dly too?

I know that Miacis isn’t the Demon Lord.
And the Demon Lord probably wouldn’t like to be inside Sacher?
To the extent that the probability for Sacher is a one that’s infinitely close to zero.

Next is Chiharu.
I go to peek on Chiharu who is sleeping in the cave.
She’s curled up happily in the straw.

I think about what I know of Chiharu.
In terms of suspiciousness, Chiharu is probably at the top.
Her occasional adult personality.
Could it possibly be the Demon Lord’s personality.

“Mhmm, Chakumi, love lots”

Chiharu smiles while cutely sleep talking.
Yup I don’t like Chiharu being the Demon Lord.
Let’s reduce the probability from eight to four.

Out of the six that remained, that was the probability of being the demon lord for five of them.
And then the final person.

“Hey Karna.
What’s the chances that the Demon Lord is inside me?”

I ask Demon Sword Karna
Yes the final one was me myself.

“The chances that the Demon Lord is inside you is completely zero, Takkun.
The capacity that a normal human has doesn’t exist in you.
Both power and the astral(spirit) cannot gather without a vessel”
“…..is that so”

I’m happy and sad, but this narrows it down to 11 people.

“The Demon Lord’s presence that Miacis sensed, have you felt it Karna?”

Demon Sword Karna that has the ability to drain the strength of others is particularly sensitive to the presence of strength.

“During the Meeting of the Ten Greats, for a brief moment, I felt the a tremor.
But I cannot tell where it came from.
The presence was that faint”

As expected.
The Demon Lord purposely released a faint presence.
In order to inform Miacis that they were here.
Their goal was, probably, to have me mistaken as the Demon Lord.

My doubts have turned to conviction.
I’m being framed by the Demon Lord

“Takkun, what are you thinking?”

I couldn’t respond to Karna.

Why is the Demon Lord doing this to me?
No in the first place, the Demon Lord shouldn’t have any relation to me.
The only thing I can think of is that, ten years ago, the Demon Lord was also in the dungeon that I picked up Alice in.

The Demon Lord Progenitor.
Whose true form hasn’t been seen, even by Miacis of the Four Heavenly kings.
Did I meet that Demon Lord at some point without knowing?

I take a deep breath in and let a deep breath out.

“It seems the time has come to move from this mountain”

Alice’s feelings and the Demon Lord’s motives.
The answer to everything is surely in that place.

The Demon Lord’s Labyrinth where I met Alice.

Translator’s Notes:
1: Static rook defensive opening, cheerful central rook, and check by taking rook is all shogi terminology.

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