My peaceful daily life has returned.

Truthfully it hasn’t fully returned, but it’s enough.
Even if it’s nothing but a sham, the current situation isn’t bad.

The days between Reia appearing and the Great Martial Tournament ending were just too harsh.
I make a prayer that I will not get caught up in something like that ever again.

All that’s left to do is hope.
That no one will be able to acquire a large number of Takumi Points.

“Ah I just came by to say hello, but to think even that requires Takumi Points”

Chloe is standing at the entrance of the cave.

“Of course.
You require 5 Takumi Points in order to greet Takumi-san”

Reia strictly explains to Chloe.

“Hmph, by the way, how many points do I have right now?”
“You currently have 4 Takumi Points”
“Isn’t that only 2 points more than last time.
Is clearing the various weeds around the cave only worth that much”
“The amount of Takumi Points depends on the area.
25 square meters is worth 1 Takumi Point”

These Takumi Points feel like an incredible scam.
But if it’s not that way I won’t be able to relax.

“By the way, how many points is it to marry Takumi-dono again?”
“5.67 billion Takumi Points”
“If I cut all the weeds in the world it still wouldn’t be enough!”

It would be a problem if you we’re to collect and save them.
That’s what the Takumi Point system is for.

“By the way, after getting married, it costs 10.8 billion Takumi points to have a child”
“Ya still need points after getting married!?”
“Of course”

The dreadful Takumi Points.
Chloe’s dragon accent has accidentally slipped.
With this I’ll be able to live peacefully for the time being, no perhaps for life.

Perhaps I should thank Alice for thinking of this system.

“I can save up points by contributing to Takumi-dono right? Ain’t there a a way to get a bunch of points in one go?”
“Normal tasks can earn 100 points at most.
There are secret challenges worth up to 10 billion Takumi Points though, want to give them a try?”

What’s with that inflation.
The Takumi Point system is suddenly on the verge of collapse.

“Ooh, there’s something like that is there! Of course I’ll give it a try!”
“Then let me contact Alice-sama.
Someone has requested to attempt the hidden challenge [Defeat Humanity’s Strongest].
You’ll get 10 billion Takumi Points if you can defeat Alice-sama within 60 minutes”

Chloe’s mouth freezes wide open.
The Takumi Point system is saved.
There’s not a person in this world who can clear that challenge.

“I- I’ll let you go this time!”

A crestfallen Chloe leaves with her shoulders drooping.
I feel somewhat bad for her but it can’t be helped.
If I left things to go the way they were, another big event would eventually occur.

“Reia, it’s about time for me to go harvest the rice…..”
“Ah, Takumi-san.
Miacis-dono has already finished that this morning”
“Eh, is that so”
“Yes, 3 Takumi Points worth of work.
It seems that Miacis-dono is giving all her points to Demon Lord-dono”

That reminds me, Miacis made a great blunder during the Great Martial Festival.

I think back to when Alice intruded on the match.
Alice destroyed the Four Gods Pillar’s barrier, plunging the tournament into chaos.

“Well then, You can’t defeat me one on one so how about you all come at once”

The Demon Lord releases Nuruhachi from the hole she was sucked into.
Nuruhachi stands alongside the Demon Lord.

“With the powers of Nuruhachi and the Demon Lord, plus the Four Heavenly Kings (excluding Dogma), there might be a 1% chance.”
“It’s been thousands of years since we fought together hasn’t it, Nuruhachi”

Nuruhachi and the Demon Lord look at each other.
Both of them seem happy.

“Four Heavenly Kings (excluding Dogma)!”

At the Demon Lord’s command, the Four Heavenly Kings assemble (excluding Dogma).
The Four God Pillars no longer respond.
It seems they’ve been completely destroyed by Alice.
As if nothing has happened, Alice just stares at me wordlessly.
I can feel my heart rate rising.
There’s something different about Alice compared to when she was a young girl.
Unable to look at her directly, I avert my eyes.

“We are to engage in combat with Alice!”
” “Understood” “

Beastman King Miacis, Bloodsucking King Carmilla, and Dark King Azathoth all kneel before the Demon Lord.

“It is an honour to fight alongside Demon Lord-sama once again nya”

Miacis salutes the Demon Lord.

“Hey it’s me, the bitch”

Miacis sweats profusely.

Ah! I promised that we would go to apologise together but we didn’t make it in time.
My apologies.

“I wonder if Miacis will be able to fight with her full strength for a bitch like me”
“Tha-That’s not true at all nya.
I’ll give it my all nya!!”
“For the sake of a bitch?”
“Yes nya! For the sake of a bitch…..ah!”

The two look at each other.
An awkward silence descends.
Miacis’ sweat is like a waterfall at this point, making her whole body drenched.

“Tha- That’s not what I meant nya! It’s just that I couldn’t imagine Demon Lord-sama doing something like kissing nya! I thought you had a communication disorder and couldn’t talk properly with people other than us nya!”

Miacis has yet to realise she’s just adding fuel to the fire.
The Demon Lord looks at her with cold eyes.

“Yes nya, Demon Lord-sama”

“Firstly I’d like to know how strong the enemy is”
“Understood nya, previously the Four Heavenly Kings (including Dogma) challenged Alice nya.
The data from that time…..”

The Demon Lord shakes her head slowly.

“That’s not it.
I want to see with my own eyes Miacis, right now.
I have a communication disorder so I’m not good with words”

She’s finally noticed her mistake.
Miacis’ eyes dart left and right looking for help from Carmilla and Azathoth but the two of them avoid her gaze and look away.

“U-Understood nya!”

Having made her resolve, Miacis stands up.

“Miacis, charging in nyaaaaaa!”

And thus began what would later be known as the Great Alice War.

Ever since the Great Martial Tournament ended, Miacis has been coming every day, morning to night, to earn Takumi Points for the Demon Lord.
If the Demon Lord comes, I intend to ask her to forgive Miacis but ever since that day, she hasn’t appeared.

I’m slightly concerned that she’s planning something behind the scenes again.

Not to mention Alice too.
I haven’t seen her since the end of the Great Martial Tournament either.

“Hey, Reia”

I call out to her unintentionally.

“What has Alice been doing since?”
After seeing Takumi-san nearby at the Great Martial Tournament, she still has ways to go.
So she says”

What was she looking at and how was she looking to think that way.

“I’m sure that Alice-dono doesn’t want anyone getting close to Takumi-san until she is capable of standing alongside you.
It’s for that reason she created the Takumi Point system”

If that’s the case, why is Reia allowed by my side then?
Just what is Alice to Reia and Reia to Alice.
Even after seeing their reunion at the Great Martial Festival, I still don’t understand.

All I know is that Reia…..

The Four God Pillar’s barrier shattered and the Four Heavenly Kings (excluding Dogma) intruded.
Out of those who won the first match, only Reia didn’t enter the stage.
Before the barrier broke, when the Demon Lord was close to me, the first to try charge onto the stage was Reia.
However with the barrier destroyed, Reia didn’t even try to stand up.

“Reia everyone’s going up! Are you not going to join them!”

At Chloe’s voice, Reia stares at the stage, no, at Alice.

“Alice-sama has come.
…..There is no longer anything I can do”

“What are you saying.
Are you fine if Takumi-dono gets taken”

Reia averts her eyes from Alice and looks to the ground.
I can’t see her expression.
But her body is trembling.

“… the end, I’m Alice’s…..”

Her last words were so quiet that I couldn’t hear them.
And even until the very end, Reia never participated in the Great Alice War.

“Wha-What’s wrong, Takumi-san?”
“A-Ah it’s nothing”

I look away in a panic.
What did Reia say at that time I wonder.
Somehow it feels like something that I shouldn’t know, so I haven’t been able to ask.
I’ll wait until one day when Reia can tell me herself.

For the time being it’s fine to spend our quiet lifestyle together like we did in the beginning.
Such naive thoughts filled my head.

There was something I could not have predicted at that time.
That in only one month, someone who had collected 10 billion Takumi Points would appear…..

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