Together with Demon Sword-San

“Well, I have to say it’s simply unheard of.
In all my time as a demon sword it’s the first time I’ve met a human with zero strength”

The demon sword sure talks a lot.

“As expected of Takumi-san, being able to stand calmly despite holding the demon sword Soul Eater.
Your strength is so vast that the demon sword cannot drain it”
“I’m glad you understand, that’s exactly right”
“Sure it is”

The demon sword berates me once again.

“Give it a break already or I’ll get mad, seriously.
Listen, every person born in this world has a capacity and from the moment they’re born stores energy within.
So why, why do you, not have one”
“Uh, Sorry but I don’t know”
“Eh, did you say something Takumi-san?”

It seems only I can hear the demon swords voice.
I’ve become a strange old man who talks to himself.

“Goubu Goubu”

Cautious of the demon sword, the goblins halt their advance on us.

To be fair a black smoke-like aura is emanating from the sword in my right hand, making it give off a strange sense of power.

“E- Excuse me demon sword-san, could you please defeat the goblins?”

I asked in a small voice so that Reia and the others would not hear.

“Why should I.
It would be one thing if you could supply me strength but why should I cooperate with someone as powerless as you”

I expected as much.
This is bad, I’m still in trouble here.

“That being said, the strength of that young girl over there is quite something.
If you let me regularly drain her strength I might think about it”
“O- Only if you promise to properly hold back”
“Of course.
It would be a waste to kill such a fine specimen”

The two of us exchange smiles like that of an evil governor and merchant.
In the case of the demon sword it was just my imagination though.

“Well then, let’s quickly deal with this”

Countless black orbs spewed out from the demon sword.

“D- Disgusting”
“Don’t say that, you’ll hurt my feelings”

“Gobubu, Goubu!?”

The goblins panicked and tried to flee.
However the black orbs that looked like soot spr!tes, flew after the fleeing goblins at much greater speed.1

“Evil Dragon Darkness Great Flame Bullet”
“Huh, what?”
“The name of the special technique, are you not going to yell it out?”
“It’s chuunibyou like and embarrassing so no”2

“Go, Gobu!”

The goblin was blown out of the cave with with a loud bang the moment the black orb touched it.

“Gobu, Gobubu, Go, Gobubu, Gobu, Gobubububu!?”

The goblins flew away like pinballs as the black orbs hit them one by one.

“Kyaa, kyaa, ugly, flying away”

Chiharu was laughing happily.

“Amazing, as expected of Takumi-san.
Although it seemed as if you were simply standing there dumbfounded not doing anything, to use a technique of this level.
This is what they call a state of selflessness right”
“Y- yes.
I’m glad you understand.
That’s exactly right”

I really was just simply standing there dumbfounded not doing anything though.

“It’s over, keep your promise okay”
“O- Of course”

The great number of goblins that entered the cave were, without a single one remaining, blown far into the distance.
As I sheathed the demon sword I ceased to hear its voice.


I extend the demon sword in my left hand towards Reia who had run up to me.

“Reia, to have all your strength drained by a demon sword of this level shows you are still inexperienced”

“A- Apologies.
Once again I have felt our difference in strength.
Compared to Takumi-san, my power is nothing more that a weak insect”

Reia lowered her head before the demon sword.
Yeah, sorry.
The weak insect is actually me.

“In addition to your potato peeling training, you will now train with the demon sword as well.
Have your strength drained by the demon sword once a day”

“Yes, thank you very much.
It is too great an honour to receive a second task”

Deceiving her like this pains me a bit.

However, this demon sword training would end up increase Reia’s strength and later Reia would grow immensely.


Chiharu ran up to my side.

“Were you not scared Chiharu?”
“Yeah, ugly went wheee, was funny”
“I see, it was funny”
“Do it again, do it again”
“Sure, another time.
There are no more uglies left”
“Thats okay still lots coming”

I thought it was all over.
But it was only the beginning.


A strange sight appeared outside.
Enough goblins to cover the mountain were approaching the cave.

“…..You’re kidding me”

In a panic I tried to draw the demon sword.
But the sword, that was so easy to draw earlier, did not even twitch.

“We are closed for today”

I heard it’s voice in my head.
This time it’s really over.
The moment I thought that.

A large black object covered the sky.
It landed before my eyes with a thud.
A black dragon.
Jet black wings, scales that covered its body, talons affixed to its giant legs, a long spiked tail, and sharp crimson eyes that were staring right at me.

The pressure was enough to immediately make me feel faint.
However the black dragon didn’t attack me.
It stood before me as if to protect me from the goblins
Could this dragon be…..


Chloe let out a war cry as if to reply ‘That’s right’.
With that alone the march of the goblins paused.
It was my first time seeing Chloe in dragon form.
Yup, It’s really scary

Along with a roar, a great flame spewed from Chloe’s mouth.

“…..Is that Chloe”

At that moment the demon sword, that had been silent, twitched.

Translators Notes:
1: The word makkuro kurosuke is partially censored here and is a reference to the soot sprites that appear in some Ghibli films.
2: Chuunibyou, or second grade syndrome, is a Japanese term used to describe people, often school children, who believe or act as if they have special powers.

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