“Te-Ten billion Takumi Points!?”

Chloe screams out.

“Q-Quiet down, you black lizard! Takumi-san will hear!”

Yeah, I’ve already heard.
It’s been a month.
It’s the beginning of winter and snow has begun to fall on the mountain.
The year is nearing it’s end and just as I was about to pass into the next year peacefully, when this trouble started.

“But who’s saved that much! I’ve only got 25 points saved!”
“Even I only have 300 points.
Normally it would be impossible.
However, that was the content of Alice’s message”
“Who in the world- could it be that someone cleared the secret challenge!?”
“There is no one besides Takumi-san who can defeat Alice!”

No, I can’t either.
But in that case, just how did someone collect 10 billion Takumi Points in such a short time.

“It seems that they’ll be coming here personally today.
Points can only be exchanged here after all”
“What do they intend to do with them.
Marriage! Is it marriage! Dammit, I should have properly saved rather than spending from time to time!”

Nonono, 10 billion points is not at the level of something you can save normally.
It’s impossible for the Demon Lord even with the help of the Four Heavenly Kings.
It’s in the scope of not one person but thousands, no, millions of people.
Even the Guild Association can’t mobilise that many people.

“Th-They’re here!?”

I unconsciously also leave the cave.
And at a glance it made sense.

I see, certainly if it’s like this then collecting 10 billion Takumi Points in a month is possible.

There is an impressive procession happening in front of the cave.
The cave hasn’t gotten this many visitors since the Goblin King’s attack.

The procession is adorned in resplendent silver armour and marching on with clear discipline.
In addition, there are multiple people in the center holding giant red banners with a familiar silver hawk emblazoned upon them.

“The national flag of the Rushia Kingdom”

The 10 billion Takumi Points were gathered by a country.
If I recall, the population of the Rushia Kingdom is around 50 million.
In one month thats around 200 Points per person.

“Reia, that’s!”
“Sheer Cliff Lily(The Precipice Princess)!?”

Reia and Chloe stare at the carriage wrapped in pure white curtains in amazement.
From the silhouette I can see a woman in a dress riding inside.

I’ve heard of her before.
In the Rushia Kingdom is a princess who is reaching 30 years of age yet rejects all marriage proposals.

Sheer Cliff Lily(The Precipice Princess).

The name originates from a white flower that grows on the side of steep cliffs, the lily.
A flower known as yuri in the east, it has the meaning of purity, innocence, and dignity.
It flowers in even the harshest conditions, such as the edge of a cliff.1

Many men have attempted to propose to the princess but none have won her over.
Whether it is the most influential man in the world, the prince of a country, the richest man, or the most handsome man, she takes heed of none of them.
Just like a beautiful flower blooming on a precipitous cliff where none can reach.
After being described as such by the men she rejected, the princess became known as Sheer Cliff Lily(The Precipice Princess).

I believe the princess’ real name was…..

“We have arrived.

That’s right, Saria Shana Rushia.

“Thank you, Nanashin”

A young man with glasses and black butler clothing calls out to her from the side of the carriage.
I cannot see her face but her voice is full of elegance and gives off the aura of a high class noble.

“We will exchange the Takumi Points at once”

The man known as Nanashin bows then walks towards Reia.
The other soldiers salute and stand at attention.

“My master, Princess Saria has come to exchange her Takumi Points.
Let us proceed with the formalities”

I can hear Reia swallow her spit.
My hands are also sweaty.
What do I do if she wants to marry me.
What does the princess intend to use the points for.

Allow me to confirm your Takumi Points”
“As you wish.
Please look at this T Card”
“This is printed with a picture of Takumi-san’s face!”

Eh? What’s that? Is it like a Guild Card?

“Takumi Point Card.
T Card for short.
Though it may be presumptious of me, I, Nanashin, am the one who suggested it.
These are distributed to the citizens of the Rushia Kingdom to manage Takumi Points”

W-When did something like that get made.

Ah, Reia is staring at the T Card with a greedy look.

“I can give you one if you wish? T cards are not limited to the citizens, but everyone who applies”
“P-Please do.
Ah I would like one for preserving and one for admiring too.
Could I have three if possible”
“Me too, I want three too”
“Keep it between us, usually it’s one per person”

Reia and Chloe dance around like children after recieving their T cards.
It’s over.
They’ve been completely won over by Nanashin-san.

“The Rushia Kingdom is currently holding the Winter Takumi Festival.
Takumi Points can be exchanged for real currency and we even have special benefits based on the amount of points you collect over the campaign period”

I’ve heard of a campaign like this from some other place before.

“What kinds of benefits are there”

Reia has been hooked.
She’s become a prisoner of the T card at this point.

“10 points can be exchanged for various Takumi-sama goods, 200 points for a years worth of boar meat, 300 points can get you a commemorative gold coin of the Rushia Kingdom”
“Takumi-sama goods!?”

No, that’s not the one to get surprised by!
If I recall correctly, one commemorative coin is enough to build a house.
If you get one of those gold coins for 300 points then its no wonder they collected 10 billion Takumi Points.

“Nanashin, we should get to the main topic”
“Yes, my apologies.

Nanashin bows before facing Reia once again.

“Then shall we proceed with the exchange? There is 10 billion Takumi Points on this card”

He takes an envelope with the coat of arms of a hawk from his breast pocket and hands it over to Reia.
The excited Reia carefully opens it and pulls out a letter and an extravagant silver T card.

Taking a peek I see the letter has been signed by Alice and some text I believe the Goblin King wrote.

[There is no doubt that this T card contains 10 billion Takumi Points.
Exchange it for them, Reia.
…..Dammit, I didn’t think they’d collect so many this quick.
Aah what do I do, what should I do!? As I thought, I should quickly do something about that woman! …..Hey you, did you right that down? Don’t worry about it?]

My memories of the Meeting of the Ten Greats come back to me.
He wrote everything down again.
You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you, Goblin King.

“I-It seem’s there is no mistake.
Th-Then what do you wish to use your Takumi Points for?”

Perhaps from nervousness, Reia’s voice is high.
Chloe also being nervous, is silent.

“Yes, Takumi-sama is to…..”
“Please wait, Nanashin”

Suddenly, the princess tells him to stop.
Hearing an unexpected voice at this critical moment, Reia’s blue face freezes up.
My heart is also beating heavily.

“It’s better for me to say it myself”

Nanashin returns to the carriage and gently lifts the curtain with his hand.

The princess reveals herself to us, slowly walking out the carriage while raising the hem of her dress.

Outside the cave is dyed white in snow.
However the princess is whiter than the snow, trim and beautiful.

In addition, I recognise her face.

She’s far more beautiful than when I saw her ten years ago, before I was even twenty years old, and I can’t take my eyes off her.

“It’s been a while, Takumi”

But her smile hasn’t changed at all, as if looking at an illusion from ten years in the past.


I say her name.

Sheer Cliff Lily(The Precipice Princess), Saria Shana Rushia, and one of my companions who saved me many times in the past.

Translator’s Notes:
1: Yuri is the japanese name for Lilies.
2: It’s a common trope in japan that fans will get 3 copies of a good, one for general use, one that’s preserved in its packaging, and one that’s put on display.

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