“Good job!”

Off the field, Lu Jun gloated over their misfortune, and applauded.
“Sure enough, Bailu still cares about us!”

Yi Bailu feigned anger and shouted loudly, “Who cares about you!”

Tang Yao also joined in, joking: “I think you are an insider who deliberately led them to lose.
You can come to our table to eat languocai in a while.”

Yi Bailu wrinkled her nose and snorted: “You might fail in one round.
Victory isn’t determined yet!”

After a few words, the white team entered the field.

Tang Yao and Lu Yun have been permanent stars since the first season of Come on, Eat!, and cooperate very well.
In addition, Zhou Wei is an obedient and good boy.
The three of them are about the same height and leg length, and learned the lessons of the previous red team.
So, as soon as they got on the field, they learned the gist of the challenge, counted together, and straddled the crossbar with their feet.

Soon, the crossbar accelerated, and the white team stepped over without any risk, regained their rhythm, and insisted that their time surpassed the red team, before confirming they won.

“Oh, we lost.” Off the field, Yi Bailu sighed.

Immediately, she laughed again: “But it doesn’t matter, we won two dishes! And the sponsor’s salted duck eggs are really delicious, all of them are red and oily.”

Jiang Dao was actually a little disappointed that he couldn’t taste the last dish.

But since the rules of the game are like this, and he really lost, he has no complaints.
Anyway, he has already memorized the name of the dish.
When there’s time, he’ll go buy it to try later.

It’s just… He actually lost a food battle, which made Jiang Dao a little uncomfortable.

After growing up, this was the first time he lost in a fight for food!

Well, in fact, the challenges today are not real fighting.

If the games really relies on fighting to win, with his current small body, let alone defeating Chu Yinlong, he’s afraid Lu Yun can knock him over with a casual hit.

Jiang Dao lowered his head and pinched his bamboo-like thighs, his face full of disgust.

Unsurprisingly, the white team won the third round, taking away the last token that read “Languocai”.
On the red team’s side, after failing to win the game, Jiang Dao chose salted duck egg at Chu Yinlong’s suggestion.

“Eat, eat! We’re starving to death.”

Just after choosing the dishes, Lu Yun shouted and ran to the hotel lobby.

“I can smell the fragrance of food!”

He took the lead, and the guests all shouted ‘hungry’ as if to join in the fun, and rushed towards the hall.
Finally, the recording team shouted back with a loudspeaker, and re-recorded the scene of the group entering the restaurant.
This tossed them for ten minutes.

When everyone finally saw the dishes, as Tang Yao predicted earlier, it was already well past 1:30 p.m.

After exchanging the tokens for the dishes, Jiang Dao, Chu Yinlong and Yi Bailu sat down at the dining table belonging to the red team.
The staff quickly brought the dishes belonging to each team to the respective tables, and put a bowl of rice in front of each person.

Chu Yinlong just got up and was about to use public chopsticks to serve food for the two of them when he heard the voiceover horn from the recording team sounding again: “Next, there is a meal challenge for everyone.”

Lu Yun, who wanted to dig in, roared in pain: “Can you let people eat! Our show is about food.
Food! Not about battling!”

The voiceover continued with a nasty smile, “The challenge is about these dishes.
After the meal, apart from bones and spines, no solids can be left on the plate, including but not limited to scallions, ginger, garlic, peppers…”

“I’m done, I don’t eat scallions.” Tang Yao almost threw down his chopsticks.

“Do salted duck eggshells count?” Lu Yun felt uncomfortable at the thought.

“It doesn’t count.” The recording team replied.
“Of course, if you like to eat eggshells, you can also eat them.”

“What’s the reward for winning this challenge?” Yi Bailu asked.

The recording team replied: “There is no reward.”

“Then we won’t do it.
Come, everyone can eat whatever you want.” Lu Yun responded quickly.

The recording team added: “However, if you can’t do it, you will be punished.”

Tang Yao slapped his hand: “Oh, it’s over, Weiwei doesn’t eat scallions.
Brother Lu, it’s up to you.”1TY isn’t admitting it, and putting the bucket on Weiwei

Lu Yun: …

Lu Yun could only sigh: “Fortunately, we don’t have Sichuan cuisine this time, otherwise with a plate half full of peppers and peppercorns, I’d go crazy.”

Hearing the other table whining, Jiang Dao picked up his salted duck egg.
Carefully peeling off the shell, he put it near the tip of his nose and sniffed, frowning slightly…

This egg smells a little weird.
The egg white almost has no elasticity, and feels like it’s gone bad.

Boiled eggs are already delicious, so he really can’t understand why people made such things.

Although a little puzzled, Jiang Dao was even more disgusted with wasting food, so he opened his mouth and ate half a salted duck egg in one bite.

“Ah!” Chu Yinlong, who was sitting opposite, was startled.
“Salted duck eggs, Xiao Dao! You eat like this?!”

Hearing this exclamation, the camera next to him turned around, and did not hesitate to take a close up of Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao’s entire face was almost wrinkled together.

However, once he’s put something in his mouth, if it is not poisonous, he will not spit it out.

Resisting the discomfort and chewing a few times, Jiang Dao finally swallowed half of the egg whole.
It was so salty that tears almost came out.

Chu Yinlong hurriedly poured a glass of water and handed it to Jiang Dao, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.
“What’s the matter with you? It’s your first time eating salted duck eggs?”

Grabbing the cup of water, he downed it in a few gulps before releasing a large sigh.

If Jiang Dao didn’t trust the film crew and knew that the show would not play tricks with the food, he would definitely have taken a small bite first to check if there were any problems.

Who knows, this so-called “salted duck egg” is really very salty.

In the world outside the book, uncontaminated salt is a very precious thing.
Except for a few big forces, most people will never pickle dishes with salt.

When he first entered the book, Jiang Dao had eaten two pieces of pre-made chicken breasts at the original owner’s house, and already felt that the salty taste was too extravagant.
So much so that when he heard the word “salted duck egg”, he subconsciously thought that the taste of this egg was probably similar to that of the chicken breast.

As a result, it turned out that he still underestimated the strangeness of the world.

“This duck egg is good, the red yolk is oily.”2oily (think runny egg yolk) salted duck yolk is a sign of being salted well.
Chu Yinlong broke apart the salted duck egg that belonged to him, scooped out the egg white and yolk with chopsticks, and mixed it with rice.
“Xiao Dao, mash it and mix it with rice.
It’s delicious this way.”

As he spoke, he gave a demonstration, as if he was teaching children.

Jiang Dao was not used to being taken care of, and didn’t bother commenting.
He obediently smashed the remaining half of the salted duck egg into the rice.

In the end, he still underestimated this world, and the vast array of foods in this world.

Anyway, after recording this variety show, he and the kung fu actor probably won’t have the chance to meet again, so why bother making a fuss.

Beside him, Yi Bailu used the public chopsticks to pick out a neat piece of fish belly without spines, put it in Chu Yinlong’s plate, and said with a smile, “Brother Long, eat fish.”

Chu Yinlong nodded politely.
“Thank you.
Don’t worry about me, you can eat yours.”

Yi Bailu nodded obediently, took another piece of fish belly for herself, and was about to eat when she suddenly remembered something.
She tilted her head and asked, “By the way, isn’t Brother Long a monk? Can you eat meat?”

“I’ve been secular for a long time.” Chu Yinlong replied, using the public chopsticks to separate the Huaishan roast chicken, and gave Yi Bailu and Jiang Dao a chicken leg each.

“Ah, secular?” Yi Bailu laughed and asked, “That means you can also fall in love or get married?”

Chu Yinlong smiled: “I don’t have this plan.” Then, he changed the topic with his next sentence.
“By the way, although I eat meat, I don’t eat onion, ginger, and garlic – this will be handed over to both of you?”

“Well, leave it to me.” Jiang Dao nibbled on the chicken drumstick, and responded casually, then turned his head and asked the recording team, “Is it just one bowl of rice?”

Everyone looked closely, only to realize that in just a short time when no one was watching, Jiang Dao had already finished a bowl of rice.
There wasn’t even a grain of rice left in the bowl.
On the plate next to it was a handful of fish bones and a few chicken bones, which were also picked very cleanly.

Chu Yinlong:  …

Yi Bailu: …

When did this child eat so much?

Does he know magic?!

The staff brought another bowl of rice and handed it to Jiang Dao.

They watched Jiang Dao take the rice, add food into his bowl with the public chopsticks, and then using his own chopsticks, buried his head.
The act of stuffing food into his mouth was very low-key but definitely not slow.
A moment later, he spat out clean fish bones and chicken bones, and took two more bites of rice.

He didn’t say a word during the whole process, nor did he make any strange noises, nor did he appear embarrassed because he ate too fast.

Not only Chu Yinlong and Yi Bailu, but even the director was amazed, and the camera lens almost stabbed Jiang Dao in the face.

“Xiao Dao,” the director joked on the side, “Do you want to consider coming to our show next season? I think you are especially suitable.”

Jiang Dao’s chopsticks paused.

He swallowed the rice in his mouth, and then shook his head.
“The dishes are delicious, but there are so many challenges to complete before eating.
If you lose, you can only eat salted duck eggs… Forget it.”

Salted duck egg with rice is quite tasty, but wouldn’t life be more beautiful if he bought it himself and cooked it?

Why wait to lose a challenge and make people feel bad in order to eat.

Jiang Dao refused the director’s invitation, and quickly put a few slices of onion, ginger, and garlic into his bowl, and silently inhaled half a bowl of rice.

Under Jiang Dao’s influence, Chu Yinlong also ate too much.
Soon, the dishes on the red team’s table were swept away, and there was really not even a piece of onion, ginger, and garlic left.

“This is the cleanest I’ve ever seen!”

At the table next to the table, the white team also completed the program challenge.
Lu Yun patted the table and struggled, “I don’t want to eat green onions in my life again.
I knew this dish should have been won by them…”

Everyone responded with ‘kind’ smiles.

So far, the morning recording has ended successfully.

The film crew reserved rooms for the guests at the resort.
After an hour and a half of free time for lunch break, the entire film crew will drive to the recording location of the dinner challenge.

Standing up from the dining table, Jiang Dao really felt that he had eaten too much at noon.

This body is completely different from his previous body that has been through the vicissitudes of life and is resistant to falls and punches.
It has probably never suffered from hunger or overeating.
After eating two bowls of rice, his stomach was a little uncomfortable.

Seeing that the cameramen had put away their equipment, Zhu Yao walked up and frowned.
“Why do you eat so much, don’t you know you have a fat physique? It’s okay just to just record.”

“The food is delicious.” Jiang Dao shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently.
“I’ll just walk a bit more.
After recording the show at night, I’ll go out and run for two or three kilometers…”

Zhu Yao pushed his glasses up.
“Do you think I believe you?”


I’m hungry now.
Want to eat everything here.

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1TY isn’t admitting it, and putting the bucket on Weiwei2oily (think runny egg yolk) salted duck yolk is a sign of being salted well.

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