Chapter 21: Original Story

“I’m off then.
Today is just the entrance ceremony, so Ur and Maria, both of you should go ahead and unpack.
From tomorrow, you two will be coming to the school together with me, so just keep that in mind.”


After Ur and Maria replied, they immediately set to work.

Absolute was to move to the Ark family’s villa in King’s Landing before entering the academy in King’s Landing.

And Absolute headed for the waiting carriage.

Today was the day of the entrance ceremony.

[Rainana Royal Academy]

It is a third grade school with a regulation that all nobles in the country of Rainana must enroll at the age of 15.

Classes are divided into A to E, and students are assigned based on their grades in the entrance examination.

In addition to nobles, children of famous merchants, children recommended by churches, and commoners with the backing of nobles are also allowed to enter the school.

As a special exception, royalty and descendants of heroes are exempted from the examination.

The most important things in this academy are the title, grades, and ability.
If you perform well in examinations, mock battles in class, and written work, you will be able to get a job advance in the future, and influence the caste system in the school.

There is basically no hierarchy within the school, but not completely.
Of course, there are some friendships that transcend factional boundaries, but basically, people tend to be from the same faction.

And since today’s entrance ceremony is a big event, there are many upperclassmen who have come to help the new students with preparations and assistance.

However, the eyes of the students are drawn to the area near the school gate.

In the midst of all this, a large number of black carriages were sitting in a row in front of the school gate.

One of the students said.

“I’m sure those carriages belong to the Ark family.”

Just as the area began to rustle, a person got out of the carriage.
It was a man who exuded an intimidating atmosphere, which makes one feel a sense of discomfort.

Someone said.

“It’s Absolute Ark….”

After Absolute left, the nobles under his faction came down in droves from the carriages that followed.
The Ark family faction was now in full force, with Absolute in the lead.

The atmosphere of the place became noticeably heavier after the appearance of the Ark faction.

The Ark family faction, which appeared to be a strange sight to those around them, must have been an enemy of the country with few high-ranking nobles.
Even if there were bad rumors, they wouldn’t have been a prominent presence, but now people can’t take their eyes off them.

What is that presence⁈

“Hey, did you know that the Ark family faction was such a dangerous group of people?”

“I’ve heard rumors that the Ark family is the head of a rather dangerous organization…but maybe that pressure is real.”

The crowd naturally avoided Absolute and the others.
The atmosphere of the place was dominated by Absolute.

Absolute used his skill “King’s Dominance” to slightly intimidate the people around him and create a heavy atmosphere.

This event was held to impress the absolute strength of Absolute and his subordinates.

First of all, first impressions are important.
You should never be looked down upon.
If I am around, I will beat them up, but if my subordinates are not within my line of sight, I will not be able to protect them.

Therefore, I must show them.
The unity of the Ark family must be shown here.
We have to let them know that the Ark family is not to be messed with.

“Maybe we shouldn’t get too close to the Ark family faction…”

“Oh, I don’t want to be in the same class as them.”

It was worth it, and those who were present were carved up about the Ark’s family faction and Absolute who lead them.

The entrance ceremony was held in the school’s auditorium.
The seats were not assigned, so the back seats were filled by the Ark family.

Chris speaks next to Absolute.

“I didn’t expect you to put the people around you in check like that.”

I snickered at that.

“Don’t use the word “check” in such an exaggerated way, Chris.
We just went to school together, didn’t we?”

“How can you say that after all the murderous intent you’ve displayed?”

Chris and the others around him are laughing, but I can see that they are looking at Absolute with gratitude and envy.

They understand that Absolute dared to put them in check for their own good.

“Thank you, Absolute-sama.”

“Hmph, I don’t know.”

Chris expresses his thanks on behalf of them, but Absolute did not accept it and continued the usual exchange.

Then the entrance ceremony began and everything went according to schedule without any irregularities.

After the introduction of the principal and teachers, the new students were introduced at the end of the ceremony.

The representative was Michael, a member of the royal family.

“The principal and teachers, I thank you for your warm words of welcome.
We will study at this school so that we can grow as people who have nothing to be ashamed of as members of the Rainana nation.
We will also deepen our friendship with our friends who will support Rainana Nation together in the future, and we will become stronger so that we will not be defeated by any evil.
I look forward to working with you for the next three years.”

Freshman Representative: Michael Rainana

After Michael’s speech, there was a round of applause, and I applauded as well, but I couldn’t help but think that what Michael had just said was a little too much.

“I will gather my supporters at the school, crush Absolute, and return to my position as crown prince.”

That’s what I summarized from all he just said.

Michael’s eyes met mine as he returned to his seat, his eyes full of hate.
The look in his eyes convinced me

I was relieved that I had brought him down from the crown prince’s throne.

I guess Michael hadn’t given up yet.
…… A hero, a saint, and an original event for a former crown prince… fine, I’ll welcome him.

The last one to survive.

Will be Absolute Ark!

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