A Misunderstood Mentor 29 – Beast and Hunter

April 11, 2022Zathael

“Let’s continue to the second match! Linden Lindburg-sama, Dogma-sama, please make your way onto the arena!”

Before the excitement of the first round can die down, the second match begins.
Chairman Barbaroy is carried to the sickbay in a daze while I am led to a spectators seat right at the front.

“Takumi, so cool, like”

Chiharu sits on my lap happily.

“Splendid work, Takumi-san”
“As expected of Takumi-dono.
That’s precisely why you’re my fiance”
“As if Takumi-san would accept someone like you as his wife, don’t get ahead of yourself you black lizard”
“He would, he definitely would.
We’ll live happily together forever”

Reia and Chloe quarrel with one another with me caught in the middle.
I’m so embarrassed the stares from the audience are hurting me.

“Demon Lord-sama, you’re looking for a wife nya? Would you accept me as well nya?”
“He won’t!”
“He won’t!”

From the seat behind, Beastman King Miacis joins in.
Stop already.
My public image is falling rapidly.

In a situation where it is impossible to focus on the match, the gong rings.

Linden-san doesn’t move from her starting position as Undying King Dogma moves closer.

“Don’t worry nya.
Even without the Four God Pillars, Dogma is infinitely close to being immortal.
It’s impossible for the likes of a human to injure him”

Miacis explains full of confidence.

If you wish to withdraw then do so now.
I’m not so kind as to hold back…..”

Dogma monologues before Linden-san.

However Linden-san pays his words no mind and with a calm smile on her face, bows before him.

“Pleasure to meet you.

In an instant, no longer than a blink.
Dogma disappears.
Was he annihilated? No, this is…..

“…..He disappeared due to spatial transfer nya.
That idiot, letting down his guard because he can’t take damage.
But, to not be able to resist magic of that level…..”

Miacis holds her head at Dogma’s damageless loss.
Of that level huh.
Is it really just that Dogma is weak to magic?
It’s also possible that Linden-san’s spatial magic is greater than I imagined.

“Takkun, it’s the same power I felt during the drawing.
The match ups have been rigged by that woman”
“I see”

It makes sense, if you can control space then it’s simple to decide which balls appear.

“As Dogma-sama’s location is unknown, it’s Linden Linburg-sama’s victory!”

The minute long match prompted a storm of booing from the crowd.

“What a disgrace to the Four Heavenly Kings.
It can’t be helped, I’ll have to redeem us”

Miacis stands up as the announcers voice sounds.

“Then let’s begin the third match.
Miacis-sama, Dagan-sama, please make your way to the stage!”

The legendary hunter Dagan.
None can compare to the number of wild monsters he’s exterminated.
Despite being past middle aged, a deep aura can be felt from him.

“Those who battle with monsters must take care, lest they become a monster themselves in the process”

Someone mutters behind me, in the seat next to Miacis.

Darkness King Azathoth.
Shrouded in darkness, I cannot tell his form or expression, but the shadows faintly waver.

“That man is already closer to our side”

Azathoth has the same impression of Dagan as me.
The presence I feel from Dagan is not that of one who hunts beasts, but of a beast itself.

He wears equipment made from the pelts of beasts and carries a long rifle in his arms.
As he slowly walks onto the stage, he glares at Miacis with his sharp eyes.

“I’ll finish this in one attack.
My prey never escapes”
“What a coincidence nya.
I was thinking the same thing nya”

Cheers rise from the crowd.
Beast and hunter.
Anyone would get excited seeing the two, who could be considered mortal enemies, paired against each other.

Before the match begins, Dagan lays down on the arena and sets up his gun.
The barrel pointing straight at Miacis.
To Dagan, this place is probably not an arena but a hunting ground.
I can feel him concentrating solely on Miacis, as if ignoring everything else.
Facing that gun, Miacis clings to the floor on all fours.
All her fur stands on end.
She’s completely different from the Miacis who basks in the sun on the mountain.
The carefree and cute cat has transformed into a ferocious beast of prey.

“Great Martial Tournament Third Match, Begin!!”

At the same time as the gong signalling the start of the round sounds.

A gunshot rings out.
A bullet flies straight towards Miacis.
However, Miacis makes no effort to dodge.
Facing the bullet, she rushes forward at an incredible speed.
It’s as if Miacis has become a bullet herself.

With the sound of a great impact, Miacis’ head flies back.
But she doesn’t stop.
In an instant her head returns to its original position, her pupils narrowing vertically.

A commotion can be heard from the audience.

The bullet that should have hit Miacis directly.
Unbelievably, is caught in her mouth.
The spinning bullet is forcefully held by her fangs, letting off white smoke.

“For Miacis’ kinetic vision, even a bullet would appear to stand still.
Stopping it like that is no problem at all”

Azathoth’s words reach my ears.
It seems I’ve been underestimating Miacis.
Her opponent, Dagan, also opens his eyes wide in astonishment.

“Impossible, stopping a bullet with your mouth! This anti demonic beast rifle round can even penetrate a tank!”

In the time it took for him to scream, Miacis had already reached Dagan.


With a roar, Miacis spits the bullet into the ground.
She covers Dagan and brings her fang to his neck.

As they both said, the battle was decided in one attack.


Without thinking, I speak up.

“Yes, what it it, Demon Lord Takumi-sama”

I’ve had this suspicion up until now.
I was surprised the idea came to me, after living with them for a few days.

“Is it not possible for humans and demons to live in peace?”

Azathoth looks toward the arena silently.

With her teeth stuck into his throat, Miacis violently shakes her head up and down.

“That is impossible.
The weak fear the strong.
The strong scorn the weak.
This will inevitably give birth to conflict, unending”

When Dagan had completely stopped moving, Miacis releases her fangs and stands up.

“Th-The victor is Miacis-sama!”

Even being named the victor, Miacis doesn’t move.
The audience too is completely silent.

“This is the demon race.
As humans hunt beasts, we hunt humans.
Those who hunt do not consider the pain of the hunted.
We do not serve the weak.
If there is a future where we live in peace with humans, it would be one full of contradiction”
“One who knows of all pains, the weakest of humans must become our king.
And that weakest human must become even stronger than us”

That certainly is an impossible contradiction to realise.
But even then, is there nothing that can be done.
Or so I wonder.
I can’t help but see the Miacis standing motionless on the stage as lonely after all.

“Have you forgotten? You should have already abandoned that dream long ago.
Once this tournament is over, come travel to the frontier with the four of us, Demon Lord Takumi-sama”
“Eh? Wait a moment…..”

The dream abandoned by the Demon Lord long ago.
Could the Demon Lord have wished to live in peace with people!?

As I was about to question Azathoth.
Chiharu, who is sitting on my lap, pinches my thigh.
Chiharu’s face has a complicated expression, as if she could cry at any moment.
Without being able to say anything, I simply hug Chiharu from behind.

“Then let’s begin the fourth match.
Machina-sama, Azathoth-sama, please make your way onto the stage!”

The darkness covering Azathoth spreads explosively, heading towards the arena.

That darkness is like a wall separating humans and demons.
Once again without being able to speak I simply see Azathoth off.

Translator’s Notes:
The extra chapter as promised, albeit late.

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