Chapter 6: The Mysterious Allure Of The Fairer Sex

Alains Chambers, The Duchene Estate, Leighton, England (1762)

Nightfall saw to Alain lying in bed alone with his thoughts once more turned to the strange lass Noreen McCray. Her striking beauty clouded his judgement and made him yearn for things he had long since buried when it came to his youthful nature. Try as he might, Alain was unable to suppress his seemingly well hidden desires for long. It had taken him years to carve out a reputation for himself that had not been over shadowed by his wayward elder brother. The stories and gossip about Casimirs love life or lack their of a time or two were enough to warrant Alain from having similar stories out about him. Sadly this produced rumors and conjecture far worse than his brothers well noted wandering eyes.

Hed been quite reclusive, never spending time with those of his own age for fear of their influence possibly corrupting his ideals. Casimir had often warned him of his lonely lifestyle and how no good could come of it. In a sense, hed been correct in hsi assessment as Alain found himself feeling alone more often than not. Casimir was a constant companion when they were small boys but life pulled them in two very distinctive directions.

While Casimir was being groomed to take on his birthright as Heir apparent, Alain was more or less in the foreground unsure of what life truly had instore for him as the second born son of a noble house. When he attended school, hed gotten into more than his fair share of scuffles. He had like many young lads his age taken an interest in the opposite sex but he was positively put off by the lack of drive and personality each young lady possessed that his mother attempted to fix him up with.

Her comments at dinner were not as much as a shock for him as he let on, he had known there were many a rumor about him being spread due to his lack of female companionship. Of course he had no male friends to speak of either but that was of little consequence to the gossips that were off to spread their lies. A good story now and again was all they had seemed to care about no matter the damage to ones reputation.

His father called him something of a late bloomer, a fact that Alain himself could do little to depute. He was simply more interested in obtaining a future for himself than a possible arranged marriage to some woman he had not known and it took precedence over much of his time and attention. Everything came so easily to Casimir, but Alain was different in terms of social graces. He lacked quite a bit of grace when it came down to it and found himself fumbling in conversations that pertained to anything personal.

As Alain continued to lie in bed and contemplate his new found predicament, there was a knock at his door that echoed throughout the entirety of his chambers. Annoyed at having been disturbed even when it was just him and his thoughts, Alain got to his feet not at all subtle in his aggravation as he opened the door to find Casimir of all people standing on the other side of it.

”Youve got gall coming to me after that earlier display. ” he said rather bitterly.

”Oh come off it Lain, I was just messing about and you know it. ” said Casimir casually. ”Besides I couldn resist giving them something else to talk about besides me for a change. ”

Alain rolled his eyes and made his way toward the nearby window over looking the gardens below his chambers.

”Arse. ” he muttered. ”It isn enough that this whole situation makes me uncomfortable you go and add them into it. ”

”Your problem is you need to get more fun out of life. ” said Casimir with a smirk. ”Now tell me truthfully, this lass you met she got to you didn she? ”

Alain had not been aware of what his brother was getting at but he remained cautious when dealing with him.

”Don look at me as if you have no idea of what I am talking about, you were thinking about doing her right there and then weren you? ” teased Casimir. ”One could hardly blame you, she must have been quite the looker if she had you questioning your sanctity….You mustn take it too harshly little brother you are as much a red blooded male as the rest of us. ”

”Im nothing like you arse. ” replied Alain in defiance. ”I don bed everything that moves and move on to the next as if its some sort of means of conquest. ”

Casimir pretended to be hurt by his brothers spiteful words and grinned.

”Don knock it until youve tried it. ” he said in his defense. ”Besides my cock has gotten plenty a work out and pleasure to boot while you suffer with your sentimental self from vivid memories of what didn happen. ”

Alain ignored the last remark let he deck his brother outright. He was interested in knowing what one does now that certain attentions have been acknowledged and he knew Casimir had far more experience in these matters despite his vulgar manner.

”So are you planning to see her again? ” asked Casimir in his usual casual tone.

”Looks that way. ” replied Alain truthfully. ”I don know whether I am looking forward to it or dreading it. ”

”Why not both? ” asked Casimir with a smile. ”I wouldn worry so much about it ol chap, as Ive told you before if she has designs on riding your virgin cock, let her. ”

Alain sighed feeling quite tired from all of the emotional implications the next day would bring.

”Alright Ill take your word for it now get out Ive got an early start come morning whether she shows up or not. ” He said shooing his elder brother out the door.

Casimirs amusement didn seem to fade as he found himself staring at the large heavy oak wood door for the second time that night. He didn doubt that whomever this girl was she had something of a hold on his younger brother and for that he applauded her. No woman or girl had ever been capable of turning his prudish younger brothers mind to mush as it were.

The handsome blond was almost sorry they did not cross paths before she met Alain. Still it would be a treat for him none the less to see how this all comes about. Casimir made his way to his room and thought on his plans for the upcoming day.

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