A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 7:The Awakening.

In heavy breaths, I collapsed ony bed. The sharp pain I was feeling, piercing through my head was nothing but torture!

I groaned in silence till late at night…and then fell asleep for three days straight after that.

Itss already been a week after that accident and I didn use my abilities again after that. Even though I was alright, I had to recuperate, the strain on using such an ability was too much for a beginner…I should have known it.

To explain what happened one week ago, I awakened Three sources of power after the Mana explosion and it was after my cuffs were released that I realized what kind of ability I had gained.

In this world people who use Magic are called Mages. Mages can only use one kind magic, and thats the power they had awakened.

On other hands, there exist other kinds of magic users…ones that the world doesn know much about.

The first are those who awakens magical abilities called ”Witch craft ” after experiencing a trauma. There power consumes negative emotions and grow with seemingly unlimited potential. Those people are called Witches and Warlocks.

On the other hand, there exist a more ancient magic. A power that consumes the energies of nature or require sacrifices to cast simple or complicated enchantments. The magic that requires the knowledge of Enchantment Runes…They are called Enchanters.

People usually either awaken as mages and if they darken they would turn into a witch. As for Enchanters, they literally don exist in this world anymore. I know that for some reason, that this practice of magic has long been forgotten. The only kinds of enchantments people know in this world are from ancient relics or treasures. Having this kind of ability is definitely a huge advantage especially when you can use it to combine both witch and mages abilities.

The power I had awakened as a mage wasan ability that the Original Satiana didn awaken.

Mental powers! Psychic abilities that include Kinesis and Telepathy and more!

This power is amazing to an unimaginable extent…to the point I got excited and launched a psychic attack on that maid and damaged myself in the process, that was a stupid action and I reaped what I have sowed.

In the time I had spent alone, Ive been thinking of a way to survive without having to go through all the events of the novel.

Satiana is nothing but a sacrifice, a stepping stone for the main characters to reach their stupid happy ending.

I was determined on changing Satianas life…MY LIFE! So I grabbed the first dress I got my hand on and left the room heading straight toward the Dukes office.

On my way, I saw a strange carriage outside the castles main residence, the carriage was for some reason Fancy but also different.

Perhaps the Duke bought a new one?


After reaching the office, two male servants were standing next to the door…

I declared asking them to step aside from the door.

An important meeting? Well thats good! If I cause a commotion I might get what I want!

I took a step closer but they didn flinch.

Should I perhaps use my psychic abilities? Ive been practicing a little since that day…I may have a chance if I attack their minds before they could do anything.

~In The office~

The duke was having a meeting with A very important guest.

The Head servant presented tea and side dishes to the duke and the Young Man sitting in front of him.

The young man was in his twenties, long blond hair tied and blue eyes, handsome face and super fancy clothing style.

The two were having a very serious talk in a tense atmosphere where neither parties yeilded.

The young man was obviously hinting on the fact that the Evanson territory is located in the borders of the Empire, far from the capital. Basically telling him that this is a rural area.

The young man simply drank his tea while the duke answered his own question

In other words, the duke said that his family is the one protecting those in the capital from the danger of the forbidden lands stating his familys standing and his noble pride at the same time.

The young man was about to say something when the door was suddenly opened in a loud slam.

The servants came into the room fighting with each other when the Head servant said

The Head servant tried to meddle in when the white haired girl at the door came in

She said with a smirk on her face anf her eyes gleaming.

The servants suddenly calmed down and stood up she said before the servants turned like if they were in a trance leaving the office.

The lady walked toward the duke and the head servant tried stopping her

She sighed before facing the old man with a menacing gleaming gaze

The duke slammed his hand with the table saying in a cold voice

Guests? I averted my gaze toward the so called guest.

Whos that wired looking blond guy???? And whats with that long hair…

I took a stand and faced the duke determined to get what I want.

He said again with a cold voice and daggers coming from his eyes.

Just then the gust stood up and approached me

The man stood in front of me sizing me up with his sky blue eyes…

Where did I see this face? I would swear I saw him somewhere but…

Said the duke standing up as well.

Wait…did he say his highness?! No way… HELL NO! Is it time for that already?!

Please don say it…I can live the same life as Satiana…



I panicked…

And then I passed out…

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