Chapter 1 : Jiang Can Coffee Shop

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Among the office buildings in the suburbs, people who get up early to go to work enter the buildings, and the first thing they smell is the strong aroma of coffee.

The taste of this coffee is very strong, so everyone will go to the coffee shop here and buy a cup of freshly ground coffee because of this fragrance.

The suburbs are too remote, so opening a drink shop here is no better than earning more money in a business district.
And here is a group of office buildings, and the rent in the store is not cheap.

The cost of coffee is high if it wants to taste good, so there is only one coffee shop named after the owner of the coffee shop here.

“One iced Americano and two lattes, you can take them.”

Jiang Can stood in front of the dining table, handed over the coffee skillfully, and watched the last takeaway customer in the store leave.

After a long sigh of relief, she glanced back at the wall clock on the wall.
At 8:50, it seemed that the small peak this morning had passed.

Jiang Can stood in front of the cash register and looked at it.
This morning, there were more than 1,300 in receipts.
Satisfied stretched her waist, Jiang Can walked out of the dining table, poured a cup of new coffee, sat aside and sipped slowly.

Jiang Can just sat down, the door of the store was pushed open again, and the wind chimes hanging in the store rang softly because of the small wind blowing in.

Usually there are no guests at this point, because most of the employees in the office building start work at nine o'clock, so Jiang Can did not look up.

The staff at the counter saw it and hurriedly greeted the guests:

“Hello, what do you need?”

“I want to order ten cups of Blue Mountain, can you deliver it?”


A man's voice sounded, and the staff at the counter was stunned for a moment, then immediately looked at Jiang Can.

The employees in the office building group are basically regular customers of Jiang Can's coffee shop.
They all know that the coffee of Jiang Can's coffee shop is good everywhere, but they do not deliver it.

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Jiang Can just finished the morning, and now she is very tired.
She didn't expect to meet someone who asked for delivery.

Jiang Can raised her eyes reluctantly, wanting to see what the visitor looked like, the voice was strangely pleasant and gentle.

It's just that the request was too much.
Jiang Can was going to remember this person's appearance and not sell him coffee in the future.

Jiang Can raised her head slightly, her originally slightly frowning brows slowly unfolded.

The visitor was dressed in a dark blue solid-colored suit, carrying a gray computer bag in his hand, and was about 1.8 meters tall.
The whole person looked clean and quiet.

It's just that he wears black-framed eyes, and she can see that he is not ugly, but she can't tell what he looks like.

Jiang Can pouted, as face control she had lost interest in coming, who knew that a faint smell of cappuccino slipped into Jiang Can's nostrils.

Jiang Can suddenly widened her eyes and stood up abruptly:

“I can deliver, I can deliver a cup.”

Jiang Can blurted out these words, the man turned his head and glanced at her, walked to the counter, and scanned the code on his mobile phone to pay.

“It will be done in a while, and help me deliver it to the second floor of the opposite office building, Ruifeng Law Firm, thank you.”

After the man finished talking to the clerk at the counter, he turned to look at Jiang Can again, nodded slightly at her, and strode out of the coffee shop.

Jiang Can trotted to the door of the store and sniffed hard, but this time he didn't smell anything.

Suspiciously touched her chin, Jiang Can couldn't smell it wrong just now, but now there is nothing which is too strange.

“Boss, isn't it that our shop doesn't deliver food? Why did you agree today? Are you confused by the beauty of the man just now?

But I could see clearly just now, that man is a pure A, and he can wear a restraint bracelet on his wrist! Trust me, there is no future for the two of you together.”

It was Rong Rong, the clerk who asked the question, is an old clerk from the coffee shop.
Rong Rong has been working here since the opening.

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In the world where Jiang Can and the others live, apart from the distinction between men and women, there are also differences in attributes.
Their attributes are divided into three categories: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Before the age of ten, it is no different from the ordinary beta, but it begins to differentiate after the age of ten.

Alphas are the most powerful beings in the world, and born leaders.
Male Alphas are relatively common, while female Alphas are relatively rare.
After all, when they are differentiated, women will have more babies that are strange to them.

Omega is just the opposite of Alpha, Omega is more female, but male is relatively rare.

Both men and women are fertile.
The Omega group is inherently weaker, but they have a relatively high pregnancy rate and are more likely to give birth to an excellent Alpha, so they are still very popular.

The most common people in this world are Betas.
They are the most common people, but the pregnancy rate of female betas is extremely low, so they are the most common working-class workers.

Jiang Can is one of the few female A's, and she is the super strong kind.
After all, only a strong A will usually wear a restraint bracelet.
Otherwise, the pheromones emanating from their bodies might make some weak Omegas unable to bear the load.

“As long as you have a lot of things to do, make the coffee quickly, and send it to others with me later.”

Jiang Can said a little unhappily, Rongrong stuck out her tongue, turned around and started making coffee.

Jiang Can let out a long sigh, 80% of the time she really had hallucinations just now, obviously she is most sensitive to the taste of coffee and Omega's pheromones.
But the man with the Alpha's restraint bracelet couldn't possibly be a cappuccino.

It seems that people are over twenty-five years old, and all physical functions are starting to slowly decline.
Jiang Can always thought that she would be like her mother.
First, the back of the ear, who knew that it was the first problem with the sense of smell.

Just now, Jiang Can made an exception and agreed to deliver because she smelled the cappuccino omega pheromone on the man just now.
Who knew that this time he paid his wife and lost his army.

After half an hour, the ten cups of Blue Mountain had been packed and packed.
Su Rongrong got out from the counter, and Jiang Can picked up five cups and delivered them to the address.

Ruifeng Law Firm is an established law firm.
Jiang Can is familiar with the lawyers here.
After all, they always like to go to Jiang Can's shop to talk about things.

But the man Jiang Can had never met this morning.
Based on the ten blue mountain he ordered, Jiang Can guessed that he was a new lawyer and ordered these coffees for his colleagues to drink.

The sudden appearance of Jiang Can caused a slight sensation in Ruifeng Law Firm.
Jiang Can is tall and beautiful, and she is naturally beautiful.
Most importantly, she is a strong A.

Alpha is very popular in this world, not to mention the rare female A.

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“How could Boss Jiang come to our office today with admiration? It's unbelievable.”

“Don't joke, someone from here ordered ten cups of Blue Mountain in my store, didn't I bring them over in person?”

As soon as Jiang Can said this, everyone's surprise became even greater.
Everyone, look at me, I look at you, and it stopped for a while.

At this moment, the man who had just ordered coffee from Jiang Can came out of the office together with Director Qi of the law firm.
The man and the director saw Jiang Can together and stepped forward.

“Isn't this Boss Jiang, you came to me today, is it possible that you will also have a lawsuit?”

“What Qi Lu said, I am the most disciplined and law-abiding person, and I don't do anything that offends people at all, I'd rather feel wronged myself.”

With that said, Jiang Can took the coffee from Su Rongrong's hand and brought it to the man in the morning:

“Here, the ten cups of Blue Mountain you asked for have been brought to you.”

The man reached out and took all the coffee, opened the strap and looked at his colleagues:

“I bought coffee, please drink it.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as the man said these words, the lawyers who had surrounded Jiang Can all returned to their seats, but no one paid him any attention.

Jiang Can was stunned for a moment.
Seeing that the man in front of him was not looking very well, Jiang Can quickly said with a smile:

“Okay Qi Lu, I've delivered the things to the guests, so I won't delay your work here.”

Jiang Can grabbed Su Rongrong beside him, and quickly left the law firm with her.

After going back, Su Rongrong and the other clerks talked about what happened just now, how obvious it was that everyone else was unanimously exclusive.

However, this kind of thing is also common in the workplace.
Old employees reject new employees.
This may happen in any company.

“Okay, you guys don't talk about how others are doing, take a rest and get ready, it's almost twelve o'clock, and you should be on the way in a while.”

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With a new cup of coffee, Jiang Can sat lazily against the floor-to-ceiling window, which was her exclusive seat.

Jiang Can usually sits here, except when the shop is too busy in the morning, Jiang Can will help with making orders and collecting money.
Bask in the sun, drink coffee, and watch the people passing by every now and then.

I don't know what happened today.
Usually, there are not too many people in the store at noon, but there are always some, but today it's 12:30, and there is not a single person.

The clerk's face showed a look of urgency, but only Jiang Can was sitting there with closed eyes and resting like a buddha.

After another ten minutes, the wind chimes rang in front of and behind the door, and the store could be regarded as entering.

Jiang Can opened one eye and saw that there were two men and two women from Ruifeng Law Firm.

When they entered the store, they didn't go directly to the table where they usually sat, but went directly to Jiang Can.

“Boss Jiang, you see that we have known each other for so long.
I want you to help with a little thing today.
For the sake of our usual support for you, please be accurate.”

One of the men opened his mouth, and Jiang Can opened his eyes boredly:

“What's the matter? Let's talk about it first.”

“You have also seen the person who asked you to deliver coffee today.
He is a new lawyer in our firm.
This kid is too arrogant.
He gave us a small report to Director Qi on the second day of work today.

We want him to know the rules of the workplace, and he will come to sit with us in a while.
You help us drain the bottle and put it in his cup of coffee.

Saying that, the man put a small bottle in front of Jiang Can.

Jiang Can raised his eyebrows and glanced at the four of them, always feeling that their expressions were weird.

The people from Ruifeng Law Firm really cheered Jiang Can up, and they came here basically every day.
Jiang Can also pointed to this group of people for consumption, so he would not offend them because of this trivial matter.

But Jiang Can can't do this kind of harm to others.
But answering them is one thing, not putting the contents of this bottle into the coffee is another.

“You guys are a little bit too bad, but this kind of thing only happens once.
I won't do it next time.”

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