A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 1: What I have lost.

Tales of Regulus, a RPG Otome game that combines both growth features in a world of sword and magic and an epic love story!

As a 22 year old saleswoman working in a company all day, single with no dating experience, I enjoyed my evenings trying to complete the game.

The games story is about a prophecy! A young woman who appears in the world with sacred light magic, goes in adventure to save her loved ones and the Regulus empire from impending doom.

Said like this, it seems like any other game…but for some reason, I simply got attached to the games story and the characters development.

By the way! My name is Tania Spark, a 22year old sales woman. I work all day long in a company and enjoy my free time playing games or going out with my friends.

There is nothing special about me, I was just a simple 16 year old girl who lost her family and had to work hard to have a place in society.

But thats all in the past now! I can enjoy what life has to offer to some extent now! I don have to worry about what Ill be eating tonight or the day after and I can enjoy wearing brands and going on trips with my friends!

I used to have a grandma who would tell me ”Work hard sweetie, and youll always get results ”. Those words were my principle in life, I worked hard and carved my future with my bare hands! I worked part times and studied like crazy for years until I got my degree!

And now, look at me! A proud strong independent woman, working in a famous company with a very decent salary! I have an apartment of my own and a cute pet hamster named ”Sizafis ”! I am leading a very good life, all thanks to my efforts!

I laid back on my chair, still facing my desk. I stretched my limbs and back and let out a sigh of relief

I was about to stand up when my supervisor approached me

I said

My manager and supervisor, A red haired guy named Derick whos got both looks and job!

Also, hes my childhood friend who used to live next to my parents house before the tragedy.

I didn expect to meet him after almost ten years of separation. We both used to play in the same play ground, go to the same school even though hes a few years older than me we were really good friends.

Hasard is a very funny thing, we both got in this company at the same time…

I grabbed the mouse with my hand and was about to send the document to Dericks Email box when he suddenly approached me saying

His broad chest on my back, his head over my shoulder practically touching my cheek…

His arms surrounding me from both sides and his hand held mine to manipulate the mouse.

At that moment I was in a trance, I didn know how to react. I could feel his heart beat on my back and the smell of manly perfum and sweat. A moment of silence where we both could hear our breaths.

Get a hold of yourself Tania! Why am I acting like some tea age girl?! This is so not like me!

And then, our eyes met…His cold grey irises fixated on mine… he removed my glasses and approached me closer and closer…

Our lipses, so close, about to come in contact…I swallowed my saliva in a loud Gulp…

At that moment, my phone began ringing and it brought me back to reality! I snapped out of my trance and was about to take a step away from him and reaching for my phone when he suddenly pulled me back to him

I said before he reached my phone and turned it off. He then put my phone on the table and said

Our eyes met, drawn to each other like magnet, we came closer and closer to one another…

His eyes on my lips and mine on his, I felt like I could let Derick cross a line I had never let anyone cross before.

I never had the desire to be in a relationship, but when I think about Derick…my chest tightens up, and my heart start beating louder.

I quietly whispered his name before we came in contact.

Lipses, intertwined, dancing on a exciting tune.

All we could hear was the sound of our heavy breaths and all we could feel was the booming sense of desire we had for one another.

That moment was magical, who would have known that a brief moment could be as long as this. And when we took space and looked at each others

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