Chapter 2: Of Brothers And Hags

cted, his mother had made it down and was quite taken with the way the party was going. The endless stream of guests and women turned their attention to Alain as he ventured toward her.

”And here is my youngest son now. ” she said with pride in her tone as she looked upon him. ”Just as handsome as his father, I do have some handsome sons don I ladies? ”

It didn take long for Alain to deduce that his mother had been indulging in wine before hand and it was making her quite meddlesome. He hated when she drank, although many others found her deposition to be quite jolly and tame. It was a habit none the less and something else Casimir inherited from her it seemed. They did enjoy their wines, the more expensive the better when it came to them.

The group of older women gathered around Alain as much as they usually did trying to get him to dance with them and regaling him with tales of their various daughters and how theyd make a good match of theyd been wed.

Alain had already been put off for the night almost wishing to be back at the brothel with the forward whore in place of these older women bombarding him with their tented gowns of refined elegance and idle prattle that held no interest for him.

He was not of the mind to settle and be married, at least not in his youthful age as his heart was set on his art and various voyages across the sea with his father. He had not the time nor the patience to fool around, as he saw no point to sullying ones reputation for a turn in the hay nor did he believe being forced to marry some random woman would be the solution to all of his perceived dilemmas from the point of view from these obnoxious older women.

Just when he didn believe he couldn get away from the clucking of mother hens fast enough, Casimir had come to the rescue as it were. The charming blond draped an arm over his young brothers shoulder and pulled him toward the dance floor.

”Better luck next time ladies. ” he called jovially after them while they scoffed and headed back toward Alana and Alfred. ”I require assistance from my little brother at the moment. ”

While Alain had been grateful for the timely intervention, hed been none too pleased with Casimirs drunken status nor the fact that he still tricked him into going into a brothel.

”Arse. ” muttered Alain narrowing his eyes at his elder brother as they fled the party and made their way out on the terrace.

”Is that the thanks I get for save you from that gaggle of old geese? ” muttered Casimir still not quite over his pleasant mood. ”Could have let them peck at your liver. ”

”Why don you offer them yours, Im sure theyd be good and drunk then. ” countered Alain.

Casimir chuckled before sneaking over toward a row of flowers and lifting what had been a half empty wine bottle out of the bed. He dusted it off and smirked as he held it up in the moonlight.

”Managed to get some of the good stuff. ” he said elated. ”French wine on import. ”

He popped it open spitting the cork over the edge and turned up the end drinking down a good deal of it before offering some to Alain before swallowing what he drank down. Knowing hed never leave him alone otherwise, the younger of the two brothers gave in taking up the bottle and drinking some of the wine before handing it back.

Casimir chuckled once more at the face his brother made and turned up the rest, knowing all too well that hed never get him to drink anymore.

”You know what your problem is little brother? ” he asked gulping down the last of the wine.

”Im pretty sure you
e going to tell me. ” muttered Alain taking a seat on one of the outside benches.

”And you would be quite right ol chap. ” replied Casimir. ”Still, your problem is that you haven had a proper ** or any ** since youve come of age. ”

Alain narrowed his eyes at his brother feeling his face turn red and his fists ball up as a result of his vulgar insinuation.

”Not everyone is a skirt chasing arse like you, Cass. ” he grumbled.

Casimir smirked realizing hed touched a nerve with his rather astute observation.

”All I am saying is that life would be a little less strenuous for you and a lot more pleasurable if youd just got it out of the way. ” he reasoned. ”And might I suggest you find someone suitable before mother marries you off to one of those hags daughters, you never know what you are missing out on. ”

Alain rolled his eyes not wishing to even look at Casimir whom had suddenly taken to climbing the terrace and making his way down a long tangle of unchecked vines. Once more Casimir had his own agenda and it wasn about staying for the party.

”Where are you going? ” asked the annoyed younger lad.

”Back to the brothel. ” replied Casimir with a confident smirk. ”Don wait up. ”

With that he was gone all notion of the party long forgotten with his mind on one of the various whores to keep him company for the night.

”Arse. ” muttered Alain before he returned to one of the benches.

If their mother decided to strangle Casimir, he wouldn be opposed to it in the least at this point. The day had been a long one it seemed and he was quite ready to put it behind him as he ventured down the vines and crept back into the manor determined to turn in for the night. He wasn much for parties and wanted desperately to avoid those crazed older women cornering him again.

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