Chapter 10: The Measuring Of An Acquaintance

ents as his heart beat wildly in his chest and his breathing became shallow. For the time being it was as if the whole world stood still was Naureen pressed her lips into his for the very first time.

The kiss had been something that plagued Alains mind ever since he met her. He had not been experienced with kissing a Lass such as her, let alone in an intimate setting. For weeks he dreaded what it would be like to have his first kiss and if hed been capable of even pleasing any woman when the time came.

Now here he was enjoying the rather spirited kiss from the young woman whom had captivated him from the moment they met. It was strange, shed been on top of him with his back pressed against the cold and muddy earth no doubt causing his attire to become filthy and yet all he could feel was the softness of her skin and the heat from their bodies being pressed together.

The heat from their mutual contact only seemed to spur them on all the more as the intensity increased and Alain felt himself beginning to stir beneath his trousers. Noreen wasn in the least a conventional young woman and it seemed to make what they were doing all the more intriguing as she had been the one to initiate their first kiss and the heated series of kisses afterward.

As if on instinct, Alain gripped Noreen via her well shaped waistline and continued to kiss her all over her neck and body adhering to the heat that continued to build between them. If she didn stop him right then and there their first kiss would have translated into another first for him as he found himself much too excited to hold on to the any semblance of propriety.

”Im impressed. ” she said smiling down at him. ”Was that our first kiss? ”

Alain smirked at her for a few moments before regaining his composure.

”You tell me. ” he replied.

Noreen returned his smile and ran her hands along his chest and treated him to a few quick pecks along his neckline. She wanted this moment to last as long as possible before she had to part from him. The desperation to see him had lead to her becoming a bit forward but he didn seem to mind it after they really got going.

”Why Mr. Remington I do believe you have something of a naughty streak in you just waiting to come to the surface. ” said Noreen teasing him.

”Only when it comes to you. ” Alain replied kissing her neck once more before she stopped him yet again.

”While it was pleasant to see you again, Alain… ” she began much to both of their disappointments. ”I have to be getting back, the family has guests and Id make a poor host if I spent much of my time out here with you and not them. ”

Alain sighed knowing all too well what shed been going through.

”Until next time then? ” he asked with an arched brow.

In reply, Noreen took it upon herself to capture his lips in yet another series of heated kisses before pulling away and climbing off him to head toward her family home. Alain lied on his back looking up at the sky shaded via the old grove.

It would be a little while before he could get himself from being stuck in the mud and and even more of a while before he could actively control his creeping lust for the Lass whom had just taken her leave of him. The thought of Casimir had crossed his mind as well as his sordid advice about dealing with those of the fairer sex. He had come to the conclusion that if and when Noreen had indeed wanted to shag him, hed let her, propriety be damned.

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