisite and extravagant to the extreme.

       However, because of the owner’s preference, this luxurious manor does not see a ray of sunlight, always in the eternal night, giving one a sense of indescribable gloom and depression.

       The two walked in the empty corridor as if they were in hell.

       They met other people on the way, perhaps because Duke Austin’s pressure was too oppressive, the servants did not dare to look up when encountering their master.

       So much so that there were even some that couldn’t help but hold their breath and start to slightly tremble when reaching Ruan Tang.

       Ruan Tang felt a little uncomfortable about this, but there was nothing he could do.
After casually strolling around, it no longer felt interesting.

       “You’re bored, Madam.” Seth seemed to see his boredom and immediately asked, “There is also a beast garden in the mansion, where the Duke keeps many venomous snakes and wild beasts; there are performances everyday, would you like to go see them?”

       Ruan Tang was disinterested, “What kind of performances are there?”

       “Swallowing live birds, beasts killing each other, vicious tigers are preyed on…” Seth replied.

       Ruan Tang was not interested in the so-called animal performance in the mansion.
After listening to the content of the performance, he felt that it was really in line with his legendary husband’s love of cruelty and bloodiness.

       Therefore, he did not feel surprised.

       Ruan Tang lightly shook his head and said, “No need, I hate blood, so I won’t go see it.”

       “…Sorry, Madam.” Seth was a little taken aback, but still said, “The Duke is very fond of these things, I thought Madam would be interested in learning about them as well.”

       Because of the Duke’s preference for blood, no one in the mansion dared to say they hate blood.

       Ruan Tang of course knew what he was thinking, every Omega would want to understand and be close to their Alpha’s hobbies in order to get their favor.
He doesn’t like bloody and violent things but the Duke likes them, so everyone around him hopes he could understand, even if he pretends, he must pretend he likes it, and share the same preference with Duke Austin.

       To cultivate feelings, in order to complete the purpose of this political marriage——

       Be marked by Duke Austin and have a child as soon as possible.

       But Ruan Tang didn’t want to do that, he didn’t want to get to know Duke Austin, nor did he want to pretend to have the same interests as him.

       Under the prerequisite of mutual peace and quiet, he only hopes to be able to stay away from him.

       “I’m tired, let’s go back.” But those words, Ruan Tang could not tell to others; He looked tired and casually spoke to Seth.

       Without a second thought, Seth immediately led him back the other way and started walking.

       Duke Austin’s residence was very large; it took Ruan Tang nearly a day to stroll around.
After dinner, he went back to wash up and fell asleep almost as soon as he touched the bed.

       What he didn’t know was that as soon as he went to bed, the servant who had just been groveling and courteous became a different person as soon as he stepped out of his room.

       He went directly to the master bedroom of the Duke’s mansion through the elevator.

       As soon as they saw him, the butler and Aaron greeted him cautiously.
One took off his clothes, shoes and hat, while the other carefully pushed a wheelchair for him.

       The youth raised his head and took a sip of the Ceylon black tea presented by his subordinate.
He sat down on the wheelchair, and Aaron immediately served him carefully and changed his pants.

       Only to see that after he took off his pants, but what was revealed was not a pair of human legs——

       They were two metal prostheses made of alloy.

       “My Lord, why did you?” The butler looked at him in confusion.
He really didn’t understand what his master was doing today.

       The youth was none other than Duke Austin, the owner of this gloomy mansion

       Austin suffers from severe insomnia, he was bored tossing and turning, being unable to sleep.
And saw that Ruan Tang was soundly asleep, so he curiously went to his room and looked at him sleeping.
He originally wanted to wait for him to wake up and scare the Omega but Ruan Tang mistook him for a servant in the mansion.

       Austin didn’t know what to think, or where the interest came from.
He happened to know a little bit about voice change, plus he usually wore a mask and sat in a wheelchair, so he accompanied Ruan Tang in this role-play.

       “Quite interesting…” Austin did not answer the butler’s words, but touched the gauze on his face, thinking back to his day with Ruan Tang, and muttered to himself, “This Omega is quite interesting.

       The butler originally wanted to say a few good words for Ruan Tang and set up the two masters of the Duke’s house again, but he thought of the results of his first two attempts to assist.

       He meekly shut his mouth and chose to give up, intending to let them develop freely.

       Austin was crazy and rebellious, he liked to go against the Empress.
It’s a good thing that he now has his own interest in Ruan Tang; but it wouldn’t be good if the people around them talked too much, and provoked his rebellious mentality.


       Ruan Tang knew nothing about it.
When he woke up the next day, he didn’t see Seth, the man who served him yesterday.
Instead, he saw his new husband, Duke Austin, in front of his bed.

       Austin still looked the same as when they first met, sitting in a wheelchair with a mask clasped over his face, silent and brooding, his whole being exuding a creepy aura.

       Ruan Tang was startled, but thinking of his eccentric character, he endured it and took the initiative to speak to him, “…Lord Duke.”

       “Why are you here?”

       He was actually quite afraid that this madman would hit him at the drop of a hat.

       Beaten by a madman.
For this kind of domestic violence, he could not reason with.

       However, looking at the wheelchair underneath Austin, Ruan Ting silently felt grateful in his heart.
Fortunately, he married a crazy person with disabled legs and limited mobility.

       No matter how violent he is, as long as he doesn’t use mental attacks, it wouldn’t hurt him.

       This was also a reason why Ruan Tang agreed to marry him so simply in the first place.

       In a real fight, Austin may not be able to beat him.

       Moreover, he could also run…

       “I heard, I seem to be your husband?” Austin’s voice was hoarse and sombre like that of ghosts from hell.

       Ruan Tang was puzzled and couldn’t understand what he wanted to do, but he still replied, “Of course.”

       In a legal sense, the Alpha in front of him was definitely his husband yes…

       Austin didn’t speak, and directly controlled the wheelchair to glide towards Ruan Tang’s position.

       Ruan Tang sat up on the bed immediately, dazed.
For half a day1, he didn’t understand what Austin meant until Austin’s wheelchair stopped in front of the bed and he was close at hand.

       Only then did Ruan Tang belatedly remember that the Alpha in front of him seemed to be his new husband…

       So, he ran to his room early in the morning and brought up the fact that he was his husband.
Did he mean to sleep?

       To be honest, since he had decided to get married, Ruan Tang was not actually opposed to sleeping with Duke Austin, and even prepared.
But looking at the gloomy man in the wheelchair before him, Ruan Tang still couldn’t help but think: Has he ever done such a thing? Will he?

       It’s said that he likes blood and violence.
Will he be bloody and violent in bed?

       No, he is disabled.
He may not be able to move…So will he have to take the initiative in this matter between them?

       But he has never done such a thing, how could an Omega take the initiative for this kind of thing?

       Ruan Tang was deep in thought.

       When Austin came to him, he had already reached out his hand and touched Ruan Tang’s body.
His hand was freezing, and being touched by him felt like he was being entangled by a cold poisonous snake.

       Ruan Tang took a deep breath, shivered for a moment, but did not dodge.

       He stiffened his body and let him touch.

       When Ruan Tang became clear-headed, Austin finally felt the skin he had been coveting for a long time, it was as smooth and warm as he had imagined, like milk or warm jade…

       It’s top grade.

       Ruan Tang felt his hand stop on his body, bit his lower lip, and recalled the steps of the TV drama that he had seen.
He immediately took the initiative to come closer to the Alpha, sending the back of his snow-white and slender neck to Austin’s mouth.

       The back of an Omega’s neck has a gland that emits a pheromone smell.
An Alpha bites the Omega’s gland to inject its own pheromone, which is the first step of a sexual relationship between AO.


TL Notes:

[1] half a day – hyperbole for “a long time”


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