Alice was caught off guard for the first time.
And not just Alice.
Nuruhachi, Rick, Sasha, Batz, and me too of course, everyone in the party overestimated Alice’s attack.

Alice reflexively dodged the chimera’s attack.
However, standing behind her stunned, was me.

With a crushing sound, my body was squashed.
I didn’t understand what was going on at all.

In my fading consciousness the one thing I could tell was that things had gone bad.


Alice lets out a war cry like scream.
My withdrawing consciousness returns to me.
An unbelievable amount of power erupted from Alice.

Her power had began to rampage.

Alongside Alice’s cry, the chimera was torn to pieces in an instant.
Flesh and blood fell down on Alice like rain.
Even though the battle was over Alice’s rampage didn’t stop.

“Alice stop! Sasha heal Takumi.
Rick defend everyone.
Batz give me support”

I had never seen Nuruhachi panic this much before.
That was how aberrant Alice was.

“Takumi don’t move! Your healing isn’t…..”

I shook Sasha free and walk towards Alice.

“Don’t get close.
That’s no longer something we can handle! …..Gah!”

Nuruhachi tried to stop me but got blown back when she got in range of Alice.
Batz’s danger perception was of almost no use.

Alice was being controlled by her vast strength and was unable to control her destructive impulses.

I ignored Nuruhachi’s orders for the first time.
I couldn’t leave Alice alone in that state.
Having managed to suppress her strength, Alice caused me to get injured and is now out of control.

I dragged my feet as I approach Alice.
Strangely I wasn’t scared.

Aah, I see.

I always felt as if something was loose.
No matter how much effort I put in, my body never grew stronger.
Like a vessel with a hole in it that water endlessly pours into, that was the void I always felt.

For what reason was I born.
Will I die without accomplishing anything.
With that train of thought, while being the weakest, I aspired to be an adventurer and was protected by Nuruhachi and the others.

However I understood clearly then.

Just as the strongest in this world exists, so does the weakest.
It was for that reason, in order to stop Alice, that I was born.

Alice’s full power punch flew right before my eyes.
I didn’t even attempt to dodge.

No, there was no way for me to dodge.
Perhaps it was a coincidence.
Perhaps it was a miracle.
Or perhaps it was fate.

My wounded body, no longer able to support my weight, fell down.
Alice’s fist flies just over my head.

In that state, I rested my hand on Alice’s head.


The rampaging Alice returns to her senses.

“Takumi, what’s wrong!? You’re bleeding!?”

Maybe she lost her memories, Alice has no understanding of what happened.

“It’s alright, Alice”

I pat her on the head.

“Don’t worry.
Everything is over now”

Alice stares at the decimated chimera, Nuruhachi who has been blown into the ground, and me covered in wounds.

“Takumi is amazing.
Even me at my full power is no match”

Her eyes are tearing up but even then Alice scrunches her face and laughs.

“Takumi is the strongest in the universe”

While patting her head, I too laugh within my heart and reply.

“Ah, I’m glad you understand, that’s exactly right”

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