Chapter 10: Evened out

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Jiang Can slept very well.
Usually, she can't sleep when she changes places.
But tonight, when she lives in Yan Shi's room, the faint smell of pheromones reassures her, and she slept until dawn.

If it weren't for the loud noise of the door closing when Fang Yang came back, Jiang Can wouldn't be able to wake up.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, Jiang Can walked out of the room, and what she saw was Yan Shi, who was already dressed and ready to go to work, and Fang Yang, who was a little sloppy because he had not slept all night.

“Lawyer Yan is going to work?”


Yan Shi nodded, Jiang Can immediately woke up when she heard it, tied her hair casually, and when she saw her car key on the coffee table she grabbed it, Jiang Can was ready.

After walking to the door and changing her shoes, Jiang Can smiled and patted Fang Yang's shoulder:

“Thank you for letting me stay yesterday, Lawyer Yan's roommate.
If I have the opportunity to ask Lawyer Yan to take you to my store.
I'll treat you to coffee.”

After saying that, Jiang Can put on his shoes and was about to go out.
When Yan Shi saw that she was about to leave, he stopped her:

“Boss Jiang, what are you doing here?”

“Go back to the store to open the door and drop you off to work.”


Before he could finish speaking, Jiang Can had already rushed out.
When he spoke, he looked at Fang Yang in surprise.
Fang Yang had already been pinned down last night, and he felt that Yan Shi was in his thirties, so he should also look out for him.
When he was relying on him, he simply turned his head and went directly back to his room.

Jiang Can went downstairs, started the car and waited for Yan Shi, and within a few minutes, Yan Shi came down.

Glancing at Jiang Can's car, Yan Shi didn't get in, but walked straight ahead.

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Yan Shi felt that in the two days since he arrived at Ruifeng, he didn't seem to have much contact with his colleagues, but he became acquainted with the owner of the coffee shop whom he had only known for two days.

What kind of attributes Jiang Can is, he was clear.
He thought about last night carefully last night.
There must be a purpose for Jiang Can to be so close to him, so I plan to keep a little distance from Jiang Can in the future.

“Eh, eh? Attorney Yan, where are you going?”

Jiang Can lowered the car window and drove slowly to get close to Yan Shi.


“Then you should get in the car.”

Yan Shi stopped and turned to look at Jiang Can:

“Boss Jiang, a lot of things have happened that I didn't expect in the past two days.
I am very grateful for your help, but I am not a person who likes to make friends with people.

I will ask for the price of the suit as soon as possible and return it to you.
Be careful on the road.

Jiang Can looked at Yan Shi who nodded slightly to her, then left without looking back.
Looking at Yan Shi's back, Jiang Can sighed deeply.

Is it because she behaved a little too much, so it caused disgust when she spoke? It seems that this method is not correct when speaking.

Licking her lips, Jiang Can thought about it for a long time, until the car coming behind honked the horn, and Jiang Can started to drive back to the store.

Jiang Can, who returned to the coffee shop, thought about it for a long time.
Originally, she had no idea of ​​finding someone.

When speaking, he accidentally bumped into her own life, and what other people said was very clear, so he was about to say to Jiang Can, “I don't like you, don't pester me”.

For several days, Yan Shi hadn't been to Jiang Can's coffee shop, and Jiang Can had no energy for many days, and she didn't even have the heart to help the clerks in the morning, but it was really hard for Rongrong and the others.

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Knowing that Jiang Can is in a bad mood these days, you can tell by the black coffee she drinks.

On weekdays, Jiang Can likes to add milk to increase the taste, and also put a little sugar to combine the fragrance, but as long as Jiang Can is in a bad mood, she must drink freshly ground pure coffee.

Jiang Can sat at the outermost table all day, staring blankly at the second floor of the opposite office building.

The shop assistants all knew that Jiang Can was not quite right, but after so many days, Jiang Can went on like this, and everyone looked a little haggard.

Rongrong and Jiang Can are the most familiar, so everyone pushed Rongrong out when they were not busy in the afternoon, wanting her to talk to Jiang Can.

Rongrong walked slowly to Jiang Can with a very overwhelmed expression.
She looked back at the shop assistants at the bar, and they all waved to Rongrong, signaling for her to bravely step forward.

Rongrong hesitated, and finally took that step:

“Boss, what's wrong with you recently? Are you feeling unwell? Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Hearing Rongrong's question, Jiang Can turned her head and smiled at her:

“Do I look like I'm sick?”

“You are all haggard.
People from Ruifeng Law Firm have come to our store as usual these days, but Lawyer Yan has never been here.
Did you quarrel?”

Although Rongrong and the others were A's from the time they spoke, they had a collision with Jiang Can, but they firmly believed that Jiang Can must have made a secret promise with Yan Shi.

Jiang Can is like this every day now, and he doesn't come to the store anymore, so they all thought that there was a problem with the relationship between the two.

Jiang Can was stunned, and suddenly remembered that she was indeed a little abnormal recently, and that these abnormalities were indeed because of his words.

Seeing the worried expressions of Rongrong and the clerks at the bar, Jiang Can laughed:

“You are all single dogs, and you are still worrying about other people's affairs.
Lawyer Yan and I are just friends.
If you are specific, we just know each other.

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I just haven't slept well these days and I'm a little tired, so don't make wild guesses.

Jingling.(sound of the wind chime)

Jiang Can just finished saying this, the wind chime at the door rang because of the wind blowing in.

Everyone looked at the past, only to see Yan Shi, who had not shown up for several days, finally appeared.

Rongrong hurried forward to greet Yan Shi, but Yan Shi refused.
He looked at Jiang Can, walked to the opposite side, pulled out the chair and sat down face to face with Jiang Can.

“Rongrong, pour a glass of orange juice for Lawyer Yan.”

“Ah? Boss, we don't sell juice in our store.”

“It's in the fresh-keeping cabinet in the back kitchen, go get it.”

The orange juice was bought the next day when Jiang Can met Yan Shi.
Jiang Can had seen so many people when she opened the store, and what others liked and disliked, Jiang Can still had some discernment.

When Jiang Can gave Yan Shi a cappuccino that morning, she saw that Yan Shi didn't seem to like it very much, so she deliberately bought some things that were not sold in the store for Yan Shi.

But after so many days of preparation, the person didn't come, and Jiang Can was lazy to get it.
Fortunately, it came during the warranty period, and it was not a waste of money.

“No need.” Yan Shi called Rongrong in time.

“Boss Jiang, I came here today to pay you back for your suit.”

As he spoke, Yan Shi took out a kraft paper document bag from his bag and pushed it in front of Jiang Can.

The kraft paper bag is very bulging.
If it is converted into 10,000 bundles, those are about 50,000 to 60,000 yuan.

Jiang Can looked at the paper bag, but didn't reach out to touch it.
Rongrong was still with the pestle on the side.
Jiang Can picked up her coffee cup and handed it over.

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“Rongrong, you help me add a cup.
I want the most bitter in the store.”

“Oh, good.” After Rongrong took it, she hurriedly entered the bar.

Because there was no one in the store, the clerks saw that the situation was not right, and they didn't even dare to breathe.

“What do you mean? The money for the suit?”

Jiang Can asked a question, Yan Shi nodded when she spoke, and shook his head again.

Yan Shi hadn't been idle for the past two days.
He met several clients.
Taking advantage of his spare time, he went to inquire about the price of this suit.

When he finally found out, he was really shocked by the price of such a high-order suit.
Sure enough, it was worth every penny.
This suit was comfortable to wear, and the price was indeed unacceptable to ordinary people.

Looking at an inconspicuous suit, the full cost of 200,000 yuan is indeed quite a lot for Yan Shi.

Yan Shi's family conditions were not good, and studying a law degree was originally a money-hungry major.
When Yan Shi graduated from graduate school, his father crashed into a car while driving, and the car accident also took his father's life.

His mother was stimulated by the death of his father and now has to live in a mental hospital.

If these things hadn't happened at the time, Yan Shi's development in the legal profession would have been much better than it is now, but there was no other way.

Over the years, the money Yan Shi earned was used to pay off the compensation for the victim's family, and now his monthly salary is to cover his mother's expenses in the mental hospital, so there is really not much money to save.

“Huh?” Jiang Can looked at Yan Shi in surprise, with a puzzled look on her face.

“I only have so much in my hand now, Boss Jiang will take it first.”

After Jiang Can heard this, she suddenly laughed, frowning incomprehensibly.

“Lawyer Yan, what do you think of me? I said that I gave you the suit, why would I ask for money? If you really don't want it, return the suit to me tomorrow, and we will take it as it's even.”

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