Chapter 6: The Mysterious Allure Of The Fairer Sex

ose proximity to Noreen. She noted the way his hazel eyes shifted in color as a reflection of his excitement and the absolute possibility of a lingering promise.

Noreen found Alain had begun moving her hand along with the brush she held so tightly. He made something of an undignified snort startling her some before dipping the brush hairs into the already opened blue paint that sat beside them.

”The art of painting is…quite difficult to put into intellectual points, it is more like an instinct or a feeling one must experience for themselves. ” remarked Alain still with his attention on the canvas. ”My own understanding of the arts was by way of being thrust into it head first…I was a boy when I stumbled into my mothers art studio accidentally vandalized her clear canvas with childish flair…she managed to incorporate some structure over the years and Ive been painting ever since. ”

Noreen noted how as Alain spoke his hand moved her hand across the canvas in swift yet well scouted strokes. Before her very eyes the empty canvas began to fill and before she knew it, there was a blue monochrome painting of what appeared to be a woman in her line of sight.

”Its positively marvelous! ” she exclaimed in awe of the young mans obvious talent.

Alain seemed more focused than interested in conversation. This was the first time he had even remotely painted anything that resembled a human being, despite their impressive number and renown, his past works were of landscapes and waterfalls. He deduced that his definition of beauty was altered for the time being and he painted a variation of Noreen in blue paint on instinct.

Alain noted her delight and his cheeks turned red. For he had not meant to be so bold only to help her understand the nature of artistic instinct vs any random commodity trying their hand. There was a reason after all that a true artists work was highly sought.

”I didn mean… ” Alain attempted to explain. ”Ive never done a protait of a woman before that is to say I wasn intending to do one this time round I…simply couldn help myself. ”

Noreen didn seem to take any offense, infact she had been quite delighted. Alain had not finished the painting but she could tell it had potential, a good deal of it infact.

”Well. ” said Noreen looking it over. ”I may not be artist material after all. ”

Alain had not known what to say to that and there was a sudden panic that filled him that he would never again see the strange young woman whose company hed started to look forward to keeping.

Noreen it seemed senses his distress and smiled before meeting his gaze.

”While I wouldn make a very good artist, Id say I have a natural talent in being a model for one… wouldn you agree? ”

Alain nodded too shocked to utter any words at the present moment as a sense of relief flooded him like never before.

”I suppose we could continue with the sessions of sorts. ” he said attempting to sound casual.

”Interested in seeing me again are you? ” asked Noreen in an inquisitive tone.

Alain thought for a moment and answered honestly, he wasn opposed to meeting with her again and the strange notion of panic he felt when she came to the conclusion that she didn wish to paint of her own accord any longer was not lost on him.

”I am. ” he replied.

She seemed delighted to hear this and turned her attention back to the not quite finished painting. It had been a true work of art and accidental of course, she wondered what the two of them could accomplish if they had meant to do it on purpose.

As the day began to wind down, Alain and Noreen once more parted ways. He gave her the painting of herself as a gift and ventured back to his family estate after collecting his materials as he had the day before. This new found association seemed to hold a good deal of promise and his apparent attraction to the curious lass only began to intensify.

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