A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 1: What I have lost.

eyes, a long moment of silence where neither of use spoke a word.

And thats when Derick spoke words I could never imagine I would hear…

He said

With those words he took my lipses once more into a waltz of neverending desire.

I don know how much time has passed, but we both decided to close the lid on this booming desire and take space to talk…

We both left the company, the way outside was so awkward especially inside the elevator… and when we finally stepped outside he said

I was shocked so I asked

And like if he was holding on for far too long, he said

He stopped all of a sudden and faced me

The usual expressionless Derick, that aloof guy who used to never show what he truly feels…looked so desperate for an answer where and now.

He suddenly approached me and lowered his head down when I didn answer him…

He said

he said then raised his head and said Then with desperate look he said

I didn know what to say…only one word came out of my mouth at that moment

As soon as those words came out of my mouth I hated why they came out. I was afraid of what his answer could be…

Is he only after my body? Or does he want something from me? I was afraid of what his answer might be…but for some reason, I felt that whatever his answer might be, I may accept it.

And his answer was Wich made me even more embarrassed and he didn stop at that

he said

I can fathom how desperate you were, Derick. I didn know you had these feelings for me, and I don know what to say to you…

He said which made me shocked for a moment

I tapped on his shoulder and said

He said

And I answered

He grabbed my shoulders and asked

We looked at each other and then we puffed at how stupid we both acted…

He held my hand and we crossed the road over to the other side.

And then he said

I dragged Derick and sped up the pace, excited he tried to calm me down

she laughed

She raised her head and her expression had changed, she then turned and faced Derick and opened her mouth about to say something and just before she could finish her confession…Dericks expression changed…

What the…why am I falling?? Why can I stand on my two feets?

Derick? Why are you crying? Why are you screaming? Don cry Derick…

I feel hurt…I feel like I want to sleep…

Ill be sleeping for a little Derick…so wait for me…Ill be watching the series and drink with you after a nap…

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