A Misunderstood Mentor 28 – Barbaroy’s Scheme

April 8, 2022Zathael

“Now then let us determine the pairings for the Great Martial Tournament’s Main Event!”

To the side of the arena an announcer like woman is screaming into her mic.
In response a loud cheer sounds from the spectators gathered around.

Us fifteen participants are lined up at the front of the arena.
Only Alice remains unseen.

Behind me is a board with a giant tournament bracket and to its side is a steel raffle box with a hole in the top.

“As one person has yet to arrive, in their place, I the announcer will draw for her!”

Will Alice actually show up I wonder.
While thinking such things, to my right, Chariman Barbaroy gives me a smile.
The words he left me about having a hidden weapon up their sleeve, in the end he must have been referring to Alice.

“Then up first is Rank Zero, Chairman Barbaroy”

With an ominous smile, Chairman Barbaroy sticks his hand into the box and pulls out a ball with the letters [1B] written on it.

“Chairman Barbaroy, First match B”

On the tournament bracket in the first slot on the right side, Barbaroy’s name is written.

“Up next is Rank One, Takumi-sama”

I walk up to the box and pull out a ball.

“Ta-Takumi-sama, First Match A!”

A loud cheer rings out from the spectator seats.

“What a turn of events! The first battle will be between the Guild’s Chairman and the Rank One!”

The smile that was stuck on the chairman’s face grows larger.

“These drawings reek of fraud, Takkun”
“Well it’s fine.
It doesn’t matter who I’m paired against”

Amongst this group, there’s not a single person I can beat.
Even if the guild’s side has set something up it makes no difference.
My goal isn’t to win after all.

And thus the drawings continued until the bracket was filled.

First Match
Universe’s Strongest “Takumi”
Chairman “Barbaroy Sauza”

Match Two
Undying King “Dogma”
Spatial Manipulator “Linden Lindburg”

Match Three
Super Hunter “Dagan”
Beastman King “Miacis”

Match Four
Dark King “Azathoth”
Half machine “Machina”

Match Five
Divine Possession “Reia”
Secret Agent “Yor”

Match Six
Silent Shield “Rick”
Hero “End”

Match Seven
Black Dragon “Chloe”
Bloodsucking King “Carmilla”

Match Eight
Goblin King “Jusrack”
Humanity’s Strongest “Alice”

Alice and my name are on the complete opposite sides of the bracket.
I don’t think it’s possible but I’d have to win all the way to the finals to face Alice.

“Then let us begin the first match right away! Chairman Barbaroy, Takumi-sama, please make your way onto the arena”

The crowds tumultuous cheers hurts my ears.
As usual, Chairman Barbaroy is, without breaking his smile, staring at me intensely.

The old man that Nuruhachi wishes to fight the least.

Who uses all kinds of methods to pull a surprise attack on his opponent.
Appearing weak, acting careless, and suppressing his presence, he lays a trap.
So I’ve heard.

In the month since the competition at the Great Martial Tournament was decided, Chairman Barbaroy has definitely prepared a trap to bring him victory.
However it’s actually better if he uses it on me.
Since I can be easily defeated even without something like that, It’ll make things slightly easier for my allies.

“Hohoho, then should we get started”

Barbaroy and I stand off in the centre of the arena.
Now that I think about it, all of this mess began because this old man mistook me for the Demon Lord.

“Can I ask one thing?”

I’m already sure of it.
This is just to confirm

“The one who first suspected me of being the Demon Lord wasn’t you right?”

For just the briefest of moments, Chairman Barbaroy loses his smile.
It’s just as I suspected.
There’s no doubt about it.

“I’ll tell you if you defeat me”
“No that’s enough, I know what I need”

While laughing, Chariman Barbaroy’s killing intent rises.
Amidst the ominous atmosphere, the gong rings, signalling the start of the match.

“Great Martial Tournament, First Match, Begin!!”

Amongst the ringing of the gong and the cheers of the crowd, Chairman Barbaroy’s power begins to explode.

His body swells in size, to the point you wouldn’t think of him as an old man.
The muscular macho Barbaroy grips his fists and raises them into the air.

Only in the moment that he is certain he can defeat his foe, he lets his power explode and takes them out in a single attack.
That was the tactic that Nuruhachi told me Barbaroy employs.

Which means this is that time.

“Yeah, impossible.
I can’t dodge that”

My legs are frozen and will not move.
The rest is up to you.
I’m counting on you, Four God Pillars.
I make a prayer in my heart.

I thought I would be blown away with a thunderous crash.
But Chairman Barbaroy’s fists we’re aimed not at me, but the floor beneath his feet.
The stone floor cracks and his fists are buried up to the wrists.

“Secret Magic Sealing Technique: Dark Drain Circle(Dark Absorption Formation)”

From where Chairman Barbaroy’s hands are stuck into the arena, the markings of a black magic circle expand.

“Hey this is Darkness Magic!”

Demon Sword Karna’s shout rings in my head.
It’s the same type as Karna’s secret technique.

This spell.
Can’t be used without preparation”

As I thought, they set something up before hand.
The magic circle expands rapidly to fill the whole arena.
With no reason to run, I just stand frozen at the centre of the circle.

“Haa, haa, with this, it’s over”

Chairman Barbaroy’s muscular body deflates like a balloon, his breathing rough.
Even then, his pained face has a smile on it.

“Moving our battle to a month later, having you participate in the Great Martial Tournament, all of it was for this moment”

I feel a strange presence from beneath my feet.
I don’t need to be told that this is an incredible skill.

“It took me a month to prepare this spell.
And all of my power to activate it”
“Isn’t it against the rules to prepare a spell like this before hand?”

I look toward the Byakko(White Tiger) pillar that oversees injustice.
It doesn’t react at all.
You’re not broken right, Four God Pillars.

“It’s an exploit.
The arena was setup after the spell was set.
It’s not a violation to make use of things that were originally here to begin with”
“…..Damn old man”

I fully understand why Nuruhachi doesn’t want to fight him.
That’s dirty.
Really dirty old man.

“No matter how much power you possess, it no longer matters.
No matter what it is, all power is drained into this magic circle”

I see, it’s the same as Karna’s ability to drain those who wield her.
No if it’s able to drain everyone within the circle then, it’s a higher grade than what Karna has.

“Let’s bring this to a close.
Wither, Demon Lord Takumi”

Countless black arms extend from the magic circle.
The arms cling to my legs, one by one coiling around my lower body.
Normally this would be where all my strength gets drained probably.
However, within me exists not a single bit of strength.
The black arms gripping at me are clearly at a loss.

“Heave ho”

I move my legs a little and the black arms fall of in bunches.
I walk normally through the magic circle and stand before Chairman Barbaroy.
With his arms still stuck into the ground, he looks up to me.
His eyes turn to dots.

This technique is inescapable by gods and demon lords alike, the absolute invincible technique I spent my lifetime creating, my greatest…..”

My bad.
For someone strong this would probably work fine but it’s a completely meaningless attack against me.

“Just who are you! Do you mean to say you’re an existence that surpasses even the gods and demon lords!?”

Chairman Barbaroy asks in astonishment.
I hear Karna’s voice in my head.

[Takkun, say that thing you always say]

I bring my face close to Barbaroy’s ear and speak.

“I’m glad you understand, that’s exactly right”

Chairman Barbaroy falls to the ground, signalling the end of the first match.

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