17 – Yet Another Misunderstanding


It’s been three days since the Goblin King’s raid, for the first time in a while I was enjoying days of doing nothing in particular.

“Today’s lunch is mushroom and bird meatball hotpot.
Chiharu picked the mushrooms didn’t you”

“Yeah, Chiharu, picked them”

The three of us and Demon Sword Karna gathered around the pot.
Chiharu’s usual seat was on my lap, while Reia who was sitting opposite, looked enviously.

“Looks tasty, could you pour at least some broth on me later?”
“It’ll be a pain to clean afterwards so I refuse”

However even if just for the mood, I pour Karna a bowl.
It looked something like an offering but Karna must have been satisfied because she didn’t say anything.

A peaceful afternoon passed.

I’ve already completely forgotten about the letter for the conference.

“Will you give me some too?”

Until I heard his voice that is.

Suprised, Reia jumped backwards.
Until we heard his voice, no one here noticed the old man’s presence.

On my left, Reia’s right, sat a wrinkled old man as thin as a withering tree.
He suddenly appeared among us who were gathered around the pot.

Just how long was he there.

I’m one thing, but I couldn’t hide my suprise that Reia couldn’t notice him.
However I calmly hand the old man a bowl.

“W- Who are you”

Reia moves her hand to her katana but I hold my palm out to stop her.

I know this old man.

The person I want to fight the least.
An old man Nuruhachi spoke of before.

Sitting there was the adventurer’s guild chairman, Barbaroy Sauza.

“Hohoho, it’s good.
What’s this, fish balls with bird cartilage crushed inside”
“Ehh, it’s also mixed with smashed lotus root, starch from potatoes, and water to thicken.
It has a nice texture doesn’t it”
“Umu umu, good good”

An old man that looks like he’d fall over if you pushed him.
At a glance, anyone would think so.

“In pure strength then the Ancient Dragon or Alice are much stronger probably.
But the one I want to fight the least is Barbaroy”

After saying so about him, Nuruhachi told me about his fighting style.
Surprise attacks.
Using a variety of tricks to catch his opponent off guard.
Appearing weak, acting careless, suppressing his presence, he lays a trap.
Then the moment he’s absolutely certain he can defeat his enemy, his power increases explosively and takes them down in one hit.

If I didn’t hear Nuruhachi’s story, I wouldn’t have believed it.
Even I could win, Barbaroy looked so weak that I could think that.

“That grandpa, hate”

Chiharu, who was on my lap, stared at Barbaroy before averting her eyes.

“Hoho, it seems I’m disliked.
Want some candy?”

Chiharu snatched the candy from him before turning the other way.
It seems she hates Barbaroy quite a bit just like Nuruhachi.

“So, what business brings you here today? Chairman Barbaroy”
“Ah, yeah, the other day I sent a notification for the Conference of the Ten Greats, did you see it?”
“No, I must have missed it”
“Really? The seal has been set to notify me if its opened though”
“I wonder, maybe a wild animal or something opened it”

With beaming faces we exchange a friendly chat.
I’ll be honest.
It’s really scary.

“Is that so, in that case…..”

Barbaroy’s presence suddenly becomes thin to the point of him disappearing.
But the next moment.

“It can’t be helped then”

His presence swells explosively.
It feels like a giant, tens of meters tall, suddenly appeared before me.
The feeling of overwhelming strength fills the cave.


Reia stands up and draws her katana.

“Whats this, you’re going to fight?”

Karna also leaves the scabbard on her own and makes some black orbs.

“He’s provoking us, calm down you two”

The one who said that was Chiharu.
It’s that adult voice again.
Different from before, she’s glaring at Barbaroy with a serious expression.

“My bad my bad, I just wanted to see your reaction”

Like a deflating balloon, Barbaroy’s presence shrinks.

“As expected, this grandpa, hate”

At the same time Chiharu returns to normal and clings to me.
Reia and Karna have both calmed down too and take a seat once again.

“I wanted to catch a glimpse of your power but, to not react to that, I can’t glimpse the depths”
“Of course.
Takumi-san’s capacity is not small enough that someone like you would be able to measure it “

Reia-san, don’t provoke him.
My capacity is so small it can’t be measured.
I was just shocked and couldn’t move.

“Well, my business is simple.
For the Conference of the Ten Greats to have you, the rank one, missing would look bad.
So the meeting is no longer being held at the guild main office and is being held here instead”

The overly surprising development left me lost for words.

“Soon everyone will gather here.
Ah, don’t worry about tea.
The miscellaneous jobs will be dealt with by my subordinate”

I understand Nuruhachi’s hatred.
What a shrewd old man.
He excels at seeing what people dislike and immediately putting it into action.

“Then I will leave the guild.
I was intending to retire in the first place, I have no regrets after all”
“Takumi-san, to freely give up the seat of rank one.
What a great mental attitude.
I see, even without the title, the fact that you are the strongest in the universe is an unchanging universal truth”
“I’m glad you understand, that’s exactly right”

To cover up Reia’s words, I interrupt slightly.
I want to end this conversation already.

In the first place I was planning to go to the guild and remove myself from the rankings.
Being able to speak directly to the chairman will save time.

“You should give up on that”

But Barbaroy stroked his pure white beard while making a fearless smile.

“Right now, the Demon Lord Progenitor has revived and this gathering was called, didn’t you see?”

That’s certainly what was written.
But I continue to listen without nodding.

“However, we cannot grasp the Demon Lords location.
What we know is just two things, that it was already revived ten years ago, and that it’s currently concealing its power and hiding somewhere”
“How is that related to me quitting the guild?”

At that question, Barbaroy makes a great smile and points at me.

“Adventurer rank one Takumi.
You are currently the guilds top suspect for the Demon Lord”

Eh? …..I’ve finally been mistaken as the Demon Lord!?

It was the birth of the strongest demon lord rank one adventurer.

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