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During the break, Jiang Dao, who was full of food, walked slowly around the resort.

In order to record the variety show, the resort was booked for a whole day.
There were no bustling tourists in the huge mountain courtyard, and the surrounding natural scenery was beautiful and peaceful.

There is an artificial lake for fishing in the middle of the courtyard.
Jiang Dao walked along the stone road to the lake, strolled around the lake, and enjoyed the fragrance of the gardens not far away wafting over with the early summer breeze.

Just after going around the artificial lake and returning to his starting point, Jiang Dao saw someone walking over and greet him with a wave.

“Taking a walk?” Chu Yinlong asked, “Did you eat too much at noon?”

Why does this person pay attention to him?

Jiang Dao’s brows were slightly twisted, and then smoothed out instantly, hiding his thoughts.

“Well, a little full.” He showed a polite smile without flaws.
Chu is also here for a walk?”

Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao’s face, stared for a moment, and then replied, “No, I’m here for you.”

Jiang Dao was stunned: “…for me?”

This was a very direct statement, and was something he didn’t expect.

“Well, looking for you.” Chu Yinlong pointed to the path beside the artificial lake.
“Let’s talk while walking.”

Jiang Dao didn’t refuse, he turned around and continued to stroll along the lake.

Chu Yinlong walked side by side with him and went straight to the point: “I have a good script, and feel that you are quite suitable for one of the roles.
Do you want to try it?”

“Me?” Jiang Dao was surprised.

According to his memory of this book, Jiang Dao, the villain, never had any good resources.
Any work has to be snatched by him, and even then it’s not a guarantee.

He only recorded half a variety show, and an actor came over with a script in person?

“Yes, you.” Chu Yinlong was a little helpless.
“Why, not confident?”

“That’s not true.” Jiang Dao shook his head.
“I just think… I don’t have much work, and it’s been less than a day since you and I met, so why me? Do you like me?”

Chu Yinlong smiled and said, “Your appearance and temperament, to be honest, give me a very contradictory feeling, which just fits that role.”

“Contradictory?” Jiang Dao raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, contradictory.” Chu Yinlong looked into Jiang Dao’s eyes and said with consideration.
“It may also be my delusion, I always feel that you…”

Halfway through, he laughed at himself, as if he was being delusional.
“…It seems that besides being an artist, there is another secret identity.
A spy, or a killer?”

Jiang Dao:…

Jiang Dao’s lips twitched and he turned his face away.
Chu still has some childlike innocence, you dare dream up anything.”

“Of course, I also think it’s impossible.” Chu Yinlong said.
“With your small body, you don’t seem to have received strict training.”

Jiang Dao was dissatisfied: “Hey, is it fun to poke someone’s sore spot?”

Chu Yinlong smiled: “Sorry, just kidding.”

Seeing that Jiang Dao was not really angry, he added: “Although I don’t know why, you occasionally give me a feeling like… A wolf cub carefully hiding his claws, pretending to be a little sheep.”

Jiang Dao raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile, “Why do you have such an illusion?”

Chu Yinlong looked at him: “Is it an illusion, who knows… But since you have this kind of temperament, even if you are not a wolf cub, you can also try to play a wolf cub.
At least, your temperament is suitable, and you have the ability to interpret this type of role.”

“I’m just a vase.” Jiang Dao shrugged, his tone was very relaxed.
“Recording some variety shows are okay, but I’ve never acted, so I’m afraid I can’t play the role Teacher Chu needs.”

“You can come and try, if it’s really not suitable, I won’t force it.” Chu Yinlong continued to persuade.

“It’s not that I can’t think about it.” Jiang Dao walked slowly and continued to walk around the lake.
“If you can help me pay the liquidated damages, then I will act in your script.”

“Liquidated damages?” Chu Yinlong frowned, “What liquidated damages?”

“The liquidated damages for terminating the contract.” Jiang Dao said casually.

“Why? Xingyao Media suppressed you?” Chu Yinlong asked.

“No.” Jiang Dao looked up and looked at the flock of birds flying across the lake, “I don’t want to stay in the entertainment industry.”

Hearing what he said, Chu Yinlong was even more surprised.

“It’s not long since you debuted, why do you have such an idea?” He was really curious, “Since you don’t like this circle, why did you want to be an artist in the first place?”

“Accidental.” Jiang Dao didn’t explain.

He couldn’t explain this kind of thing.

Chu Yinlong didn’t delve into it, and sighed.
“To be honest, with your physical condition, you have a chance to become popular.
Xingyao Media’s vision has always been very poisonous.
Since they dug you out and cultivated you, they won’t let you retire so soon.”

After a pause, he added: “Unless, you make a big mistake that a public figure must never make, or you offend someone who shouldn’t be offended, and have to be buried in the snow… But in that case, you’ll probably be in trouble.”

”I’m not someone who’s asking for trouble.” Jiang Dao smiled and kicked a pebble from the roadside into the artificial lake, his tone calm as if nothing mattered.
“I’ve seen the contract.
There are too many grey terms, and the liquidated damages may be unilaterally increased.”

After speaking, he fell silent for a moment, then turned to look at Chu Yinlong: “So I don’t want to take part in the movie for now, unless you can directly help me solve the liquidated damages.
Then it can be negotiated.”

If Chu Yinlong can’t help him solve the liquidated damages in one fell swoop, but only offered him a high salary, he’s afraid the company would pay more attention to him.
After a long time, maybe after five years, even if he intends to retire from the circle, he will not be able to return to a truly free life.

But… as long as he keeps being an obedient vase, the company can neither pick out any fault nor see his prospects, when the five-year contract expires, he can leave easily, and everyone will soon forget about him.

So why bother with extravagant thoughts?

“That’s a pity.” Chu Yinlong shook his head helplessly, but did not continue to persuade, and asked, “You don’t want to stay in the entertainment industry, what industry do you want to do?”

Jiang Dao raised his hand and stretched his waist to take another deep breath of the fresh mountain air.

“Find a place to live with beautiful scenery, grow vegetables, raise fish, and feed cats and dogs… just like that, live freely.”

Chu Yinlong smiled.

Then, he asked, “Where is the source of income?”

Jiang Dao was silent, and replied, “I won’t starve to death.”

Chu Yinlong shook his head.
“Although you won’t starve to death, a house isn’t cheap.
Plus water, electricity, gas, internet… If you want to live in the mountains, you can’t stay out all your life, and transportation costs must be included.
There are also rations for cats and dogs, and in case of illness, medical expenses…”

“Of course, you can also be self-sufficient and let your cats and dogs fend for themselves,” he continued.
“But in such a so-called free pastoral life, freedom is there but it is difficult to be comfortable.
In order not to be hungry, you have to get up early and stay up late to manage the fields.
A hailstorm in summer and a snowstorm in winter may interrupt your livelihood for a few months.
You might not eat tree bark, but if you want to eat delicious food like today, I’m afraid the chances are slim.”

Jiang Dao: …

This guy will really poke him into a dead end.

He is not afraid of working hard, but he is fortunate enough to enter a world without war, without pollution or mutation.
If he can’t eat delicious food anytime and anywhere, wouldn’t he have traveled in vain?

Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao with a smile on his face.
“The kind of idyllic lifestyle and freedom is based on having a solid economic foundation.”

Jiang Dao pouted, unable to refute this reality.

His original intention of leaving the entertainment industry was because he had seen too many intrigues in this circle from the novel.
He was tired of fighting in the world outside the book, so he wanted to find a place with beautiful scenery and live freely.

As for the source of money…it’s a problem, but not a big one either.

His contract with Xingyao Media still has five years.
After five years, when he is more familiar with the rules of this world, with his ability, he can find a way to make money.

“Well, since you don’t want to make movies, are variety shows okay?” said Chu Yinlong.

“Variety… Yes, but you have to discuss it with my manager.” Jiang Dao didn’t directly refuse this time.

After all, he can’t do nothing during the five-year contract.
Even if the company might agree, Zhu Yao might have to find an excuse to fine him.

Moreover, he does need to save some money for emergencies… and buy more delicious food.

Variety shows have income, but they are not serious works, and their achievements are neither high nor low.
For artists, there are opportunities to show their faces, but they hardly earn much.
Such shows are suitable for vase characters, which is exactly what Jiang Dao needs.

“Understood.” Chu Yinlong chuckled lightly and said no more.

The two circled the artificial lake again before Zhu Yao came and called Jiang Dao back to redo his makeup and hair for the afternoon recording.

Watching Jiang Dao being taken away by his manager, Chu Yinlong lowered his head and sent a message to his friend.

“Director, let’s record a variety show together?”

The opposite side quickly replied: “Didn’t you go help Xiao Tang?”

“What’s up? Did you get addicted to recording a variety show after this time?”

Chu Yinlong: “That’s not true.”

“I found a newcomer, and it feels like the Xiaohuilang1little gray wolf.
See note at the end.
has come out of the script.”

“Unfortunately, he said that he doesn’t want to film for the time being, and only accepts variety shows.”

A series of exclamation marks were quickly sent from the opposite side, followed by a voice message: “A child with that kind of temperament? Who is it? Let me meet him!”

Chu Yinlong replied with a smile, “He refused; he doesn’t recognize my face.”2as in he can’t rely on his face to invite JD

“It just so happened that Brother Peng invited me to his variety show before, and I haven’t replied yet.
You should come too.”

“I turned back and asked Brother Peng to contact the kid’s company.
Two days and three nights should be enough for you to observe, right?”

The other side immediately made a decision: “Deal!”


T/N: Xiaohuilang, little grey wolf, or Little Grey Wolf? Which is a better name for a character (in a movie plot)? Spent too much time going back and forth when translating this.
Plus, “little grey wolf” isn’t always used as a formal noun.

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1little gray wolf.
See note at the end.2as in he can’t rely on his face to invite JD

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