Chapter 3 : Lime Mint

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There is no electricity in the stairwell, plus the windows are not closed, and gusts of cool wind blow in, making it feel like a haunted house.

Jiang Can firmly believes that there are no ghosts in this world.
In addition, she is very confident in her own strength and strength, so without using a mobile phone to illuminate the way, Jiang Can easily went to the second floor.

Jiang Can just wanted to knock on the door of the office, but as soon as she touched the door, it opened by itself.

Pushing the door and entering, Jiang Can turned on the flashlight of her mobile phone.
She is not very familiar with the furnishings in the office, so she was afraid of knocking over something.

According to the direction of the office work that just turned on, Jiang Can slowly explored her way.


Another huge thunder sounded, who knew that something in the office seemed to fall to the ground.

Jiang Can has a good hearing, so she quickened her pace and walked towards the office where the voice came from.
She reached out her hand to open the door, but who knew the door was still locked.

I knocked three times, but there was no sound inside.

Jiang Can knew that omegas were generally timid.
Although Yan Shi was not afraid of the dark when he just came back, the sound insulation in the office was very good, so he couldn't even hear the sound of rain outside.

The sound of thunder just now came so suddenly and loudly that Jiang Can was startled, not to mention when he was speaking in the dark.

“Lawyer Yan, are you inside?”

Jiang Can asked while knocking on the door.

After about two or three minutes, there was still no sound inside.

Jiang Can remembered the sound of things falling in the room just now, and suddenly thought of whether he had hit somewhere and fainted.
Although it might not be so bloody, she couldn't think of anything else for a while.

Taking a step back, Jiang Can raised her foot and kicked the door open, a strong cappuccino smell wafting through her nostrils.

Jiang Can took a deep breath and closed her eyes in enjoyment.
The taste was too high for her.

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Her throat was surging, Jiang Can swallowed her saliva, and forced herself to calm down.
Then she raised her mobile phone and took a look inside.

Documents were scattered on the table and on the floor, Jiang Can frowned and walked in slowly.

This office is not very big, except for the desk and chair, there is only a bookcase and a sofa for meeting guests.
Such a small room had a panoramic view, but she didn't see Yan Shi's figure.

Jiang Can found it strange.
When the pheromone is so strong, he must still be in this room, but the place is so big, and there is no place to hide people.

Seeing that the office chair by the table in front of her was pushed aside, Jiang Can subconsciously strode up and went under the table to take a look, and sure enough, someone was hiding there.

Take a look with your phone flashlight.
The person under this table is Yan Shi.

“I told you, barrister, how many times I called you just now and you didn't say anything?”

Yan Shi was not short, wearing a suit huddled under the table, holding his legs with both hands, and burying his head in his knees.

Jiang Can, a big living man, was talking, but he didn't seem to hear it at all.
Jiang Can was a little unhappy, when she crouched down and stretched out her hand to push the Yan Shi.

Who knew that Yan Shi's whole person would fall out.
Jiang Can quickly supported him with her hands.
With the phone looked at the Yan Shi, his cheeks were slightly red, and his breathing was light, and the whole person had fainted.

Jiang Can was a little surprised, knowing that omegas are weak, but isn't that too weak?

Judging from Yan Shi's appearance, if Jiang Can hadn't found out that he was actually a little O, others would have thought that Yan Shi was an A, right?


Jiang Can clicked her tongue and looked at the big glasses he was wearing when he fainted.

he had already fainted, and Jiang Can had a bad idea.
She reached out and took off Yan Shi's glasses.

This is good, the true appearance of Yan Shi was exposed in front of Jiang Can.

The neatly groomed pair of eyebrows, the high nose bridge, and the longer eyelashes because of the closed eyes, this is completely two different people when talking about wearing glasses.

If I have to say it, it is the glasses that seal the handsome yet beautiful face of Yan Shi.

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Jiang Can is a face control, she likes both handsome guys and beauties, not to mention the fusion of handsomeness and beauty, and pheromone is her favorite.

Originally, she was only interested in the pheromone of Yan Shi, but now, Jiang Can is completely immersed in Yan Shi's appearance.

She stretched out her hand and hugged Yan Shi horizontally.
Although Yan Shi looked like he was tall and strong, but Jiang Can held him with no effort at all.
This is an A's inborn strength.

I thought it would be a little heavier, who would have known that he was so thin, she could only touch flesh and blood, and there was no flesh on his body at all.

The office is too small for people to lie down.
Jiang Can remembered that when she first came in, there was a long sofa in the reception area of ​​the office, so she simply walked over with the person in her arms.

Putting the person on the sofa, Jiang Can took off Yan Shi's suit.

When Yan Shi left the cafe just now, it was the heaviest rain outside, and when Jiang Can hugged Yan Shi, she realized that his suit was soaked through.

Squatting beside the sofa, Jiang Can touched Yan Shi's forehead, thinking that he had a fever because of the rain, but Yan Shi's forehead was so cold that there was no a sign of a fever at all.

Jiang Can thought it was strange, but when she looked at Yan Shi, something was definitely not right.
Remembering that Rong Rong was also a little O, Jiang Can called her.

“Boss, what are your instructions so late?” Rongrong's lazy voice came from the phone.

“Rongrong, you said that an Omega suddenly fainted, and his body was cold and his face was red.
What's going on?”

“Huh? Boss, are you with an O? Male or female?”

“I'll tell you tomorrow, you tell me what's going on first.”


Rongrong was silent on the phone for a long time before slowly saying:

“I heard that it happens when the inhibitor is used too much during the fever period.
But I have never had such a situation, so I can't be sure.”

“Understood, go to bed early.”

Jiang Can gave an order and hung up the phone.

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After staring at Yan for a while, Jiang Can reached out and helped him sit up.

Although it's not good to peek at the glands on the back of a little O's neck while the other is passed out, but in this situation, Jiang Can thinks it's better to let Yan Shi wake up first.

Jiang Can had never seen what an Omega's glands looked like, so she could only use her knowledge to find it.

Just below the cervical vertebra, there is an inadvertent circular protrusion, which seems to be a bit like a bone that has been spent.
If you don't look carefully, you can't see it at all.

This is the same gland described on TV, it should be it.

Jiang Can felt curious, she stretched out her index finger and touched it like that.
Who knew that at that moment Yan Shi suddenly snorted, Jiang Can was taken aback, and she quickly retracted her hand.


When speaking, he snorted with his nose, and his hands moved slowly.

Jiang Can watched him slowly open his eyes and was very happy:

“Lawyer Yan, you are awake!”

He is still a little confused when he speaks, and now he has a headache, as if he is about to explode.

Blinking to look at Jiang Can, Yan Shi suddenly remembered that a sudden thunderstorm had just scared him under the table, and then the room was pitch black.

Yan Shi was frightened and suddenly had a fever period.
Because of fear and panic, Yan Shi groped for the inhibitor in his pocket, not knowing how much he had used, and slowly fainted.

When Yan Shi was completely awake, he was a little panicked when he saw Jiang Can.
He has been in the industry for so many years, and he has always concealed his identity as an Omega.

He usually wears a restraint bracelet of an A, just to make everyone mistakenly think that he is an A, so he has today's results.

If others know that he is an Omega, then who will ask him to be a lawyer in the future, then he will not be able to do anything, but can only wait to be marked by A and give birth to children.

“Boss Jiang, why are you here?”

When Yan Shi found that his suit jacket had been taken off and thrown aside, he called Jiang Can, Yan Shi resisted the side effects of pain and cold all over his body caused by using too much depressant, and reached out to get his suit on.

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He was afraid that the glands would be seen by Jiang Can, not to mention that omega's glands are not accessible to anyone, and he must not let Jiang Can discover his true identity.

“There was a power outage.
I found your phone in my shop, so I specially brought it to you to light it up.
Who knew that you fainted, and I dragged you to the sofa.”

Looking at Yan Shi's face trying to cover things up and coupled with the fact that he was wearing a restraint bracelet, Jiang Can guessed that he didn't want to let her know that he was an O, so she emphasized that she dragged him out, not the princess carry.

Yan Shi took the hand that Jiang Can handed over and said softly:


“I think you caught a cold from the rain.
It's so late and it's still raining heavily.
There must be no cars in the suburbs.
The second floor of my store has been simply decorated, and sometimes I live there.
There are showers there, you go and wash it.
Take a hot shower.”

Yan Shi looked up at Jiang Can with a thoughtful look on his face.

“Don't get me wrong, I just think you have to go to work tomorrow so wash up to prevent a cold.”

“No, no, thank you Boss Jiang.
It's too late, I'll take you back to the store.”

Although this person Yan Shi is a little O, I have to say that he is quite a gentleman in his work.

Although he knew that Jiang Can was an A, he still remembered that it was too late and wanted to send her back.

Jiang Can herself can come over in the dark, and it is easy for her to go back, but since he said so, Jiang Can intends to take up his offer.

“Okay, sorry to bother you.”

Yan Shi stood up, buttoned his suit, and entered the stairwell with Jiang Can.

Although the two were not far away, Jiang Can could feel him trembling when he spoke, and she didn't know whether he was cold or because he was afraid.

Jiang Can remembered that Rong Rong had told her that Alpha's pheromone could make little O feel safe, so Jiang Can put her hand in her pocket and secretly untied a little restraint bracelet.

A faint smell of lime and mint quietly radiated from Jiang Can's body.
Jiang Can controlled her pheromones and did not radiate too much.

Almost at the same time, Yan Shi smelled this smell, he blinked uneasily, and subconsciously widened the distance from Jiang Can.

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