aru was left in the custody of the town, but she had lost her memory and forgotten her parents.
They were troubled as there was no elven settlement nearby when Reia walked by and Chiharu called out her name.

Thinking that Reia knew her, they forced Chiharu onto her it seems….

“You really don’t know anything about this kid?”
“Yes this should be the first time we’ve met, but somehow I feel like I’ve seen her before”

Now that she mentions it, when I look at Chiharu, I also get the feeling I’ve met her before.
However, where I would have met her I have no idea.
The elves distinctive long pointed ears, semi-long silver hair, slightly sleepy looking grey eyes, plump lips.
Her features were far greater than a humans.
In the future she would surely be a beauty.
Recently, very recently, I feel as if I’ve seen her, but I cannot tell why.

While staring, Chiharu pointed to me and yelled in a great voice.


That surprised me.
Reia had yet to call me by name since she returned.

“You know me?”
“Know, Reia and Takumi, know”

The mystery deepens.


Reia seemed to have an epiphany.

“Takumi-san, could it be that this child is…..”

‘I’m glad you understand, that’s exactly right’ I prepare to respond.

“Takumi-san and my child that has come from the future”

My preparations were for nothing.
How did she arrive at that conclusion I wonder.

“W- Well if that was the case then everything would make sense.
In order to change a hopeless future, this kid has returned to the past in order to warn us.
No it would be presumptuous for someone like me to be married to Takumi-san but, maybe the reason why she looks familiar is that she looks similar to us, something like that, it’s possible that such a future exists, it would be nice if that was the case, just kidding, n- n- n- not that I was thinking about anything like that, how do I put it, uhh”

Somehow Reia was turning bright red while making some passionate speech, I couldn’t really understand so I chose to ignore it.

“Reia, are you alright?”
“I’m fine.
I just went a bit strange”

I pat Chiharu’s head.
She’s cute.
If possible I’d like to find her parents somehow.
If Nuruhachi or Chloe comes I’ll ask them to help out.
As a fellow elf maybe Nuruhachi will know something.

“Okay, for now lets get some mou milk and make potato soup”

Lets leave the troublesome things for later.
I’m hungry, and things won’t be solved immediately anyway.

“Oh yeah, why did you bring back a whole mou rather than just the milk”
“Eh, ah, yes.
When I went to buy the milk, the farm was under attack by goblins, so I hunted them down and was given the mou as thanks”

So something like that had happened.
Well Reia is strong so mere goblins wouldn’t be a big deal.

“I see, good job”
“Th- Thanks”

At that time, I thought that Reia had defeated two or three goblins at most.
I’d never have expected that Reia had subjugated hundreds of goblins, enough to threaten a country.

Or that the deed would be attributed to me.

A fierce battle against the goblin king that threatened to swallow the world was, without my knowledge, beginning.

Translators Notes:
1: Skanda, called Idaten in Japanese, is a Buddhist deity known for his great speed.
2: The description used here is nipaa which is a smile like this.
Originating from a character in Higurashi who would say that when making this face.

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