the same time, a shadow flies out of the grass at an incredible speed and runs away as if walking on air.

“!? A secret agent! A ninja from the east is it!”
“Wait, Nanashin.
No need to chase”
“Are you sure?”
“Indeed, knowing their identity is enough.
There’s a limited number of people who employ secret agents”

Sasha frees herself from my arms.

“Was that a spy just now?”
“Well one of them.
Likely just an underling intelligence operative.
There’s probably still more around”

Are there that many spies amongst her subordinates!
Reia and Chloe, not knowing the situation, look at us with vacant faces.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to force you into marrying me.
It’s a disguise.
For the time being, if the rumour that Takumi belongs to the Rushia Kingdom spreads, the other nations will stay away”

After saying that, Sasha looks towards the two and smiles.

In the end, Sasha didn’t use the Takumi Points on marriage.

She just exchanged for a large number of ‘overnight stay at Takumi’s cave tickets’ which cost 100 million points each.
Nanashin and the other soldiers returned, leaving only her behind.
Perhaps being vigilant, Chloe and Reia watched over the two of us from afar.

“I’ll be in your care for a while.
Until the mastermind behind this incident can be found”
“Mastermind? Was it not Alice who came up with the idea of Takumi Points?”

Sasha shakes her head slowly.

“In order to ensure that there is no cheating, the Takumi Points are monitored closely via magic.
Do you think Alice would be able to create such a system?”

That’s true.
I can’t imagine Alice, who can’t do complex equations, to be able to create such a thing.

“Why did you think Alice participated in the Great Martial Tournament after avoiding you for so long? Did you not feel anything going on beneath the surface?”

Ah, sorry, I didn’t feel a thing.

“They planned for the Great Martial Tournament, no, even further before that.
It’s a meticulous plan on a grand scale.
I’m sure they’re planning to use you and Alice for something”

Eh? Just what have I been caught up in this time?
I’d rather commit seppuku.

Ignoring me as I hold my head in my hands, Sasha prepares for her stay.

“As expected I shouldn’t use the bed.
Ah, I forgot my toothbrush.
I’ll have Nanashin send one over later”

She seems to be in high spirits but that must be my imagination.

“Doesn’t it seem like that woman is humming?”
“Yup, I heard it clearly”
“Where will you be sleeping today”
“In my days, the boundaries were clearly drawn.
As your senior I won’t allow you to be closer than me”

A restless atmosphere flows from the two watching Sasha.

“By the way, Sasha, is the kingdom alright without it’s princess?”
“It’s okay.
I have a substitute in place”

It’s been ten years since I heard that name.

“Nu Rushia Hashtall Chilt.
The founding queen of the Rushia Kingdom”

Translator’s Notes:
1: Seppuku is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment originally reserved for samurai in their code of honour.
2: Sentence spring is the literal translation of the two characters that make up the word bunshun in Shunkan Bunshun, a weekly news magazine that focuses on scandals.
‘Bunshun Hou’, literally ‘Bunshun cannon’, is a term used to refer to damaging articles published by the magazine.

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