Chapter 5: Attorney Yan is My Friend

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Jiang Can is not particularly fond of desserts, but Rongrong always eats some in the shop.

Every time she stole food, Jiang Can knew all about it, but because Rongrong was a clerk who followed her early in the days and was a little O, Jiang Can regarded her as a little sister, so she pretended not to know.

Jiang Can thought, both of them are Omegas, so Yan Shi should also like these sweet things.

The two sat face to face at the table, the piece of cake in front of Jiang Can still didn't move, but Yan Shi had already eaten two pieces.

At the beginning, he was polite and didn't eat it, but Jiang Can lied to him and said that she had brought it up, and if it was dried, she wouldn't be able to sell it tomorrow, and finally he ate it after that.

However, it can be seen that Yan Shi should be just as Jiang Can guessed, he likes sweet food very much.

Jiang Can brought up three pieces in total, because she didn't really want to eat it herself.
Thinking about eating two pieces at night, she would definitely feel tired, so she could just take one piece and pretend.

But Yan Shi seemed to be still unfinished after eating two pieces.
Jiang Can reached out and took the empty plate in front of Yan Shi aside and pushed her cake over.

“You eat it, I'll go get a coffee.”

Jiang Can got up and went into the kitchen.
Although there was nothing to eat in her house, there were many types of coffee.

Other people's kitchens are full of all kinds of pots and pans, but Jiang Can's house is a complete set of coffee machines except for a pan.

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Skilled in grinding coffee beans, Jiang Can just about to put the ground beans into the coffee machine, when Yan Shi did not know when, grabbed it for her.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Coffee at night is bad for sleep.”

“But I'm hungry.”

Jiang Can often suffers from insomnia, which is precisely because she drinks too much coffee.
But Jiang Can is a heavy coffee addict and if she can't drink it when she wants to, it really kills her when compared to sleeping.

“Eat cake.”

“That stuff doesn't taste good, and…
I want to lose weight.”

Jiang Can's words were very calm, but when he heard the words, he looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Jiang Can is about 17 meters tall and looks like a hundred pounds at most.
Although she is an A, she is as thin as a hemp pole, and she still needs to lose weight for this figure.

Yan Shi shook his head speechlessly, put the coffee out of Jiang Can's reach, turned on the gas stove and took out the eggs, and after a few minutes, he fried two poached eggs.

Yan Shi found white sugar, because he likes sweets, so he usually puts sugar in fried eggs at home.

But when he was about to sprinkle it, he remembered that Jiang Can said that the cake was not delicious, so he guessed that she might not like sweet things.

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And Yan Shi noticed in Jiang Can's store today that Jiang Can drank three cups in the afternoon, two of which were pure black coffee, and the other one was also sugar-free oolong tea.

Putting down the sugar in his hand, Yan Shi sprinkled salt, and after putting it on a plate, he turned around with the egg in his hand, and looked at Jiang Can who was peeking at his fried egg.

Jiang Can leaned forward suspiciously and smelled the fried egg.
She had to say that she hadn't eaten a freshly fried egg for a long time.

can you still cook?”

Jiang Can can be said to know nothing about cooking.
Growing up in such a family environment, Jiang Can learned a lot, but only did not learn to cook.

She used to be busy and didn't have time, but now she has time, but no one can teach her.

“It's not difficult to cook.
Boss Jiang seems to be in her twenties.
Don't you know how to cook?”

There was a bit of surprise in Yan Shi's words.
Jiang Can was the owner of a coffee shop and made such good coffee, so Yan Shi didn't believe that she didn't know how to cook at all.

“I'm ashamed, but thank you for the fried egg~”

Jiang Can picked up the chopsticks beside her, and wiped out the eggs in a few minutes without hesitation.

Although this second floor is spacious, there is only one bedroom here.
Jiang Can originally wanted to leave the bedroom for Yan Shi, but suddenly thought that Yan Shi had been pretending to be A, so Jiang Can was not so polite this time.

She took a quilt and pillow for Yan Shi and put them on the sofa then Jiang Can went back to her room and went to sleep, after all, she has to work tomorrow morning.

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Although there is one more person at home, the sound of the clock hands turning can still be heard quietly.

Jiang Can thought that she would lose sleep again today, but who knew that Jiang Can would fall asleep after a while.

Although she didn't do anything particularly tiring that day, Jiang Can still overslept.

Jiang Can, who usually wakes up on time according to her biological clock, rarely slept until dawn today.

Rongrong and the other shop assistants have already arrived, but they haven't seen their boss come downstairs.

Seeing that it was time to get busy, everyone seemed to have lost their backbone.

“Sister Rongrong, why hasn't the boss come down yet? Why don't you go up and have a look.
It rained so hard in the suburbs last night.
Did the boss catch a cold?” 

One of the clerks said.
Rongrong quickly took off his apron and went to the second floor.

Rongrong and Jiang Can have known each other for a long time, and Rongrong knows everything about Jiang Can.
Don't look at the relationship between the two are just a clerk and the boss, but Rongrong can also unlock the fingerprint lock on the second floor of Jiang Can.

Rongrong was worried about whether Jiang Can was sick.
Who knew that as soon as unlocking entered, she saw a man sleeping on the sofa.

Unexpectedly, there would be one more person here.
Rongrong screamed in shock, which caused the clerks downstairs to run up one after another, and Jiang Can and Yan Shi were also awakened by her at the same time.

Jiang Can walked out of the bedroom with her hair slumbering to the point of frizz.
Seeing Rongrong and the clerk standing at the door of her house, Jiang Can was dissatisfied:

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“Rongrong, are you chirping early in the morning?”

Rongrong recovered from the shock, looked carefully at the person in front of the sofa, and immediately recognized that he was lawyer Yan who had taken off his glasses.

Thinking of Jiang Can calling her to ask about Omega last night, Rongrong immediately thought, did her boss and lawyer Yan bully an O together last night?

Originally, Jiang Can was a little unhappy because she was woken up, and suddenly saw Yan Shi standing up from the sofa.

Jiang Can, as if Jinwu Zangjiao had been discovered, pushed him into his room and closed the bedroom door.

She strode towards Rong Rong and the others, wearing pajamas over one meter and seventy, making Jiang Can walk out of the two-meter queen's model.

She stretched out her hand and poked Rongrong's forehead, and glanced at the shop assistants behind her:

“What time is it now, don't you have to work to see the store? Don't you want this month's bonus?”

Jiang Can is still very generous to her employees.
Although the business in the store is the same, Jiang Can has always given more bonuses and subsidies.

Hearing Jiang Can mentioning money, everyone immediately went out to open the business.
Who knew that just after turning around, Jiang Can's voice sounded from behind them again:

“You all saw it just now.
Lawyer Yan is my friend, and what can the two of us have together? Put away your colored imaginations, you can say whatever you want in private, but don't mess with others.
Say, do you hear me?”


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