We arrive at the guild’s main office in the morning on the day of the opening.

From failing the adventurer exam to retiring in the first match of the Great Martial Tournament, I don’t have many fond memories of this place.

I look up towards the guild main office, surrounded on all sides with giant walls armed like a fort.

Do they intend to go to war?
Just what would the guild be planning to fight, building a place like this.

As I am overwhelmed by the intimidating building, we arrive at the entrance and get stopped by the gatekeeper.

“Today is the Great Martial Tournament.
You’ll need a ticket or guild card to enter”

The man in bulky armour, with a body that suits a gatekeeper, stands before the gate.

“We’re all participants.
Let us through”

I hold out the letter given to me by Chairman Barbaroy and the man opens the gate in a panic.

“M- M- My apologies.
Please, come in!”

The gate keeper stands at attention while trembling.
As I thought, it seems I’m being thought of as the Demon Lord.
Well right behind me is the non-human Four Heavenly Kings as well as Chloe, so we don’t look like a decent group.
If anything, it’s admirable he stopped us in the first place.

Entering inside, like a festival, there are many stalls lined up.
The guild’s main office that is usually closed to outsiders is, once every five years for the Great Martial Tournament, open to those who purchase a ticket.

“Oi, those guys there, isn’t that the Demon Lord’s group?”
“Shhhhh, don’t look them in the eye, you’ll get cursed”

As we approach the men working the stalls, they all avert their eyes and turn silent.
It doesn’t feel like we’ll be able to buy anything.

“Takumi, I want to eat candy floss”
“Sorry, I’ll buy you some on the way back”

When everything has been settled, will I return to being a normal person.
I think such things as I pat Chiharu’s head.

The stage of the Great Martial Tournament is in the centre of the main office.
At the corners of the large stone arena is four steel pillars each with a name engraved upon them.

“Pillars of the Four Gods is it.
We have something similar in the east.
The four divine beasts, Genbu(Black Tortoise), Byakko(White Tiger), Seiryuu(Azure Dragon), and Suzaku(Vermillion Bird) protect the four directions and elevate the arena as a sacred place”1

So Reia’s country has something similar huh.
When I participated in the Great Martial Tournament before, I lost in the preliminaries so I never got to fight on a fine stage like this.

“There’s a spell similar to my divine possession dwelling in these pillars.
Genbu takes the damage that would cause a mortal wound, Byakko sees through injustice, Seiryuu regenerates lost parts of the body, and Suzaku revives those that die.
If any of them would activate then a defeat would be determined but, on this stage, you probably won’t die”
“Is that so, then I can fight without worry”

I was planning to withdraw in the first match without fighting but, if I’m not going to die, then it might be worth giving a try.

“Ah Takumi-san, you must have been concerned about being unable to control your power and killing you opponent”
“Yeah, I’m glad you understand, that’s exactly right”

Nah, I’m only concerned that I might die.

“We’ve been waiting for you.

The person who came to greet us is the one who prepared the round table for the Meeting of the Ten Greats, Linden-san.

“The preliminaries are about to begin, those in the Meeting of the Ten Greats are set to appear in the main event.
Can the others please make their way to the preliminary grounds”

Ahh, there was a rule like that.
The top ten of the guild rankings fight in the main tournament.
Chiharu and Jusrack who were acting as representatives along with the Four Heavenly Kings and Chloe need to go through the preliminaries.

“You guys do your best alright.
I’ll be waiting for you in the main tournament”

Berserker(Mad Warrior) Sacher gives them a smile.

“Ah, Sacher-san also needs to participate from the preliminaries”
“Yesterday, Sacher-san’s ranking was officially demoted.
Currently Sacher-san is place 106 of the guild rankings in C rank”
“Wha- What!?”

Sacher lost one hundred places in one go.
It seems that being utterly defeated by Miacis at the Meeting of the Ten Greats, without being able to move a single muscle, left a bad impression.

“I-I’ll remember this! I’m actually strong you know! Damn it, I’ll beat you all!”

Sacher leaves those words with us as he rushes to the preliminary grounds.
But the large tears that flowed from his eyes did not escape me.

“The main tournament will include the currently decided ten members in addition to six members from the preliminaries for a total of sixteen people.
Would you like to watch the preliminary matches?”
“No I’m fine.
Call me when the main event begins”
A waiting room has been prepared so please rest there”

She leads me to an extravagant waiting room beside the arena.
Perhaps it’s because I’m rank one.
It’s very different from the simple tent I was in when I participated ten years ago.

“Huh, Chiharu isn’t going to the preliminaries?”
“Yeah, stay with Takumi”
“I see, it’s better that way”

The adult sounding Chiharu can fight on par with Goblin King Jusrack but isn’t suited for a one day tournament.
She might not be able to exhibit that power for every match.

Well I can’t imagine those six, the Four Heavenly Kings, Chloe, and Jusrack to fall in the preliminaries.
It should be fine even if Chiharu doesn’t participate.

Hm? Six?

Could it be, no there’s no doubt, that person is about to meet a hopeless…..

My prediction was correct.
From the direction of the preliminary grounds, I could hear a tremendous explosion.

When I leave the waiting room, I can hear the people watching the preliminaries making a commotion.

“He’s bad news, that Sacher guy.
Blowing up the preliminary grounds in retaliation for dropping the ranks”
“No I heard he self destructed after getting beat around by that cat like person in the preliminaries”
“It seems that his rank is going to fall even more as a penalty for blowing up the field”

It appears that the Demon Shield Kingbomb I gave him has made a mess of things.
Well it should be fine, the Four Gods Pillars are there so he won’t die.

“The preliminaries have been completed.
The drawing of the main tournament will now begin.
Everyone, your attention please”

As predicted, the Four Heavenly Kings, Chloe, and Jusrack made it through the preliminary rounds.
The names of the participants of the main event are hung on a placard in front of the arena.

[Top Ranks]

Rank Zero: Chairman “Barbaroy Sauza”

Rank One: Universe’s Strongest “Takumi”

Rank Two: Humanity’s Strongest “Alice”

Rank Four: Hero “End”

Rank Five: Half Machine “Machina”

Rank Six: Super Hunter “Dagan”

Rank Seven: Secret Agent “Yor”

Rank Eight: Divine Possession “Reia”

Rank Nine: Silent Shield “Rick”

Rank Ten: Spatial Manipulator “Linden Lindburg”

[Preliminary Qualifiers]

Beastman King “Miacis”

Undying King “Dogma”

Bloodsucking King “Carmilla”

Dark King “Azathoth”

Goblin King “Jusrack”

Black Dragon “Chloe”

These sixteen names are written.

The main event of the Great Martial Tournament is about to begin.

Translator’s Notes:
1: The Four Gods are part of Taoist beliefs and are each associated with a different cardinal direction and colour, in addition to other aspects.

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