Chapter 32: VS Gileus

[Dark Hall]

While conversing with the Gileus people, Absolute filled the room with his own dark magic, ready to release his magic at any time.


“No, no, no, no!”

“Get off of me!”

“Damn, what’s with the amount of arms⁈”

Every time a member of Gileus is caught by a huge number of magical arms, a scream goes up.
The dull sound of limbs being ripped off echoes through the room.

The Gileus members also resist by using magic and swords to cut through the magical arms, but the weakest ones are killed by the magical arms in turn, as their heads and limbs are ripped off.

However, even though they are corrupt, they are a top dark organization of the Suiroku Kingdom.
There are a few who just barely survive Absolute’s attack.

“Calm down, these magic arms are numerous and their grip is a bit strong, but they don’t move that fast!”

Orion, the leader of the Gileus, sees the weakness of Absolute’s magic and shares it with his subordinates.
The effect of this was that those that could move gradually began to see through the movements of the magic arm.

(There are kids here, and I’m not putting out high power, but he’s a former top guy.
He’s used to the battlefield.
He instantly sees the weakness of my magic.)

The “Dark Hall” is a magic that expands magic power and creates a magical arm that crushes and drags the user into a different space of darkness.

This magic is often used by Absolute, but its strength is that it can be used at close range, medium range, and long range, depends on the user, because the range can be freely changed by expanding the user’s dark magic power into the field.

Its weakness is that it consumes a lot of magic power, and the movement of its magic arms is inevitably slow due to a combination of operations.

Absolute isn’t worried about the amount of magic power, but it uses more magic power to increase the number of magic arms to cover the weakness of the slow speed of the magic arms.

Absolute, sensing that he’s being dealt with, puts more magic power into his arms to increase the number of magic arms.
Even the fierce fighters who had managed to resist are gradually being cut down and fall down.

(If I could use Toa, the spirit I have a contract with, I could finish them in a second, but I have Toa watching over the guy who is peeping at me.
Speed is something I’ll have to work on in the future.
I’d like to move the kids alone, but they’re behind the Gileus guys and by the looks of one of them, she’s dying and unconscious.
I can’t let them try anything weird  the kids, and I can’t show them my weakness, so I’m going to have to leave them alone for a while until I kill them.)

When only the leader remained, Absolute released the dark hall.
The leader of Gileus, who had managed to survive the magic, was wounded to the bone.

“Why, we only came here to be friends with the dark organisation.
We are not here to kill each other! We are not enemies, so why are we attacking each other⁈”

“The Ark family has never kidnapped anyone and we don’t need people who do such things.
And you deserve to die just for coming into the Ark family territory without permission.
Now, if you don’t want to die, why don’t you try to resist?”

Absolute draws his sword to finish Orion off.

Orion, prepared to die, pulls out his sword to resist to the last.

“What’s wrong with kidnapping people… The kingdom of Suiroku has been in the kidnapping business frequently since I was a kid, and even my sister and her friends were kidnapped.
So why is it wrong to kidnap people?”

Orion, the leader of the Gileus, was from the slums of the kingdom of Suiroku.
Every day he had to worry about whether or not he would be able to get a meal that day, but even so, he remembers that it wasn’t a bad life.

Orion was the type of person that people would gather around, and even in the slum, children close to his age who were in the same situation would all gather around him.

He had a big sister who took good care of her younger siblings, and younger brothers and sisters who were always hanging around him.
They had no money, no house, no nothing, but they all surrounded Orion and lived a lively life.

But Orion and his friends lived in a slum.
In the slum, no matter what happened, the guards would not come, and fights and kidnappings were frequent.
The evil hand began to reach out to Orion’s neighborhood.

The first to be kidnapped was his younger sister, about eight years old.
She was a cute little girl who looked up to Orion as her older brother.
I still remember the feeling of my knees collapsing and my strength slipping away when my friends told me they had seen her kidnapped.
I was aware that this was a slum and that kidnapping was part of the daily routine, but I never thought it would be one of my own people.

After that, the number of my friends frequently decreased one by one, and finally it was about to happen right in front of my eyes.
It was Orion’s sister’s daughter who was almost kidnapped.

She was being carried by several kidnappers who tied her mouth and hands and feet so that she could not speak or move.
Orion tried to save her somehow and stood up to the kidnappers.
However, there was a big difference in strength between adults and children, and Orion was beaten and defeated by the kidnappers.
The kidnappers laughed at Orion and took his sister’s daughter away, leaving him unable to move.

(I won’t allow it.
Kidnapping is a common thing in this country, but I won’t allow you to touch my comrades.
I’ll kidnap you too and sell you off for sure.)

Orion, an uneducated man from the slums, doesn’t know the law and does not know that kidnapping is a crime.
Growing up in a world where kidnapping is the norm, his common sense and sense of values become distorted, and he himself becomes involved in kidnapping.

Orion then gathered his remaining friends and formed Gileus.
The goal was revenge against the organization that had sold their friends.
Fortunately, he was blessed with friends, and Gileus quickly grew and soon succeeded in capturing the slums.

The organization that had been selling Orion’s friends was captured and sold to slavers and sex-crazed nobles.
While investigating the organization, he discovered that the nobles were behind it, and of course, he took revenge on them as well, selling off their citizens and relatives.
Through such repetition, Gileus became the largest organization in the kingdom of Suiroku.
For Orion, kidnapping is a common practice around the world and a means of revenge.

Orion was still kidnapping people and searching for his kidnapped friends, believing that they are safe and sound.
Until he is defeated by another upstart organization.

Orion wanted to take revenge on Absolute somehow, but the gap in power between the two was too wide to even achieve that.

He was seriously wounded by Absolute’s sword fight, and while leaning his back against the wall, he weakly waved his sword to check Absolute as he tried to approach.

“Hah, hah….
I guess this is as far as I go….
It’s nice, isn’t it, that you can do whatever you want with your overwhelming power? I bet it feels good.
You can do whatever you want to organizations like us or those nobles.
And you?  Why do you keep looking at me like that? What’s that look in your eyes, in your face, in your ministry? Don’t look at me like that.”


Orion, the leader of the Gileus, was stabbed in the chest with a sword by Absolute before he could finish all his words and he collapsed, powerless.

“I hate the smell of blood, the feel of a sword being stabbed, everything about fighting.
If I enjoy it, I am no longer evil, but a heretic….
Don’t lump me in with those kind of people.”

After that, the bodies of Orion and the other members of the Gileus were dragged into the darkness at the Dark Hall to dispose of the bodies.

Then, seeing that the battle is over, the Bowser family of the disposal team comes toward Absolute.
Their face is covered with a cloth, but it is probably Mist.


“Thanks for your help.
I’ve left the peeping toms alone as you said.
The corpses seem to have been taken care of by you again.
You do know that you don’t have to do it, the Bowser family can take care of it.”

The destruction of evidence, disposal of corpses, and measures against witnesses are the work of the Bowser family, and when Absolute is on a mission, he handles all the body disposal himself.

Absolute is making a memorial service by burying those he has killed in his own dark place, but Mist and the rest of the Bowser family feel bad that their job is being done by the leader of their faction.

“It doesn’t matter who does it.
It’s true that it would be faster if I did it myself.
Besides, you used to hate disposing of dead bodies, didn’t you?”

The first time Mist had accompanied him on a mission, he had frozen up after his first body disposal.
He was frightened by the first moment of loss of life, the immobilized body, and the aversion to death.

Absolute saw Mist in such a state and began to use his own magic to make a memorial service.

“When are you talking about…? If you’re doing this for me, I got used to it a long time ago, so I’m fine.
You don’t have to carry our burden anymore.
That’s why I have become so strong.”

(Sometimes you say things that impress me.
I don’t understand you.
You sound like you’re going to betray me soon.
Oh, I forgot about the kids.)

Absolute went to the twin sisters kidnapped by Gileus and his friends, both of whom were battered and bruised, with bruises on their faces and all over their bodies.

Absolute healed them with recovery magic, but they weren’t fully recovered.
That’s because physical strength and mental health cannot be recovered using such magic.

“The Bowser group should retreat with these guys.
They may be nobles by the looks of them.
We will hand them over to the king at a later date.
This has become a real hassle.”

What about Absolute-sama?”

“Going to get the peeping Tom to pay for the viewing fee.”

A man was watching the annihilation from a place where he could look down on the place where Absolute was fighting from above.

“I was on the verge of collapse, but to take down Gileus by himself.
The Ark family is dangerous, as I thought.
If you make an enemy like that, you’ll die a slow death.
No matter how eye-popping the price was, I still should have refused.
I told him that my job was to negotiate, but he was the wrong person to ask me to transport everyone to another country.
Well, I wouldn’t negotiate with the Ark family no matter how much money I have.”

The man is called a negotiator, and there is no one who lives behind the scenes who does not know him.

He can get anything he wants with money and negotiation, and is an expert at smuggling.
That’s how he got his nickname, Negotiator.

He hates the fact that his alias makes him do more than just negotiate, and that he is treated like a jack-of-all-trades, but he thinks it’s not a bad thing to have a good name.

Because the more he becomes famous, the more clients he gets and the more money he makes.

Money is the most important thing for a negotiator next to life.
You can never have too much of it, and love and trust depend on it.

“I’m glad that I was able to see the power of the Ark family.
This information will also fetch a good price.”

As the negotiator was about to use his skill to leave the place, an oddly white object with a beauty different from that of a human suddenly appeared in front of him.

“This is a spirit⁈ But why is it here?”

While he was distracted by the sudden appearance of the spirit, he heard a voice from behind him.

“Hmm…you know about spirits? Come to think of it, the leader of Black fairies is also a spirit user.
Do you know him by any chance?”

“Ah, you are…”

The man who appeared in front of the negotiator was the man who had been fighting Gileus just a moment ago.

“I’ve never seen you before, negotiator.
I thought you were a middle-aged man, but you are surprisingly young.
You look weak, but you’re also clever.
I am Absolute Ark.
You’re the one who brought those Gileus guys here, aren’t you? How dare you make me uncomfortable?”

A heavy pressure hits the negotiator as if a heavy weight is being placed on him.
He had experienced with his own body the reason why Gileus had succumbed to the pressure just a moment ago.


The negotiator, who never fights on his own, couldn’t bear this pressure.
He knelt down and tried desperately to regulate his breathing.

“What are you keeping silent about? You’ve got some nerve ignoring me.
I’m going to kill you.”

(Don’t be reckless…)

The negotiator, thinking that he will be seriously killed if he continues like this, tries to escape by using the skill of transference.

The next moment after using the skill of transference, the negotiator was astonished.

He is still in front of Absolute.
For some unknown reason, the skill of transference did not take effect.

(Unbelievable why didn’t the skill activate.)

The negotiator tried again and again to use the skill, but the result was the same.

Seeing the Negotiators impatience, Absolute looks satisfied.

“You, do you think you can leave without saying anything in front of me? You are too rude.”

“It’s not that I’m trying to escape….
You haven’t introduced yourself yet.
As you know, I’m a poor negotiator.
By the way, Ark-san, did you do something to me? Since a moment ago, I can’t use my skills at all.”

The negotiator was inwardly panicking.
Until now, he had been able to overcome the danger by using the transfer skill.
But now, He can’t use it.

Of course, even though it is called transference, it requires an interval for continuous use, so he was prepared to fight in case of emergency, but he didn’t think it would be ineffective on the overwhelmingly powerful man in front of him.

“Ah, I prepared it for you, and I see you like it.
The thing that blocks your skills is a transfer-inhibiting grimoire.”

This magic tool was custom-made by Rainana to prevent the assassination by Transference of the “hero of space” who was once said to be the strongest on the continent.
Well, since there are no more spatial heroes, Absolute made a deal with the king to get it for the negotiator.
He was glad to see that it works.

(A magical tool to inhibit transference?  He even went as far to prepare something like that.)

“Why do you think you were able to leisurely watch Gileus and I kill each other? I let you run free because I didn’t want you to run away.
There are so many questions I want to ask you.
For example, that you are planning to take advantage of the Royal Academy of Rainana’s field exercises to unleash a large number of powerful monsters.”

The negotiator’s face scrunched up.

“…… why do you know about that? Only my client and I are supposed to know.”

“Come on.
Let’s just say that you shouldn’t underestimate the Ark family’s information network too much.
Now all we have to do is to get the information out of you.
I don’t trust you very much, so I’m going to torture you and ask your body.
I wouldn’t normally do that, but I’m sure I won’t feel too guilty if it’s you.”

“In case you don’t mind, I’m in a business built on trust, so can you give me a break? Of course I’ll pay your fee.”

The man in front of me released a breathtaking pressure.

“It’s impossible.”

After that, the negotiator was abducted to the Ark family and tortured.

He was tortured for days in a space with no sunlight, his mind and body tortured.

He was deprived of food, and this continued until his heart was broken.

The torture was done to relieve the guilt of having killed Gileus because of the negotiator, and to make him understand the hierarchical relationship between the two for the future.

The negotiator was investigated and a shocking revelation was made.

“Oh, it was the Church of Rainana that asked you to unleash the monsters in large numbers?”

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