letting off an ominous aura.

“You’re going to tell us what happened, without holding anything back”

“Y-You’re wrong.
I didn’t- I didn’t kiss anyone.
I- I was just kissed…..

I unconsciously cover my mouth at my second slip.

“W- Was kissed! Takumi-san, who is mine and mine only! Where and with who! I will not forgive! Such repulsive behavior! I’ll tear them limb from limb!!”

A demon’s appeared.
After her fated battle, Reia has lost her sense of self.
Also I’m not your Takumi.

“I’ll help you out.
Let’s murder the person who layed a hand on our husband”

The half dragon Chloe has a fiendish smile on her face.
Also I’m not your husbands.

Even though its the middle of Rick and End’s match, the spectators attention is on us.
The two fighting are also looking this way and listening intently.

“Takumi-san, who was it.
Tell us quickly”
“Come on, say it.
If you don’t things will turn bad”
“Takkun, just give up and say it already”

Reia and the other press on but there’s no way I can tell them.
If I speak now, a serious battle with the Demon Lord will occur.

While still covering my mouth, I shake my head from side to side.

“I know who it is nya”

At that moment, Miacis says an unbelievable thing.

“There’s the same scent coming from that woman as Demon Lord-sama nya!”

Miacis points towards the seat directly behind her where Linden-san is seated.
Actually that’s the real Demon Lord.

“To resort to seducing the Demon Lord after the Guild Chairman was defeated with ease, what a bitch nya!”

What would happen if I told Miacis the truth I wonder.
Calling the Demon Lord a bitch.

“You are the one who took Takumi-san’s…..”

Reia’s killing intent is directed towards the Demon Lord.
I need to stop her but I cannot speak nor move.

“Oh my, such a reaction over a mere kiss”
As expected of the Demon Lord.
To calmly ignore Reia’s killing intent.

“If you don’t want it to be stolen , then you should have just done it yourself”

Reia’s face turns bright red.

“S- S- S- S- S- Something like that, for me to ki- ki- ki- ki- kiss Takumi-san! …..ah”

Reia’s appearance returns to normal.
It seems the Demon Lord’s shocking statement caused the possession to dissipate.
I wonder what shes imagining.
Reia has turned red and is completely rigid.

“That’s right, if you don’t do anything, you’ll lose your chance”

As if triggered by the Demon Lord’s words, the half dragon Chloe moves my direction.

“Then, me too”

And suddenly brings her face close to mine.

“What do you mean by ‘then, me too’!”

Just before my lips could be taken, Demon Sword Karna moves on her own to block.

Chloe’s mouth presses against the blade.

“Ew, I kissed Kar-nee!”
“I won’t yield, even to Kuu-chan!”


While the two fought, the Demon Lord is watching happily.

“Do you…..”

Reia finally starts moving again and glares at the Demon Lord.

“Do you like Takumi-san”
“Hmm, I wonder”

With a smile on her face, the Demon Lord teases Reia.

“But do you remember our promise? That the losing side would listen to any one request from the victors”

I remember.
But I was hoping that agreement would be glossed over when I announced the identity of the Demon Lord.
Does the Demon Lord intend to use that too.

“If I win, I’m taking him”

As she speaks, an overwhelming aura emanates from the Demon Lord.

“…..Not on my watch!! I will definitely defeat you”
“Fufu, I’ll be waiting”

The Demon Lord stands up and leaves.

Reia, Chloe, and even Miacis can only stand still and watch.

While that was happening, Chiharu, who was sleeping on my lap until now, wakes up.


While everyone’s attention is focused on the Demon Lord, a half awake Chiharu rubs her eyes before giving me a kiss on the lips.

It was like a kiss between parent and child, lacking the stimulation of the time with the Demon Lord so I readily accepted it.

“Don’t worry.
Chiharu will never leave Takumi’s side again”

Where have I heard those words before.

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