A giant round table was set up in the meadow outside the cave.

Along with the five meter table adorned with extravagant decorations, twelve chairs were prepared.
In front of those chairs, like a clock, the numbers 0 to 11 were carved.

Chairman Barbaroy briefly returned home as according to him, the important details will be saved for when everyone has gathered.
In his place a quiet maid with glasses came and began to prepare by herself.

“My name is Linden, the secretary for Chairman Barbaroy.
Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Takumi-sama”

Linden-san bowed politely.
At a glance I could tell she was no simple secretary.
She was carrying the giant table while bowing after all.

“Would you like some tea? This is a deluxe herb tea made from blue rose from the west that has a strong fragrance”

In the hand opposite to the one carrying the table, a tray with a teapot and cup appeared.

Just earlier that hand was not holding anything.
Perhaps it’s magic that can store things in space, it’s certainly the ideal ability for preparing a venue.

“Thanks, I’ll have some”

While drinking herb tea, I watch Linden work.
Cutting down the surrounding trees, lining up chairs with the same decorations around the round table.
Don’t make something like this in front of my home.

Thanks to Linden’s quick and efficient work, the venue for The Conference of the Ten Greats was completed in an instant.

Next morning, the upper ranks of the adventurer rankings came one after the other.
Before noon, everyone had gathered at the venue.

The twelve seats were all filled, lined with adventurers with an overwhelming air of intimidation.
They were each respectively sitting before the number of their ranking.
In front of me was a large one.
To my right sat Chairman Barbaroy in seat zero, and to his right sat Linden in seat eleven.
But the most unusual of all was on my left side.
The person sitting in seat two that should be for Alice.

A face I recognise.
I mean it was the person who, very recently, swore to never return here.

I look over the attendance register that Linden-san gave me for the first time.
As expected, I wasn’t mistaken.

The Goblin King Jusrack was sitting there.

“You promised to not come here anymore!”
“My apologies Takumi-sama.
On Alice-sama’s orders, I have come to participate as her representative”
“Why the heck are you representing her?”
“I have sworn eternal obedience to her.
My meager life is now dedicated to Alice-sama”

Alice, what did you do to the Goblin King?
Somehow, I feel a sense of deja vu.
Like the time with the Ancient Dragon, everyone who fights with Alice changes character.
They aren’t people though.1

“We will begin.
Please cease your muttering”

Linden-san got mad.
I quietly double check the the attendance register and match the names to the faces present.

[Conference of the Ten Greats Attendance Register]

Rank zero: Chairman “Barbaroy Sauza”

Rank one: Universe’s Strongest “Takumi”

Rank two: Humanity’s Strongest “Alice”
(Representative) Goblin King “Jusrack”

Rank three: Great Sage “Nuruhachi”
(Representative) Young Girl “Chiharu”

Rank four: Hero “End”

Rank five: Half Machine “Machina”

Rank six: Mad Warrior “Sacher”

Rank seven: Super Hunter “Dagan”

Rank eight: Secret Agent “Yor”

Rank nine: Divine Possession “Reia”

Rank ten: Silent Shield “Rick”

Unranked: Meeting Coordinator “Linden Lindburg”

The number of things to comment on is so great I can’t keep up.
Chiharu who is sitting in place of Nuruhachi.
Reia who has entered the rankings.
My past ally Rick.
Isn’t half of the rankings my acquaintances.

Not to mention the ranks four through eight that I’ve just met for the first time.
Each of them was very unique.

They all have too many characteristics and assert their personality in various ways.

The rank four, End, wore a blue cloak and had an appearance that truly felt like the hero.
Slightly red hair and chestnut eyes.
A beautiful young boy with a handsome face that could be mistaken for a girls.
He’ll surely be popular in the future.
As I was staring at him, End glared at me.
Is he perhaps aiming for rank one?
If that’s the case, I’d love to offer it to him right now.

I move my gaze to the rank five, half machine Machina.
She was covered in an iron-like metal from her right shoulder.
The non-machine left side was wrapped in a thin cloth but I could see some skin in the gaps.
The bottom portion of her face was covered with a mechanical mask so only the top half could be seen.
Furthermore, the bangs of her grey short bob covered her right eye so the only thing you could see of her face was the slender seemingly closed left eye.
From time to time, as if to breath, the mechanical portion would light up and the sound of air escaping could be heard.
A composed woman who didn’t even twitch when I turned to her.

“Oi, why are we waiting, hurry up and start”

In contrast the rank six, Mad Warrior(Berserker) Sacher was not composed at all.
As his legs rested on top the number six carved into the table, he threw out abusive language.
He was a giant man.
His height exceeded that of two meters and on his back was a giant greatsword to match it.
Long unkempt hair, sharp eyes that reminded me of a bird of prey, and in his mouth were canines that looked like fangs.
The area his clothes covered was small so his immense muscles were on full display.
There’s nothing more suffocating to look at.
It seemed like he would come and pick a fight if I stared so I quickly moved my gaze to his neighbour.

“Calm down Sacher.
We’ve already begun”

Sitting beside Sacher, Super Hunter Dagan, the rank seven, rebuked him.
It seems the two are acquaintances.
The legendary hunter Dagan.

I’ve heard of him before.
When it comes to the numbers of wild monsters subjugated, it is said that no one comes close.
Despite nearing old age, a profound arua could be felt from him.
My first impression of Dagan was that, rather than a hunter of beasts, he was a beast himself.

Then finally I look at the rank eight, Secret Agent Yor.
Because they were covered in black clothes, I couldn’t tell if they were male or female.
Yor was focused on staring at Reia.
Reia was, as if deliberately avoiding that gaze, looking straight ahead.

“…..Imiko is”

In response to Yor’s mumbling, for a moment Reia looks at Yor.
However, as if nothing had happened, Reia averts her gaze and ignores Yor.
It seems that the two must be connected in some way.

“Chairman, it’s time”

It was the hour when the sun was due south.
Just about midday.

“Then let us open the Conference of the Ten Greats!”

Chairman Barbaroy’s voice reverberated throughout the meadow.

Translator’s Notes:
1: The first kanji in character(人格) is the kanji for person hence the joke in the second sentence.

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