Chapter 8: The Pitfalls Of Youthful Impatience

The Duchene Estate, Leighton, England (1762)

Another fine round of fair weather saw to yet another day of Alain Remington awakening with the notion to venture to the old grove in a bid to not only see to completing his various projects, but to once more find himself in the company of the beautiful lass known as Noreen McCray. Try as he might to put her out of his mind, even for a few moments, it never seemed to work out and he found himself envisioning her all over again. Pulling back the covers and attempting to stretch did little to take his mind off his rather pleasant dreams. If hed been honest with himself hed have come to the conclusion that his attraction to her seemed to intensify as the days passed and that he found her presence no matter how bazar, intriguing to say the least.

As he moved about his bedchambers, Alain barely said a word as he quickly set to work making himself presentable, his parents were always fussing about his lack of participation during the family dining hours. He had no explanation for what was happening to him, his previous obsession with punctuality and manner had slipped into something of a compulsion to venture back to the old grove more than he had when he first discovered it.

Emerging from his room, Alain made his way toward the stairs only to be stopped via Geoffrey with a message from his father, whom had been quite concerned about his recent lack of social graces.

”Master Alain. ” said the concerned lad. ”Your father wishes to speak with you in the upstairs study. ”

Alain nodded knowing all too well that his father wouldn let up until he had his word. Of course the young man knew not what to tell him. He wasn in the least sure of what to do with himself as of late.

”Thank you Geoffrey, Ill see my way to joining him. ” replied Alain with a pleasant smile.

Geoffrey seemed to be at ease having finally delivered the master of the houses message. He politely took his leave of Alain and continued with his usual duties.


The Upstairs Study, The Duchene Estate, Leighton, England (1762)

Alfred Remington sat alone behind his large oakwood desk pouring over parchments pertaining to his upcoming shipping contracts and various supply runs. Hed been very successful on more than one occasion when it came to his shipping business and he had looked forward to the day his son would inherit it. Alain entered the room finding a familiar air of intimidation awaited him as he closed the door behind him. Hed always been in awe of his father and the way he handled his shipping business and any other business that needed to be done. Often hed wonder if he could ever be like him in terms of ensuring the well being of the family.

Casimir was destined to become a governor like their late father Sebastian Duchene before his untimely end due to his shipping vessel being commandeered via pirates on the high seas. It stood to reason that Alain would be the child more inclined to take after Alfred whom he watched hold the family together ever since hed been three years of age.

Finally noting his youngest sons presence, Alfred looked up from his desk. He found it a curious that his son was so out of sorts as of late. He hardly had time for anyone let alone Casimir whom he always had a fondness for hanging about. The older man smiled noting the tell tale signs of a young man out of his element and given what Casimir had told them the night they had dinner together, he suspected that this young lass was quite special indeed if she were enough to get young Alains attention.

”Going somewhere? ” asked Alfred with a knowing grin as he noted his sons more casual attire.

Alain attempted to hide his shock at seeing his father confront him directly, but failed miserably.

This only served to amuse Alfred all the more.

”It seems Casimir wasn exaggerating about your affections for this mysterious lass. ” he mused. ”If I didn know any better Id say you were absolutely smitten by her. ”

”I… ” began Alain with his cheeks turning bright red and his palms sweating. He had never considered that hed been smitten with any sort of woman let alone one he had barely known after a few pleasant encounters.

”You have found yourself quite smitten via this young lass whom you meet with at your usual painting place. ” said Alfred still very much amused.

Alain nodded in agreement unable to convey his words properly at the moment.

”Not to worry, Ill cover for you at breakfast. ” said his father understanding his sons embarrassment and lack of understanding of his newfound predicament.

Alfred got up from behind his desk and walked over toward his youngest son. There was an air of pride in him as he gently placed his hand on his sons shoulder. It seemed hed been looking forward to this day for a very long time. Alain felt a good deal of relief pass through him as his father seemed to give him his approval in whatever this strange new turn his life had taken were to bring.

He took his leave of his father and turned his attention back to the anticipation that filled him about his next encounter with the mysterious Noreen.


The Hidden Grove, Leighton, England….(1762)

Just as before, Alain found himself alone at the old grove with his supplies and paints ready. A feeling of anticipation washed over him and he found himself giving in to looking forward to seeing the strange lass again. Her beauty captivated him almost as much as the landscapes he painted and her rather forward approach to life made her adventurous and bold when it came to seeking out the things she wanted. He could tell she had been educated, properly in fact and that she held a kind of enthralling charisma unknown to most women he had known. She reminded him a bit of his mother, using her feminine wiles to get what she wanted in any manner in which she wanted it but with refined dignity.

”Did you miss me? ” said the voice of the newly arrived Noreen McCray as she approached the stunned Alain.

She was as beautiful as the days before only her hair had been pinned in an elegant bun and she moved with a quiet grace that made her appear as if she was gliding across the flowerbeds that surrounded them. The coolness of a passing breeze did little to afford the credit for the goosebumps that seemed to trail along his body the moment he heard her voice.

”Well, shall we get started then? ” asked Noreen with a knowing smile filed across her face despite her rather coy manner.

Alain cleared his throat and began setting up for the commencement of a portrait of the intoxicatingly beautiful woman. He didn doubt for one moment that given her looks and alluring nature that she could have any man she pleased no matter the age range, but it seemed even more a curious notion that she seemed to have a fondness for him of all people.

Hed only been sixteen and not quite as renown as the other members of his family. More often than not he shied away from recognition unless it had to do with his credit when it came to his schooling and art work.

Alain had not mentioned it aloud, but he thought she looked quite lovely in her simple gray dress. She seemed comfortable as she stood a little ways away from the empty canvas her eyes moving over the grove and the surrounding flowers as she turned her attention back to him. A flicker of something akin to intrigue behind her lovely eyes.

As if under some undesired compulsion, Alain took up his paint brush and dipped it into his color pad before crashing it against the formerly crisp white canvas in something of a trance. He said not a word as he began to paint the lovely image before him. Noreen smiled giving him her most seductive pose as if she were truly interested in that image being the one he captured for all to see on the canvas.

Alain couldn quite put his finger on it, but Noreen seemed to bring out more of his creative efforts.

She watched with rapt attention as he painted her portrait this time intentionally as they stood beneath the pleasant shade of the grove and amid the numerous colorful and vibrant flowers that surrounded them. It was like something out of a fairytale if Noreen were to be honest and she didn seem to mind it much at all.

Her eyes continued to flicker with strange intensity as she watched Alain work the intricate detail of his youthful male body in full view as she stood without making a sound and posed for her portrait. His last bit of work had been most impressive and there was no telling just how much he could accomplish when he meant to show off his well developed talents.

Before either of them knew it, the late hour had caught up to them and once more they had to part ways putting the finishing of the portrait on hold for the evening. Alain did his best to hide his disappointment at having to once more bid farewell to the mysterious lass that captivated him so but he understood shed been needed elsewhere and traveling alone at night wasn a good thing for a woman such as herself to have to endure.

”Some other time then. ” she said in parting.

”As you wish. ” replied Alain not wishing to see her go once again.

Once more he collected his materials and headed back toward his family estate. While Noreen McCray may have parted from him briefly, he knew all too well that shed return before the sun came up to once more plague his smitten mind.

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