19 – Twelve Angry Adventurers

“Then let us open the Conference of the Ten Greats!”

Chairman Barbaroy’s stupidly loud voice caused me to grimace.
Aah, its finally starting.

“Let’s immediately explain our agenda! Linden”
“My name is Linden, I will be serving as the meeting coordinator”

Linden-san stood up and took a bow.

“The agenda for today’s Meeting of the Ten Greats is the revival of the Demon Lord Progenitor as well as their true identity.
Please do not feel reserved to voice your opinion”

Linden-san bowed once more before taking a seat.

“By the way, according to the guild’s investigation, the top suspect is rank one Takumi.
Do you agree or not, I’d like to hear both sides”

The old man suddenly butt in.
He’s already trying to denounce me.

“Hey, oi”

The first to open their mouth was rank six Berserker(Mad Warrior) Sacher.
Even though the conference has started, his two legs were still on the table.

“This conference is nothing but a formality right.
Let’s kill him and get this over with”

Sacher directed intense killing intent towards me.
Just as the conference has begun I’m terrified.

“Unfortunately that will not do.
We need reliable evidence”
“What a drag, if we kill him and we’re mistaken then we can just apologise right”

He looked at me as if to say ‘isn’t that right’.
No no no.
I shake my head furiously.

“Then can we ask you some questions?”

The person to speak next was rank seven, Super Hunter Dagan, who was sitting next to Sacher.

“I have heard of the incidents caused by Takumi-dono over the past few days”

As if I am his prey, Dagan glares at me with his sharp eyes .

“Taking Divine Possesion Reia as a disciple.
Repelling a black dragon without even lifting an arm and becoming the king of the dragon clan.
Furthermore, brushing aside an attack from Great Sage Nuruhachi and achieving complete victory over thousands of goblins led by the Goblin King.
Is there no mistake there?”

This is bad.
It’s more or less decided now.
Even I’m suspecting that I might be the Demon Lord.

“They didn’t mention that you wielded me.
Takkun, properly include me”

Demon Sword Karna said some unnecessary things.
Yeah, be quiet.
Also who’s Takkun?

“I have further proof”

The one who said that was rank eight, Secret Agent Yor.
Stop already, don’t add more.

“After their confrontation, Great Sage Nuruhachi was attacked by Takumi’s disciple, Alice, and killed”


I let out a surprised voice at the news of Nuruhachi’s death.

“I can’t believe Nuruhachi is…..”
“Trying to play dumb? It was your orders was it not?”

I ignore Yor’s words and look towards Chiharu.
Maybe Chiharu knows something.
As I think that, she calls out to me from the other side of the Goblin King.

“Nuruhachi, concern?”

When she asked, I thought back to my memories of Nuruhachi during my adventurer days.
The hellish days of being used like a slave.
Almost dying countless times.
But for some reason, when I hear that Nuruhachi has died, I feel something welling in my chest.
I see, to me Nuruhachi is…..

“Yeah, I’m concerned”

At my words, Chiharu happily made a small smile.

“It’s okay, Nuruhachi is okay”

Hearing Chiharu say so makes me honestly feel she’s okay, it’s strangely comforting.

“…..Why is a young girl sitting in the Great Sage’s seat?”

Sitting to Chiharu’s side, the rank four Hero End, spoke up for the first time.
A lovely husky voice.

“She’s an involved party.
Although faint, the same aura as Nuruhachi can be felt.
The top suspicion is that she is Takumi and Nuruhachi’s child”

Chairman Barbaroy made a profound smile.
No no, a virgin shouldn’t be able to have a child.

“T- Takumi-san, i- is that true…..”

While shaking, Reia stood up with katana in hand.

“Calm down Reia.
The old man is speaking nonsense”

The damn old man laughed happily.

“…..What’s this, Imiko has the audacity to obtain human emotions?”
“…..Be quiet, gloomy perverted ninja”
“You bastard”

Following Reia, Yor stood up.

“…..Calm down.
The conference is ongoing”

A robotic like voiced stopped the two.
It was rank five, Half Machine Machina.

With this everyone had spoken with the exception of Rick.
When we were in a party he barely talked but after ten years it seems he’s now talking even less.


As Yor clicked their tongue, Reia silently sat back down.
It seems the connection between the two runs deep.

“I too have further proof”

Hero End glared at me once again.

“After being completely defeated, the Goblin King had a secret meeting with Alice in the Demon Lord’s Labyrinth three days later.
Do you have any explanation for that? Demon Lord Takumi”

I’m already being acknowledged as the Demon Lord.
Alice, why did you meet the Goblin King at such a place.
It’s no wonder I’m being misunderstood.
I move my gaze from End to the Goblin King beside him.

“Hey you, say something, resolve this misunderstanding”
Alice-sama has entrusted me with a note”

The Goblin King stood up and pulled a letter from his breast pocket.
With everyone’s attention on him, he slowly broke the seal and began to read.

“Dear Takumi-sama.
How are you doing?
This is my first time writing.
It’s Alice.
Your unworthy disciple, Alice.
Takumi’s first disciple and eternal disciple, Alice.
Sometimes master and disciple, sometimes parent and child, sometimes lo- lov….
no, I can’t, cut this bit.
Anyhow it’s Alice.
…..Hey you, did you write the bit about the cut as well? Don’t worry about it? Then that’s fine.

The conference venue is completely silent.

What is this chaotic letter.
Didn’t you just write exactly what Alice was speaking!

“Right now, I apologise that I am unable to meet you.
As I am still immature, I have yet to reach even the basics of your teachings.
I cannot bear to face you and have appointed a representative at this time”

Everyone’s attention turns to me.
Please stop, don’t look at me with eyes of dread.
It’s a misunderstanding.
I haven’t really taught her anything.

“Also, it seems the guild has been making a fuss of your affairs but do not be concerned.
I’ll take care of anyone who disturbs you so just say the word.
Also about Reia…..”
“That’s enough”

Mad Warrior Sacher stands up and draws the greatsword off his back.

“It’s confirmed.
I’ll do it”

He places his right leg on the round table.
His gaze turns straight to me.

“Can’t do that Dagan.
I can’t stop now”
“That’s not it.
Something is approaching”

I wonder how many people noticed that presence.
By the time I noticed, they were already here.

I thought a meteorite had fallen from the sky.

Along with the sound of a great impact, they suddenly appear in the centre of the round table.


I thought a large beast had appeared for a moment.
Light brown fun with black stripes with what looked like an M on their forehead.
Their ears twitching on top of their middle short hair, and their eyes were amber with thin black pupils.
The person, who had arrived sitting down, stood up.
Their tail also pointed up.
A beastman.
Probably a cat or tiger.
Their appearance is half human, half beast but at a glance you can tell they are female.
Whether it is fur or clothes, I’m relieved the important spots are properly covered.

She looked to me and smiled.

“Nice to meet you, Demon Lord Takumi-dono.
Beastman King Miacis has come to greet you nya”

In the Conference of the Ten Greats, the worst possible visitor arrived.

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