Chapter 8: The Pitfalls Of Youthful Impatience

that seemed to be piled high with unopened books and clean parchment.

”Love is a very fickle and wondrous thing my son. ” he replied. ”It can get the better of any man no matter how strong or of sound mind. ”

”I don suppose its any easier on the women? ” asked Alain with an arched brow.

This earned him a chuckle from his father whom had known all too well that it was sometimes doubly difficult for the women.

”No…I don suppose its easier on them either. ” replied the older man whom had folded his arms across his chest as he sat back against his chair.

Alain seemed to understand, but dreaded the outcome of this infatuation of sorts. He had only known Naureen for a short amount of time and already he wanted nothing more than to devote his every waking hour to being in her presence.

”I suppose I should actually be getting to the reason I called you here in the first place. ” said Alfred with a smile. ”The first reason is that I am considering undertaking an expedition to the new world and I would like for you to come along…its roughly a three month trip on board one of my main vessels through some rugged sea terrain, but I could use your assistance in choosing a spot to construct a hall of sorts in the a chosen area. ”

Alain found himself caught off guard by this.

”Y-You wish for me to join you? ”he asked still processing what hed just been asked.

”Why not? ” asked Alfred still very much amused. ”Its not like you haven been training for sea travel since the day you first questioned me about my maps. ”

This was a tremendous honor for the young lad as hed been looking forward to the day hed get to join his father on his travels since hed been a mere boy.

”Of course. ” he replied still reeling from the news. ”Itll be an honor, Father. ”

Alfred seemed pleased to hear this, hed been looking forward to the day hed take his son out on the open sea for many years now as a lad Alain would often request toy boats whenever his father was set to sail and hed play sea commander in his bath water which drove his attending into fits with his constant splashing and insisting that they were sea wenches.

Alana had not been too fond of the idea due to the loss of her first husband, the late Sebastian Duchene but she knew all too well that Alfred had only their sons best interest at heart. Casimir was groomed for governorship and Alain had been enchanted by the sea for as long as anyone could remember.

”Now the second bit of news. ” said Alfred seemingly searching for a means of softening the inevitable blow that would come from it.

Alain gave his father his undivided attention in a bid to learn this new turn of events.

”Your rather unscrupulous cousin Cornelius Eyston is coming and bringing along his younger brother Reginald, and best friend Jasper to stay for a few days at his mothers request. ” said Alfred knowing all too well that Alain had a vastly in depth hatred of Cornelius.

The boys were rivals since they were mere children and the hedonistic lifestyle Cornelius lived in his youth had not been something the rather prudish Alain could stomach. He tolerated Casimir due to them being brothers, but Cornelius was something else all together. Rumors of his sadistic candor and orgy related sex parties passed through all the time. Reginald on the other hand was merely a child, but a sweet and considerate one often ground beneath the heel of his sinister elder brother. While Jasper was a resident kiss-arse and often defended Cornileus vile behavior.

”Oh this is just wonderful. ” said Alain in his usual sarcastic manner. ”As if this weekend could not have gotten any worse. ”

”Well at least your Aunt decided not to show. ” added Alfred still amused.

”That would have been a lingering headache for mother. ” remarked Alain not wishing to venture down that road of annoyance.

”Indeed it would have been. ” agreed Alfred. ”Alright lad run along Ive some business to attend to and I shall let you know when we are ready to set sail. ”

Alain nodded and obediently took his leave of his father. While he couldn wait to get the news about setting sail, he found his mind once more drifted to the beautiful lass with whom he had shared many a splendid afternoon at the grove. He couldn wait for the rain to stop, Cornelius to go home, and for he and his father to make their journey across uncertain waters, the pitfalls of youthful impatience at its finest.

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