A Misunderstood Mentor 35 – Things Begin to Move



Nuruhachi stands in front as if to protect me from the Demon Lord.

“I will never leave Takumi’s side again”

It sounds like she was speaking to both me and the Demon Lord.
Without looking back, Nuruhachi confronts the Demon Lord.

Unlike the time with Chloe and Karna, Byakko of the Four God Pillars does not react.
Perhaps it considers summoning Nuruhachi with the bell of transport as part of my equipment.

The Demon Lord walks calmly towards Nuruhachi.

“I seems you won’t let us be alone this time”
“Yeah, sorry but I’m not handing him over”

The orbs of light that Nuruhachi used in her fight against Reia appear.
However, there isn’t only one.
Five wave spheres orbit around Nuruhachi in a circle.

“Haha, the mana that was completely exhausted before seems to be full now”
There is an incredible amount of mana remaining in this place.
Mana that was never used due to a misfire”

Is it the Mana from Barbaroy’s Dark Drain Circle(Dark Absorption Formation) I wonder.
Barbaroy was nothing but trouble but at least in the end he left mana for us.

“I’ll ask one last time.
Do you have no intention of letting Takumi go”
I must thank you.
If not for those flowers, I would have collapsed long ago”

Blue roses appear at the Demon Lord’s feet, causing a portion of the arena to bloom.

“That was for the best.
If Alice had been saved, I would have done nothing.
No even if it was you it would have been fine.
But what happened? That man left you both and lived on his own in the mountains”
“I know.
You set it up this way.
Raising a barrier on that mountain, watching over that man.
I know everything.
Nuruhachi, you abandoned my, Alice’s, and even your own dream”

Nuruhachi was behind the time I got removed from the party?
And she wasn’t searching for me but watching over me that whole time?

“To be free of everything is that man’s happiness.
But is there happiness in that for you?”
“…..Don’t say anything more than that”

I can tell Nuruhachi is accumulating her power.

The five orbs of light floating around Nuruhachi converge into one giant sphere.

I can tell it’s dangerous at a glance.
The space around it warps and the incredible energy swells to the point that it seems like it would explode.

“No I’ll speak as I please, Nuruhachi.
You’re just a young girl who cannot confess to the person they love, simply watching from afar.
Doing something like that…..”
“I told you not to say anything!”

Nuruhachi fires the giant sphere of light, that’s swelled to the limits, towards the Demon Lord.
The sphere of light flies towards the Demon Lord with a roar but she makes no effort to dodge nor does she move at all.

“Wave Sphere: Purgatory”
“Subspace: Zenith”

Nuruhachi and the Demon Lord speak at the same time.

Just before the giant sphere of light can hit the Demon Lord, a black hole opens up before her and begins to suck the sphere within.

However, before the giant sphere of light can be fully absorbed, Nuruhachi fires smaller spheres of light towards it.
The spheres of light fire out of her finger like a pistol’s bullet and push the giant sphere free.


The condensed light bursts into a great explosion.
The surroundings are engulfed in a vortex of light.

My eyes are dazzled by the blinding light but I can faintly see the Demon Lord’s silhouette within.
The light gradually dims.
As if nothing had happened, the Demon Lord stands uninjured.
Unbelievably, even the blue roses blooming around her all remain untouched.

Did the Demon Lord protect not just herself, but those flowers from the explosion.

“I was always watching these flowers.
Entrusting my dream to you and Alice, I watched over them in the dungeon.
I thought that was all I needed”

Nuruhachi swallows her spit.
Was this outside her expectations.
Perhaps she did not expect the Demon Lord to be this strong when not even in her true body.

“But what happened? In those ten years.
Watching over you two, nothing progressed at all.
Why? What we’re you doing? On top of all that, Alice even sent over that thing”

The Demon Lord’s gaze turns towards Reia in the spectator seats.
She glares at Reia as if looking at filth.

Chiharu, who should have been sitting next to her is nowhere to be seen.

“If you don’t need him then I’ll take him for myself.
You lot can just watch”
“You’re wrong, Nuruhachi, Nuruhachi needs Takumi”
“For what reason.
As a guardian? Watching over that man, simply gazing happily when he eventually gets taken”
“You’re wrong!”

Her scream resounds like a wail and Nuruhachi turns to look at me for a moment.

“Say it.
Without trying to evade it this time.
Declare your, Nuruhachi’s, feelings”

I think back to the Nuruhachi’s words at the time when we reunited after ten years.

“Didn’t I tell you.
That I won’t leave your side ever again”

“It means exactly that.
It means that no matter where or when, I will remain by your side, Takumi”

“Haha, you sure are popular, Takumi.
It doesn’t matter, I don’t care how many wives you may have.
Alright, next we need to remodel this cave.
The bedroom should be particularly large”

Nuruhachi saw me as family.
That’s what I always thought.

“I love you, Takumi”

The audience is silent.

“So you can say it after all”

The Demon Lords eyes are closed, as if quietly praying.
The Demon Lord’s goal couldn’t have been to have Nuruhachi say those words could it?
No, that’s not right.
Nuruhachi participating in this battle should be out of her expectations.

“With this we can begin”

The Demon Lord’s eyes fly open.
A large pitch black hole opens from the centre of the Demon Lord.

“This is!?”

It swallows Nuruhachi and even all the blue roses dyeing the arena.

“It’s a recreation of that time, ten years ago”

The Demon Lord ignores Nuruhachi, who has been swallowed by the large hole, and slowly walks my way.

“I will take everything from you”

I hear the sound of something splitting from outside the arena.

“Don’t touch Takumi-san!”

It’s Reia
She must have used some kind of divine possession.
Her body swells to the point of bursting and blood pours from her ruptured blood vessels.


Reia draws her sword and charges towards the arena.
She must have moved without thinking.
Before she can enter the arena, something unseen blows her back.

“The Four God Pillars’ barrier.
There’s only one person in this world…..
who can break it”

The vicinity is quickly engulfed in darkness.
There’s something blocking out the sun.

“She came”

The Demon Lord smiles as she looks up to the sky.
Flying there is an unbelievably large dragon.

“Gra- Grandfather!?”

Hearing Chloe’s voice, I look at the dragon once again.
He’s easily ten times larger than Chloe in dragon form.
With golden scales, the dragon stops right above the arena.

So that’s the Ancient Dragon.
Alice did well to defeat such a stupidly large dragon, I think to myself as I see a silhouette above his head.

“With this all the actors have arrived”

As the Demon Lord murmurs, the silhouette jumps off the Ancient Dragon.

Her blonde hair flows in the wind.

As she falls, her feet touch the Four God Pillars’ barrier.

With the sound of glass shattering, the barrier is burst into pieces.

The barrier falls down around us like snow.

Amidst that fantastical sight, my gaze is stolen by the angel-like person who dropped down.

The origin of the incident where before I knew it, my disciple became humanity’s strongest and me, her talentless master, became misunderstood as the universe’s strongest that surpasses her.1

Alice has finally arrived.

Translator’s Notes:
1: This is a reference to the full title of the novel ‘The Incident Where Before I Knew it, My Disciple Became Humanity’s Strongest and Me, Her Talentless Master, Became Misunderstood as the Universe’s Strongest that Surpasses Her’

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