br>Which means that…..!

I look over the members of the Meeting of the Ten Greats.
Amongst these members lies the true Demon Lord!

“There’s many others here.
Why did you decide on me?”
“…..A few days prior, I met Alice”

Alice again.
Alice, this time what did you do to the Beastman King?

“In the ten years they’ve been revived, Demon Lord-sama has not revealed their presence even once.
Us Four Heavenly Kings have been searching the humans for characteristics of the Demon Lord.
The top suspect was Alice”

Certainly, I would be convinced if Alice was the Demon Lord.

“Ten years ago, found living in the Demon Lord’s Labyrinth since before their revival, a girl with strength unimaginable to that of a human.
No matter what you think she was the human chosen as the Demon Lords vessel”

Wait a minute.
Alice was living in the Demon Lord’s Labyrinth since before their revival?
Eh? The dungeon I took custody of Alice in was the Demon Lord’s Labyrinth?

“I was convinced and greeted Alice with the remain Four Heavenly Kings.
However Alice was not Demon Lord-sama.
I asked Alice how she was able to, while being human, posses power far greater than the limits of one”

Ah, I have a bad feeling about this.

“She spoke just one sentence.
Takumi-sama, it was thanks to your teachings she said”

Lies! She had surpassed humans since the time I picked her up in the dungeon! She was as fearsome as a demon to begin with!
I scream in my heart.

“Demon Lord-sama is Takumi-sama, I cannot think of anyone besides you”

Beastman King Miacis bows deeply.

“It’s been decided”
“The probability is calculated to be 120%”
“Demon Lord Takumi, as the hero I will defeat you”
“Genocide mode activated.
Proceeding to engage in combat with the Demon Lord”
“Demon Lord huh, a suitable final prey for my career”
“…..I’ll annihilate you”

Barbaroy, Linden, End, Machina, Dagan, Yor.
Six of the round table, half of the members, considers me the Demon Lord.
But thats wrong.
If Miacis’ senses are correct then the true Demon Lord is hiding among us.

“Takumi-san do not worry.
Even if you are the Demon Lord, I will follow you to the ends of the earth”
“Chiharu will follow too”

Yeah, I’m not the Demon Lord.
I’m glad they’d stick with me but doesn’t it seem that Reia and Chiharu also think I’m the Demon Lord?

“Me as well, by Alice’s orders, I am to act as Takumi-sama’s arms and legs”

No I don’t need you.
Go away Goblin King.

“…..I also side with Takumi”

Speaking for the first time, Rick looks my way and nods.
Aah somehow I feel extremely relieved.
It seems that Rick alone believes that I’m not the Demon Lord.
…..He believes right?

“It’s split exactly halfway nya.
Six against six.
Are we going to fight nya”

At Miacis’ words, everyone apart from me simultaneously stands up.
An unbelievable amount of killing intent fills the venue.

“Takkun you’re not going to get up?”

There’s no way I would stand up.
Because my legs have given out.

“As expected of Takumi-san.
Against people of this level, without standing, you can easily defeat them while remaining seated.
That’s what this is right”

Reia’s comment makes everyone focus on me.
At this point the only thing I can say is those words

“I’m glad you understand.
That’s exactly right”

Demon Lord Takumi’s legend begins.

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