“I’m sure you know that this continent is divided into five countries.

In the north, the Barbarian Belt, Northcountry
In the east, the Divine Land, Eastground.1
In the west, the Magic Kingdom, Westland.
In the south, the Machine City, Southcity.
And the largest country, the one that we live in,
In the center, the Synthesis Nation, Centerworld”

Sasha, Nanashin, me, Reia, and Chloe all take a seat in turn around the round table used during the Meeting of the Ten Greats.

The soldiers that Sasha brought with her stand around the table from a distance as if to protect it.

What is she going to exchange the Takumi Points for I wonder.
Sasha was the one who recommended moving as the explanation would take a while.

Wondering where the story would lead, I listen as my heart pounds…..
Eh? On a continental scale!?

“Currently the Rushia Kingdom is the core of the unified Centerworld.
Over the last hundred years there haven’t been any large disputes with the countries bordering us, allowing us to live in peace”

That’s true, there hasn’t been any conflict between humans on this continent for a long time.

“Why do you think that is, Takumi?”

Just like ten years ago, Sasha speaks with me.

“Eh, ah, oh”

It was so sudden that I got agitated by her appearance, which is more beautiful than ten years ago.

“Ah, aaah.
It’s that you know.
The Rushia Kingdom has great military strength so the other countries aren’t able to pick fights”
“Yeah, that’s exactly right”

Sasha gives me a smile.
It’s the same smile that would make my heart skip a beat when she healed me in our adventurer days.

“Reia, I’m getting annoyed for some reason.
I might turn into a dragon”
“What a coincidence, black lizard.
For some reason I’m getting annoyed myself and feel like calling upon divine possession”

Chloe and Reia are saying some scary things but I pretend not to hear it.

“The Rushia Kingdom has the Guild Association’s main office and the Great Sage Nuruhachi.
Furthermore the Demon Lord, Goblin King, Ancient Dragon and other legend class existences live here.
To top it all off, Humanity’s Strongest, Alice, is gaining prominence here.
There is no chance that the other countries would try to make a move on the Rushia Kingdom, or so we thought”

Listening to Sasha’s explanation, I once again appreciate how many extraordinary people have gathered here.
Alice alone seems like she could win against all of mankind, and our lineup includes the world’s top five.

“However in the past few months, the situation has changed”
“Has one of the other countries picked a fight with the Rushia Kingdom?”

Although the Rushia Kingdom is powerful, it has never invaded other countries.
As such, there hasn’t been a single war in the past hundred years.
Is there a country that would recklessly bring that to an end?

“Not one of the other countries.
All of them.
At this moment, the four nations to the north, south, east, and west are all invading this country”
“A-All of them!?”

So all of those countries have chosen to start an unwinnable battle.

From here on out allow me, Nanashin, to explain”

In Sasha’s stead, Nanashin begins to speak.

“This originates back to slightly over a month ago, after the heroic saga of Takumi-sama at the Great Martial Tournament”

Heroic Saga?

After all, the only thing I did at the tournament was stand around.

“Rumours of the guild’s first rank and Universe’s Strongest, Takumi-sama, had spread around the world.
However there was no way to verify the truth of those rumours”

That’s because in reality, Alice’s exploits were attributed to me by the secretary of the Guild Association, Linden-san (Demon Lord).

“However the news of you instantly defeating the Guild Chairman and showing strength that even the Demon Lord, Great Sage, and Humanity’s Strongest could not compare to at the recent Great Martial Tournament has spread through the continent”

Somethings not right.
It’s as if the Great Martial Tournament was held for the purpose of having me be misunderstood.
Not just Linden-san(Demon Lord).
Was this planned by Alice, Nuruhachi, and the other participants I wonder.

“The fact that despite being registered to the guild, Takumi-sama only wishes to stay within his cave and has no interest in the Guild or the country has also spread”

I mean, I just want to cook and live a slow and quiet life.

“Which is why the various countries are all thinking the same thing.
If they can obtain Takumi-sama, the Rushia Kingdom, no, the entire world could be theirs”

There we go, this development again.
Eh? After being the Demon lord now its a nations king?
The misunderstandings surrounding me will never cease.

“That’s why not just Centerworld, but the other four nations are all desperately collecting Takumi Points.
There are even countries who have changed their currency to Takumi Points”

Eh! I’ve become money!?

“At this rate Takumi-sama would be stolen by another country.
Which is why the Rushia Kingdom, with the largest population, has promptly gathered so many Takumi Points”

Nanashin turns towards me and bows.
With his explanation over, Sasha begins to speak again.

“Do you understand? There’s no longer any other choice.
You will become the Rushia Kingdom’s…..

Sasha’s familiar friendly face turns serious for the first time.

“Become mine, Takumi”

Sheer Cliff Lily(The Precipice Princess), Saria Shana Rushia.
The princess who had rejected the courtship of countless men has just proposed to me.

Translator’s Notes:
1: The word used here is shinwa where shin means divine and wa is an archaic name for Japan.

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