Chapter 3: An Artistic Point Of View

he beautiful lady before him.

”As you wish. ” he replied. ”What do you ask of me, my lady? ”

The pleasant young woman smiled once more finding his manner as amusing as she had refreshing.

”How about your name for a start? ” she asked as her brown eyes began to size him up.

She seemed quite impressed with his towering height, hed been six one after all and quite thinly built.

”I am Alain Remington. ” he replied still determined to use good manners despite her wish for a lack of formality.

”Alain, its a pleasure to meet you. ” countered the young lady still smiling. ”My name is Noreen McCray. ”

Noreen extended her hand and Alain in true fashion kissed it before she turned her attention to his painting of a water fall.

”You come here to work often? ” she asked with an arched brow.

”I do indeed. ” replied Alain. ”Mostly due to the idle chatter in my household breaking my concentration. ”

”Its quite beautiful. ” said Noreen remarking on the painting once again. ”I don know very many craftsman whom could produce something so wondrous. ”

Alain had been tempted to input that hed been no crafts man, but remained polite none the less. He had not wanted to offend the lovely Noreen after all.

Hed been in awe as she approached the canvas still slick with the wetness of his paints and gently ran her index finger along the cool dark liquids. She didn seem in the least put off by it having stained her finger and seemed all the more fascinated by it.

”How does one come to learn such an artistic trade? ” she asked. ”And have you ever done a portrait before? ”

”I learned at the knee of my mother. ” replied Alain truthfully. ”And as to your second question, yes I have done countless portraits before. ”

Noreen seemed delighted to hear this. Her dark eyes lit up for a moment with excitement before turning her attention back to Alain.

”I have decided to learn from you. ” she said meeting his gaze. ”And you will be my instructor. ”

Alain was caught off guard by this turn of events as he had no intention of teaching anyone to paint let alone a beautiful young woman whom had seemingly come from out of no where.

”Wouldn you be more comfortable learning from a specialist with their own studio? ” he asked unsure if she knew what she was asking of him.

If he had agreed to teach her then they would be spending quite a bit of time together. He had not been well verse in dealing with the opposite sex unless it had been a member of his family. He lacked the well noted charisma of his elder brother and the desire to linger in the presence of a lady.

Noreen smiled once again noting how nervous hed become. It was quite clear to her that he wasn in the least use to female company and it only made him appear even more endearing to her. Still, she wished to learn the wonders of art and he was quite gifted in that regard.

”Nonsense. ” she replied merely dismissing his hesitation. ”You will teach me and we will meet back here for our lessons unless something pertaining to other events conspire to keep us apart. ”

”I… ” stammered Alain unsure how he could get out of this. ”As you wish. ”

Noreen seemed to delight in her little victory and that she had unnerved him. He had not been aware of her many nights of being on the receiving end of unwanted advances and the fact that hed been caught unawares and had no interest in such things at the moment made him all the more a promising candidate for this endeavor.

”I must be heading back. ” she announced. ”But I shall return tomorrow, will you be here? ”

Alain thought for a moment, but found himself curious as to not only whom this strange young woman was but why she seemed to have taken a liking to him of all people.

”As you wish. ” replied Alain politely.

Noreen took her leave and Alain continued with his painting unsure of how hed gotten roped into teaching the strange and rather impulsive young woman how to paint. He has suspected that it was an excuse to leave her home every morning and now that she found the grove it was always going to be the first place she went for to get away from whatever life she wished to leave behind.

Once more time had gotten away from him, as Alain packed up his things and headed back toward his family estate. Hed been starving this time around and quite nervous about dealing with a member of the opposite sex in terms of spending time alone. The very thought had aggravated his sensibilities but he agreed none the less. His curiosity as to how this would all play out getting the better of him.

At the very least, he was merely giving her a crash course on the world pertaining to his artistic point of view no matter how scandalous it seemed to spend time with a lady alone without the consent of their mutual families.

As the now hungry and weary Alain ventured back to his family estate, his elder brother came to mind and the thought came across to ask him how best to deal with women especially in regard to something so serious as spending time alone with them. The last hed seen of Casimir, he slipped out of their mothers party and headed back to the seedy brothel.

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